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Biochemistry ( 2514 Title(s) )
1   (E)-Alkene Peptide Bond Isosteres by Cuprate Opening of Vinyl Aziridines
      Author : Author(s): Todd C. Henninger, Peter Wipf
2   16 DNA Analysis Under Highly Denaturing Conditions in Bare Fused Silica Capillaries
      Author : Author(s): Karel Klepárník, Zdeňvka Malá, Petr Bočvek
3   2-D Databases on the World Wide Web
      Author : Author(s): Ron D. Appel, Amos Bairoch, Denis F. Hochstrasser
4   2-D Diagonal Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Joan Goverman
5   2-D Electrophoresis of Plant Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Akira Tsugita, Masaharu Kamo
6   2-D Electrophoresis Using Carrier Ampholytes in the First Dimension (IEF)
      Author : Author(s): Mary F. Lopez
7   2-D Phosphopeptide Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Hikaru Nagahara, Robert R. Latek, Sergei A. Ezhevsky, Steven F. Dowdy
8   2-D Protein Extracts from Drosophila melanogaster
      Author : Author(s): Christer Ericsson
9   2-D Protein Gel Electrophoresis: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Jenny Fichmann, Reiner Westermeier
10   2-DE Spot Amino Acid Analysis with 9-Fluorenylmethyl Chloroformate
      Author : Author(s): Marc R. Wilkins, Jun X. Yan, Andrew A. Gooley
11   2D-PAGE Maps Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Emilio Marengo, Elisa Robotti, Marco Bobba
12   4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal (4-HNE) Staining by Anti-HNE Antibody
      Author : Author(s): Hideyuki J. Majima, Takako Nakanishi-Ueda, Toshihiko Ozawa
13   7 Determining Dye-Induced DNA Mobility Shifts for DNA Sequencing Fragments by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): John Bashkin
14   ? as a Cloning Vector
      Author : Author(s): Rupert Mutzel
15   ?-Galactoside ?2,6-Sialyltransferase and the Sialyl ?2,6-Galactosyl-Linkage in Tissues and Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): Fabio DallOlio, Nadia Malagolini, Mariella Chiricolo
16   A Brief History of Oligonucleotide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Daniel M. Brown
17   A Brief Summary of the Different Types of Mass Spectrometers Used in Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Christine Schaeffer-Reiss
18   A Cell-Free System for Reconstitution of Transport Between Prevacuolar Compartments and Vacuoles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s): Thomas A. Vida
19   A Collection of Enzyme Assays
20   A Collection of Metabolite Assays
21   A Conformationally Restricted ?-Strand HIV Protease Inhibitor
      Author : Author(s): Michael C. Hillier, Stephen F. Martin
22   A Continuous Assay for DNA Cleavage Using Molecular Break Lights
      Author : Author(s): John B. Biggins, James R. Prudent, David J. Marshall, Jon S. Thorson
23   A Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Method Based on Laser Micropatterning and Etching
      Author : Author(s): Julien Colombelli, Carolina Tngemo, Uta Haselman, Claude Antony, Ernst H.K. Stelzer, Rainer Pepperkok, Emmanuel G. Reynaud
24   A Dansyl Chloride-HPLC Method for the Determination of Polyamines
      Author : Author(s): Karl J. Hunter
25   A fast, simple, and reliable high-yielding method for DNA extraction from different plant species
      Author : Author(s): Raul Tapia-Tussell, Andres Quijano-Ramayo, Rafael Rojas-Herrera, Alfonso Larque-Saavedra, Daisy Perez-Brito
26   A Fluorescent-Based Assay for Measurement of Phospholipase A2 Activity: A Facile Assay for Cell Sonicates
      Author : Author(s): Thomas M. Nicotera, Glenn Spehar
27   A General Method for Quantifying Sequence Effects on Nucleobase Oxidation in DNA
      Author : Author(s): Yelena Margolin, Peter C. Dedon
28   A General Target Selection Method for Crystallographic Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Gautier Robin, Nathan P. Cowieson, Gregor Guncar, Jade K. Forwood, Pawel Listwan, David A. Hume, Bostjan Kobe, Jennifer L. Martin, Thomas Huber
29   A Glance at the Structural and Functional Diversity of Membrane Lipids
      Author : Author(s): Alex M. Dopico, Gabor J. Tigyi
30   A Glycomics Approach to the Discovery of Potential Cancer Biomarkers
      Author : Author(s): Hyun Joo An, Carlito B. Lebrilla
31   A High Throughput Platform for Eukaryotic Genes
      Author : Author(s): Yunjia Chen, Shihong Qiu, Chi-Hao Luan, Ming Luo
32   A Historical Perspective on RNA Editing: How the Peculiar and Bizarre Became Mainstream
      Author : Author(s): Donna J. Koslowsky
33   A Kinetics Primer for the Tissue Analyst
34   A Medium or High Throughput Protein Refolding Assay
      Author : Author(s): Nathan P. Cowieson, Beth Wensley, Gautier Robin, Gregor Guncar, Jade Forwood, David A. Hume, Bostjan Kobe, Jennifer L. Martin
35   A Method for Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity Based on Inhibition of Free Radical-Induced Erythrocyte Hemolysis
      Author : Author(s): Jun Takebayashi, Jianbin Chen, Akihiro Tai
36   A Microscopic Model Calculation of the Phase Diagram of Ternary Mixtures of Cholesterol and Saturated and Unsaturated Phospholipids
      Author : Author(s): R. Elliott, I. Szleifer, M. Schick
37   A Microtiter-Plate Assay of Human NOS Isoforms
      Author : Author(s): John Dawson, Richard G. Knowles
38   A Nonradioactive Assay for Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in Tissue Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Hazel Sutherland, Olga Zolle, Roba Khundkar, Alec W. Simpson, Jonathan C. Jarvis, Stanley Salmons
39   A Novel Approach Using MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometry and Prestructured Sample Supports (AnchorChip Technology) for Proteomic Profiling and Protein Identification
      Author : Author(s): Sau-Mei Leung, Rebecca L. Pitts
40   A novel method for modification of tumor cells with bacterial superantigen with a heterobifunctional cross-linking agent in immunotherapy of cancer
      Author : Author(s): Motomu Shimizu, Akio Matsuzawa, Yasutaka Takeda
41   A novel method for preparing single-stranded DNA for pyrosequencing
      Author : Author(s): Matthew A. Diggle, Stuart C. Clarke
42   A Novel Synthetic Protocol for the Preparation of Enantiopure 3-, 4-, and 5-Substituted Prolines
      Author : Author(s): N. Andr Sasaki
43   A Panel of Stress-Responsive Luminous Bacteria for Monitoring Wastewater Toxicity
      Author : Author(s): Shimshon Belkin
44   A Poly(A) Tail-Responsive In Vitro System for Cap- or IRES-Driven Translation From HeLa Cells
      Author : Author(s): Christian Thoma, Antje Ostareck-Lederer, Matthias W. Hentze
45   A Practical Method for the Production of RNA and Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Francine E. Wincott, Nassim Usman
46   A Practical Method of Chronic Ethanol Administration in Mice
      Author : Author(s): Ruth A. Coleman, Betty M. Young, Lucas E. Turner, Robert T. Cook
47   A Practical Protocol for the Demonstration of NOS Using In-Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): G. Michael Taylor, H. Terence Cook
48   A Rapid Method for the Quantification of GSH and GSSG in Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): Mohammed Afzal, Aqeela Afzal, Andrew Jones, Donald Armstrong
49   A Sensitive Assay for the Enzymatic Activity of GTP Cyclohydrolase I
      Author : Author(s): Kazuyuki Hatakeyama, Toshie Yoneyama
50   A Sensitive Sandwich DNA Array Using Fluorescent Nanoparticle Probes
      Author : Author(s): Xiaojun Zhao, David T. Pierce, Yanfu Huan
51   A simple and efficient method for isolation of DNA in high mucilaginous plant tissues
      Author : Author(s): Ileana Echevarra-Machado, Lucila A. Snchez-Cach, Cecilia Hernndez-Zepeda, Renata Rivera-Madrid, Oscar A. Moreno-Valenzuela
52   A Simple In Vivo Method for Assessing Changes of Membrane-Bound Ion Channel Density in Xenopus Oocytes
      Author : Author(s): Mouhamed S. Awayda, Weijian Shao, Ivana Vukojicic, Abderrahmane Bengrine
53   A Simple Luminescence Method for Detecting Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Activity In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Minoru Nakano, Takashi Ito, Tadahisa Hiramitsu
54   A Simple Method for Effective and Safe Removal of Membrane Cholesterol from Lipid Rafts in Vascular Endothelial Cells: Implications in Oxidant-Mediated Lipid Signaling
      Author : Author(s): Michelle A. Kline, E. S. OConnor Butler, Adam Hinzey, Sean Sliman, Sainath R. Kotha, Clay B. Marsh, Rao M. Uppu, Narasimham L. Parinandi
55   A simple method for the production of highly competent cells ofAgrobacterium for transformation via electroporation
      Author : Author(s): A. C. McCormac, M. C. Elliott, D. F. Chen
56   A Simple Solid-Phase Competition Assay with Labeled Antigen
      Author : Author(s): Masahide Kuroki
57   A Single-Molecule Barcoding System using Nanoslits for DNA Analysis: Nanocoding
      Author : Author(s): Kyubong Jo, Timothy M. Schramm, David C. Schwartz
58   A Sparse Matrix Approach to Crystallizing Ribozymes and RNA Motifs
      Author : Author(s): Jamie H. Cate, Jennifer A. Doudna
59   A Voluntary Oral-feeding Rat Model for Pathological Alcoholic Liver Injury
      Author : Author(s): George L. Tipoe, Emily C. Liong, Tung-Ming Leung, Amin A. Nanji
60   AAV as a viral vector for human gene therapy: Generation of recombinant virus
      Author : Author(s): Fabienne Rolling, Richard Jude Samulski
61   ABO(H) Blood Group Expression on Circulating Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): Taei Matsui, Koiti Titani
62   About Nonradioactive Nucleic Acid Detection
      Author : Author(s): Peter G. Isaac
63   Absolute Quantification of Specific Proteins in Complex Mixtures Using Visible Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags
      Author : Author(s): Yu Lu, Patricia Bottari, Ruedi Aebersold, Frantiek Turecek, Michael H. Gelb
64   Absolute Quantitation of 2-D Protein Spots
      Author : Author(s): Steven P. Gygi, Ruedi Aebersold
65   Absorption Enhancement by Lectin-Mediated Endo- and Transcytosis
      Author : Author(s): Ellen Haltner, Gerrit Borchard, Claus-Michael Lehr
66   Acetaldehyde-induced Barrier Disruption and Paracellular Permeability in Caco-2 Cell Monolayer
      Author : Author(s): R. K. Rao
67   AcrylamideA Cysteine Alkylating Reagent for Quantitative Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Illarion V. Turko, Salvatore Sechi
68   Acrylodan-Labeled Intestinal Fatty Acid-Binding Protein to Measure Concentrations of Unbound Fatty Acids
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey R. Simard, Frits Kamp, James A. Hamilton
69   Activation of Erythrocyte Plasma Membrane Redox System Provides a Useful Method to Evaluate Antioxidant Potential of Plant Polyphenols
      Author : Author(s): Syed Ibrahim Rizvi, Rashmi Jha, Kanti Bhooshan Pandey
70   Activation of MAPKs by G Protein-Coupled Receptors
      Author : Author(s): Piero Crespo, J. Silvio Gutkind
71   Activation of Nuclear Factor-?B (NF-?B) in Mononuclear Cells (MNC)
      Author : Author(s): Ahmad Aljada, Husam Ghanim, Paresh Dandona
72   Activation of SAPKs/JNKs and p38s In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): John M. Kyriakis, Hong Liu, Deborah N. Chadee
73   Acute Models of Ethanol Exposure to Mice
      Author : Author(s): Timothy P. Plackett, Elizabeth J. Kovacs
74   Additional Application Areas of Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
75   Adenovirus-Delivered siRNA
      Author : Author(s): Changxian Shen, Sven N. Reske
76   Adenovirus-Mediated Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Transfer
      Author : Author(s): Kathleen G. Raman, Richard A. Shapiro, Edith Tzeng, Melina R. Kibbe
77   Adenovirus-Mediated Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Transfer Into the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius in Conscious Rats
      Author : Author(s): Yoshitaka Hirooka, Koji Sakai
78   Adenovirus-Mediated Overexpression of Murine Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 3B
      Author : Author(s): Faiyaz Ahmad, Linda Hrndahl, Yan Tang, Lena Stenson Holst, Vincent C. Manganiello
79   Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone and Related Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Les A. Perry
80   Advantages and Disadvantages of Carrier Ampholyte IEF
      Author : Author(s): Mary F. Lopez
81   Advantages of Immobilized pH Gradients
      Author : Author(s): Jenny Fichmann
82   Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis of Oligosaccharides
      Author : Author(s): Atsushi Taga, Susumu Honda
83   Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis to Examine Receptor-Ligand Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Maryam Azad, John Kaddis, Valerie Villareal, Lili Hernandez, Catherine Silverio, Frank A. Gomez
84   Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): George W. Jack
85   Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Adam Charlton, Michael Zachariou
86   Affinity Chromatography of Pyrogens
      Author : Author(s): Satoshi Minobe, Takeji Shibatani, Tetsuya Tosa
87   Affinity Measurement Using Surface Plasmon Resonance
      Author : Author(s): Robert Karlsson, Anita Larsson
88   Affinity Partitioning of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Gte Johansson
89   Affinity Perfusion Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Neal F. Gordon, Duncan H. Whitney, Tom R. Londo, Tim K. Nadler
90   Affinity Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Schwarz
91   Affinity Purification of Soluble Lysosomal Proteins for Mass Spectrometric Identification
      Author : Author(s): Sylvie Kieffer Jaquinod, Agns Chapel, Jrme Garin, Agns Journet
92   Affinity-Capture and Solid-Phase Sequencing of Biotinylated Polymerase Chain Reaction Products
      Author : Author(s): Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvanen
93   Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Stephen A. Boffey
94   Agarose Gel Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): D. Ross Williams, Ralph Rapley
95   Aggresome Formation
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Corboy, Philip J. Thomas, W. Christian Wigley
96   Alcohol-induced Oxidative Stress in the Liver: In Vivo Measurements
      Author : Author(s): Gavin E. Arteel
97   Alcoholic Liver Disease and the Mitochondrial Ribosome: Methods of Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Alan Cahill, Peter Sykora
98   Alginates in Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Marcy Wong
99   Algorithms and Methods for Correlating Experimental Results with Annotation Databases
      Author : Author(s): Michael Hackenberg, Rune Matthiesen
100   Aminimides as Peptidomimetics
      Author : Author(s): Brian S. Fulton, Alan P. Kaplan, Joseph C. Hogan, Steven L. Gallion
101   Amino Acid Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Ian Davidson, Paula O'Connor
102   Amino Acid Analysis by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography after Derivatization with 1 -Fluoro-2,4-dinitrophenyl-5-L-alanine Amide (Marfeys Reagent)
      Author : Author(s): Sunil Kochhar, Barbara Mouratou, Philipp Christen
103   Amino Acid Analysis Using Precolumn Derivatization with 6-Aminoquinolyl-N-Hydroxysuccinimidyl Carbamate
      Author : Author(s): Steven A. Cohen
104   Amino Acid Analysis, Using Postcolumn Ninhydrin Detection, in a Biotechnology Laboratory
      Author : Author(s): Frank D. Macchi, Felicity J. Shen, Rodney G. Keck, Reed J. Harris
105   Amino Acid Analysis: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Margaret I. Tyler
106   Amino Acid Measurement in Body Fluids Using PITC Derivatives
      Author : Author(s): Roy A. Sherwood
107   Amplification of Lectin-Gold Histochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Juan F. Madrld, Francisco Hernndez, Jos Ballesta
108   Amplification Refractory Mutation System Analysis of Point Mutations by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Paola Carrera, Pier Giorgio Righetti, Cecilia Gelfi, Maurizio Ferrari
109   Amplification Refractory Mutation System and Molecular Diagnostics
      Author : Author(s): Richard Kitching, Arun Seth
110   An antibody-lectin sandwich assay for quantifying protein glycoforms
      Author : Author(s): Fionnuala T. Lundy, G. Brian Wisdom
111   An Asymmetric Synthesis Protocol to Prepare Topographically Constrained ?-Substituted Aromatic Amino Acids
      Author : Author(s): Subo Liao, Victor J. Hruby
112   An effective method of completely removing contaminating genomic DNA from an RNA sample to be used for PCR
      Author : Author(s): Arunik Sanyal, Shawn W. ODriscoll, Mark E. Bolander, Gobinda Sarkar
113   An efficient method of generating transgenic mice by pronuclear microinjection
      Author : Author(s): Richard Wing-Chuen Wong, Mai-Har Sham, Yu-Lung Lau, Siu-Yuen Chan
114   An Efficient System for Cap- and Poly(A)-Dependent Translation In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Yuri V. Svitkin, Nahum Sonenberg
115   An Ex Vivo Erythrocyte Model for Investigating Oxidative Metabolism
      Author : Author(s): Luigia Rossi, Mauro Magnani
116   An Experimental Method for Selecting Effective Target Sites and Designing Hairpin Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Alicia Barroso-delJesus, Elena Puerta-Fernndez, Cristina Romero-Lpez, Alfredo Berzal-Herranz
117   An Expression System for a Transporter of Iron and Other Metals
      Author : Author(s): Michael D. Garrick, Kevin G. Dolan
118   An Improved Method for Mapping Epitopes of Recombinant Antigens by Transposon Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Steven G. Sedgwick, Brian A. Morgan, Nguyen thi Man, Glenn E. Morris
119   An Improved Method for the Synthesis and Deprotection of Methylphosphonate Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Richard I. Hogrefe, Mark A. Reynolds, Morteza M. Vaghefi, Kevin M. Young, Timothy A. Riley, Robert E. Klem, Lyle J. Arnold
120   An Improved Method to Isolate Mitochondrial RNA from Green Plant Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Fei Ye, Ralf Reski
121   An In Vitro FRET-Based Assay for the Analysis of SUMO Conjugation and Isopeptidase Cleavage
      Author : Author(s): Nicolas Stankovic-Valentin, Lukasz Kozaczkiewicz, Katja Curth, Frauke Melchior
122   An in vitro transcription assay for probing drug-DNA interactions at individual drug sites
      Author : Author(s): Don R. Phillips, Carleen M. Cullinane, Donald M. Crothers
123   An Introduction to Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Henry Brzeski
124   An Introduction to Internet Resources for the Molecular and Genetic Analysis of the Lipases
      Author : Author(s): Karen Reue
125   An Introduction to PCR Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Gill Rumsby
126   An Introduction to Planar Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Simon Gibbons
127   An Isocratic High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for CYP7Al-Catalyzed Cholesterol 7?-Hyciroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. H. Chang
128   An Isocratic High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Assay for CYP7A1-Catalyzed Cholesterol 7?-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. Chang
129   An Isotope Coding Strategy for Proteomics Involving Both Amine and Carboxyl Group Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Fred E. Regnier
130   An Overview of Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Meir Wilchek, Irwin Chaiken
131   Analysis and Purification of Synthetic Oligonucleotides by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): William J. Warren, George Vella
132   Analysis of 2-Aminoacridone-Derivatized Complex Oligosaccharides Using Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography and Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Helen C. Birrell, Patrick Camilleri
133   Analysis of Aldehydic Markers of Lipid Peroxidation in Biological Tissues by HPLC with Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Mark A. Lovell, William R. Markesbery
134   Analysis of Aliphatic Amino Acid Alcohols in Oxidized Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Bndicte Morin, Shanlin Fu, Hongjie Wang, Michael J. Davies, Roger T. Dean
135   Analysis of Anabolic Drugs by Direct Aqueous Supercritical Fluid Extraction Coupled On-Line with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Edward D. Ramsey, Brian Minty, Anthony T. Rees
136   Analysis of Antioxidant Activities in Vegetable Oils and Fat Soluble Vitamins and Biofactors by the PAO-SO Method
      Author : Author(s): Kazuo Sakai, Satoko Kino, Masao Takeuchi, Tairin Ochi, Giuseppe Cruz, Isao Tomita
137   Analysis of Asparagine-Linked Oligosaccharides by Sequential Lectin-Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Kazuo Yamamoto, Tsutomu Tsuji, Toshiaki Osawa
138   Analysis of Bacterial Glycolipids by Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis Lipopolysaccharides
      Author : Author(s): Pierre Thibault, Adle Martin, Michel Gilbert, Warren W. Wakarchuk, James C. Richards
139   Analysis of Bases, Nucleosides, and (Oligo)nucleotides by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Herbert E. Schwartz, Kathi J. Ulfelder
140   Analysis of Biological Processes and Diseases Using Text Mining Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Martin Krallinger, Florian Leitner, Alfonso Valencia
141   Analysis of Biomolecules Using Surface Plasmons
      Author : Author(s): M. Willander, Safaa Al-Hilli
142   Analysis of Cannabis by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with Ultraviolet Detection
      Author : Author(s): Michael D. Cole
143   Analysis of Carbohydrates by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Kudzai E. Mutenda, Rune Matthiesen
144   Analysis of Chromosomal Translocations
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Hochhaus
145   Analysis of Coenzyme Q1 Content in Human Plasma and Other Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): Scott Graves, Marianna Sikorska, Henryk Borowy-Borowski, Rodney J. Ho, Tot Bui, Clive Woodhouse
146   Analysis of Cytochrome P45 Polymorphisms
      Author : Author(s): Ann K. Daly, Sophia C. Monkman, Joanne Smart, Annette Steward, Suzanne Cholerton
147   Analysis of Dimerization Determinants of PDE6 Catalytic Subunits
      Author : Author(s): Khakim G. Muradov, Kimberly K. Boyd, Nikolai O. Artemyev
148   Analysis of DNA Damage Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis and Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Dieter L. Deforce, Elfride G. Eeckhout
149   Analysis of Environment-Induced DNA Damage by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Zeena E. Nackerdien, Barbara A. Siles, Stacey A. Nevins, Donald H. Atha
150   Analysis of Ethanol Developmental Toxicity in Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Robert L. Tanguay, Mark J. Reimers
151   Analysis of F2-Isoprostanes by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Negative Ion Chemical Ionization
      Author : Author(s): L. Jackson Roberts, Jason D. Morrow
152   Analysis of Gene Expression Following Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Dana R. Crawford, Toshihide Suzuki, Jan Sesay, Kelvin J. Davies
153   Analysis of Gene Function in Trypanosoma brucei Using RNA Interference
      Author : Author(s): Appolinaire Djikeng, Shuiyuan Shen, Christian Tschudi, Elisabetta Ullu
154   Analysis of Gene Sequences by Hybridization of PCR-Amplified DNA to Covalently Bound Oligonucleotide Probes: The Reverse Dot Blot Method
      Author : Author(s): Ernest S. Kawasaki, Farid F. Chehab
155   Analysis of Genes and Genome by the Tol2-Mediated Gene and Enhancer Trap Methods
      Author : Author(s): Akihiro Urasaki, Koichi Kawakami
156   Analysis of genetically modified plant gene expression using GUS fluorimetry
      Author : Author(s): Kevan M. Gartland, Angela T. McHugh, Stanislav Vitha, Karel Benes, Richard J. Irvine, Jill S. Gartland
157   Analysis of Global Conformational Transitions in Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): David M. Lilley
158   Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans and Proteoglycans
      Author : Author(s): Christopher C. Rider
159   Analysis of Heat-Shock Transcription Factor and Element-Binding Activity
      Author : Author(s): Yong J. Lee
160   Analysis of Laser Capture Microdissected Cells by 2-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Daohai Zhang, Evelyn Siew-Chuan Koay
161   Analysis of Microdissected Cells by Two-Dimensional LC-MS Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Chen Li, Yi-Hong, Ye-Xiong Tan, Jian-Hua Ai, Hu Zhou, Su-Jun Li, Lei Zhang, Qi-Chang Xia, Jia-Rui Wu, Hong-Yang Wang, Rong Zeng
162   Analysis of Modified Oligonucleotides with Capillary Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Lawrence A. DeDionisio
163   Analysis of Molecular Species of Cellular Sphingomyelins and Ceramides
      Author : Author(s): Sanda Clejan
164   Analysis of N- and O-Glycans by Pyridylamination
      Author : Author(s): Shunji Natsuka, Sumihiro Hase
165   Analysis of Neuroketal Protein Adducts by Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Nathalie Bernoud-Hubac, Sean S. Davies, Olivier Boutaud, L. Jackson Roberts
166   Analysis of Neutral N-Linked Oligosaccharides From Antibodies Using Free-Solution Capillary Electrophoresis in Bare Fused-Silica Capillaries
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey S. Patrick, Brenda P. Rener, Gregory S. Clanton, Avinash L. Lagu
167   Analysis of Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of NF?B Proteins in Human Leukocytes
      Author : Author(s): Chandra C. Ghosh, Hai-Yen Vu, Tomas Mujo, Ivana Vancurova
168   Analysis of Nucleotide Sequence Variations by Solid-Phase Minisequencing
      Author : Author(s): Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvnen
169   Analysis of O-Phosphoamino Acids in Biological Samples by Gas Chromatography with Flame Photometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Hiroyuki Kataoka, Norihisa Sakiyama, Yukizo Ueno, Kiyohiko Nakai, Masami Makita
170   Analysis of Organelles by On-Line Two-Dimensional Liquid ChromatographyTandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Edein P. Romijn, John R. Yates
171   Analysis of Oxidation and Antioxidants Using Microtiter Plates
      Author : Author(s): Germán Camejo, Boel Wallin, Mervi Enojärvi
172   Analysis of Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5 Trisphosphate 5-Phosphatase Activity by in vitro and in vivo Assays
      Author : Author(s): Lisa M. Ooms, Jennifer M. Dyson, Anne M. Kong, Christina A. Mitchell
173   Analysis of Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Xin Gen Lei, Wen-Hsing Cheng
174   Analysis of Proteins by CE, CIEF, and Microfluidic Devices With Whole-Column-Imaging Detection
      Author : Author(s): Jiaqi Wu, Xing-Zheng Wu, Tiemin Huang, Janusz Pawliszyn
175   Analysis of ProteinProtein Interactions Using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D.G. Pfleger
176   Analysis of Raft Affinity of Membrane Proteins by Detergent-Insolubility
      Author : Author(s): Deborah A. Brown
177   Analysis of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Internalization Using Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Ning Li, Kristen S. Hill, Lisa A. Elferink
178   Analysis of Ribozyme Structure and Function by Nucleotide Analog Interference Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Soumitra Basu, Catherine Pazsint, Gopeswar Chowdhury
179   Analysis of RNA by Northern Blotting Using Riboprobes
      Author : Author(s): Rai Ajit Srivastava
180   Analysis of RNA Exonucleolytic Activities in Cellular Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Devi Mukherjee, David T. Fritz, Walter J. Kilpatrick, Min Gao, Jeffrey Wilusz
181   Analysis of Shark Liver Oil by Thin-Layer and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Christina Borch-Jensen, Magnus Magnussen, Jrgen Mollerup
182   Analysis of Short Tandem Repeat Markers by Capillary Array Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Elaine S. Mansfield, Robert B. Wilson, Paolo Fortina
183   Analysis of Subcellular Components by Fluorescent-Lectin Binding and Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Rosa M. Guasch, Jos-Enrique OConnor
184   Analysis of the Carbohydrate and Lipid Components of Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Structures
      Author : Author(s): Achim Treumann, M. Lucia Gther, Pascal Schneider, Michael A. Ferguson
185   Analysis of the Extracellular Matrix and Secreted Vesicle Proteomes by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Zhen Xiao, Thomas P Conrads, George R Beck, Timothy D Veenstra
186   Analysis of the Glycodynamics of Primary Osteoblasts and Bone Cancer Cells
      Author : Author(s): Inka Brockhausen, Xiaojing Yang, Mark Harrison
187   Analysis of Tocotrienols in Different Sample Matrixes by HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Kalyana Sundram, Rosnah Md. Nor
188   Analysis of Triplet-Repeat DNA by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Yuriko Kiba, Yoshinobu Baba
189   Analysis of Urinary 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2?-deoxyguanosine by Liquid ChromatographyTandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Mark D. Evans, Rajinder Singh, Vilas Mistry, Peter B. Farmer, Marcus S. Cooke
190   Analysis of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Clones
      Author : Author(s): Settara C. Chandrasekharappa, Douglas A. Marchuk, Francis S. Collins
191   Analytical IPG-Dalt
      Author : Author(s): Angelika Grg, Walter Weiss
192   Analytical Methods and Steps to Sample Preparation for Determination of Molecular Species of Fatty Acids
      Author : Author(s): Sanda Clejan
193   Analytical Methods for Optimization and Quality Control of Combinatorial Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Bing Yan, Liling Fang, Mark M. Irving, Jiang Zhao, Diana Liu, Gianine M. Figliozzi, Frank Woolard, Clinton A. Krueger
194   Analytical Methods for the Study of O-GlcNAc Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth D. Greis, Gerald W. Hart
195   Anion Exchange Chromatography and Integrated Amperometric Detection of Amino Acids
      Author : Author(s): Petr Jandik, Christopher Pohl, Victor Barreto, Nebojsa Avdalovic
196   Antibiotics
      Author : Author(s): John P. Anhalt
197   Antibodies Against Malondialdehyde-Modified Proteins: Induction and ELISA Measurement of Specific Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Yves Chancerelle, J. Mathieu, J. F. Kergonou
198   Antibodies in Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Andrew R. Bradbury, Nileena Velappan, Vittorio Verzillo, Milan Ovecka, Roberto Marzari, Daniele Sblattero, Leslie Chasteen, Robert Siegel, Peter Pavlik
199   Antibody Affinity Maturation by Chain Shuffling
      Author : Author(s): James D. Marks
200   Antibody Affinity Maturation by Random Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Ikuo Fujii
201   Antibody Arrays for Determination of Relative Protein Abundances
      Author : Author(s): Grigoriy S. Chaga
202   Antibody Epitope Mapping Using Arrays of Synthetic Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Ulrich Reineke
203   Antibody Humanization by CDR Grafting
      Author : Author(s): Benny K. Lo
204   Antibody Microarrays Using Resonance Light-Scattering Particles for Detection
      Author : Author(s): Bernhard H. Geierstanger, Petri Saviranta, Achim Brinker
205   Antibody Phage Display
      Author : Author(s): Rob Aitken
206   Antibody Production in Transgenic Plants
      Author : Author(s): Eva Stoger, Stefan Schillberg, Richard M. Twyman, Rainer Fischer, Paul Christou
207   Antibody Purification by Column Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Andrea Murray, C. Rosamund Graves, Kevin Brady, Benny K. Lo
208   Antibody Screening of Bacteriophage ?gt11 DNA Expression Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Peter Jones
209   Antibody Variable Regions: Toward a Unified Modeling Method
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas Whitelegg, Anthony R. Rees
210   Anticonvulsants
      Author : Author(s): Pokar M. Kabra, Brian E. Stafford, Donna M. McDonald, Laurence J. Marton
211   Antineoplastic Drugs
      Author : Author(s): Wolfgang Sade, Yousry Mahmoud Sayed
212   Antioxidant Activity of Biotransformed Sex Hormones Facilitated by Bacillus Stearothermophilus
      Author : Author(s): Mohammad Afzal, Sameera Al-Awadi, Sosamma Oommen
213   Antioxidant Activity of Low-Density Lipoprotein
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas J. Miller, George Paganga
214   Application and Limits of Sample Stacking in Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Dean S. Burgi, Ring-Ling Chien
215   Application of Capillary Electrophoresis to Pharmaceutical Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
216   Application of Direct Aqueous Supercritical Fluid Extraction for the Dynamic Recovery of Testosterone Liberated from the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Testosterone- -D-Glucuronide
      Author : Author(s): Edward D. Ramsey, Brian Minty, Anthony T. Rees
217   Application of Fluorophore-Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis for the Study of the Dolichol Pyrophosphate-Linked Oligosaccharides Pathway in Cell Cultures and Animal Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Ningguo Gao
218   Application of High-Throughput Methodologies to the Expression of Recombinant Proteins in E. coli
      Author : Author(s): Yoav Peleg, Tamar Unger
219   Application of Ligation-Mediated Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction to the Identification of In Vivo Endonuclease-Generated Messenger RNA Decay Intermediates
      Author : Author(s): Mark N. Hanson, Daniel R. Schoenberg
220   Application of Membrane Extraction with Sorbent Interface for Breath Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Victor Ma, Heather Lord, Melissa Morley, Janusz Pawliszyn
221   Application of Microscopic Methods for the Detection of Cell Attachment to Polymers
      Author : Author(s): John Hunt, Deborah Heggarty
222   Application of Neural Networks to Large Dataset QSAR, Virtual Screening, and Library Design
      Author : Author(s): David A. Winkler, Frank R. Burden
223   Application of Sequential Smith Degradation to Lectin Blots
      Author : Author(s): Chi Kong Ching
224   Application of the Lectin-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Assay to Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid and Venous Blood Samples Collected from Canine Lung Allografts
      Author : Author(s): Allan G. Lee, Hani A. Shennib
225   Applications of Constant Denaturant Capillary Electrophoresis and Complementary Procedures: Measurement of Point Mutational Spectra
      Author : Author(s): Andrea S. Kim, Xiao-Cheng Li-Sucholeiki, William G. Thilly
226   applications of electroporation of adherent cellsIn Situ, on a partly conductive slide
      Author : Author(s): Leda H. Raptis, Heather L. Brownell, Stanley K. Liu, Kevin L. Firth, Leslie W. MacKenzie, Charles D. Stiles, John A. Alberta
227   Applications of Lectin Histochemistry and Cytochemistry in Diagnosis and Prognosis
      Author : Author(s): Timothy Richard Helliwell
228   Applications of Modified Transcripts
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh K. Gaur, Frank Conrad, Guido Krupp
229   Applications of Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases for Resolution of Different Compound Classes
      Author : Author(s): Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, Imran Ali
230   Approaches for Monitoring Nuclear Translation
      Author : Author(s): Francisco J. Iborra, Dean A. Jackson, Peter R. Cook
231   Approaches to Investigate the Role of Signaling in ER-to-Golgi Transport
      Author : Author(s): Laura J. Sharpe, Ximing Du, Andrew J. Brown
232   Approaches to Library Design for Combinatorial Chemistry
      Author : Author(s): Stefan Gssregen, Bernd Wendt, Mark Warne
233   Aromatic Hydroxylation: Salicylic Acid as a Probe for Measuring Hydroxyl Radical Production
      Author : Author(s): Andrea Ghiselli
234   Artificial Pancreas to Treat Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
      Author : Author(s): Riccardo Calafiore, Giuseppe Basta
235   Artificial Radical Generating and Scavenging Systems: Photo-Fenton Reagent and Caged Compounds
      Author : Author(s): Seiichi Matsugo, Ken Fujimori
236   Artificial Rearing
      Author : Author(s): Hector D. Dominguez, Jennifer D. Thomas
237   Artificial Skin
      Author : Author(s): M. Fhn, H. Bannasch
238   Assay and Purification of Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase
      Author : Author(s): Rakesh Kakkar, Rajendra K. Sharma
239   Assay for a Galactosyltransferase Involved in the Assembly of the O7-Antigen Repeat Unit of Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Inka Brockhausen, Walter A. Szarek, John G. Riley, Jason Z. Vlahakis
240   Assay for DNA Damage Using Immunochemical Recognition and Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): James Z. Xing, Trevor Carnelley, Jane Lee, William P. Watson, Ewan Booth, Michael Weinfeld, X. Chris Le
241   Assay for Evaluating Ribonuclease H-Mediated Degradation of RNA-Antisense Oligonucleotide Duplexes
      Author : Author(s): Annie Galarneau, Kyung-Lyum Min, Maria M. Mangos, Masad J. Damha
242   Assay for Isolation of Inhibitors of Her2-Kinase Expression
      Author : Author(s): Gabriela Chiosis, Adam B. Keeton
243   Assay of Cellular Diacylglycerol and Monoacylglycerol Lipases
      Author : Author(s): Bryan A. Wolf
244   Assay of Dolichyl-Phospho-Mannose Synthase Reconstituted in a Lipid Matrix
      Author : Author(s): John S. Schutzbach
245   Assay of Intracellular Hydrogen Peroxide Generation in Activated Individual Neutrophils by Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Yoshikazu Ito, David A. Lipschitz
246   Assay of Mammalian Ornithine Decarboxylase Activity Using [14C]Ornithine
      Author : Author(s): Catherine S. Coleman, Anthony E. Pegg
247   Assay of Mammalian S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Lisa M. Shantz, Anthony E. Pegg
248   Assay of N 8-Acetylspermidine Deacetylase
      Author : Author(s): Jim Blankenship
249   Assay of NOS Activity by the Measurement of Conversion of Oxyhemoglobin to Methemoglobin by NO
      Author : Author(s): Mark Salter, Richard G. Knowles
250   Assay of Phospholipid Hydroperoxides by Chemiluminescence-Based High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Yorihiro Yamamoto, Yasuhiro Kambayashi, Takako Ueda
251   Assay of Spermidine and Spermine Synthases
      Author : Author(s): Laurie Wiest, Anthony E. Pegg
252   Assay of Spermidine N 8-Acetyltransferase
      Author : Author(s): Jim Blankenship
253   Assaying Endogenous Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase (PIP5K) Activities
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan R. Halstead, Mireille H. Snel, Sarah Meeuws, David R. Jones, Nullin Divecha
254   Assaying Nuclear Messenger RNA Export in Human Cells
      Author : Author(s): Bryan R. Cullen
255   Assays for LH, FSH, and Prolactin
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Wheeler
256   Assays for Pancreatic Triglyceride Lipase and Colipase
      Author : Author(s): Mark E. Lowe
257   Assays for Proteasome Assembly and Maturation
      Author : Author(s): R. Jrgen Dohmen, Markus K. London, Christoph Glanemann, Paula C. Ramos
258   Assays for RING Family Ubiquitin Ligases
      Author : Author(s): Manabu Furukawa, Paul S. Andrews, Yue Xiong
259   Assays of Proteasome-Dependent Cleavage Products
      Author : Author(s): Stefan Tenzer, Hansjrg Schild
260   Assembly of Protein Complexes by Coexpression in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Hosts: an Overview
      Author : Author(s): Anastassis Perrakis, Christophe Romier
261   Assessing Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Protein Synthesis in Striated Muscles
      Author : Author(s): Thomas C. Vary, Charles H. Lang
262   Assessing Messenger RNA Decapping in Cellular Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Naomi Bergman, Joseph Milone, Elizabeth J. Bates, Mateusz Opyrchal, Vivian Bellofatto, Jeffrey Wilusz
263   Assessing the Neuroprotective Effect of Antioxidant Food Factors by Application of Lipid-Derived Dopamine Modification Adducts
      Author : Author(s): Xuebo Liu, Naruomi Yamada, Toshihiko Osawa
264   Assessing the Reductive Capacity of Cells by Measuring the Recycling of Ascorbic and Lipoic Acids
      Author : Author(s): James M. May
265   Assessment of 5-Lipoxygenase Activity and Cellular Distribution
      Author : Author(s): Robert A. Lepley
266   Assessment of Antioxidant Activity of Eugenol In Vitro and In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Enika Nagababu, Joseph M. Rifkind, Sesikeran Boindala, Lakshmaiah Nakka
267   Assessment of Arachidonic Acid Distribution into Phospholipids of Inflammatory Cells
      Author : Author(s): Alfred N. Fonteh
268   Assessment of Cellular Localization of the Thromboxane A2 Receptor by Immunocytochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Samuel C. Blackman, Catherine Borg, David C. Yeomans, Guy C. Breton
269   Assessment of Cyclooxygenase Protein Expression by Western Blotting
      Author : Author(s): Zhonghong Guan, Aubrey R. Morrison
270   Assessment of Cyclooxygenase RNA Expression by Northern Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Zhonghong Guan, Aubrey R. Morrison
271   Assessment of Extracellular ATP Concentrations
      Author : Author(s): Lucia Seminario-Vidal, Eduardo R. Lazarowski, Seiko F. Okada
272   Assessment of Lectin Inactivation by Heat and Digestion
      Author : Author(s): Arpad Pusztai, George Grant
273   Assessment of Natural Killer (NK) and NKT Cells in Murine Spleens and Livers
      Author : Author(s): Michael R. Shey, Zuhair K. Ballas
274   Assessment of Organelle Purity Using Antibodies and Specific Assays: The Example of the Chloroplast Envelope
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Salvi, Norbert Rolland, Jacques Joyard, Myriam Ferro
275   Assessment of Phosphodiesterase Isozyme Contribution in Cell and Tissue Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Thrse Keravis, Rima Thaseldar-Roumi, Claire Lugnier
276   Assessment of the Expression of Prostaglandin Synthase-2 in Swiss 3T3 Fibroblasts
      Author : Author(s): Srinivasa T. Reddy, Harvey R. Herschman
277   Asymmetric Syntheses of Unnatural Amino Acids and Hydroxyethylene Peptide Isosteres
      Author : Author(s): Robert M. Williams
278   Atomic Force Microscopy of Lipid Domains in Supported Model Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Alan R. Burns
279   Atomic Force Microscopy to Study Interacting Forces in Phospholipid Bilayers Containing General Anesthetics
      Author : Author(s): Zoya V. Leonenko, Eric Finot, David T. Cramb
280   Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Computer Simulations of Raft-Like Lipid Mixtures
      Author : Author(s): Sagar A. Pandit, H. Larry Scott
281   Autofluorescent Ceroid/Lipofuscin
      Author : Author(s): Dazhong Yin, Ulf Brunk
282   Automated fluorescent detection of microsatellite instability
      Author : Author(s): Gillian L. Hirst, Maureen Illand
283   Automated Laser Capture Microdissection for Tissue Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Adrianna S. Rodriguez, Benjamin H. Espina, Virginia Espina, Lance A. Liotta
284   Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction and Ion-Exchange Solid-Phase Extraction for Initial Purification
      Author : Author(s): Sean X. Peng, Charles Henson
285   Automated pneumococcal MLST using liquid-handling robotics and a capillary DNA sequencer
      Author : Author(s): Johanna Jefferies, Stuart C. Clarke, Mathew A. Diggle, Andrew Smith, Chris Dowson, Tim Mitchell
286   Automated Protein Identification Using Microcolumn Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): John R. Yates, Edwin Carmack, Lara Hays, Andrew J. Link, Jimmy K. Eng
287   Automated Recombinant Protein Expression Screening in Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Didier Busso, Matthieu Stierl, Jean-Claude Thierry, Dino Moras
288   Automated Structure Solution with the PHENIX Suite
      Author : Author(s): Peter H. Zwart, Pavel V. Afonine, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve, Li-Wei Hung, Thomas R. Ioerger, Airlie J. McCoy, Erik McKee, Nigel W. Moriarty, Randy J. Read, James C. Sacchettini, Nicholas K. Sauter, Laurent C. Storoni, Thomas C. Terwilliger,
289   Automated Structure Verification of Small Molecules Libraries Using 1D and 2D NMR Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Grard Ross, Peter Neidig, Harald Schrder
290   Automation of MLST using third-generation liquid-handling technology
      Author : Author(s): C. B. Sullivan, J. M. Jefferies, M. A. Diggle, S. C. Clarke
291   Autoradiography and Fluorography
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen Harvey
292   Autoradiography and Fluorography
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen M. Harvey
293   Autoradiography and Fluorography
      Author : Author(s): Eric Qumneur
294   Autoradiography of 2-D Gels
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Link
295   Autoradiography of Gels Containing 32P
      Author : Author(s): Verena D. Huebner, Harry R. Matthews
296   Azatides as Peptidomimetics: Solution and Liquid Phase Syntheses
      Author : Author(s): Hyunsoo Han, Juyoung Yoon, Kim D. Janda
297   B-Cell Studies in Chronic Ethanol Mice
      Author : Author(s): Shilpi Verma, Carla-Maria A. Alexander, Michael J. Carlson, Lorraine T. Tygrett, Thomas J. Waldschmidt
298   Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Transgenesis for Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Zhongan Yang, Hong Jiang, Shuo Lin
299   Bacterial DNA Extraction for Polymerase Chain Reaction and Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Elisabeth Chachaty, Patrick Saulnier
300   Bacterial Genome Mapping by Two-Dimensional Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (2D-PFGE)
      Author : Author(s): Wilfried Bautsch
301   Bacterial Structural Genomics Initiative: Overview of Methods and Technologies Applied to the Process of Structure Determination
      Author : Author(s): Miroslaw Cygler, Ming-ni Hung, John Wagner, Allan Matte
302   Bacterial Transformation
      Author : Author(s): Elliot B. Gingold
303   Bacterial Transformation (Kushner Method)
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
304   Baculovirus Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Azeem Ansari, Vincent C. Emery
305   Base-Modified Oligonucleotides With Increased Duplex Stability: Pyrazolo[3,4-d] Pyrimidines Replacing Purines
      Author : Author(s): Frank Seela, Yang He, Junlin He, Georg Becher, Rita Krschel, Matthias Zulauf, Peter Leonard
306   Basic Procedure for Electron Microscopy Processing and Staining in Clinical Laboratory Using Microwave Oven
      Author : Author(s): Ronald L. Austin
307   Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology
      Author : Author(s): Ralph Rapley
308   Bead transfection of adherent cells: Gene transfer into adherent mammalian cells using glass beads
      Author : Author(s): Kathryn E. Matthews, Armand Keating
309   Benzydamine N-Oxygenation as a Measure of Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Catherine K. Yeung, Allan E. Rettie
310   Bile Salt-Activated Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Chi-Sun Wang, Azar Dashti, Deborah Downs
311   Bilirubin and Its Carbohydrate Conjugates
      Author : Author(s): Norbert J. Blanckaert
312   Binding and Inhibition Assays for Siglecs
      Author : Author(s): Nadine Bock, Srge Kelm
313   Bioassay of 2?-Deoxyguanosine/8-Hydroxy-2?-Deoxyguanosine by HPLC With Electrochemical/Photodiode Array Detection
      Author : Author(s): Kelly S. Williamson, Kenneth Hensley, Quentin N. Pye, Scott Ferrell, Robert A. Floyd
314   Biochemical determination of natural tumor-associated T-cell epitopes
      Author : Author(s): Rodion Demine, Tumenjargal Sherev, Peter Walden
315   Biochemical Dissection of RNA Silencing in Plants
      Author : Author(s): Guiliang Tang, Phillip D. Zamore
316   Biochemical Methods for the Analysis of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage
      Author : Author(s): Wel Kafienah, Trevor J. Sims
317   Biofunctionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging
      Author : Author(s): Adam T. Woolley
318   Bioinformatic Tools for Gene and Protein Sequence Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Bernd H. Rehm, Frank Reinecke
319   Bioinformatics in Glycomics: Glycan Characterization with Mass Spectrometric Data Using SimGlycan
      Author : Author(s): Arun Apte, Ningombam Sanjib Meitei
320   Biological Scaffolds for Heart Valve Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Artur Lichtenberg, Serghei Cebotari, Igor Tudorache, Andres Hilfiker, Axel Haverich
321   Bioluminescence Analysis of Smad-Dependent TGF-? Signaling in Live Mice
      Author : Author(s): Jian Luo, Tony Wyss-Coray
322   Bioluminescence Imaging of Calcium Oscillations Inside Intracellular Organelles
      Author : Author(s): Carlos Villalobos, Mara Teresa Alonso, Javier Garca-Sancho
323   Bioluminescence Reporter Gene Imaging of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Survival, Proliferation, and Fate
      Author : Author(s): Kitchener D. Wilson, Mei Huang, Joseph C. Wu
324   Bioluminescence-Based Metal Detectors
      Author : Author(s): Marko Virta, Sisko Tauriainen, Matti Karp
325   Bioluminescent Assay of the Adenylate Energy Charge
      Author : Author(s): Sharon R. Ford, Franklin R. Leach
326   Bioluminescent Assay of the Guanylates
      Author : Author(s): Sharon R. Ford, Franklin R. Leach
327   Bioluminescent Imaging of MAPK Function with Intein-Mediated Reporter Gene Assay
      Author : Author(s): Akira Kanno, Takeaki Ozawa, Yoshio Umezawa
328   Bioluminescent Imaging of Transplanted Islets
      Author : Author(s): Xiaojuan Chen, Dixon B. Kaufman
329   Bioluminescent Monitoring of In Vivo Colonization and Clearance Dynamics by Light-Emitting Bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Siouxsie Wiles, Brian D. Robertson, Gad Frankel, Angela Kerton
330   Biomarkers in Breast Cancer
      Author : Author(s): Mara dM. Vivanco
331   Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress: Methods and Measures of Oxidative DNA Damage (COMET Assay) and Telomere Shortening
      Author : Author(s): Muthuswamy Balasubramanyam, Antonysunil Adaikalakoteswari, Zaheer Sameermahmood, Viswanathan Mohan
332   Biomaterials/Scaffolds
      Author : Author(s): Detlef Schumann, Andrew K. Ekaputra, Christopher X.F. Lam, Dietmar W. Hutmacher
333   Biomedical Uses of Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): James L. Weaver, Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson
334   Biophysical Approach to Determine the Subunit Stoichiometry of the Epithelial Sodium Channel Using the Xenopus laevis Oocyte Expression System
      Author : Author(s): Farhad Kosari, Shaohu Sheng, Thomas R. Kleyman
335   Bioreactor Culture Techniques for Cartilage-Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): David A. Lee, Ivan Martin
336   Biorepository Standards and Protocols for Collecting, Processing, and Storing Human Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Dean Troyer
337   Biotin-Labeled Oligonucleotides With Extraordinarily Long Tethering Arms
      Author : Author(s): A. Michael Morocho, Valeri Karamyshev, Olga Shcherbinina, Nikolai Polushin
338   Biotinylated Multivalent Glycoconjugates for Surface Coating
      Author : Author(s): Alexander A. Chinarev, Oxana E. Galanina, Nicolai V. Bovin
339   Biotinylated Probes in Colony Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Haas
340   Blot Analysis with Lectins for the Evaluation of Glycoproteins in Cultured Cells and Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Christian Zuber, Wei-Ping Li, Jrgen Roth
341   Boronate Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Xiao-Chuan Liu, William H. Scouten
342   Botanical X-Ray Microanalysis in Cryoscanning Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Beat Frey
343   Calibration of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Spectra
      Author : Author(s): Karin Hjern, Peter Hjrup
344   Capabilities Using 2-D DIGE in Proteomics Research: The New Gold Standard for 2-D Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Injae Shin, Alina D. Zamfir, Bin Ye
345   Capabilities Using 2-D DIGE in Proteomics Research: The New Gold Standard for 2-D Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Christine R. Rozanas, Stacey M. Loyland
346   Capillary Affinity Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Yoshinobu Baba
347   Capillary Array Electrophoresis Analyzer
      Author : Author(s): Masao Kamahori, Hideki Kambara
348   Capillary Coating for Protein Separation Based on Si-O and Si-C Covalent Bond Formation for Capillary Electrophoresis With Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Hossein Ahmadzadeh, Norman J. Dovichi, Sergey Krylov
349   Capillary Coatings: Choices for Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Marcella Chiari, Marina Cretich
350   Capillary DNA-Protein Mobility Shift Assay
      Author : Author(s): Jun Xian
351   Capillary Electrochromatography
      Author : Author(s): Iain H. Grant
352   Capillary Electrophoresis as an Assay Method for Monitoring Glycosyltransferase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Warren W. Wakarchuk, Anna-Maria Cunningham
353   Capillary Electrophoresis in Clinical Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Margaret A. Jenkins, Sujiva Ratnaike
354   Capillary Electrophoresis in the Analysis and Monitoring of Biotechnological Processes
      Author : Author(s): Vadim Klyushnichenko
355   Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA Fragments Using Poly(Ethylene Oxide) as a Sieving Material
      Author : Author(s): Yongseong Kim, Edward S. Yeung
356   Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA Fragments with Replaceable Low-Gelling Agarose Gels
      Author : Author(s): Anders K. Palm
357   Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA: Biomedical Applications
      Author : Author(s): Beatriz Sanchez-Vega
358   Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Mark Strege
359   Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins in a Quality Control Environment
      Author : Author(s): David L. Good, Stacey Cummins-Bitz, Raeann M. Fields, Brian K. Nunnally
360   Capillary Electrophoresis of Urinary Normal and Modified Nucleosides of Cancer Patients
      Author : Author(s): Guowang Xu, Hartmut M. Liebich, Rainer Lehmann, Sylvia Mller-Hagedorn
361   Capillary Electrophoresis Separation of Ribonucleosides
      Author : Author(s): Dan-Ke Xu, Hong-Yuan Chen
362   Capillary Electrophoresis with Glycerol as an Additive
      Author : Author(s): Keith R. Mitchelson, Jing Cheng
363   Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Mehdi Moini
364   Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometric Analysis of DNA Adducts
      Author : Author(s): Lisa A. Marzilli, Cheryl Koertje, Paul Vouros
365   Capillary Electrophoretic Determination of 4-Hydroxyproline
      Author : Author(s): Qingyi Chu, Michael Zeece
366   Capillary Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Protein and Nonprotein Amino Acids in Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): Hiroyuki Kataoka, Sayuri Matsumura, Shigeo Yamamoto, Masami Makita
367   Capillary Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Andrs Guttman
368   Capillary Isoelectric Focusing-Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Protein Complexes
      Author : Author(s): Suzana Martinovic, Ljiljana Paa-Tolic, Richard D. Smith
369   Carbon Fiber Amperometry in the Study of Ion Channels and Secretion
      Author : Author(s): Duk-Su Koh
370   Cardiomyocytes From Human and Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
      Author : Author(s): Christine Mummery, Marcel A. G. Heyden, Teun P. Boer, Robert Passier, Dorien Ward, Stieneke van den Brink, Marga van Rooijen, Anja van de Stolpe
371   Casting and Running Vertical Slab-Gel Electrophoresis for 2D-PAGE
      Author : Author(s): Bradley J. Walsh, Benjamin R. Herbert
372   Casting Immobilized pH Gradients (IPGs)
      Author : Author(s): Elisabetta Gianazza
373   Catalytic Assays for Human Cytochrome P45
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
374   Catalytic Assays for Human Cytochrome P45: An Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
375   Catechol- and Pyrogallol-Type Flavonoids: Analysis of Tea Catechins in Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Keizo Umegaki, Mituaki Sano, Isao Tomita
376   cDNA Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Ian G.
377   cDNA Library Construction for the Lambda ZAP-Based Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Marjory A. Snead, Michelle A. Alting-Mees, Jay M. Short
378   cDNA Library Construction Using Streptavidin-Paramagnetic Beads and PCR
      Author : Author(s): Kris N. Lambert, Valerie M. Williamson
379   cDNA Library Screening with the Tetramethylammonium Chloride (TM AC) Technique Using Highly Degenerate Oligonucleotide Probes
      Author : Author(s): Bent Honor, Peder Madsen
380   cDNA Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Phillip G. Febbo
381   cDNA Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Phillip G. Febbo
382   Cell Seeding of Polymer Scaffolds
      Author : Author(s): Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, Milica Radisic
383   Cell-Based Assays to Probe the ERK MAP Kinase Pathway in Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Michael R. Wyler, Deborah H. Smith, Eftihia Cayanis, Udo Tbben, Nathalie Aulner, Thomas Mayer
384   Cell-Free Assay for Ubiquitin-Independent Proteasomal Protein Degradation
      Author : Author(s): Chaim Kahana, Yuval Reiss
385   Cell-Free Extract Systems and the Cytoskeleton: Preparation of Biochemical Experiments for Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Margaret Coughlin, William M. Brieher, Ryoma Ohi
386   Cell-Free Protein Synthesis for Analysis by NMR Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Margit A. Apponyi, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Nicholas E. Dixon, Gottfried Otting
387   Cellulases as Chiral Selectors in Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Gunnar Johansson, Roland Isaksson, Gran Pettersson
388   Ceramide-Induced Transbilayer (Flip-Flop) Lipid Movement in Membranes
      Author : Author(s): F.-Xabier Contreras, Ana-Victoria Villar, Alicia Alonso, Flix M. Goi
389   Ceruloplasmin Detection by SDS-PAGE, Immunoblotting, and In Situ Oxidase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Leonard A. Levin
390   Characterization of a Calcium Phosphate-Based Matrix for rhBMP-2
      Author : Author(s): Hyun D. Kim, John M. Wozney, Rebecca H. Li
391   Characterization of Antibody-Antigen Interactions by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Sotiris Missailidis, Kevin Brady
392   Characterization of E. coli Ribosomal Particles: Combined Analysis of Whole Proteins by Mass Spectrometry and of Proteolytic Digests by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Isabelle Iost, Julie Charollais, Jo?lle Vinh, Delphine Pflieger
393   Characterization of Endothelial Internalization and Targeting of AntibodyEnzyme Conjugates in Cell Cultures and in Laboratory Animals
      Author : Author(s): Silvia Muro, Vladimir R. Muzykantov, Juan-Carlos Murciano
394   Characterization of Glycosaminoglycans by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Linhardt, Toshihiko Toida
395   Characterization of HIV gp12 Envelope Glycoprotein by Lectin Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Gregers J. Gram, John-Erik Stig Hansen
396   Characterization of Lipid-Linked Oligosaccharides by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Christopher W. Reid, Jacek Stupak, Christine M. Szymanski
397   Characterization of Oligosaccharides from Starch, Dextran, Cellulose, and Glycoproteins by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Fu-Tai A. Chen
398   Characterization of Polysaccharides Using Mass Spectrometry for Bacterial Serotyping
      Author : Author(s): Eleonora Altman, Jianjun Li
399   Characterization of Protein Glycosylation
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth F. Hounsell
400   Characterization of RNA Using Continuous RT-PCR Coupled with ELOSA
      Author : Author(s): Franois Mallet
401   Characterization of Targeted Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Chromosomes: Karyotyping and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization of Metaphase Spreads
      Author : Author(s): Diana Hernandez, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
402   Characterization of the Antioxidant Properties of Pentaerithrityl Tetranitrate (PETN)-Induction of the Intrinsic Antioxidative System Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1)
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Daiber, Thomas Mnzel
403   Characterization of the Effects and Functions of Sumoylation Through Rapamycin-Mediated Heterodimerization
      Author : Author(s): Shanshan Zhu, Michael J. Matunis
404   Characterizing Proteins from 2-DE Gels by Internal Sequence Analysis of Peptide Fragments: Strategies for Microsample Handling
      Author : Author(s): Hediye Erdjument-Bromage, Mary Lui, Lynne Lacomis, Paul Tempst
405   Characterizing Ribozyme Cleavage Reactions
      Author : Author(s): Philip Hendry, Maxine J. McCall, Trevor J. Lockett
406   Checkerboard DNA-DNA Hybridization Technology Using Digoxigenin Detection
      Author : Author(s): Lisa S. Gellen, Glenn M. Wall-Manning, Chris H. Sissons
407   Chemical and Enzymatic Approaches to Construct Modified RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh K. Gaur, Guido Krupp
408   Chemical and Enzymatic Release of Glycans from Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): Tony Merry, Sviatlana Astrautsova
409   Chemical Cleavage (Maxam and Gilbert) Method for DNA Sequence Determination
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra
410   Chemical Cleavage of Mismatch: Theory and Clinical Applications
      Author : Author(s): Neil V. Whittock, Louise Izatt
411   Chemical Methods for Peptide-Oligonucleotide Conjugate Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Dmitry A. Stetsenko, Michael J. Gait
412   Chemical Mismatch Cleavage Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Jicun Ren
413   Chemical Production of Bispecific Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Robert F. Graziano, Paul Guptill
414   Chemical Proteomics Profiling of Proteasome Activity
      Author : Author(s): Martijn Verdoes, Celia R. Berkers, Bogdan I. Florea, Paul F. Swieten, Herman S. Overkleeft, Huib Ovaa
415   Chemical Synthesis, Analysis, and Purification of Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Ravi Vinayak
416   Chemogenomic Analysis of Safety Profiling Data
      Author : Author(s): Josef Scheiber, Jeremy L. Jenkins
417   Chemogenomics with Protein Secondary-Structure Mimetics
      Author : Author(s): Garland R. Marshall, Daniel J. Kuster, Ye Che
418   Chimeric Templates and Assays Used to Study Physarum Cotranscriptional Insertional Editing In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Elaine M. Byrne
419   Chiral Ligand-Exchange Capillary Electrophoresis and Capillary Electrochromatography
      Author : Author(s): Martin G. Schmid, Gerald Gbitz
420   Chiral Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Koji Otsuka, Shigeru Terabe
421   Chiral Separation by Capillary Electrochromatography Using Cyclodextrin Phases
      Author : Author(s): Dorothee Wistuba, Jingwu Kang, Volker Schurig
422   Chiral Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis in Nonaqueous Medium
      Author : Author(s): Marja-Liisa Riekkola, Heli Sirn
423   Chiral Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Polysaccharides
      Author : Author(s): Hiroyuki Nishi
424   Chiral Separation by HPLC Using Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases
      Author : Author(s): Chiyo Yamamoto, Yoshio Okamoto
425   Chiral Separation by HPLC Using the Ligand-Exchange Principle
      Author : Author(s): Vadim A. Davankov
426   Chiral Separation by HPLC With Pirkle-Type Chiral Stationary Phases
      Author : Author(s): Myung Ho Hyun, Yoon Jae Cho
427   Chiral Separation Principles: An Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Gerald Gbitz, Martin G. Schmid
428   Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrochromatography Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
      Author : Author(s): Peter Spgel, Jakob Nilsson, Staffan Nilsson
429   Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Manus M. Rogan, Kevin D. Altria
430   Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Cinchona Alkaloid Derivatives as Chiral Counter-Ions
      Author : Author(s): Michael Lmmerhofer, Wolfgang Lindner
431   Chiral Separations by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Proteins as Chiral Selectors
      Author : Author(s): Jun Haginaka
432   Chiral Separations by HPLC Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
      Author : Author(s): Peter Spgel, Lars I. Andersson, Staffan Nilsson
433   Chiral Separations Using the Macrocyclic Antibiotics in Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Timothy J. Ward, Colette M. Rabai
434   Chondrocyte Isolation, Expansion, and Culture on Polymer Scaffolds
      Author : Author(s): Aileen Crawford, Sally C. Dickinson
435   Choosing Reporter-Quencher Pairs for Efficient Quenching Through Formation of Intramolecular Dimers
      Author : Author(s): Mary Katherine Johansson
436   Chromosome-Specific PRINS
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Paul Charlieu, Frank Pellestor
437   Cleavage of Compounds from Solid Phase by Gaseous Reagents
      Author : Author(s): Viktor Krchnk
438   Clinical Aspects of Ribozymes as Therapeutics in Gene Therapy
      Author : Author(s): David Looney, Mang Yu
439   Clinical Gene Therapy Research Utilizing Ribozymes: Application to the Treatment of HIV/AIDS
      Author : Author(s): Frances K. Ngok, Ronald T. Mitsuyasu, Janet L. Macpherson, Maureen P. Boyd, Geoff P. Symonds, Rafael G. Amado
440   Cloning and Expression of Human eNOS and nNOS Using the Baculovirus-Insect Cell System
      Author : Author(s): Ian G Charles, Neale Foxwell, Ann Chubb
441   Cloning and Expression of Human Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Mark L. Johnson, Richard A. Shapiro, Timothy R. Billiar
442   Cloning DNA Fragments in M13 Vectors
      Author : Author(s): David Walsh
443   Cloning Gene Family Members Using Polymerase Chain Reaction with Degenerate Oligonucleotide Primers
      Author : Author(s): Gregory M. Preston
444   Cloning Long Polymerase Chain Reaction Products
      Author : Author(s): Songrong Ren, J. Michael Ruppert
445   Cloning Polymerase Chain Reaction Products Utilizing theT/A Overhang and a Kit
      Author : Author(s): Melissa Lail-Trecker
446   Cloning Strategies for Catalytic Antisense RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Martin Tabler, Mina Tsagris
447   Cofactor Chemogenomics
      Author : Author(s): Ratna Singh, Andrea Mozzarelli
448   Collagen-Gel Cultures of Rat Hepatocytes:: Collagen-Gel Sandwich and Immobilization Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Sonja Beken, Tamara Vanhaecke, Karen Smet, Marleen Pauwels, Antoine Vercruysse, Vera Rogiers
449   Collection of Capillary Electrophoresis Fractions on a Moving Membrane
      Author : Author(s): Soffia Magnsdttir, Christoph Heller, Philippe Sergot, Jean-Louis Viovy
450   Combination of Chemical and Enzymatic RNA Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh K. Gaur, Andreas Hanne, Guido Krupp
451   Combined Lectin/Monoclonal Antibody Purging of Bone Marrow for Use in Conjunction with Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth G. Rhodes
452   Combining Laser Capture Microdissection and Proteomics Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Dana Mustafa, Johan M. Kros, Theo Luider
453   Comparative Genomic Hybridization in Clinical and Medical Research
      Author : Author(s): Peng-Hui Wang, Yann-Jang Chen, Chi-Hung Lin
454   Comparative Genomic Hybridization in Clinical and Medical Research
      Author : Author(s): Peng-Hui Wang, Yann-Jang Chen, Chi-Hung Lin
455   Comparative Quantitation of mRNA Expression in the Central Nervous System Using Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Darren J. Day, Eli M. Mrkusich, John H. Miller
456   Comparing 2-D Electrophoretic Gels Across Internet Databases
      Author : Author(s): Peter F. Lemkin
457   Comparison of Protein Expression by Isotope-Coded Affinity Tag Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Zhen Xiao, Timothy D Veenstra
458   Compound Library Design for Target Families
      Author : Author(s): K. V. Balakin, Y. A. Ivanenkov, N. P. Savchuk
459   Computational Analysis of Quantitative Proteomics Data Using Stable Isotope Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. MacCoss, Christine C. Wu
460   Computational Approaches to Metabolomics
      Author : Author(s): David S. Wishart
461   Computational Approaches to the Identification of Ribozyme Target Sites
      Author : Author(s): William James, Elizabeth Cowe
462   Computational Methods for Analysis of Two-Dimensional Gels
      Author : Author(s): Gorka Lasso, Rune Matthiesen
463   Computer Analysis of 2-D Images
      Author : Author(s): Ron D. Appel, Denis F. Hochstrasser
464   Computer Analysis of the Conservation and Uniqueness of Ribozyme-Targeted HIV Sequences
      Author : Author(s): Mary Beth Young, Arnold Hampel
465   Computer Applications to Molecular Biology: DNA Sequences
      Author : Author(s): Robert Harr, Petter Gustafsson
466   Computer Simulation of MAPK Signal Transduction
      Author : Author(s): Baltazar D. Aguda, Herbert M. Sauro
467   Computer-Aided Calculation of the Local Folding Potential of Target RNA and Its Use for Ribozyme Design
      Author : Author(s): Georg Sczakiel, Martin Tabler
468   Confocal Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Guy Cox
469   Confocal Microscopy: Theory and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Laura C. Mongan, Joanne Gormally, Andrew R. Hubbard, Christopher dLacey, Colin D. Ockleford
470   Conformation-Sensitive Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Marian Hill
471   Conformational Analysis of Biantennary Glycopeptides with a esonance Energy Transfer Technique
      Author : Author(s): Kyung Bok Lee, Pengguang Wu, Ludwig Brand, Yuan Chuan Lee
472   Conjugates of Peptides and Proteins to Polyethylene Glycols
      Author : Author(s): Margherita Morpurgo, Francesco M. Veronese
473   Conjugation of Glycopeptide Thioesters to Expressed Protein Fragments: Semisynthesis of Glycosylated Interleukin-2
      Author : Author(s): Thomas J. Tolbert, Chi-Huey Wong
474   Constriction Pipets
475   Constructing a 2-D Database for the World Wide Web
      Author : Author(s): Ron D. Appel, Christine Hoogland, Amos Bairoch, Denis F. Hochstrasser
476   Constructing Expression cDNA Libraries Using Unphosphorylated Adaptors
      Author : Author(s): Keith K. Stanley, Joachim Herz, Harald Haymerle
477   Construction and Screening of Cosmid Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Jens Hanke, Jrg D. Hoheisel
478   Construction and Transfection of PCR Products Expressing siRNAs or shRNAs in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Daniela Castanotto, John J. Rossi
479   Construction of cDNA Libraries in ?gt1 or ?gt11
      Author : Author(s): Michael M. Burrell
480   Construction of Lambda Libraries from Large PFGE Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Catrin Pritchard, Margit Burmeister
481   Construction of Mammalian Genomic Libraries Using ? Replacement Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Alan N. Bateson, Jeffrey W. Pollard
482   Construction of Synthetic Genes by Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Patrick J. Dillon, Craig A. Rosen
483   Construction of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Libraries by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Anthony P. Monaco, Zoia Lark, Hans Lehrach
484   Continuous Fluorescent Monitoring of Cellular Calcium Fluxe: A Novel Perfusion System for the Investigation of Inositol(1,4,5)trisphosphate-Dependent Quantal Calcium Release Using Immobilized, Electropermeabilized Cells
      Author : Author(s): Robert A. Wilcox, James Strupish
485   Contraction Study of a Single Cardiac Muscle Cell in a Microfluidic Chip
      Author : Author(s): Xiujun Li, Paul C. Li
486   Conventional Specimen Preparation Techniques for Scanning Electron Microscopy of Biological Specimens
      Author : Author(s): John J. Bozzola
487   Conventional Specimen Preparation Techniques for Transmission Electron Microscopy of Cultured Cells
      Author : Author(s): John J. Bozzola
488   Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy Using Immunolabeled Resin Sections
      Author : Author(s): Heinz Schwarz, Bruno M. Humbel
489   Cosmid Library Construction
      Author : Author(s): John D. Haley
490   Covalent and Noncovalent Labeling Schemes for Near-Infrared Dyes in Capillary Electrophoresis Protein Applications
      Author : Author(s): John Sowell, Jozef Salon, Lucjan Strekowski, Gabor Patonay
491   Covalent Coupling of DNA Oligonucleotides and Streptavidin
      Author : Author(s): Florian Kukolka, Marina Lovrinovic, Ron Wacker, Christof M. Niemeyer
492   Critical Point Drying of Biological Specimens for Scanning Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Douglas Bray
493   Critical Steps in the Implementation of Hematopoietic Progenitor-Cell Gene Therapy Using Ribozyme Vectors: A Laboratory Protocol
      Author : Author(s): Maureen P. Boyd, Frances K. Ngok, Alison V. Todd, Geoff P. Symonds, Janet L. Macpherson, Rafael G. Amado
494   Crosslinking of Single-Stranded DNA to Resins
      Author : Author(s): J. Lesley Woodhead, Jane A. Langdale, Alan D. Malcolm
495   Cryoelectron Microscopy of Icosahedral Virus Particles
      Author : Author(s): Wen Jiang, Wah Chiu
496   Cryoplaning Technique for Visualizing the Distribution of Water in Woody Tissues by Cryoscanning Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Yasuhiro Utsumi, Yuzou Sano
497   Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying of Fungi Employing Centrifugal and Shelf Freeze-Drying
      Author : Author(s): Matthew J. Ryan, David Smith
498   Cryopreservation and In Vitro Fertilization at the Zebrafish International Resource Center
      Author : Author(s): Carrie Carmichael, Monte Westerfield, Zoltn M. Varga
499   Cryopreservation and Reawakening
      Author : Author(s): L. Winona Wagner, Tina K. Dyk
500   Cryopreservation of Animal and Human Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): Christopher B. Morris
501   Cryopreservation of Avian Spermatozoa
      Author : Author(s): Graham J. Wishart
502   Cryopreservation of Desiccation-Tolerant Seeds
      Author : Author(s): Hugh W. Pritchard
503   Cryopreservation of Fish Sperm
      Author : Author(s): Eugeny Kopeika, Julia Kopeika, Tiantian Zhang
504   Cryopreservation of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells for Therapeutic Use
      Author : Author(s): Suzanne M. Watt, Eric Austin, Sue Armitage
505   Cryopreservation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): Charles J. Hunt, Paula M. Timmons
506   Cryopreservation of Mammalian Embryos
      Author : Author(s): Barry J. Fuller, Sharon J. Paynter
507   Cryopreservation of Mammalian Oocytes
      Author : Author(s): Sharon J. Paynter, Barry J. Fuller
508   Cryopreservation of Mammalian Semen
      Author : Author(s): Mark R. Curry
509   Cryopreservation of Microalgae and Cyanobacteria
      Author : Author(s): John G. Day
510   Cryopreservation of Plant Cell Suspensions
      Author : Author(s): Brian W. Grout
511   Cryopreservation of Primary Animal Cell Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Glyn N. Stacey, Stuart Dowall
512   Cryopreservation of Rat Hepatocytes in a Three-Dimensional Culture Configuration Using a Controlled-Rate Freezing Device
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Russo, Mehmet Toner
513   Cryopreservation of Red Blood Cells and Platelets
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Sputtek
514   Cryopreservation of Shoot Tips and Meristems
      Author : Author(s): Erica E. Benson, Keith Harding, Jason W. Johnston
515   Cryopreservation of Yeast Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Chris Bond
516   Cryopreservation: Conservation of Bioresources at Ultra Low Temperatures
      Author : Author(s): John G. Day, Keith C. Harding, Jayanthi Nadarajan, Erica E. Benson
517   Cryosectioning Fixed and Cryoprotected Biological Material for Immunocytochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Paul Webster, Alexandre Webster
518   Cryoultramicrotomy: Cryoelectron Microscopy of Vitreous Sections
      Author : Author(s): Dimitri Vanhecke, Luca Studer, Daniel Studer
519   Crystallization and Final Stages of Purification
      Author : Author(s): Norman Shankland, Alastair J. Florence, Richard J. Cannell
520   Crystallization and Structure Analysis of Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Richard Newman
521   Crystallization in Final Stages of Purification
      Author : Author(s): Alastair J. Florence, Norman Shankland, Andrea Johnston
522   Crystallization of Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases
      Author : Author(s): Hengming Ke, Qing Huai, Robert X. Xu
523   Crystallization of the Hairpin Ribozyme: Illustrative Protocols
      Author : Author(s): Peter B. Rupert, Adrian R. Ferr-DAmar
524   Crystallographic Analyses of Chemically Synthesized Modified Hammerhead RNA Sequences as a General Approach Toward Understanding Ribozyme Structure and Function
      Author : Author(s): William G. Scott
525   Crystallographic Studies of Antigen-Antibody Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Frederick A. Saul, Pedro M. Alzari
526   Crystallography in the Study of Protein-DNA Interactions
      Author : Author(s): David G. Brown, Paul S. Freemont
527   Culture and Characterization of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells
      Author : Author(s): Bruno Delorme, Pierre Charbord
528   Culture and Identification of Autologous Human Articular Chondrocytes for Implantation
      Author : Author(s): Ross Tubo, Francois Binette
529   Cupric Ion Reducing Antioxidant Capacity Assay for Antioxidants in Human Serum and for Hydroxyl Radical Scavengers
      Author : Author(s): Re?at Apak, Kubilay Gl, Mustafa zyrek, Burcu Bekta?o?lu, Mustafa Bener
530   Current Status of Measuring Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Beniamino Palmieri, Valeriana Sblendorio
531   Custom-Designed Molecular Scissors for Site-Specific Manipulation of the Plant and Mammalian Genomes
      Author : Author(s): Karthikeyan Kandavelou, Srinivasan Chandrasegaran
532   Cyclic Aromatic Amino Acids with Constrained ?1 and ?2 Dihedral Angles
      Author : Author(s): Dirk Tourw, Koen Iterbeke, Wieslaw M. Kazmierski, Gza Tth
533   Cyclic Guanosine 5?-Monophosphate Binding to Regulatory GAF Domains of Photoreceptor Phosphodiesterase
      Author : Author(s): Rick H. Cote
534   Cyclodextrin-Based Chiral Stationary Phases for Liquid Chromatography: A Twenty-Year Overview
      Author : Author(s): Clifford R. Mitchell, Daniel W. Armstrong
535   Cygnets: In Vivo Characterization of Novel cGMP Indicators and In Vivo Imaging of Intracellular cGMP
      Author : Author(s): Akira Honda, Carolyn L. Sawyer, Sharon M. Cawley, Wolfgang R. Dostmann
536   CYP2C19-Mediated (S)-Mephenytoin 4?-Hydroxylation Assayed by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography With Radiometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
537   CYP2Cl g-Mediated (S)-Mephenytoin 4-Hydroxylation Assayed by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Radiometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
538   CYP2D6-Dependent Bufuralol 1?-Hydroxylation Assayed by Reverse-Phase Ion-Pair High-Performance Liquid Chromatography With Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
539   CYP2D6-Dependent Bufuralol 1-Hydroxylation Assayed by Reversed-Phase lon-Pair High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
540   Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator as a Model Substrate to Study Endoplasmic Reticulum Protein Quality Control in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): J. Michael Younger, Chun-Yang Fan, Liling Chen, Meredith F. Rosser, Cam Patterson, Douglas M. Cyr
541   Cytochemical Localization of H2O2 in Biological Tissues
      Author : Author(s): E. Ann Ellis, Maria B. Grant
542   Cytochrome P45 Gene Regulation: Analysis of Protein-DNA Interactions In Situ
      Author : Author(s): Steven T. Okino, James P. Whitlock
543   Cytochrome P45 Nomenclature
      Author : Author(s): David R. Nelson
544   Cytochrome P45 Nomenclature, 24
      Author : Author(s): David R. Nelson
545   Cytochrome P45 Reconstitution Systems
      Author : Author(s): Hiroshi Yamazaki, Tsutomu Shimada
546   Cytochrome P45 Reconstitution Systems
      Author : Author(s): Tsutomu Shimada, Hiroshi Yamazaki
547   Cytofluorescence Techniques for the Visualization of Distinct Pools of Protein Thiols at the Single Cell Level
      Author : Author(s): Alfonso Pompella, Silvia Dominici, Caterina Cambiaggi, Jrgen Frank, Hans K. Biesalski
548   Cytotoxic Effects of Lectins
      Author : Author(s): Elieser Gorelik
549   DABA Fluorescence Assay for Submicrogram Amounts of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Theodore Gurney, Elizabeth G. Gurney
550   Data Deposition and Annotation at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank
      Author : Author(s): Shuchismita Dutta, Kyle Burkhardt, Ganesh J. Swaminathan, Takashi Kosada, Kim Henrick, Haruki Nakamura, Helen M. Berman
551   Data Management in Structural Genomics: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Sabrina Haquin, Eric Oeuillet, Anne Pajon, Mark Harris, Alwyn T. Jones, Herman Tilbeurgh, John L. Markley, Zolt Zolnai, Anne Poupon
552   Data Standards and Controlled Vocabularies for Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Lennart Martens, Luisa Montecchi Palazzi, Henning Hermjakob
553   Database Similarity Searches
      Author : Author(s): Frdric Plewniak
554   Database Systems for Knowledge-Based Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Sarma A. Jagarlapudi, K. V. Kishan
555   Defining Optimum Reaction Conditions for Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Philip Hendry, Maxine J. McCall, Trevor J. Lockett
556   Deletion of Genes From the Mouse Genome Using Cre/loxP Technology
      Author : Author(s): Diana Hernandez, Pritpal Chandan, Azara Janmohamed, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
557   Delivery Agents for Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Olivier Seksek, Jacques Bolard
558   Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)
      Author : Author(s): Jeroen H. Roelfsema, Dorien J. Peters
559   Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)
      Author : Author(s): Jeroen H. Roelfsema, Dorien J. Peters
560   Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (DHPLC) for Nucleic Acid Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kim Hung Leung, Shea Ping Yip
561   Dendritic Cells in Chronic In Vivo Ethanol Exposure Modelss
      Author : Author(s): Kevin L. Legge, Annette J. Schlueter
562   Density Modification in X-Ray Crystallography
      Author : Author(s): Alberto D. Podjarny, Bernard Rees, Alexandre G. Urzhumtsev
563   Dereplication and Partial Identification of Compounds
      Author : Author(s): Laurence Dinan
564   Dereplication and Partial Identification of Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Frank Middlesworth, Richard J. Cannell
565   Derivatization of Carbohydrates
      Author : Author(s): Shigeo Suzuki, John F. Kelly, Steven J. Locke, Pierre Thibault, Susumu Honda
566   Design and Expression of Chimeric U1/Ribozyme Transgenes
      Author : Author(s): Roger Abounader, Robert Montgomery, Harry Dietz, John Laterra
567   Design and Fabrication of a Small Caliber Hybrid Arterial Bioprosthesis
      Author : Author(s): Gilbert J. Lltalien, William M. Abbott
568   Design and Optimization of Molecular Beacon Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays
      Author : Author(s): Jacqueline A. Vet, Salvatore A. Marras
569   Design and Optimization of Sequence-Specific Hairpin Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Cristina Romero-Lpez, Alicia Barroso-delJesus, Elena Puerta-Fernndez, Alfredo Berzal-Herranz
570   Design and Preparation of Sequence-Specific RNase P Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Denis Drainas, Guido Krupp
571   Design and Production of Asymmetric Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Martin Tabler, Georg Sczakiel
572   Design and Synthesis of Antioxidant ?-Lipoic Acid Hybrids
      Author : Author(s): Maria Koufaki, Anastasia Detsi
573   Design and Validation of Therapeutic Hammerhead Ribozymes for Autosomal Dominant Diseases
      Author : Author(s): Jason J. Fritz, Marina Gorbatyuk, Alfred S. Lewin, William W. Hauswirth
574   Design and Work-Up of a New Molecular Diagnostic Assay Based on Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s): Harald H. Kessler
575   Design of Hairpin Ribozymes for In Vitro and Cellular Applications
      Author : Author(s): Qiao Yu, John M. Burke
576   Design of Hybridizing Arms in Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Philip Hendry, Maxine J. McCall, Trevor J. Lockett
577   Design of the Hairpin Ribozyme for Targeting Specific RNA Sequences
      Author : Author(s): Arnold Hampel, Mary Beth Young, Scott Galasinski, Andrew Siwkowski
578   Design of Virtual Combinatorial Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Alex M. Aronov
579   Design, Synthesis, and Action of Antiatherogenic Antioxidants
      Author : Author(s): Osamu Cynshi, Kunio Tamura, Etsuo Niki
580   Design, Targeting, and Initial Screening of sTRSV-Derived Hairpin Ribozymes for Optimum Helix 1 Length and Catalytic Efficiency In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Max W. Richardson, Linda Hostalek, Michelle Dobson, Jason Hu, Richard Shippy, Andrew Siwkowski, Jonathan D. Marmur, Kamel Khalili, Paul E. Klotman, Arnold Hampel, Jay Rappaport
581   Designability and Disease
      Author : Author(s): Philip Wong, Dmitrij Frishman
582   Designing Combinatorial Libraries for Efficient Screening
      Author : Author(s): John I. Manchester, David S. Hartsough
583   Designing Safer (Soft) Drugs by Avoiding the Formation of Toxic and Oxidative Metabolites
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas Bodor, Peter Buchwald
584   Desktop Digital Imaging: Application to Detection of Length Heterogeneity After Hyperresonant Pulsed-Field Gel Electmphoresis of Mature Bacteriophage P22 DNA
      Author : Author(s): Gary A. Griess, Elena T. Moreno, Philip Sewer
585   Detailed Structural Analysis of N-Glycans Released From Glycoproteins in SDS-PAGE Gel Bands Using HPLC Combined With Exoglycosidase Array Digestions
      Author : Author(s): Louise Royle, Catherine M. Radcliffe, Raymond A. Dwek, Pauline M. Rudd
586   Detecting and minimizing glycosidase activities that can hydrolyze sugars from cell culture-produced glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Gramer
587   Detecting Ligands Interacting with Lipoprotein Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Sivaram Pillarisetti
588   Detecting mRNA by Use of the Ribonuclease Protection Assay (RPA)
      Author : Author(s): Ralf Einspanier, Annette Plath
589   Detecting mRNAin Tissue Sections with Digoxigenin-Labeled Probes
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Terenghi, Julia M. Polak
590   Detecting Ordered Domain Formation (Lipid Rafts) in Model Membranes Using Tempo
      Author : Author(s): Omar Bakht, Erwin London
591   Detecting Point Mutations by Denaturing-Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Stephen R. Dlouhy, Patricia Wheeler, James A. Trofatter, Peter J. Stambrook, Jay A. Tischfield
592   Detecting RNA/DNA Hybridization Using Double-Labeled Donor Probes With Enhanced Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Signals
      Author : Author(s): Yukio Okamura, Yuichiro Watanabe
593   Detection and Characterization of SUMO Protease Activity Using a Sensitive Enzyme-Based Reporter Assay
      Author : Author(s): Craig A. Leach, Xufan Tian, Michael R. Mattern, Benjamin Nicholson
594   Detection and Immobilization of Proteins Containing the 6xHis Tag
      Author : Author(s): Richard E. Kneusel, Melanie Wulbeck, Joachim Ribbe
595   Detection and Localization of Markers of Oxidative Stress by In Situ Methods: Application in the Study of Alzheimer Disease
      Author : Author(s): Paula I. Moreira, Lawrence M. Sayre, Xiongwei Zhu, Akihiko Nunomura, Mark A. Smith, George Perry
596   Detection and Quantification of Modified Nucleotides in RNA Using Thin-Layer Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Henri Grosjean, Grard Keith, Louis Droogmans
597   Detection of Aldehydic DNA Lesions Using Aldehyde Reactive Probe
      Author : Author(s): Jun Nakamura, James A. Swenberg
598   Detection of Altered Glycosylation of ?-Fetoprotein Using Lectin-Affinity Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Kazuhisa Taketa, Miao Liu, Hiroko Taga
599   Detection of anti-tumor immunity induced by laser immunotherapy
      Author : Author(s): Wei R. Chen, Raoul Carubelli, Hong Liu, Robert E. Nordquist
600   Detection of Apoptosis Using Cyclic Luciferase in Living Mammals
      Author : Author(s): Akira Kanno, Yoshio Umezawa, Takeaki Ozawa
601   Detection of autoantibodies to cytokines
      Author : Author(s): Klaus Bendtzen, Morten Bagge Hansen, Christian Ross, Morten Svenson
602   Detection of Beta-Blockers in Urine and Serum by Solid-Phase Extraction-Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Kari Hartonen, Marja-Liisa Riekkola
603   Detection of Certain Peroxynitrite-Induced DNA Modifications
      Author : Author(s): Hiroshi Ohshima, Lszl. Virg, Jose Souza, Vladimir Yermilov, Brigitte Pignatelli, Mitsuharu Masuda, Csaba Szab
604   Detection of Digoxigenin-Labeled DNA Probes Hybridized to Plant Chromosomes In Situ
      Author : Author(s): Ilia J. Leitch, J. S. Pat Heslop-Harrison
605   Detection of DNA Hybridization Using Induced Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
      Author : Author(s): W. Mathias Howell
606   Detection of DNA Polymorphisms Using PCR-RFLP and Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): John M. Butler, Dennis J. Reeder
607   Detection of DNA Sequences Using Biotinylated Probes
      Author : Author(s): J. Lesley Woodhead, Hermina Figueiredo, Alan D. Malcolm
608   Detection of Docosahexaenoic Acid Hydroperoxides in Retina by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Guey-Shuang Wu, Narsing A. Rao
609   Detection of ERK1/2 Activities Using Affinity Reagents
      Author : Author(s): Rafael Pulido, ngel Ziga, Axel Ullrich
610   Detection of Estrogen Receptor by In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Kaori Kobayashi, Hiroshi Kobayashi
611   Detection of Firefly Luciferase-Tagged Bacteria in Environmental Samples
      Author : Author(s): Annelie Mller, Janet K. Jansson
612   Detection of Foodborne Pathogens Using DNA Probes and a Dipstick Format
      Author : Author(s): E. Patrick Groody
613   Detection of Lipid Hydroperoxide-Derived Protein Modification with Polyclonal Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Yoji Kato, Toshihiko Osawa
614   Detection of mRNA in Single Living Cells Using AFM Nanoprobes
      Author : Author(s): Hironori Uehara, Atsushi Ikai, Toshiya Osada
615   Detection of mRNA in Whole Mounts of Mouse Embryos Using Digoxigenin Riboprobes
      Author : Author(s): Barry Rosen, Rosa Beddington
616   Detection of Mutations in DNA and RNA by Chemical Cleavage
      Author : Author(s): Richard G. Cotton
617   Detection of Myotubularin Phosphatases Activity on Phosphoinositides in vitro and ex vivo
      Author : Author(s): Holger Maria Rohde, Hlne Tronchre, Bernard Payrastre, Jocelyn Laporte
618   Detection of NOS Isoforms by Western-Blot Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Fiona S. Smith, Michael A. Titheradge
619   Detection of Oxidants Using lux Fusions to Oxidative Stress Promoters
      Author : Author(s): Shimshon Belkin
620   Detection of Peroxynitrite-Induced Protein and DNA Modifications
      Author : Author(s): Scott Lorch, Richard Lightfoot, Hiroshi Ohshima, Lszl Virg, Qiping Chen, Caryn Hertkorn, Marie Weiss, Jose Souza, Harry Ischiropoulos, Vladimir Yermilov, Brigitte Pignatelli, Mituharu Masuda, Csaba Szab
621   Detection of Phosphatidylinositol-4-Phosphate 5-Kinase Activity Using Thin-Layer Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Gregory J. Parker, Joost C. Loijens, Richard A. Anderson
622   Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species by Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Christov, Ladan Hamdheydari, Paula Grammas
623   Detection of Ribozyme Cleavage Products Using Reverse Ligation-Mediated PCR (RL-PCR)
      Author : Author(s): Edouard Bertrand, Micheline Fromont-Racine, Raymond Pictet, Thierry Grange
624   Detection of Sequence-Specific Protein-DNA Interactions by the DNA-Footprinting Technique
      Author : Author(s): Mark A. Plumb, Graham H. Goodwin
625   Detection of Specific DNA SequencesThe Southern Transfer
      Author : Author(s): C.G.P. Mathew
626   Detection of Sumoylated Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Roland S. Hilgarth, Kevin D. Sarge
627   Detection of Total Proteins on Western Blots of 2-D Polyacrylamide Gels
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Dunn
628   Detection of Unique or Low Copy Number DNA Sequences in Complex Genomes
      Author : Author(s): Domingo Gallardo, Albert Boronat
629   Detergent and Detergent-Free Methods to Define Lipid Rafts and Caveolae
      Author : Author(s): Rennolds S. Ostrom, Xiaoqiu Liu
630   Determination of Amino Acids in Foods by Reversed-Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with New Precolumn Derivatives, Butylthiocarbamyl, and Benzylthiocarbamyl Derivatives Compared to the Phenylthiocarbamyl Derivative and Ion Exchange Chromatogra
      Author : Author(s): Kang-Lyung Woo
631   Determination of Artemisinin in Artemisia annua L. by Off-Line Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Coupled to an Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector
      Author : Author(s): Marcel Kohler, Werner Haerdi, Philippe Christen, Jean-Luc Veuthey
632   Determination of Association Constant of Carbohydrate-Protein Interaction
      Author : Author(s): Atsushi Taga, Susumu Honda
633   Determination of Ca2+/Calmodulin-Stimulated Phosphodiesterase Activity in Intact Cells
      Author : Author(s): Chen Yan
634   Determination of Catalytic Parameters for Hairpin Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Mary Beth Young, Andrew Siwkowski, Arnold Hampel
635   Determination of Cellular Localization of Expression of Flavin-Containing Monooxygenase Genes in Mouse Tissues by In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Azara Janmohamed, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
636   Determination of CYP2B6 Component of 7-Ethoxy-4-Trifluoromethylcoumarin O-Deethylation Activity in Human Liver Microsomes
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Chang, Charles L. Crespi, David J. Waxman
637   Determination of CYP2C9-Catalyzed Diclofenac 4?-Hydroxylation by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
638   Determination of CYP2C9-Catalyzed Diclofenac 4?-Hydroxylation by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
639   Determination of CYP4A11-Catalyzed Lauric Acid 12-Hydroxylation by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography With Radiometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
640   Determination of CYP4A11-Catalyzed Lauric Acid 12-Hydroxylation by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Radiometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
641   Determination of Early Glycation Products by Mass Spectrometry and Quantification of Glycation Mediated Protein Crosslinks by the Incorporation of [14C]lysine into Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Malladi Prabhakaram, Beryl J. Ortwerth, Jean B. Smith
642   Determination of ERK Activity: Antiphospho-ERK Antibodies, In Vitro Phosphorylation, and In-Gel Kinase Assay
      Author : Author(s): Sarah Kraus, Rony Seger
643   Determination of Erythrocyte Fragility as a Marker of Pesticide-Induced Membrane Oxidative Damage
      Author : Author(s): Bechan Sharma, Devendra K. Rai, Prashant Kumar Rai, S. I. Rizvi, Geeta Watal
644   Determination of Genuine Residents of Plant Endomembrane Organelles using Isotope Tagging and Multivariate Statistics
      Author : Author(s): Kathryn S. Lilley, Tom P.J. Dunkley
645   Determination of Glutathione, Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potential, and Cytotoxicity in H9c2 Cardiomyoblasts Exposed to Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species
      Author : Author(s): K. Sathishkumar, Xueli Gao, Achuthan C. Raghavamenon, Subramanyam N. Murthy, Philip J. Kadowitz, Rao M. Uppu
646   Determination of Kinetic Parameters for Hammerhead and Hairpin Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Martha J. Fedor
647   Determination of Lipid Spontaneous Curvature From X-Ray Examinations of Inverted Hexagonal Phases
      Author : Author(s): Michael M. Kozlov
648   Determination of NO with a Clark-Type Electrode
      Author : Author(s): Kurt Schmidt, Bernd Mayer
649   Determination of NOS Activity Using Cyclic-GMP Formation
      Author : Author(s): Suzanne G. Laychock
650   Determination of Ornithine Decarboxylase Activity Using [3H]Ornithine
      Author : Author(s): Amalia Tabib
651   Determination of Phospholipase A2s Expression in Mast Cells by Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Alfred N. Fonteh, William Reed, James M. Samet
652   Determination of Phospholipase C-or Phospholipase D-Catalyzed Phosphatidylcholine Hydrolysis
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Wakelam, Trevor R. Pettitt
653   Determination of Plasmalogen-Selective Phospholipase A2 Activity by Radiochemical and Fluorometric Assay Procedures
      Author : Author(s): Akhlaq A. Farooqui, Hsiu-Chiung Yang, Yutaka Hirashima, Lloyd A. Horrocks
654   Determination of Polyamines as Their Benzoylated Derivatives by HPLC
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
655   Determination of Products of Lipid Oxidation by Infrared Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Douglas Borchman, Santosh Sinha
656   Determination of Proteins, Phosphatidylethanolamine, and Phosphatidylserine in Lipid-Rich Materials by Analysis of Phenylthiocarbamyl Derivatives
      Author : Author(s): Margareta Stark, Jan Johansson
657   Determination of Salbutamol Sulfate and Its Impurities in Pharmaceuticals by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Mara J. Nozal, Laura Toribio, Jos L. Bernal, Mara L. Serna
658   Determination of Sulfur Amino Acids, Glutathione, and Related Aminothiols in Biological Samples by Gas Chromatography with Flame Photometric Detection
      Author : Author(s): Hiroyuki Kataoka, Kiyomi Takagi, Hirofumi Tanaka, Masami Makita
659   Determination of the CYP2B6 Component of 7-Ethoxy-4-Trifluoromethylcoumarin O-Deethylation Activity in Human Liver Microsomes
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. H. Chang, Charles L. Crespi, David J. Waxman
660   Determination of the molecular weight of DNA-binding proteins using UV-crosslinking and SDS-PAGE
      Author : Author(s): Siegmund S. Wolf, Karim Roder, Michael Schweizer
661   Determination of Tyrosine and Tryptophan Metabolites in Body Ruids Using Electrochemical Detection
      Author : Author(s): Gregory C. Davis, David D. Koch, Peter T. Kissinger, Craig S. Bruntlett, Ronald E. Shoup
662   Determination of Uric Acid in Urine by Fast-Scan Voltammetry (FSV) Using a Highly Activated Carbon Fiber Electrode
      Author : Author(s): Roberto Bravo, Dawn M. Stickle, Anna Brajter-Toth
663   Determining DNA Sequence Specificity of Natural and Artificial Transcription Factors by Cognate Site Identifier Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Mary S. Ozers, Christopher L. Warren, Aseem Z. Ansari
664   Determining Lipase Subunit Structure by Sucrose Gradient Centrifugation
      Author : Author(s): Osnat Ben-Zeev, Mark H. Doolittle
665   Determining Lipoprotein Lipase and Hepatic Lipase Activity Using Radiolabeled Substrates
      Author : Author(s): Vronique Briquet-Laugier, Osnat Ben-Zeev, Mark H. Doolittle
666   Determining the Subunit Structure of Phosphodiesterases Using Gel Filtration and Sucrose Density Gradient Centrifugation
      Author : Author(s): Wito Richter
667   Deubiquitinating Enzyme Purification, Assay Inhibitors, and Characterization
      Author : Author(s): Nathaniel S. Russell, Keith D. Wilkinson
668   Deuterium Labeling for Neutron Structure-Function-Dynamics Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Flora Meilleur, Kevin L. Weiss, Dean A.A. Myles
669   Developing a Minimally Immunogenic Humanized Antibody by SDR Grafting
      Author : Author(s): Syed V. Kashmiri, Roberto Pascalis, Noreen R. Gonzales
670   Development and Properties of HepG2 Cells That Constitutively Express CYP2E1
      Author : Author(s): Defeng Wu, Arthur I. Cederbaum
671   Development of a Bioartificial Liver Device
      Author : Author(s): Linda K. Hansen, Julie R. Friend, Rory Remmel, Frank B. Cerra, Wei-Shou Hu
672   Development of a High-Throughput Capillary Electrophoresis Protocol for DNA Fragment Analysis
      Author : Author(s): H. Michael Wenz, David Dailey, Martin D. Johnson
673   Di- and Oligonucleotide Synthesis Using H-Phosphonate Chemistry
      Author : Author(s): Jacek Stawinski, Roger Strberg
674   Diagnosis of Krabbe Disease by Use of a Natural Substrate
      Author : Author(s): John W. Callahan, Marie-Anne Skomorowski
675   Diagnostic Applications of Protein Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Samir Hanash
676   Dideoxyfingerprinting for Mutation Detection
      Author : Author(s): Ioannis Bossis, Antonios Voutetakis, Constantine A. Stratakis
677   Differential Detergent Fractionation of Eukaryotic Cells: Analysis by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Melinda L. Ramsby, Gregory S. Makowski
678   Differential Display Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Xilin Zhao, Kimberly S. George
679   Differential display: A general protocol
      Author : Author(s): Peng Liang, Arthur B. Pardee
680   Differential Display: Theory and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Irina Gromova, Pavel Gromov, Julio E. Celis
681   Differential Scanning Calorimetry in the Study of Lipid Phase Transitions in Model and Biological Membranes: Practical Considerations
      Author : Author(s): Ruthven N. Lewis, David A. Mannock, Ronald N. McElhaney
682   Digoxigenin Labeling of RNA Transcripts from Multi- and Single-Locus DNA Minisatellite Probes
      Author : Author(s): Esther N. Signer
683   Dimethylthiarum Disulfide: New Sulfur Transfer Reagent in Phosphorothioates Oligonucleotide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Zhiwei Wang, Quanlai Song, Yogesh S. Sanghvi
684   Dioxygen-Dependent Metabolism of Nitric Oxide
      Author : Author(s): Paul R. Gardner, Anne M. Gardner, Craig K. Hallstrom
685   Direct Automated Cycle Sequencing of Polymerase Chain Reaction Products
      Author : Author(s): Susan E. Daniels
686   Direct cDNA Sequencing Using Sequential Linear/Asymmetric Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Ivor J. Mason
687   Direct Chiral Resolution of Optical Isomers of Diltiazem Hydrochloride by Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Koji Yaku, Keiichi Aoe, Noriyuki Nishimura, Tadashi Sato, Fujio Morishita
688   Direct Determination of Tissue Aminothiol, Disulfide, and Thioether Levels Using HPLC-ECD with a Novel Stable Boron-Doped Diamond Working Electrode
      Author : Author(s): Bruce Bailey, John Waraska, Ian Acworth
689   Direct Dideoxy DNA Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Graham, J. Steven, D. McKechnie
690   Direct DNA Sequencing of Polymerase Chain Reaction Products Using Magnetic Beads
      Author : Author(s): Joakim Lundeberg, Bertil Pettersson, Mathias Uhln
691   Direct Fluorochrome-Labeled DNA Probes for Direct Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization to Chromosomes
      Author : Author(s): Trude Schwarzacher, J. S. Heslop-Harrison
692   Direct Gene Transfer into Plant Protoplasts
      Author : Author(s): Keith Lindsey, Michael G. Jones, Neil Fish
693   Direct In-Gel Hybridization of DNA With Digoxigenin-Labeled Probes
      Author : Author(s): Saeed A. Khan, Mohamed S. Nawaz
694   Direct Polymerase Chain Reaction Sequencing with Denaturants
      Author : Author(s): Wei Zhang, Albert B. Deisseroth
695   Direct sequencing of PCR-amplified DNA
      Author : Author(s): Peter M. Green, Francesco Giannelli
696   Directed Mutagenesis of Antibody Variable Domains
      Author : Author(s): Kevin Brady, Benny K. Lo
697   Directed Protein Evolution
      Author : Author(s): Sabine C. Stebel, Annette Gaida, Katja M. Arndt, Kristian M. Mller
698   Discovering Biomedical Knowledge from the Literature
      Author : Author(s): Jasmin ari?, Henriette Engelken, Uwe Reyle
699   Dissecting Cancer Serum Protein Profiles Using Antibody Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Marta Sanchez-Carbayo
700   Dissecting GLUT4 Traffic Components in L6 Myocytes by Fluorescence-Based, Single-Cell Assays
      Author : Author(s): Costin N. Antonescu, Varinder K. Randhawa, Amira Klip
701   Dissection and Histological Control
702   Distance Determination in Protein-DNA Complexes Using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
      Author : Author(s): Mike Lorenz, Stephan Diekmann
703   DNA Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Priya Sethu Chockalingam, Luis A. Jurado, F. Darlene, Harry W. Jarrett
704   DNA Capillary Electrophoresis Using Block Copolymer as a New Separation Medium
      Author : Author(s): Benjamin Chu, Tianbo Liu, Chunhung Wu, Dehai Liang
705   DNA Directed in Vitro Protein Synthesis with Escherichia coli S-3 Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Jytte Josephsen, Wim Gaastra
706   DNA Focusing Using Microfabricated Electrode Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Faisal A. Shaikh, Victor M. Ugaz
707   DNA Labeling by Isolated Wheat Chloroplasts
      Author : Author(s): Matthew Clement Jones
708   DNA Profiling: Theory and Practice
      Author : Author(s): Karen M. Sullivan
709   DNA Rescue by the Vectorette Method
      Author : Author(s): Marcia A. McAleer, Alison Coffey, Ian Dunham
710   DNA Separation by Capillary Electrophoresis in Lyotropic Polymer Liquid Crystals
      Author : Author(s): Yingjie Liu, Randolph L. Rill
711   DNA Separation Mechanisms During Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Gary W. Slater, Claude Desruisseaux, Sylvain J. Hubert
712   DNA Sequence Determination Using Dideoxy Analogs
      Author : Author(s): M. J. Owen
713   DNA Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Chris Spencer
714   DNA Sequencing at Elevated Temperature by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Peter Lindberg, Johan Roeraade
715   DNA Sequencing by Capillary Array Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Norman J. Dovichi, JianZhong Zhang
716   DNA Sequencing by the Chemical Method
      Author : Author(s): Eran Pichersky
717   DNA Sequencing in Noncovalently Coated Capillaries Using Low Viscosity Polymer Solutions
      Author : Author(s): Ramakrishna Madabhushi
718   DNA Sequencing of Plasmids
      Author : Author(s): George Murphy
719   DNA Transfection of Mammalian Cells Using Polybrene
      Author : Author(s): William G. Chaney, Daniel R. Howard, Jeffrey W. Pollard, Sandra Sallustio, Pamela Stanley
720   DNA Transformation of Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey W. Pollard, Yunus Luqmani, Alan Bateson, Kokila Chotai
721   DNA-Binding Activity of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors (HIFs)
      Author : Author(s): Gieri Camenisch, Roland H. Wenger, Max Gassmann
722   DNase I Footprinting
      Author : Author(s): Benot Leblanc, Tom Moss
723   DNase I Footprinting of Small Molecule Binding Sites on DNA
      Author : Author(s): Christian Bailly, Jrme Kluza, Christopher Martin, Thomas Ellis, Michael J. Waring
724   DOP-PCR Amplification of Whole Genomic DNA and Microchip-Based Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Paolo Fortina, Jing Cheng, Larry J. Kricka, Larry C. Waters, Stephen C. Jacobson, Peter Wilding, J. Michael Ramsey
725   Dot-Blot Hybridization Method
      Author : Author(s): Hans E. Bergmans, Wim Gaastra
726   Double-Label Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kelvin H. Lee, Michael G. Harrington
727   Dye-Ligand Affinity Chromatography for Protein Separation and Purification
      Author : Author(s): Nikolaos E. Labrou
728   Dynamic Pathway Modeling of Signal Transduction Networks: A Domain-Oriented Approach
      Author : Author(s): Holger Conzelmann, Ernst-Dieter Gilles
729   Effect of Lectins on Protein Kinase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Kiyonao Sada, Hirohei Yamamura
730   Effect of Lectins on Uptake of Polyamines
      Author : Author(s): Susan Bardocz, Ann White
731   Effects of Lectin Ingestion on Animal Growth and Internal Organs
      Author : Author(s): Arpad Pusztai
732   Effects of Lectins on Cytoskeletal Organization in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Paolo Carinci, Ennio Becchetti, Maria Bodo
733   Effects of Sterols on the Development and Aging of Caenorhabditis elegans
      Author : Author(s): Eun-Young Lee, Pan-Young Jeong, Sun-Young Kim, Yhong-Hee Shim, David J. Chitwood, Young-Ki Paik
734   Efficient Immobilization of Phospholipase A2
      Author : Author(s): Wonhwa Cho, Zhen Shen
735   Efficient Macromolecular Crystallization Using Microfluidics and Randomized Design of Screening Reagents
      Author : Author(s): Andrew P. May, Brent W. Segelke
736   Eicosanoids: Generation and Detection in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Valerie B. ODonnell, Ben Maskrey, Graham W. Taylor
737   Elastic Bag Model of One-Dimensional Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (ODPFGE)
      Author : Author(s): Jaan Noolandi, Chantal Turmel
738   Electro-Formation and Fluorescence Microscopy of Giant Vesicles With Coexisting Liquid Phases
      Author : Author(s): Sarah L. Veatch
739   Electroblotting of Proteins from 2-D Polyacrylamide Gels
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Dunn
740   Electrochemical Detection of 8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosine Levels in Cellular DNA
      Author : Author(s): Thomas M. Nicotera, Sofia Bardin
741   Electron Crystallography of Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Hui-Ting Chou, James E. Evans, Henning Stahlberg
742   Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy as a Tool for Elemental Analysis in Biological Specimens
      Author : Author(s): Nadine Kapp, Daniel Studer, Peter Gehr, Marianne Geiser
743   Electron Microscopic Methods for the Demonstration of Lectin-Binding Sites in Cancer Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): Barry S. Mitchell, Udo Schumacher
744   Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): John Kuo
745   Electron Microscopy In Situ Hybridization: Tracking of DNA and RNA Sequences at High Resolution
      Author : Author(s): Duan Cmarko, Karel Koberna
746   Electron Microscopy: Use of Lectin-Peroxidase Prior to Embedding
      Author : Author(s): Adi Ellinger
747   Electron Microscopy: Use of LectinGold After Embedding
      Author : Author(s): Rainer Herken, Berti Manshausen
748   Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Oximetry and Redoximetry
      Author : Author(s): Guanglong He
749   Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spin-Labeling Analysis of Synaptosomal Membrane Protein Oxidation
      Author : Author(s): D. Allan Butterfield
750   Electrophoresis of DNA in Nondenaturing Polyacrylamide Gels
      Author : Author(s): Robert McGookin
751   Electrophoresis of RNA Denatured with Glyoxal or Formaldehyde
      Author : Author(s): Christopher F. Thurston, Caroline R. Perry, Jeffrey W. Pollard
752   Electroporation-mediated gene transfer into intact nodal meristemsin planta: Generating transgenic plants without in vitro tissue culture
      Author : Author(s): Gangamma M. Chowrira, Vani Akella, Paul F. Lurquin
753   ELISA-based assay for scatchard analysis of ligand-receptor interactions
      Author : Author(s): Amandio Vieira
754   Enantiomeric Separations by HPLC Using Macrocyclic Glycopeptide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Tom Ling Xiao, Daniel W. Armstrong
755   Enantioresolutions by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Glycopeptide Antibiotics
      Author : Author(s): Salvatore Fanali
756   Enantioseparation in Capillary Chromatography and Capillary Electrochromatography Using Polysaccharide-Type Chiral Stationary Phases
      Author : Author(s): Bezhan Chankvetadze
757   Encapsulation of Cells in Agarose Beads
      Author : Author(s): Joan Overhauser
758   End-Labeling of DNA Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Adrian J. Harwood
759   Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Protein Quality Control and Degradation: Genome-Wide Screen for ERAD Components
      Author : Author(s): Antje Schfer, Dieter H. Wolf
760   Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Protein Quality Control and Degradation: Screen for ERAD Mutants After Ethylmethane Sulfonate Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Antje Schfer, Dieter H. Wolf
761   Energy Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis
      Author : Author(s): Don A. Samuelson
762   Engineering Multivalent Antibody Fragments for In Vivo Targeting
      Author : Author(s): Anna M. Wu
763   Enhanced Detection of In Vivo SUMO Conjugation by Ubc9 Fusion-Dependent Sumoylation (UFDS)
      Author : Author(s): Rainer Niedenthal
764   Enhanced DNA transfer into fish bone cells using polyethylenimine
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Braga, Vincent Laiz, Daniel M. Tiago, M. Leonor Cancela
765   Enhancement of Ribozyme Function by RNA Binding Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Nan Sook Lee, Edouard Bertrand, John J. Rossi
766   Enzymatic Analysis of cDNA-Expressed Human CYP1A1, CYP1A2, and CYP1B1 With 7-Ethoxyresorufin as Substrate
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
767   Enzymatic Analysis of cDNA-Expressed Human CYP1A1, CYP1A2, and CYP1B1 with 7-Ethoxyresorufin as Substrate
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
768   Enzymatic Cycling
769   Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of Unmodified Ribozymes and Substrates
      Author : Author(s): Guido Krupp
770   Enzymatic Synthesis of Peptide in Water-Miscible Organic Solvent/Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
      Author : Author(s): Hidetaka Noritomi
771   Enzymatic Treatment of Plant Material to Spread Chromosomes for In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Trude Schwarzacher, Andrew R. Leitch
772   Enzymatically Catalyzed Transesterifications in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
      Author : Author(s): Rolf Marr, Harald Michor, Thomas Gamse, Helmut Schwab
773   Enzyme Immunoassay of Isoprostanes
      Author : Author(s): Denis M. Callewaert, Charles Sloan
774   Enzyme immunoassays (EIA) of Eicosanoids
      Author : Author(s): Kingsley Yin, Lloyd J. Forman
775   Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
      Author : Author(s): John Crowther
776   Enzyme- Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)
      Author : Author(s): John R. Crowther
777   Enzyme-Labeled DNA Probes
      Author : Author(s): J. Lesley Woodhead, Rachel Fallon, Hermia Figueiredo, Alan D. Malcolm
778   Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
      Author : Author(s): William J. Jordan
779   Enzymology of Nitric Oxide Synthases
      Author : Author(s): Benjamin Hemmens, Bernd Mayer
780   Epithelial Sodium Channel in Planar Lipid Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Bakhrom K. Berdiev, Dale J. Benos
781   Epitope Mapping Antibody-Antigen Complexes by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Irina Kustanovich, Anat Zvi
782   Epitope Mapping by Antibody Competition: Methodology and Evaluation of the Validity of the Technique
      Author : Author(s): Socrates J. Tzartos
783   Epitope Mapping by Chemical Fragmentation
      Author : Author(s): Glenn E. Morris
784   Epitope Mapping by Differential Chemical Modification of Antigens
      Author : Author(s): Hans Rudolf Bosshard
785   Epitope Mapping by Expression of Restriction Enzyme or PCR Fragments in Bacterial Plasmids
      Author : Author(s): Johannes A. Lenstra, Arnoud H. Vliet
786   Epitope Mapping by Proteolysis of Antigen-Antibody Complexes: Protein Footprinting
      Author : Author(s): Ronald Jemmerson
787   Epitope Mapping by Region-Specified PCR Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Takehiko Shibata, Masayuki Ikeda
788   Epitope Mapping by Surface Plasmon Resonance in the BIAcore
      Author : Author(s): Berit Johne
789   Epitope Mapping of Protein Antigens by Expression-PCR (E-PCR)
      Author : Author(s): David E. Lanar, Kevin C. Kain, Henry B. Burch
790   Epitope Mapping on Extracellular Domains of Cell-Surface Proteins Using Exonuclease III
      Author : Author(s): Thomas Brmmendorf, Antonius Plagge, Ullrich Treubert
791   Epitope Mapping Using an Oligonucleotide Replacement Method
      Author : Author(s): Hannah Alexander
792   Epitope Mapping Using Multipin Peptide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Stuart J. Rodda, N. Joe Maeji, Gordon Tribbick
793   Epitope Mapping Using pEX
      Author : Author(s): Keith K. Stanley
794   Epitope Mapping Using Phage-Displayed Peptide Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Diane Dottavio
795   Epitope Mapping Using Random Fragment Expression Libraries in ? Phages
      Author : Author(s): Hartmut Porzig, Kenneth D. Philipson
796   Epitope Mapping: Identification of Antibody-Binding Sites on Protein Antigens
      Author : Author(s): Glenn E. Morris
797   Epitope Mapping: Identiflcation of Antibody- Binding Sites on Protein Antigens
      Author : Author(s): Glenn E. Morris
798   Epoxyeicosatrienoic Acids: Biosynthesis, Regulation and Actions
      Author : Author(s): John D. Imig
799   EPR Measurements of Nitric Oxide-Induced Chromanoxyl Radicals of Vitamin E: Interactions with Vitamin C
      Author : Author(s): Valerian E. Kagan, Nikolai V. Gorbunov
800   Establishing Suitability of RNA Preparations for Crystallization: Determination of Polydispersity
      Author : Author(s): Adrian R. Ferr-d Amar, Jennifer A. Doudna
801   Establishment of Functional Human Cytochrome P45 Monooxygenase Systems in Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Michael P. Pritchard, Lesley McLaughlin, Thomas Friedberg
802   Estimating Number and Volume of Islets Transplanted Within a Planar Immunobarrier Diffusion Chamber
      Author : Author(s): Kazuhisa Suzuki, Clark K. Colton, Susan Bonner-Weir, Jennifer Hollister, Gordon C. Weir
803   Eukaryotic Cell Labeling and Preparation for 2-D
      Author : Author(s): Nick Bizios
804   Evaluating phenotype and genotype of drug-resistant strains in herpesviruses
      Author : Author(s): Graciela Andrei, Pierre Fiten, Erik De Clercq, Robert Snoeck, Ghislain Opdenakker
805   Evaluation of Antibodies Against Oxygen Free Radical-Modified DNA by ELISA
      Author : Author(s): Rashid Ali, Khurshid Alam
806   Exogenous Cellular Delivery of Ribozymes and Ribozyme Encoding DNAs
      Author : Author(s): Daniela Castanotto, Edouard Bertrand, John Rossi
807   Exogenous Expression of Proteins in Neurons Using the Biolistic Particle Delivery System
      Author : Author(s): Nikita Gamper, Mark S. Shapiro
808   Exoglycosidase Sequencing of N-linked Glycans by the Reagent Array Analysis Method (RAAM)
      Author : Author(s): Sally Prime, Tony Merry
809   Exosomes
      Author : Author(s): Joost P. Hegmans, Peter J. Gerber, Bart N. Lambrecht
810   Experimental Approaches for Measuring Reaction Parameters
      Author : Author(s): Timothy S. McConnell
811   Experimental Rnomics: A Global Approach to Identifying Small Nuclear RNAs and Their Targets in Different Model Organisms
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Httenhofer, Jrome Cavaill, Jean-Pierre Bachellerie
812   Experimental Setups and Considerations to Study Microbial Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Petter Melin
813   Exploring Membrane Domains Using Native Membrane Sheets and Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Bridget S. Wilson, Janet R. Pfeiffer, Mary Ann Raymond-Stintz, Diane Lidke, Nicholas Andrews, Jun Zhang, Wenxia Yin, Stanly Steinberg, Janet M. Oliver
814   Exploring ProteinProtein Interactions Involving Newly Synthesized Mitochondrial DNA-Encoded Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Darryl Horn, Flavia Fontanesi, Antoni Barrientos
815   Expressing Ribozymes in Plants
      Author : Author(s): Rob Feyter, Judith Gaudron
816   Expression and Isolation of Recombinant Antibody Fragments in E. coli
      Author : Author(s): Keith A. Charlton
817   Expression and Preparation of Fusion Proteins from Recombinant ?gt11 Phages
      Author : Author(s): Sheng-He Huang, Ambrose Jong
818   Expression and Purification of Recombinant Proteins Using the pET System
      Author : Author(s): Robert C. Mierendorf, Barbara B. Morris, Beth Hammer, Robert E. Novy
819   Expression and purification strategies for the production of single-chain antibody and T-cell receptor fragments inE. coli
      Author : Author(s): Peter E. Molloy, Barbara M. Graham, Pauline M. Cupit, Steven D. Grant, Andrew J. Porter, Charles Cunningham
820   Expression of Cytochromes P45 in a Baculovirus System
      Author : Author(s): Steven R. Hood, Girish Shah, Peter Jones
821   Expression of Cytochromes P45 in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Els M. Groene
822   Expression of Eukaryotic Cytochromes P45 in E. coli
      Author : Author(s): Christopher M. Jenkins, Irina Pikuleva, Michael R. Waterman
823   Expression of Foreign Genes in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Martin J. Page
824   Expression of Human Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase
      Author : Author(s): Kunio Yagi, Sadaaki Komura, Nobuko Ohishi
825   Expression of Mammalian Cytochromes P45 in Yeast
      Author : Author(s): Yoshiyasu Yabusaki
826   Expression of Recombinant Antibodies in Mammalian Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): Paul J. Yazaki, Anna M. Wu
827   Expression of Recombinant Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases in a Baculovirus/Insect Cell System
      Author : Author(s): Azara Janmohamed, Prapimpuk Thaunsukon, Elizabeth A. Shephard, Ian R. Phillips
828   Expression Screening of cDNA Libraries in pEX
      Author : Author(s): Keith K. Stanley
829   Extracting Monoisotopic Single-Charge Peaks From Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen
830   Extracting Rich Information from Images
      Author : Author(s): Anne E. Carpenter
831   Extracting Thermodynamic Data From Equilibrium Melting Curves for Oligonucleotide Order-Disorder Transitions
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth J. Breslauer
832   Extraction and Measurements of Prostanoids and Leukotrienes by Radioimmunoassays
      Author : Author(s): Bruno Battistini, Serge Picard, Pierre Borgeat, Pierre Sirois
833   Extraction and Purification of Plasmid DNA
      Author : Author(s): Craig Winstanley, Ralph Rapley
834   Extraction of Biologically Active Substances from Wood
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey J. Morrell, Keith L. Levien
835   Extraction of Cellular and Tissue RNA
      Author : Author(s): Daniel S. Millican, Ian M. Bird
836   Extraction of Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulfate Glycosaminoglycans from Connective Tissue for Mass Spectrometric Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Alicia M. Bielik, Joseph Zaia
837   Extraction of Eicosanoids from Biological Fluids, Cells, and Tissues
      Author : Author(s): William S. Powell
838   Extraction of high-quality, melanin-free RNA from Mycosphaerella fijiensis for cDNA preparation
      Author : Author(s): Ignacio Islas-Flores, Leticia Peraza-Echeverra, Blondy Canto-Canch, Cecilia Mnica Rodrguez-Garca
839   Extraction of Plant RNA
      Author : Author(s): Elspeth MacRae
840   Extraction of Plant Secondary Metabolites
      Author : Author(s): William P. Jones, A. Douglas Kinghorn
841   Extraction of RNA from Plants
      Author : Author(s): Adrian Slater
842   Extraction of Total RNA from Tissues and Cultured Cells
      Author : Author(s): Sandeep Raha, Mingfu Ling, Frank Merante
843   Fabrication and Implantation of Gel-Filled Nerve Guidance Channels
      Author : Author(s): Ravi V. Bellamkonda, Robert F. Valentini
844   Fabrication of Biodegradable Polymer Foams for Cell Transplantation and Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Peter X. Ma, Robert Langer
845   Fabrication of Microelectrodes Using the Lift-Off Technique
      Author : Author(s): Benjamin Y. Park, Rabih Zaouk, Marc J. Madou
846   Fabrication of Micromachined Magnetic Particle Separators for Bioseparation in Microfluidic Systems
      Author : Author(s): Jin-Woo Choi
847   Fabrication of Polydimethylsiloxane Microfluidics Using SU-8 Molds
      Author : Author(s): Rabih Zaouk, Benjamin Y. Park, Marc J. Madou
848   Fast DNA Fragment Sizing in a Short Capillary Column
      Author : Author(s): Haleem J. Issaq, King C. Chan
849   Feature Selection and Machine Learning with Mass Spectrometry Data
      Author : Author(s): Susmita Datta, Vasyl Pihur
850   Fibrin Microbeads (FMB) As Biodegradable Carriers for Culturing Cells and for Accelerating Wound Healing
      Author : Author(s): Raphael Gorodetsky, Akiva Vexler, Lilia Levdansky, Gerard Marx
851   Field-Inversion Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): George F. Carle, Georges F. Carle
852   Finding the Significant Markers: Statistical Analysis of Proteomic Data
      Author : Author(s): Sebastien Christian Carpentier, Bart Panis, Rony Swennen, Jeroen Lammetryn
853   Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cell Membrane Microparticles
      Author : Author(s): Monique P. Gelderman, Jan Simak
854   Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Robert E. Cunningham
855   Flow Cytometry in the Biomedical Arena
      Author : Author(s): James L. Weaver, Maryalice Stetler-Stevenson
856   Fluidized-Bed Receptor-Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Cheryl L. Spence, Pascal Bailon
857   Fluorescence Approaches to Growing Macromolecule Crystals
      Author : Author(s): Marc Pusey, Elizabeth Forsythe, Aniruddha Achari
858   Fluorescence Assays for Measuring Fatty Acid Binding and Transport Through Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Kellen Brunaldi, Jeffrey R. Simard, Frits Kamp, Charu Rewal, Tanong Asawakarn, Paul OShea, James A. Hamilton
859   Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Kirsten Bacia, Petra Schwille
860   Fluorescence Detection of Signs of Sterol Superlattice Formation in Lipid Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Parkson Lee-Gau Chong, Berenice Venegas, Michelle Olsher
861   Fluorescence Imaging of Tumors with Smart pH-Activatable Targeted Probes
      Author : Author(s): Daisuke Asanuma, Hisataka Kobayashi, Tetsuo Nagano, Yasuteru Urano
862   Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Jane Bayani, Jeremy A. Squire
863   Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization for the Identification of Environmental Microbes
      Author : Author(s): Annelie Pernthaler, Jakob Pernthaler
864   Fluorescence Microscopy to Study Domains in Supported Lipid Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan M. Crane, Lukas K. Tamm
865   Fluorescence Microscopy to Study Pressure Between Lipids in Giant Unilamellar Vesicles
      Author : Author(s): Anna Celli, Claudia Y. Lee, Enrico Gratton
866   Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Studies of Lipid Rafts
      Author : Author(s): Anne K. Kenworthy
867   Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer in the Studies of Guanine Quadruplexes
      Author : Author(s): Bernard Juskowiak, Shigeori Takenaka
868   Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Characterize Cholesterol-Induced Domains
      Author : Author(s): Lus M. Loura, Manuel Prieto
869   Fluorescence-Based Assays
      Author : Author(s): W. Frank An
870   Fluorescence-based mutation detection: Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis (F-SSCP)
      Author : Author(s): Jane S. Ellison
871   Fluorescence-Based On-Line Detection as an Analytical Tool in RNA Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Ute Scheffer, Michael Gbel
872   Fluorescence-Integrated Transmission Electron Microscopy Images: Integrating Fluorescence Microscopy With Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Paul A. Sims, Jeff D. Hardin
873   Fluorescent DNAzyme Biosensors for Metal Ions Based on Catalytic Molecular Beacons
      Author : Author(s): Juewen Liu, Yi Lu
874   Fluorescent Energy Transfer Readout of an Aptazyme-Based Biosensor
      Author : Author(s): David Rueda, Nils G. Walter
875   Fluorescent Measurement of [Ca2+]c: Basic Practical Considerations
      Author : Author(s): Alec W. Simpson
876   Fluorescent Sample Labeling for DNA Microarray Analyses
      Author : Author(s): Verena Beier, Andrea Bauer, Michael Baum, Jrg D. Hoheisel
877   Fluorogenic Analysis of H2O2 in Biological Materials
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Hensley, Kelly S. Williamson, Robert A. Floyd
878   Fluorometric and Colorimetric Assessment of Thiobarbituric Acid-Reactive Lipid Aldehydes in Biological Matrices
      Author : Author(s): Kelly S. Williamson, Kenneth Hensley, Robert A. Floyd
879   Fluorometric Assay for Detection of Sterol Oxidation in Liposomal Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Parkson Lee-Gau Chong, Michelle Olsher
880   Fluorometric Phospholipase Assays Based on Polymerized Liposome Substrates
      Author : Author(s): Wonhwa Cho, Shih-Kwang Wu, Edward Yoon., Lenka Lichtenbergova
881   Fluoroolefin Isosteres
      Author : Author(s): J. T. Welch, T. Allmendinger
882   Focal Electroporation in Zebrafish Embryos and Larvae
      Author : Author(s): Marcel Tawk, Isaac H. Bianco, Jonathan D.W. Clarke
883   Follow-Up of Natural Product Isolation
      Author : Author(s): Richard J. Cannell
884   Follow-Up of Natural Product Isolation
      Author : Author(s): Richard J. Cannell
885   Formaldehyde Gel Electrophoresis of Total RNA
      Author : Author(s): Sian Bryant, David L. Manning
886   Formation and Characterization of Hepatocyte Spheroids
      Author : Author(s): Julie R. Friend, Florence J. Wu, Linda K. Hansen, Rory P. Remmel, Wei-Shou Hu
887   Formation and Immunological Properties of Aldehyde-derived Protein Adducts following Alcohol Consumption
      Author : Author(s): Geoffrey M. Thiele, Lynell W. Klassen, Dean J. Tuma
888   Formation of Apolipoprotein AI-AII Heterodimers by Oxidation of High-Density Lipoprotein
      Author : Author(s): Audric S. Moses, Gordon A. Francis
889   Formation of Highly Porous Polymeric Foams with Controlled Release Capability: A Phase-Separation Technique
      Author : Author(s): S. Kadiyala, H. Lo, K. W. Leong
890   Forming an ?-Hemolysin Nanopore for Single-Molecule Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Nahid N. Jetha, Matthew Wiggin, Andre Marziali
891   Formulation/Preparation of Functionalized Nanoparticles for In Vivo Targeted Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s): Frank Gu, Robert Langer, Omid C. Farokhzad
892   Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy in the Study of Lipid Phase Transitions in Model and Biological Membranes: Practical Considerations
      Author : Author(s): Ruthven N. Lewis, Ronald N. McElhaney
893   Fraction Collection
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
894   Fractionated Extraction of Total Tissue Proteins from Mouse and Human for 2-D Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Joachim Klose
895   Fractionation of Herbal Medicine for Identifying Antioxidant Activity
      Author : Author(s): Mohammed Afzal, Donald Armstrong
896   Free Flow Isoelectric Focusing: A Method for the Separation of Both Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Proteins of Rat Liver Peroxisomes
      Author : Author(s): Markus Islinger, Gerhard Weber
897   Free Zone Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): David J. Begley
898   Free-Flow Electrophoresis of the Human Urinary Proteome
      Author : Author(s): Mikkel Nissum, Robert Wildgruber
899   Freeze-drying and cryopreservation of bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Stephen F. Perry
900   Freeze-Drying Fungi Using a Shelf Freeze-Drier
      Author : Author(s): C. Shu-hui Tan, Cor W. Ingen, Joost A. Stalpers
901   Freeze-Drying of Yeast Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Chris Bond
902   Freight Management in the Cell: Current Aspects of Intracellular Membrane Trafficking
      Author : Author(s): Johannes M. Herrmann, Anne Spang
903   FRET-Based In Vitro Assays for the Analysis of SUMO Protease Activities
      Author : Author(s): Michael H. Tatham, Ronald T. Hay
904   From No Expression to High-Level Soluble Expression in Escherichia coli by Screening a Library of the Target Proteins with Randomized N-Termini
      Author : Author(s): Kyoung Hoon Kim, Jin Kuk Yang, Geoffrey S. Waldo, Thomas C. Terwilliger, Se Won Suh
905   Frontal Analysis Continuous Capillary Electrophoresis for Protein-Polyelectrolyte Binding Studies
      Author : Author(s): Emek Seyrek, Toshiaki Hattori, Paul L. Dubin
906   Frozen Protein Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Stephen M. Hewitt, Robert A. Star
907   Functional Characterization of 2?-O-Methylation and Pseudouridylation Guide RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Tams Kiss, Beta E. Jdy
908   Functional Gene Discovery Using Hybrid Ribozyme Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Yoshio Kato, Masaru Tsunemi, Makoto Miyagishi, Hiroaki Kawasaki, Kazunari Taira
909   Functional Genetic Analysis of the Mammalian Mitochondrial DNA Encoded Peptides: A Mutagenesis Approach
      Author : Author(s): Mara Pilar Bayona-Bafaluy, Nieves Movilla, Acisclo Prez-Martos, Patricio Fernndez-Silva, Jos Antonio Enriquez
910   Functional Glycomics and Glycobiology: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Jianjun Li, James C. Richards
911   Functional Reconstitution of the Human Epithelial Na+ Channel in a Mammalian Expression System
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Staruschenko, Rachell E. Booth, Oleh Pochynyuk, James D. Stockand, Qiusheng Tong
912   Functionalization of Oligonucleotides by the Incorporation of Thio-Specific Reporter Groups
      Author : Author(s): Jacqueline A Fidanza, Hiroaki Ozaki, Larry W. McLaughlin
913   Functionalization of Oligonucleotides with Amino Groups and Attachment of Amino Specific Reporter Groups
      Author : Author(s): Sudhir Agrawal
914   Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles as an In Vivo Delivery System
      Author : Author(s): Shu Taira, Shinji Moritake, Takahiro Hatanaka, Yuko Ichiyanagi, Mitsutoshi Setou
915   Fundamentals of Capillary Electrophoresis Theory
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
916   Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Free 3-Chlorotyrosine, 3-Bromotyrosine, Ortho-Tyrosine, and 3-Nitrotyrosine in Biological Fluids
      Author : Author(s): Joseph P. Gaut, Jaeman Byun, Jay W. Heinecke
917   Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): John W. Honour
918   Gel Electrophoresis of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Duncan R. Smith
919   Gel Electrophoresis of RNA in Agarose and Polyacrylamide Under Nondenaturing Conditions
      Author : Author(s): R. McGookin
920   Gel Electrophoretic Analysis of DNA Sequencing Products
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra
921   Gel-Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis of Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Alex Andrus
922   Geminivirus Vectors for Transient Gene Silencing in Plants
      Author : Author(s): Nooduan Muangsan, Dominique Robertson
923   Gene Expression Analysis of Glycosylation-Related Genes by Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Juan J. Garca-Vallejo, Sonja I. Gringhuis, Willem Dijk, Irma Die
924   Gene Expression Analysis of Messenger RNP Complexes
      Author : Author(s): Luiz O. Penalva, Scott A. Tenenbaum, Jack D. Keene
925   Gene Expression Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Arnis Druka, Robbie Waugh, Pete Hedley
926   Gene Isolation by Exon Trapping
      Author : Author(s): David B. Krizman
927   Gene Mapping by FISH
      Author : Author(s): Rafael Espinosa, Michelle M. Beau
928   Gene Probes
      Author : Author(s): Marilena Aquino
929   Gene Targeting Using Peptide Nucleic Acid
      Author : Author(s): Peter E. Nielsen
930   Gene Therapy in Cancer Via Use of a Retrovector Having a Tumor Specificity and Expressing Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Masahide Kuroki
931   Gene Therapy Techniques for the Delivery of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase to the Corpora Cavernosa for Erectile Dysfunction
      Author : Author(s): Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Weiwen Deng, Hunter C. Champion, Wayne J. Hellstrom, Philip J. Kadowitz
932   Gene Therapy Techniques for the Delivery of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase to the Lung for Pulmonary Hypertension
      Author : Author(s): W. Deng, T.J. Bivalacqua, H.C. Champion, W.J. Hellstrom, Subramanyam N. Murthy, Philip J. Kadowitz
933   Gene Therapy: Methods and Application
      Author : Author(s): Stella B. Somiari
934   Gene Transfer and Expression
      Author : Author(s): Frank Gaunitz, Monika Papke
935   Gene Transfer and Expression in Tissue Culture Cells of Higher Eukaryotes
      Author : Author(s): M. Alexandra Aitken, Selina Raguz, Michael Antoniou
936   Gene transfer by jet injection into differentiated tissues of living animals and in organ culture
      Author : Author(s): Priscilla A. Furth, David Kerr, Robert Wall
937   Gene Transfer of Nitric Oxide Synthase Via the Use of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Yoshikazu Maeda, Kazuyuki Shimada, Uichi Ikeda
938   Gene-Array Analysis of Glioma Cells After Treatment With an Anti-PKC? siRNA: A General Protocol
      Author : Author(s): Marianne Leirdal, Mouldy Sioud
939   Gene/Protein Sequence Analysis: A Compilation of Bioinformatic Tools
      Author : Author(s): Bernd H. Rehm, Frank Reinecke
940   General Design and Construction of RNase P Ribozymes for Gene-Targeting Applications
      Author : Author(s): Hua Zou, Karen Chan, Phong Trang, Fenyong Liu
941   Generating a Bacterial Genome Inventory: Identifying 2-D Spots by Comigrating Products of the Genome on 2-D Gels
      Author : Author(s): Ruth A. VanBogelen
942   Generating Nested Deletions with Exonuclease III
      Author : Author(s): George Murphy
943   Generating Unigene Collections of Expressed Sequence Tag Sequences for Use in Mass Spectrometry Identification
      Author : Author(s): Jeppe Emmersen
944   Generation and Characterization of Ras Lipoproteins Based on Chemical Coupling
      Author : Author(s): Melanie Wagner, Jrgen Kuhlmann
945   Generation and Use of Primary Rat Cultures for Studies of the Effects of Ethanol
      Author : Author(s): Amanda Lindke, Barbara Tremper-Wells, Michael W. Miller
946   Generation of Allelic Series in Mice by Gene Targeting
      Author : Author(s): Maureen K. Bunger, Christopher A. Bradfield
947   Generation of Antioxidant Adenovirus Gene Transfer Vectors Encoding CuZnSOD, MnSOD, and Catalase
      Author : Author(s): Aoife M. Duffy, Timothy OBrien, Jillian M. McMahon
948   Generation of baculovirus expression vectors
      Author : Author(s): Teresa Luque, David R. OReilly
949   Generation of Labeled Probes by Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Y. M. Dennis Lo, Shu F. An
950   Generation of Large Insert YAC Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Zoia Larin, Anthony P. Monaco, Hans Lehrach
951   Generation of Multicellular Tumor Spheroids by the Hanging-Drop Method
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas E. Timmins, Lars K. Nielsen
952   Generation of PDE4 Knockout Mice by Gene Targeting
      Author : Author(s): S.-L. Catherine Jin, Anne M. Latour, Marco Conti
953   Genetic Screening for Functionality of Bacterial Potassium Channel Mutants Using K+ Uptake-Deficient Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Lyubov V. Parfenova, Brad S. Rothberg
954   Genome Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Jacqueline Boultwood
955   Genome-Wide Analysis of Membrane Transport Using Yeast Knockout Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Helen E. Burston, Michael Davey, Elizabeth Conibear
956   Genome-Wide Proximal Promoter Analysis and Interpretation
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth Guruceaga, Victor Segura, Fernando J. Corrales, Angel Rubio
957   Genomic DNA Isolation From Different Biological Materials
      Author : Author(s): Duckchul Park
958   Genomic DNA Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Bimal D. Theophilus
959   Genotoxic Sensors
      Author : Author(s): Amy Cheng Vollmer
960   Genotyping by Microdevice Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Dieter Schmalzing, Lance Koutny, Aram Adourian, Dan Chisholm, Paul Matsudaira, Daniel Ehrlich
961   Genotyping for Cytochrome P45 Polymorphisms
      Author : Author(s): Ann K. Daly, Barry P. King, Julian B. Leathart
962   Glycoprotein Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Terry D. Butters
963   Glycoprotein Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Terry D. Butters, David C. Neville
964   Glycoprotein Analysis by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis-Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Kevin P. Bateman, John F. Kelly, Pierre Thibault, Louis Ramaley, Robert L. White
965   Glycoprotein Characterization
      Author : Author(s): Susan M. Twine, Luc Tessier, John F. Kelly
966   Glycoprotein Detection of 2-D Separated Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Nicolle H. Packer, Malcolm S. Ball, Peter L. Devine
967   Hairpin Ribozyme Gene Therapy for AIDS
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth A. Duarte, Mark C. Leavitt, Osamu Yamada, Mang Yu
968   Hapten Labeling of Nucleic Acids for Immuno-Polymerase Chain Reaction Applications
      Author : Author(s): Michael Adler
969   Helicase-Attached Novel Hybrid Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Hiroaki Kawasaki, Masaki Warashina, Tomoko Kuwabara, Kazunari Taira
970   Hepatocyte Cultures in Drug Metabolism and Toxicological Research and Testing
      Author : Author(s): Tamara Vanhaecke, Vera Rogiers
971   Hepatocyte Cultures in Drug Metabolism and Toxicological Research and Testing
      Author : Author(s): Vera Rogiers, Antoine Vercruysse
972   Hepatocyte Primary Cultures: Currently Used Systems and Their Applications for Studies of Hepatocyte Growth and Differentiation
      Author : Author(s): George K. Michalopoulos
973   Hepatocytes in Suspension
      Author : Author(s): Greetje Elaut, Peggy Papeleu, Mathieu Vinken, Tom Henkens, Sarah Snykers, Tamara Vanhaecke, Vera Rogiers
974   High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) of Peptides and Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Tzong-Hsien Lee, Marie-Isabel Aguilar
975   High Resolution Analysis of Point Mutations by Constant Denaturant Capillary Electrophoresis (CDCE)
      Author : Author(s): Konstantin Khrapko, Hilary A. Coller, Xiao-Cheng Li-Sucholeiki, Paulo C. Andr, William G. Thilly
976   High Throughput Cloning with Restriction Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Volker Sievert, Asgar Ergin, Konrad Bssow
977   High Throughput Crystallography at SGC Toronto: an Overview
      Author : Author(s): Alexey Bochkarev, Wolfram Tempel
978   High Throughput Methods for Analyzing Transition Metals in Proteins on a Microgram ScaleHigh Throughput Methods for Analyzing Transition Metals in Proteins on a Microgram Scale
      Author : Author(s): Anelia Atanassova, Martin Hgbom, Deborah B. Zamble
979   High Throughput pH Optimization of Protein Crystallization
      Author : Author(s): Ran Meged, Orly Dym, Joel L. Sussman
980   High Throughput Production of Recombinant Human Proteins for Crystallography
      Author : Author(s): Opher Gileadi, Nicola A. Burgess-Brown, Steve M. Colebrook, Georgina Berridge, Pavel Savitsky, Carol E. Smee, Peter Loppnau, Catrine Johansson, Eidarus Salah, Nadia H. Pantic
981   High Throughput Protein Production and Crystallization at NYSGXRC
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Sauder, Marc E. Rutter, Kevin Bain, Isabelle Rooney, Tarun Gheyi, Shane Atwell, Devon A. Thompson, Spencer Emtage, Stephen K. Burley
982   High Throughput Screening
      Author : Author(s): William P. Janzen
983   High Throughput Screening of Purified Proteins for Enzymatic Activity
      Author : Author(s): Michael Proudfoot, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Stephen A. Sanders, Claudio F. Gonzalez, Greg Brown, Aled M. Edwards, Cheryl H. Arrowsmith, Alexander F. Yakunin
984   High-Content Screening: Flow Cytometry Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Bruce S. Edwards, Susan M. Young, Irena Ivnitsky-Steele, Richard D. Ye, Eric R. Prossnitz, Larry A. Sklar
985   High-copy cDNA amplification of minimal total RNA quantities for gene expression analyses
      Author : Author(s): Holger Schwabe, Ulrike Stein, Wolfgang Walther
986   High-Density Labeling of DNA for Single Molecule Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Susanne Brakmann
987   High-Level Baculoviral Expression of Hormone-Sensitive Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Cecilia Holm, Juan Antonio Contreras
988   High-Level Baculoviral Expression of Lysosomal Acid Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Anne-Christine Tilkorn, Martin Merkel, Heiner Greten, Detlev Ameis
989   High-Level Expression and Purification of Human Hepatic Lipase from Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): John S. Hill
990   High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of CYP2CSCatalyzed Paclitaxel 6?-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. H. Chang, David J. Waxman
991   High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of CYP2C8-Catalyzed Paclitaxel 6?-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): Charles L. Crespi, Thomas K. Chang, David J. Waxman
992   High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for Hormone Assay
      Author : Author(s): John W. Honour
993   High-Resolution Capillary Electrophoresis of Nitrite and Nitrate in Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): Dmitri Y. Boudko
994   High-resolution glycoprotein analysis using capillary electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Robert P. Oda, James P. Landers
995   High-Resolution Measurements of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Signals in 3D Microdomains
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey W. Karpen, Thomas C. Rich
996   High-Resolution, 2-D Protein Electrophoresis Using Nondedicated Equipment
      Author : Author(s): Marion Sarmiento
997   High-Resolution, IPG-Based, Mini Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Charles Sanchez, Denis F. Hochstrasser
998   High-temperature gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of glycoprotein and glycosphingolipid oligosaccharides
      Author : Author(s): Hasse Karlsson, Niclas Karlsson, Gunnar C. Hansson
999   High-Throughput Affinity Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Urban A. Kiernan, Dobrin Nedelkov, Eric E. Niederkofler, Kemmons A. Tubbs, Randall W. Nelson
1000   High-Throughput Genotyping With Energy Transfer-Labeled Primers
      Author : Author(s): Yuri Khripin
1001   High-Throughput Production of Optimized Primers (Fimers) for Whole-Genome Direct Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Nikolai Polushin, Andrei Malykh, A. Michael Morocho, Alexei Slesarev, Sergei Kozyavkin
1002   High-Throughput Protein Extraction and Immunoblotting Analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s): Todd C. Lorenz, Vikram C. Anand, Gregory S. Payne
1003   High-Throughput Quantitation of Metabolically Labeled Anionic Glycoconjugates by Scintillation Proximity Assay Utilizing Binding to Cationic Dyes
      Author : Author(s): Karen J. Rees-Milton, Tassos P. Anastassiades
1004   High-Throughput Quantitative Bioluminescence Imaging for Assessing Tumor Burden
      Author : Author(s): Angelina Contero, Edmond Richer, Ana Gondim, Ralph P. Mason
1005   High-Throughput Real-Time PCR for Detection of Gene-Expression Levels
      Author : Author(s): Bridget K. Wagner, Zoltan Arany
1006   High-Throughput Screening of Model Bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Soumaya Zlitni, Jan E. Blanchard, Eric D. Brown
1007   High-Throughput Screening of Phosphodiesterase Activity in Living Cells
      Author : Author(s): Thomas C. Rich, Jeffrey W. Karpen
1008   Highly Efficient ENU Mutagenesis in Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Ewart Bruijn, Edwin Cuppen, Harma Feitsma
1009   Histochemical Analyses
1010   Histological Analysis of Bone
      Author : Author(s): Urszula T. Iwaniec, Thomas J. Wronski, Russell T. Turner
1011   Historical Overview of Glycoanalysis
      Author : Author(s): Alicia M. Bielik, Joseph Zaia
1012   Homogeneous Detection of Nucleic Acids Using Self-Quenched Polymerase Chain Reaction Primers Labeled With a Single Fluorophore (LUXTM Primers)
      Author : Author(s): Irina Nazarenko
1013   Homolog Scanning
      Author : Author(s): Lin-Fa Wang
1014   Horizontal SDS-PAGE for IPG-Dalt
      Author : Author(s): Angelika Grg, Walter Weiss
1015   Hormone-Sensitive Lipase and Neutral Cholesteryl Ester Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Cecilia Holm, Torben sterlund
1016   HostGuest Chemistry: Combinatorial Receptors
      Author : Author(s): Brian R. Linton
1017   How to Approach the Isolation of a Natural Product
      Author : Author(s): Richard J. Cannell
1018   HPAEC-PAD Analysis of Monosaccharides Released by Exoglycosidase Digestion Using the CarboPac MA1 Column
      Author : Author(s): Michael Weitzhandler, Jeffrey Rohrer, James R. Thayer, Nebojsa Avdalovic
1019   HPLC Analytical Methods for the Separation of Molecular Species of Fatty Acids in Diacylglycerol and Cellular Phospholipids
      Author : Author(s): Sanda Clejan
1020   HPLC and HPAEC of Oligosaccharides and Glycopeptides
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Davies, Elizabeth F. Hounsell
1021   HPLC of DNA and PCR Products
      Author : Author(s): Elena D. Katz
1022   HPLC Purification of Adenoviral Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Marc Eglon, Barry McGrath, Timothy OBrien
1023   HPLC With Electrochemical and Photodiode Array Detection Analysis of Tocopherol Oxidation and Nitration Products in Human Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Kelly S. Williamson, Kenneth Hensley, Robert A. Floyd
1024   HPLC With Electrochemical Detection Analysis of 3-Nitrotyrosine in Human Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Kelly S. Williamson, Kenneth Hensley, Robert A. Floyd
1025   HPLC-Chip/MS Technology in Proteomic Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Martin Vollmer, Tom Goor
1026   Human Antibody Production Using Insect-Cell Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s): Mary C. Guttieri, Mifang Liang
1027   Human Articular Chondrocytes Culture
      Author : Author(s): Andrea Barbero, Ivan Martin
1028   Human Embryonic Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Kitsberg
1029   Human Gangliosides and Bacterial Lipo-oligosaccharides in the Development of Autoimmune Neuropathies
      Author : Author(s): Nobuhiro Yuki
1030   Human Hepatocyte Culture
      Author : Author(s): Lydiane Pichard, Edith Raulet, Grard Fabre, Jean Bernard Ferrini, Jean-Claude Ourlin, Patrick Maurel
1031   Human Hepatocyte Culture
      Author : Author(s): Jean Bernard Ferrini, Jean-Claude Ourlin, Lydiane Pichard, Grard Fabre, Patrick Maurel
1032   Human Monocytes, Macrophages, and Dendritic Cells: Alcohol Treatment Methods
      Author : Author(s): Gyongyi Szabo, Pranoti Mandrekar
1033   Human Plasma Platelet-Activating Factor Acetylhydrolase
      Author : Author(s): Diana M. Stafforini, Larry W. Tjoelker
1034   Human Xanthine Oxidoreductase Determination by a Competitive ELISA
      Author : Author(s): Maria Giulia Battelli, Silvia Musiani
1035   Hybrid-Arrested Translation
      Author : Author(s): Keith Dudley
1036   Hybrid-Release Translation
      Author : Author(s): Adrian Slater
1037   Hybridization and Competition Hybridization of Southern Blots
      Author : Author(s): Rosemary Kelsell
1038   Hybridization and Detection of Digoxigenin Probes on RNA Blots
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth Davies, Rachel Hodge, Peter G. Isaac
1039   Hybridization and Detection of Fluorescein-Labeled DNA Probes Using Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Claire B. Wheeler, Bronwen M. Harvey, Martin Cunningham
1040   Hybridization and Detection of Fluorescein-Labeled DNA Probes Using Enhanced Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen M. Harvey, Claire B. Wheeler
1041   Hybridization of Digoxigenin-Labeled Probes to Southern Blots and Detection by Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Tom McCreery, Tim Helentjaris
1042   Hybridization of Enzyme-Labeled Probes and Detection by Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Timothy Stone, Ian Durrant
1043   Hybridization of Fluorescein-Labeled Oligonucleotide Probes and Enhanced Chemiluminescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Ian Durrant, Patricia M. Chadwick
1044   Hybridization of Horseradish Peroxidase-Labeled Probes and Detection by Enhanced Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Timothy Stone, Ian Durrant
1045   Hydrogel-Immobilized Antibodies for Microfluidic Immunoassays: Hydrogel Immunoassay
      Author : Author(s): Gloria Thomas, Emad M. El-Giar, Laurie E. Locascio, Michael J. Tarlov
1046   Hydrogen Peroxide Assay for Amine Oxidase Activity
      Author : Author(s): R. James Storer, Antonio Ferrante
1047   Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Paul A. OFarrell
1048   Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Paul A. O'Farrell
1049   Hydroxyl and 1-Hydroxyethyl Radical Detection by Spin Trapping and GC-MS
      Author : Author(s): Jos A. Castro, Gerardo D. Castro
1050   Hyphenated Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Satyajit D. Sarker, Lutfun Nahar
1051   Hypnotics and Sedatives
      Author : Author(s): Pokar M. Kabra, Howard Y. Koo, Laurence J. Marton
1052   Hypothesis-Driven Screening
      Author : Author(s): Ulrich Schopfer, Caroline Engeloch, Frank Hhn, Herv Mees, Jennifer Leeds, Fraser Glickman, G?nther Scheel, Sandrine Ferrand, Peter Fekkes, Martin Pfeifer
1053   Identification and Characterization of N-Glycosylated Proteins Using Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): David S. Selby, Martin R. Larsen, Cosima Damiana Calvano, Ole Nrregaard Jensen
1054   Identification and Characterization of Trypanosome RNA-Editing Complex Components
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Stuart, Aswini K. Panigrahi, Achim Schnaufer
1055   Identification of cDNAs encoding isoprenylated proteins
      Author : Author(s): Dring N. Crowell, Brenda J. Biermann, Stephen K. Randall
1056   Identification of Components of Protein Complexes
      Author : Author(s): Carol E. Parker, Maria R. Warren, David R. Loiselle, Nedyalka N. Dicheva, Cameron O. Scarlett, Christoph H. Borchers
1057   Identification of Efficient Cleavage Sites in Long-Target RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Wei-Hua Pan, Gary A. Clawson
1058   Identification of MAPK Substrates by Expression Screening With Solid-Phase Phosphorylation
      Author : Author(s): Rikiro Fukunaga, Tony Hunter
1059   Identification of microRNAs and Other Tiny Noncoding RNAs by cDNA Cloning
      Author : Author(s): Victor Ambros, Rosalind C. Lee
1060   Identification of Promoter Elements in 5?-Flanking Region of Murine Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 3B Gene
      Author : Author(s): Hanguan Liu, Jing Rong Tang, Eva Degerman, Vincent C. Manganiello
1061   Identification of Protein-DNA Contacts with Dimethyl Sulfate: Methylation Protection and Methylation Interference
      Author : Author(s): Peter E. Shaw, A. Francis Stewart
1062   Identification of Proteins by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Using Peptide and Fragment Ion Masses
      Author : Author(s): Paul L. Courchesne, Scott D. Patterson
1063   Identification of Recombinant Phages by Plaque Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1064   Identification of Recombinant Plasmids by In Situ Colony Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J.
1065   Identification of Regulatory Protein- Binding Sites in Cytochrome P45 Genes by Means of the Gel- Retardation Assay
      Author : Author(s): Helen Dell, Siew Cheng Wong, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
1066   Identification of ROS Using Oxidized DCFDA and Flow-Cytometry
      Author : Author(s): Evgeniy Eruslanov, Sergei Kusmartsev
1067   Identification of Substrates for Adenosine Deaminases That Act on RNA
      Author : Author(s): Daniel P. Morse
1068   Identification of SUMO Target Proteins by Quantitative Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Jens S. Andersen, Ivan Matic, Alfred C Vertegaal
1069   Identification of SUMO Targets Through In Vitro Expression Cloning
      Author : Author(s): Christian B. Gocke, Hongtao Yu
1070   Identification of SUMO-Binding Motifs by NMR
      Author : Author(s): Candace S. Seu, Yuan Chen
1071   Identification of SUMO-Conjugated Proteins and their SUMO Attachment Sites Using Proteomic Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): James A. Wohlschlegel
1072   Identification of SUMO-Interacting Proteins by Yeast Two-Hybrid Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Mary B. Kroetz, Mark Hochstrasser
1073   Identifying Bona Fide Components of an Organelle by Isotope-Coded Labeling of Subcellular Fractions: An Example in Peroxisomes
      Author : Author(s): Marcello Marelli, Alexey I Nesvizhskii, John D Aitchison
1074   Identifying PhosphoCTD-Associating Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Hemali P. Phatnani, Arno L. Greenleaf
1075   Identifying Residues in Antigenic Determinants by Chemical Modification
      Author : Author(s): N. Martin Young, Raymond P. Oomen
1076   Image Acquisition in 2-D Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Wayne F. Patton, Mark J. Lim, David Shepro
1077   Imaging ?-Galactosidase Activity In Vivo Using Sequential Reporter-Enzyme Luminescence
      Author : Author(s): Georges Degenfeld, Tom S. Wehrman, Helen M. Blau
1078   Imaging Alternative Splicing in Living Cells
      Author : Author(s): Eric J. Wagner, Andrea Baines, Todd Albrecht, Robert M. Brazas, Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco
1079   Imaging pHluorin-Based Probes at Hippocampal Synapses
      Author : Author(s): Stephen J. Royle, Bjrn Granseth, Benjamin Odermatt, Aude Derevier, Leon Lagnado
1080   Imaging Vasculature and Lymphatic Flow in Mice Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s): Byron Ballou, Lauren A. Ernst, Susan Andreko, James A. Fitzpatrick, B. Christoffer Lagerholm, Alan S. Waggoner, Marcel P. Bruchez
1081   Imaging Zebrafish Embryos by Two-Photon Excitation Time-Lapse Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Lara Carvalho, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg
1082   IMGT, The International ImMunoGeneTics Information System, http://imgt.cines.fr
      Author : Author(s): Marie-Paule Lefranc
1083   Immunoaffinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Anuradha Subramanian
1084   Immunoaffinity Identification of 2-DE Separated Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Barbara Magi, Luca Bini, Barbara Marzocchi, Sabrina Liberatori, Roberto Raggiaschi, Vitaliano Pallini
1085   Immunoassay Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Wheeler
1086   Immunoassays for Lipid Peroxidation End Products: One-Hour ELISA for Protein-Bound Acrolein and HNE
      Author : Author(s): Kimihiko Satoh, Koji Uchida
1087   Immunochemical Detection of a Fluorophore Derived from the Lipid Peroxidation Product 4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal and Lysine
      Author : Author(s): Pamela A. Szweda, Lin Tsai, Luke I. Szweda
1088   Immunocytochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Patricia A. Fetsch
1089   Immunodetection of Lipoprotein Lipase: Antibody Production, Immunoprecipitation, and Western Blotting Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Mark H. Doolittle, Osnat Ben-Zeev
1090   Immunohistochemical Analysis of Cyclooxygenase Expression in Human Skin
      Author : Author(s): ShaAvhree Y. Buckman, Alane T. Koki, Dorothy A. Edwards, Alice P. Pentland
1091   Immunohistochemical Detection of Protein Oxidation
      Author : Author(s): Jrgen Frank, Alfonso Pompella, Hans K. Biesalski
1092   Immunohistochemical Detection of S-Nitrosylated Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Gow, Christiana W. Davis, David Munson, Harry Ischiropoulos
1093   Immunohistochemical Localization of NOS Isoforms
      Author : Author(s): Victoria Cattell, Karen Mosley
1094   Immunohistochemistry and Immunocytochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Jing Zheng
1095   Immunological Characterization of Digestive Lipases
      Author : Author(s): Alain De Caro, Sofiane Bezzine, Vronique Lopez, Mustapha Aoubala, Ccile Daniel, Robert Verger, Frdric Carrire
1096   Immunological Detection of Gene Expression in Recombinant Clones
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1097   Immunomicroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Constance Oliver
1098   Immunoprecipitation of in Vitro Translation Products with Protein A Bound to Sepharose
      Author : Author(s): C. L. Olliver, C. D. Boyd
1099   Immunoprecipitation of PDE2 Phosphorylated and Inactivated by an Associated Protein Kinase
      Author : Author(s): J. Kelley Bentley
1100   Immunopurification and Analysis of Protein and RNA Components of mRNP in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Fabrice Lejeune, Lynne E. Maquat
1101   Immunoregulomics: A Serum Autoantibody-Based Platform for Transcription Factor Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Oliver W. Tassinari, Margarita Aponte, Robert J. Caiazzo, Brian C.-S. Liu
1102   Immunoscreening of ?gt11 Expression Libraries Using an Avidin-Biotin Detection System
      Author : Author(s): Robert McGookin
1103   Improved method for generating microarray probes using submicrogram amounts of total RNA
      Author : Author(s): E. J. Murray
1104   Improvement, Modification, Adaptation, Troubleshooting, and Development of New Methods
1105   Improvements in the Application of Firefly Luciferase Assays
      Author : Author(s): Sharon R. Ford, Franklin R. Leach
1106   In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Ian A. Darby, Tim D. Hewitson
1107   In Situ Hybridization of Termite Microbes
      Author : Author(s): Shigeharu Moriya, Satoko Noda, Moriya Ohkuma, Toshiaki Kudo
1108   In Situ PCR Amplification of Intracellular mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Raymond H. Chen, Susan V. Fuggle
1109   In Situ Photopolymerized Hydrogels for Vascular and Peritoneal Wound Healing
      Author : Author(s): Amarpreet S. Sawhney, Jeffrey A. Hubbell
1110   In SituHybridization
      Author : Author(s): Amanda D. Watters
1111   In Toto Imaging of Embryogenesis with Confocal Time-Lapse Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Sean G. Megason
1112   In vitro Analysis of the Mitochondrial Preprotein Import Machinery Using Recombinant Precursor Polypeptides
      Author : Author(s): Dorothea Becker, Martin Krayl, Wolfgang Voos
1113   In Vitro and In Vivo Quantification of Adhesion Between Leukocytes and Vascular Endothelium
      Author : Author(s): Rakesh K. Jain, Lance L. Munn, Dai Fukumura, Robert J. Melder
1114   In Vitro Assays for Kinetoplastid U Insertion-Deletion Editing and Associated Activities
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Stuart, Reza Salavati, Robert P. Igo, Nancy Lewis Ernst, Setareh S. Palazzo, Bingbing Wang
1115   In Vitro Assays of the Functions of Calnexin and Calreticulin, Lectin Chaperones of the Endoplasmic Reticulum
      Author : Author(s): Breanna S. Ireland, Monika Niggemann, David B. Williams
1116   In Vitro Continuation of RNA Synthesis Initiated in Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Theodore Gurney
1117   In Vitro Expansion of Tissue Cells by Conditional Proliferation
      Author : Author(s): Tobias May, Hansjrg Hauser, Dagmar Wirth
1118   In Vitro Heart Valve Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Drthe Schmidt, Anita Mol, Jens M. Kelm, Simon P. Hoerstrup
1119   In Vitro Import of Proteins Into Isolated Mitochondria
      Author : Author(s): Karl Bihlmaier, Melanie Bien, Johannes M. Herrmann
1120   In Vitro Packaging of DNA
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1121   In vitro Reconstitution of Activation of PLC? by Ras and Rho GTPases
      Author : Author(s): Natalia Lamuo Gandarillas, Tom D. Bunney, Michelle B. Josephs, Peter Gierschik, Matilda Katan
1122   In Vitro Reconstitution of Escherichia coli O86 O Antigen Repeating Unit
      Author : Author(s): Weiqing Han, Lei Li, Nicholas Pettit, Wen Yi, Robert Woodward, Xianwei Liu, Wanyi Guan, Veer Bhatt, Jing Katherine Song, Peng George Wang
1123   In Vitro RNA Editing Systems From Higher Plant Chloroplasts
      Author : Author(s): Tetsuro Hirose, Tetsuya Miyamoto, Junichi Obokata, Masahiro Sugiura
1124   In Vitro Screening for Antioxidant Activity
      Author : Author(s): Donald Armstrong, Tadahisa Hiramitsu, Takako Ueda
1125   In Vitro Selected RNA-Cleaving DNA Enzymes From Combinatorial Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Samitabh Chakraborti, Bandi Sriram, Akhil C. Banerjea
1126   In Vitro Selection From Combinatorial Nucleic Acid Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Andres Jchke
1127   In Vitro Selection of External Guide Sequences for Directing Human RNase P to Cleave a Target mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Stephen Raj, Fenyong Liu
1128   In Vitro Selection of Hairpin Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Bruno Sargueil, John M. Burke
1129   In Vitro Selection of RNase P Ribozymes That Efficiently Cleave a Target mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Kihoon Kim, Fenyong Liu
1130   In Vitro Selection Procedures for Identifying DNA and RNA Aptamers Targeted to Nucleic Acids and Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Eric Dausse, Christian Cazenave, Bernard Rayner, Jean-Jacques Toulm
1131   In Vitro Semisynthesis and Applications of C-Terminally Modified Rab Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Thomas Durek, Roger S. Goody, Kirill Alexandrov
1132   In Vitro Transcription and Translation of Lipoprotein Lipase
      Author : Author(s): Gouri Ranganathan, Philip A. Kern
1133   In Vitro Transcription in Plant Nuclei
      Author : Author(s): Richard D. Henfrey, Robert J. Slater
1134   In vitro transcription systems from cultured cells and fat-body tissue of the silkworm,Bombyx mori
      Author : Author(s): Eriko Mine, Hiroshi Sakurai, Susumu Izumi, Shiro Tomino
1135   In Vitro Transcriptions
      Author : Author(s): Martin J. Tymms
1136   In Vitro Translation
      Author : Author(s): Martin J. Tymms
1137   In Vitro Translation and Analysis of Early Events in Protein Synthesis Initiation in Nonreticulocyte Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey W. Pollard, Michael J. Clemens
1138   In Vitro Translation of Messenger RNA in a Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate Cell-Free System
      Author : Author(s): C. L. Oliver, C. D. Boyd
1139   In Vitro Translation of Messenger RNA in a Wheat Germ Extract Cell-Free System
      Author : Author(s): C. L. Olliver, A. Grobler-Rabie, C. D. Boyd
1140   In Vitro Translation of mRNA in a Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate Cell-Free System
      Author : Author(s): Louise Olliver, Charles D. Boyd
1141   In Vitro Translation of mRNA in a Wheat Germ Extract Cell-Free System
      Author : Author(s): Louise Olliver, Anne Grobler-Rabie, Charles D. Boyd
1142   In Vitro Vascularization of Human Connective Microtissues
      Author : Author(s): Jens M. Kelm, Wolfgang Moritz, Doerthe Schmidt, Simon P. Hoerstrup, Martin Fussenegger
1143   In Vivo Detection and Characterization of Sumoylation Targets in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s): Helle D. Ulrich, Adelina A. Davies
1144   In Vivo Detection of Free Radicals in Real Time by Low-Frequency Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Gerald M. Rosen, Sovitj Pou, Howard J. Halpern
1145   In Vivo Detection of Ribozyme Cleavage Products and RNA Structure by Use of Terminal Transferase-Dependent PCR
      Author : Author(s): Hsiu-Hua Chen, Daniela Castanotto, Jeanne LeBon, John J. Rossi, Arthur D. Riggs
1146   In Vivo Detection of Transition Metals and Nitrosyl-Heme Complexes Using Ex Vivo Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): David M. Hall, Garry R. Buettner
1147   In Vivo Imaging of Free Radicals and Oxygen
      Author : Author(s): Deepti S. Vikram, Brian K. Rivera, Periannan Kuppusamy
1148   In Vivo Imaging of Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s): Isabelle Texier, Vronique Josser
1149   In Vivo Labeling and Analysis of Mitochondrial Translation Products in Budding and in Fission Yeasts
      Author : Author(s): Karine Gouget, Fulvia Verde, Antoni Barrientos
1150   In Vivo Measurement of Tissue Oxygen Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Oxygen-Sensitive Paramagnetic Particle, Lithium Phthalocyanine
      Author : Author(s): F. Hyodo, S. Matsumoto, E. Hyodo, A. Matsumoto, K. Matsumoto, M.C. Krishna
1151   In Vivo Microwave-Assisted Labeling of Allium and Drosophila Nuclei
      Author : Author(s): Mark A. Sanders, David M. Gartner
1152   In Vivo Nitric Oxide Measurements Using a Microcoaxial Electrode
      Author : Author(s): Yoshiichiro Kitamura, Hirosuke Kobayashi, Kazuo Tanishita, Kotaro Oka
1153   In Vivo Technique for Autofluorescent Lipopigments
      Author : Author(s): Franois C. Delori, C. Kathleen Dorey
1154   In Vivo/ In Situ Detection of Nitric Oxide Using Low-Frequency EPR Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Pei Tsai, Supatra Porasuphatana, Howard J. Halpern, Eugene D. Barth, Gerald M. Rosen
1155   In-Gel Detection of DNA: Application to Study of Viral DNA Metabolism by Use of Pulsed-Field Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Philip Sewer, Robert H. Watson, Marjatta Son
1156   In-Gel Sample Rehydration of Immobilized pH Gradient
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Charles Sanchez, Denis Hochstrasser, Thierry Rabilloud
1157   Incomplete Polypeptides of In Vitro Translation for Epitope Localization
      Author : Author(s): Lisa Djavadi-Ohaniance, Bertrand Friguet
1158   Incorporation of Modified Bases into Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Rich B. Meyer
1159   Increasing Protein Crystallization Screening Success with Heterogeneous Nucleating Agents
      Author : Author(s): Anil S. Thakur, Janet Newman, Jennifer L. Martin, Bostjan Kobe
1160   Indirect Enantioseparation by HPLC Using Chiral Benzofurazan-Bearing Reagents
      Author : Author(s): Toshimasa Toyooka
1161   Indirect Immunofluorescence Detection of Protein-Bound 4-Hydroxynonenal in Tissue Sections and Isolated Cells
      Author : Author(s): Alfonso Pompella, Silvia Dominici, Jrgen Frank, Hans K. Biesalski
1162   Induced Lipase Mutations in the Mouse
      Author : Author(s): Clay F. Semenkovich
1163   Induction and Biochemical Purification of RNA-Induced Silencing Complex From Drosophila S2 Cells
      Author : Author(s): Amy A. Caudy, Gregory J. Hannon
1164   Induction of Cytochrome P451A (CYP1A) in Fish A Biomarker for Environmental Pollution
      Author : Author(s): Bente M. Nilsen, Karin Berg, Anders Goksor
1165   Influence of Polymer Concentration and Polymer Composition on Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Christoph Heller
1166   Inhibition of Gene Expression by Nucleic Acid Enzymes in Rodent Models of Human Disease
      Author : Author(s): Per Ole Iversen, Mouldy Sioud
1167   Inhibition of HIV Infection by Lectin Binding to CD4
      Author : Author(s): Jean Favero, Virginie Lafont
1168   Inhibition of HIV Infection by Lectin Binding to gp12
      Author : Author(s): Animashaun Theresa, Naheed Mahmood
1169   Inhibition of the SUMO Pathway by Gam1
      Author : Author(s): Mariaelena Pozzebon, Chiara V. Segr, Susanna Chiocca
1170   Initial and Bulk Extraction
      Author : Author(s): Vronique Seidel
1171   Initial Extraction and Product Capture
      Author : Author(s): F. Patrick Gailliot
1172   Initiation, Maintenance, and Quantification of Human Hematopoietic Cell Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Paul C. Collins, Sanjay D. Patel, William M. Miller, E. Terry Papoutsakis
1173   Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Mass Assay
      Author : Author(s): Lubo Zhang
1174   Inositol Lipid-Dependent Functions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Analysis of Phosphatidylinositol Phosphates
      Author : Author(s): Stephen K. Dove, Robert H. Michell
1175   Inserting and Manipulating DNA in a Nanopore with Optical Tweezers
      Author : Author(s): U. F. Keyser, J. Does, C. Dekker, N. H. Dekker
1176   Insertion of Promoter Region::luxCDABE Fusions into the Escherichia coli Chromosome
      Author : Author(s): A. Elsemore David
1177   Instrumentation for Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Richard A. Henry, Genrikh Sivorinovsky
1178   Integrated System for Rapid Proteomics Analyses Using Microfluidic Devices Coupled to Nanoelectrospray Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Jianjun Li, Tammy-Lynn Tremblay, Jed Harrison, Pierre Thibault
1179   Integration of Phosphodiesterase-Induced Degradation of Oligonucleotides with Capillary Polymer-Sieving Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Jan Saevels, Ann Van Schepdael, Jos Hoogmartens
1180   Interactions Between Catalytic and Inhibitory Subunits of PDE6
      Author : Author(s): Nikolai O. Artemyev
1181   Internal Standards for 2-D
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Link
1182   Internet Resources for the Antibody Engineer
      Author : Author(s): Benny K. Lo, Yu Wai Chen
1183   Interpretation of Collision-Induced Fragmentation Tandem Mass Spectra of Posttranslationally Modified Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Jakob Bunkenborg, Rune Matthiesen
1184   Interpretation of Uniform-Well Readouts
      Author : Author(s): Serene Josiah
1185   Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy with Moving Exposure Fiber
      Author : Author(s): Toru Hirano, Yasuo Hashimoto, Hideo Tanaka, Ichirou Yamada, Kenji Hashimoto
1186   Intragastric Ethanol Infusion Model in Rodents
      Author : Author(s): Hide Tsukamoto, Hasmik Mkrtchyan, Alla Dynnyk
1187   Intragastric Intubation of Alcohol During the Perinatal Period
      Author : Author(s): Sandra J. Kelly, Charles R. Lawrence
1188   Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Mark R. Sanderson
1189   Introduction of Hypermodified Nucleotides in RNA
      Author : Author(s): Darrell R. Davis, Ashok C. Bajji
1190   Introduction of NOS II Gene into Primary Cultures of Bovine and Human Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Guan-Liang Cao, Bin Zhang, Joseph B. Domachowske, Gerald M. Rosen
1191   Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis of DNA: Biomedical Applications
      Author : Author(s): Beatriz Sanchez-Vega
1192   Introduction to Kinetic (Real-Time) PCR
      Author : Author(s): John Mackay
1193   Introduction to Microfabrication Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Rabih Zaouk, Benjamin Y. Park, Marc J. Madou
1194   Introduction to Omics
      Author : Author(s): Ewa Gubb, Rune Matthiesen
1195   Introduction to Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen, Kudzai E. Mutenda
1196   Introduction to Supercritical Fluids and Their Applications
      Author : Author(s): Anthony A. Clifford, John R. Williams
1197   Introduction: Cell-Based Assays for High-Throughput Screening
      Author : Author(s): W. Frank An, Nicola J. Tolliday
1198   Invader Assay for Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping and Gene Copy Number Evaluation
      Author : Author(s): Andrea Mast, Monika Arruda
1199   Inverse Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Sheng-He Huang
1200   Investigating the Cellular BMK1/ERK5 Signaling Pathway
      Author : Author(s): Richard I. Tapping, Kato Yutaka, Ta-Hsiang Chao, Masaaki Hayashi, Jeng-Fan Lo, Sung-Woo Kim, Jiing-Dwan Lee
1201   Investigation of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 2 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphorylation and Regulation of Activity of PDE4 Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate-Specific Phosphodiesterases
      Author : Author(s): Elaine V. Hill, Miles D. Houslay, George S. Baillie
1202   Ion-Channel Reconstitution
      Author : Author(s): Francisco J. Morera, Guillermo Vargas, Carlos Gonzlez, Eduardo Rosenmann, Ramon Latorre
1203   Ion-Exchange Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): David Sheehan, Richard Fitzgerald
1204   Ion-Exchange Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): David Sheehan
1205   Ion-Pair Chromatography for Identification of Picomolar-Order Protein on a PVDF Membrane
      Author : Author(s): Noriko Shindo, Tsutomu Fujimura, Saiko Kazuno, Kimie Murayama
1206   IPG-Dalt of Very Alkaline Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Angelika Grg
1207   Irradiation and fusion gene transfer
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Walter, Peter N. Goodfellow
1208   Is Permethylation Strategy Always Applicable to Protein N-Glycosylation Study?: A Case Study on the O-Acetylation of Sialic Acid in Fish Serum Glycans
      Author : Author(s): Xin Liu, Luis Afonso
1209   Isolating Chromosomal DNA from Bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Elisabeth Chachaty, Patrick Saulnier
1210   Isolation and analysis of amplified cDNA fragments during detection of unknown polymorphisms with temperature modulated heteroduplex chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Kuklin, Kimberly Munson, Paul Taylor, Douglas Gjerde
1211   Isolation and Culture of Human Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Franois Berthiaume
1212   Isolation and Culture of Microvascular Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Lisa Richard, Paula Velasco, Michael Detmar
1213   Isolation and In Vitro Proliferation of Chondrocytes, Tenocytes, and Ligament Cells
      Author : Author(s): Sonya Shortkroff, Myron Spector
1214   Isolation and Long-Term Maintenance of Adult Rat Hepatocytes in Culture
      Author : Author(s): Franois Berthiaume, Ronald G. Tompkins, Martin L. Yarmush
1215   Isolation and Osteogenic Differentiation of Bone-Marrow Progenitor Cells for Application in Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Antnio J. Salgado, Manuela E. Gomes, Olga P. Coutinho, Rui L. Reis
1216   Isolation and Proteomic Analysis of Chlamydomonas Centrioles
      Author : Author(s): Lani C Keller, Wallace F Marshall
1217   Isolation and purification of chemokines from natural sources
      Author : Author(s): Jens-M. Schrder
1218   Isolation and Purification of Constitutive Forms of Microsomal Cytochrome P45
      Author : Author(s): John B. Schenkman, Ingela Jansson
1219   Isolation and Purification of DNA from Plants
      Author : Author(s): Justin Stacey, Peter G. Isaac
1220   Isolation by Ion-Exchange Methods
      Author : Author(s): David G. Durham
1221   Isolation by Ion-Exchange Methods
      Author : Author(s): Claude Dufresne
1222   Isolation by Low-Pressure Column Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Gino M. Salituro, Claude Dufresne
1223   Isolation by Planar Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Simon Gibbons, Alexander I. Gray
1224   Isolation by Preparative High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Zahid Latif
1225   Isolation by Preparative HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Paul Stead
1226   Isolation of an mRNA-Binding Protein Involved in C-to-U Editing
      Author : Author(s): Carri A. Gerber, Anne Relich, Donna M. Driscoll
1227   Isolation of DNA from Plants
      Author : Author(s): Justin Stacey, Peter G. Isaac
1228   Isolation of Fungal Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Surapareddy Sreenivasaprasad
1229   Isolation of Glycoproteins and Identification of Their N-Linked Glycosylation Sites
      Author : Author(s): Hui Zhang, Ruedi Aebersold
1230   Isolation of High Molecular Weight DNA Suitable for the Construction of Genomic Libraries
      Author : Author(s): John Steven, Douglas McKechnie, Alexander Graham
1231   Isolation of high quality RNA from bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) fruit
      Author : Author(s): Laura Jaakola, Anna Maria Pirttil, Minna Halonen, Anja Hohtola
1232   Isolation of High-Molecular-Weight DNA from Animal Cells
      Author : Author(s): Ian Garner
1233   Isolation of High-Molecular-Weight DNA from Animal Cells
      Author : Author(s): Ian Garner
1234   Isolation of Kupffer Cells from Rats Fed Chronic Ethanol
      Author : Author(s): Megan R. McMullen, Michele T. Pritchard, Laura E. Nagy
1235   Isolation of Marine Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Wael E. Houssen, Marcel Jaspars
1236   Isolation of Marine Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Amy E. Wright
1237   Isolation of Microbial Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Russell A. Barrow
1238   Isolation of mRNA by Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Sian Bryant, David L. Manning
1239   Isolation of Natural Products by Low-Pressure Column Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Raymond G. Reid, Satyajit D. Sarker
1240   Isolation of Periportal and Pericentral Hepatocytes
      Author : Author(s): Rolf Gebhardt
1241   Isolation of Plant DNA for Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Kun-Sheng Wu, Marion S. Riider, Martin W. Ganal
1242   Isolation of Plant Nuclei
      Author : Author(s): Richard D. Henfrey, Robert J. Slater
1243   Isolation of Plant RNA
      Author : Author(s): Rachel Hodge
1244   Isolation of Plasmids for the Preparation of Probes
      Author : Author(s): Peter G. Isaac, Justin Stacey
1245   Isolation of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Fish Products by Supercritical Fluid Extraction
      Author : Author(s): Eila P. Jrvenpa, Rainer Huopalahti
1246   Isolation of Rat Bone Marrow Stem Cells
      Author : Author(s): Sarah Snykers, Tamara Vanhaecke, Vera Rogiers
1247   Isolation of Rat Hepatocytes
      Author : Author(s): Peggy Papeleu, Tamara Vanhaecke, Tom Henkens, Greetje Elaut, Mathieu Vinken, Sarah Snykers, Vera Rogiers
1248   Isolation of Rat Hepatocytes
      Author : Author(s): Karen Smet, Sonja Beken, Tamara Vanhaecke, Marleen Pauwels, Antoine Vercruysse, Vera Rogiers
1249   Isolation of Total and Poly A+ RNA from Animal Cells
      Author : Author(s): Ian Garner
1250   Isolation of Total Cellular DNA from Tissues and Cultured Cells
      Author : Author(s): Frank Merante, Sandeep Raha, Mingfu Ling
1251   Isolation of Wheat Chloroplasts and Chloroplast DNA
      Author : Author(s): Matthew Clement Jones
1252   Isotope Dilution Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Tyrosine Oxidation Products in Proteins and Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Jay W. Heinecke
1253   Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags for Protein Quantification
      Author : Author(s): Christopher M. Colangelo, Kenneth R. Williams
1254   Isotopic Efflux Studies as Indices of Phospholipase Activation
      Author : Author(s): Jacob Vadakekalam, Stewart Metz
1255   Juxtacellular Labeling and Chemical Phenotyping of Extracellularly Recorded Neurons In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Glenn M. Toney, Lynette C. Daws
1256   Karyotyping
      Author : Author(s): Avery A. Sandberg, John F. Stone, Zhong Chen
1257   KCNQ1 K+ ChannelMediated Cardiac Channelopathies
      Author : Author(s): Gildas Loussouarn, Isabelle Bar, Denis Escande
1258   Kinetic Exclusion Assays to Study High-Affinity Binding Interactions in Homogeneous Solutions
      Author : Author(s): Robert C. Blake, Diane A. Blake
1259   Knowledge-Based Virtual Screening: Application to the MDM4/p53 ProteinProtein Interaction
      Author : Author(s): Edgar Jacoby, Andreas Boettcher, Lorenz M. Mayr, Nathan Brown, Jeremy L. Jenkins, Joerg Kallen, Caroline Engeloch, Ulrich Schopfer, Pascal Furet, Keiichi Masuya, Joanna Lisztwan
1260   Label-Free LC-MS Method for the Identification of Biomarkers
      Author : Author(s): Richard E. Higgs, Michael D. Knierman, Valentina Gelfanova, Jon P. Butler, John E. Hale
1261   Label-Free Proteomics of Serum
      Author : Author(s): Natalia Govorukhina, Peter Horvatovich, Rainer Bischoff
1262   Labeling of Double-Stranded DNA Probes with Biotin
      Author : Author(s): Angela Karp
1263   Labeling of Oligonucleotides with Fluorescein
      Author : Author(s): Patricia M. Chadwick, Ian Durrant
1264   Langmuir Films to Determine Lateral Surface Pressure on Lipid Segregation
      Author : Author(s): Antonio Cruz, Jess Prez-Gil
1265   Large Multiprotein Structures Modeling and Simulation: The Need for Mesoscopic Models
      Author : Author(s): Antoine Coulon, Guillaume Beslon, Olivier Gandrillon
1266   Large-Gel 2-D Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Joachim Klose
1267   Large-Scale Isolation of Ti Plasmid DNA
      Author : Author(s): Kevan M. Gartland
1268   Large-Scale Lipoprotein Lipase Purification from Adipose Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Andr Bensadoun, Jean Hsu, Barry Hughes
1269   Large-Scale Oligonucleotide Synthesis Using the Solid-Phase Approach
      Author : Author(s): Nanda D. Sinha
1270   Large-Scale Small-Molecule Screen Using Zebrafish Embryos
      Author : Author(s): Charles C. Hong
1271   Laser Ablation as a Fabrication Technique for Microfluidic Devices
      Author : Author(s): Emanuel A. Waddell
1272   Laser immunotherapy: A novel treatment modality for metastatic tumors
      Author : Author(s): Wei R. Chen, Raoul Carubelli, Hong Liu, Robert E. Nordquist
1273   Laser Microdissection
      Author : Author(s): Graeme I. Murray
1274   Laser Tweezer Deformation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles
      Author : Author(s): Cory Poole, Wolfgang Losert
1275   Lateral Diffusion Coefficients of Raft Lipids From Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
      Author : Author(s): Greger Ordd, Gran Lindblom
1276   Laurdan Studies of Membrane Lipid-Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Protein Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Silvia S. Antollini, Francisco J. Barrantes
1277   Lecithin-Cholesterol Acyltransferase: Assay of Cholesterol Esterification and Phospholipase A2 Activities
      Author : Author(s): John S. Parks, Abraham K. Gebre, James W. Furbee
1278   Lectin affinity electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Linhardt, Xue-Jun Han, Jonathan R. Fromm
1279   Lectin Histochemistry and CytochemistryLight Microscopy: AvidinBiotin Amplification on Resin-Embedded Sections
      Author : Author(s): Robert W. Stoddart, Carolyn J. Jones
1280   Lectin Ingestion: Changes in Mucin Secretion and Bacterial Adhesion to Intestinal Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Howard Ceri, John G. Banwell, Rixun Fang
1281   Lectin Inhibition of Bacterial Adhesion to Animal Cells
      Author : Author(s): Murray W. Stinson, Jen Ren Wang
1282   Lectin-Induced Calcium Mobilization in Human Platelets: Use of Fluorescent Probes
      Author : Author(s): Giuseppe Ramaschi, Mauro Torti
1283   Lectin-Triggered Superoxide/H2O2 and Granule Enzyme Release from Cells
      Author : Author(s): Alexander V. Timoshenko, Klaus Kayser, Hans-Joachim Gabius
1284   Lectin/Antibody Sandwich ELISA for Quantification of Circulating Mucin as a Diagnostic Test for Pancreatic Cancer
      Author : Author(s): Neil Parker
1285   Lectins as Tools for the Purification of Liver Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Daniel E. Gomez, Unnur P. Thorgeirsson
1286   Lectins for Detection of Altered Glycosylation of Circulating Glycoproteins: ?-1-Antitrypsin
      Author : Author(s): Yutaka Aoyagi, Hitoshi Asakura
1287   LectinGold Histochemistry on Paraffin and Lowicryl K4M Sections Using Biotin and Digoxigenin-Conjugated Lectins
      Author : Author(s): Jrgen Roth, Christian Zuber, Tetsutaro Sata, Wei-Ping Li
1288   Leucine Incorporation and Thymidine Incorporation
      Author : Author(s): Christopher P. Denton
1289   Leukotrienes, Lipoxins, and Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Eric G. Spokas, Joshua Rokach, Patrick Y. Wong
1290   LIBS-Based Detection of Antioxidant Elements: A New Strategy
      Author : Author(s): Geeta Watal, Bechan Sharma, Prashant Kumar Rai, Dolly Jaiswal, Devendra K. Rai, Nilesh K. Rai, A. K. Rai
1291   Ligand Binding to Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Imad I. Hamdan, Graham G. Skellern, Roger D. Waigh
1292   Ligand Libraries for the Extraction of Metal Ions: Dynamic Combinatorial and High-Throughput Screening Methods
      Author : Author(s): Seema Choudhary, Janet R. Morrow
1293   Ligase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Carla Osiowy
1294   Ligation of DNA with T4 DNA Ligase
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Kirsten Hansen
1295   Ligation of RNA Molecules by the Hairpin Ribozyme
      Author : Author(s): Alfredo Bertal-Herranz, John M. Burke
1296   Light Microscopy: Overview and Basic Methods
      Author : Author(s): Anthony J. Leathem, Susan A. Brooks
1297   Linkage, Allele Sharing, and Association
      Author : Author(s): Mara Giordano
1298   Lipid Domains in Supported Lipid Bilayer for Atomic Force Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Wan-Chen Lin, Craig D. Blanchette, Timothy V. Ratto, Marjorie L. Longo
1299   Lipid Quantification and Structure Determination of Nuclear Envelope Precursor Membranes in the Sea Urchin
      Author : Author(s): Marie Garnier-Lhomme, Erick J. Dufourc, Banafsh Larijani, Dominic Poccia
1300   Lipid-Mediated Gene Transfer into Normal Adult Human Hepatocytes in Primary Culture
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Claude Ourlin, Marie Jos Vilarem, Martine Daujat, Marie Ccile Harricane, Patrick Maurel
1301   Lipidomic Analysis of Phospholipids and Related Structures by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Trevor R. Pettitt
1302   Lipofuscin: Detection and Quantification by Microscopic Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Tobias Jung, Annika Hhn, Tilman Grune
1303   Lipoic Acid as an Antioxidant: The Role of Dihydrolipoamide Dehydrogenase
      Author : Author(s): Mulchand S. Patel, Young Soo Hong
1304   Lipoxygenase-Catalyzed Phospholipid Peroxidation: Preparation, Purification, and Characterization of Phosphatidylinositol Peroxides
      Author : Author(s): E. Susan OConnor Butler, Jessica N. Mazerik, Jason P. Cruff, Shariq I. Sherwani, Barbara K. Weis, Clay B. Marsh, Achuthan C. Raghavamenon, Rao M. Uppu, Harald H. Schmid, Narasimham L. Parinandi
1305   Liquid Chromatography Column Technology
      Author : Author(s): Ronald E. Majors
1306   Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Herbert Oberacher, Walther Parson
1307   Live Cell Imaging of Zebrafish Leukocytes
      Author : Author(s): Chris Hall, Maria Vega Flores, Kathy Crosier, Phil Crosier
1308   Liver Slice Technology as an In Vitro Model for Metabolic and Toxicity Studies
      Author : Author(s): Sanjeev Thohan, Gerald M. Rosen
1309   lmmunocytochemistry
      Author : Author(s): Lorette C. Javois
1310   Localization and Distribution of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Brain Tissue by Immunohistochemistry
      Author : Author(s): M. Kerry OBanion, John A. Olschowka
1311   Localization of Cyclic Guanosine 3?,5?-Monophosphate-Hydrolyzing Phosphodiesterase Type 9 in Rat Brain by Nonradioactive In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Wilma C. Staveren, Marjanne Markerink-van Ittersum
1312   Localization of Intracellular Lipid Hydroperoxides Using theTetramethylbenzidine Reaction for Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): E. Ann Ellis, Shigehiro Iwabuchi, Don Samuelson, Donald Armstrong
1313   Locked Nucleic Acid Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Henrik M. Pfundheller, Anders M. Srensen, Christian Lomholt, Anders M. Johansen, Troels Koch, Jesper Wengel
1314   Long-Range Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): William Waggott
1315   Long-Term Ex Situ Conservation of Biological Resources and the Role of Biological Resource Centers
      Author : Author(s): Glyn N. Stacey, John G. Day
1316   Low-Stringency Single Specific Primer-Amplified DNA Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Marino
1317   Luciferase Renaturation Assays of Chaperones and Chaperone Antagonists
      Author : Author(s): Vanitha Thulasiraman, Robert L. Matts
1318   Luciferase-Based Measurement of Water Contaminants
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Costanzo, Julie Guzzo, Michael S. DuBow
1319   Luminescence Facilitated Detection of Bioavailable Mercury in Natural Waters
      Author : Author(s): Tamar Barkay, Ralph R Turner, Lasse D. Rasmussen, Carol A. Kelly, John W. Rudd
1320   Luminescence-Based Cell Viability Testing
      Author : Author(s): Ian A. Cree
1321   Luminescent Detection of Specific DNA Sequences
      Author : Author(s): J. Lesley Woodhead, Hermia Figueiredo, Alan D. Malcolm
1322   Luminescent Probes and Visualization of Bioluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Elisa Michelini, Luca Cevenini, Laura Mezzanotte, Aldo Roda
1323   Luminometric Measurement of Malate and Glucose-6-Phosphate in Mammalian Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Eberhard Jngling, Helmut Kammermeier, Yvan Fischer
1324   Lyophilization of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Paul Matejtschuk
1325   Lysosomal Acid Lipase: Assay and Purification
      Author : Author(s): Martin Merkel, Anne-Christine Tilkorn, Heiner Greten, Detlev Ameis
1326   M13 and Phagemid-Based Cloning Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Ralph Rapley
1327   Machine Learning: An Indispensable Tool in Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Iaki Inza, Borja Calvo, Rubn Armaanzas, Endika Bengoetxea, Pedro Larraaga, Jos A. Lozano
1328   Macromolecular Crystallography
      Author : Author(s): Bernhard Rupp, Katherine A. Kantardjieff
1329   Magnetic Bead-Isolated Single-Strand DNA for SSCP Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Takao Kasuga, Jing Cheng, Keith R. Mitchelson
1330   Magnetic Nanoparticles for Local Drug Delivery Using Magnetic Implants
      Author : Author(s): Rodrigo Fernndez-Pacheco, J. Gabriel Valdivia, M. Ricardo Ibarra
1331   Magnetic Resonance Imaging
      Author : Author(s): Pottumarthi V. Prasad, Pippa Storey
1332   Magnetic-Induced Alignment of Collagen Fibrils in Tissue Equivalents
      Author : Author(s): Timothy S. Girton, Narendra Dubey, Robert T. Tranquillo
1333   Major and Modified Nucleosides, RNA, and DNA
      Author : Author(s): Charles W. Gehrke, Kenneth C. Kuo
1334   Making and Working with Peroxynitrite
      Author : Author(s): Roger White, John Crow, Nathan Spear, Steven Thomas, Rakesh Patel, Irene Green, Joseph Beckman, Victor Darley-Usmar
1335   MALDI-MS Data Analysis for Disease Biomarker Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Weichuan Yu, Baolin Wu, Junfeng Liu, Xiaoye Li, Kathy Stone, Kenneth R. Williams, Hongyu Zhao
1336   MALDI/SELDI Protein Profiling of Serum for the Identification of Cancer Biomarkers
      Author : Author(s): Lisa H Cazares, Jose I Diaz, Rick R Drake, O John Semmes
1337   Mammalian Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s): Simon P. Langdon
1338   Manipulation of Baculovirus Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Claire L. Merrington, Mark J. Bailey, Robert D. Possee
1339   Manual Oligonucleotide Synthesis Using the Phosphoramidite Method
      Author : Author(s): H. A. White
1340   MAPK Cascades in the Brain: Lessons From Learning
      Author : Author(s): Diego E. Berman, Yadin Dudai
1341   Mapping Antibody:Antigen Interactions by Mass Spectrometry and Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Alexandra Huhalov, Daniel I. Spencer, Kerry A. Chester
1342   Mapping Epitopes on Antigens by Immunodiffusion in Gel
      Author : Author(s): Giuseppe A. Molinaro, William C. Eby
1343   Mapping of Oxidative Stress Response Elements of the Caveolin-1 Promoter
      Author : Author(s): Janine N. Bartholomew, Ferruccio Galbiati
1344   Mapping of Signaling Pathways by Functional Interaction Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Alex Kriegsheim, Christian Preisinger, Walter Kolch
1345   Mapping Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Simon G. Gregory
1346   Mapping Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Simon G. Gregory
1347   Mass Spectrometric Determination of Protein Ubiquitination
      Author : Author(s): Carol E. Parker, Viorel Mocanu, Maria R. Warren, Susanna F. Greer, Christoph H. Borchers
1348   Mass Spectrometric Quantification of F2-Isoprostanes as Indicators of Oxidant Stress
      Author : Author(s): Jason D. Morrow, L. Jackson Roberts
1349   Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): John R. Chapman
1350   Mass Spectrometry in Epigenetic Research
      Author : Author(s): Hans Christian Beck
1351   Mass Spectrometry of Nucleotides and Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Thomas D. McClure, Karl H. Schram
1352   Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth G. Standing
1353   MassSorter: Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Data Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Ingvar Eidhammer, Harald Barsnes, Svein-Ole Mikalsen
1354   Maxizyme Technology
      Author : Author(s): Mayu Iyo, Hiroaki Kawasaki, Kazunari Taira
1355   Measurement of 8-Isoprostane in Exhaled Breath Condensate
      Author : Author(s): Paolo Montuschi, Peter J. Barnes, Giovanni Ciabattoni
1356   Measurement of ?-Carotene 15,15?-Dioxygenase Activity by Reverse-Phase HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Alexandrine During, Akihiko Nagao, James Cecil Smith
1357   Measurement of ?-Tocopherol Turnover in Plasma and in Lipoproteins Using Stable Isotopes and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth J. Parks
1358   Measurement of Aldehyde Formation as an Assay for Polyamine Oxidase Activity
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
1359   Measurement of Aldosterone in Blood
      Author : Author(s): Marion L. Cawood
1360   Measurement of Androgens
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Wheeler
1361   Measurement of Biopterin and the Use of Inhibitors of Biopterin Biosynthesis
      Author : Author(s): Kazuyuki Hatakeyama
1362   Measurement of Blood Plasma Amino Acids in Ultrafiltrates by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography with Automatic Precolumn O-Phthaldialdehyde Derivatization
      Author : Author(s): Hua Liu
1363   Measurement of Blue Fluorescence as a Protein Marker for Oxidized Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Kiyomi Kikugawa
1364   Measurement of Ca2+ Entry Using 45Ca2+
      Author : Author(s): Mercedes Villarroya, Manuela G. Lpez, Mara F. Cano-Abad, Antonio G. Garca
1365   Measurement of Ca2+ Flux Through Ins(1,4,5)P3 Receptor-Ca2+ Channels in Lipid Bilayers (Dip-Tip and Schindler Methodology)
      Author : Author(s): Edwin C. Thrower
1366   Measurement of Ca2+-ATPase Activity (in PMCA and SERCA1)
      Author : Author(s): Danuta Kosk-Kosicka
1367   Measurement of Calcium and Movement in Heart Cells
      Author : Author(s): Leong L. Ng, Paulene A. Quinn
1368   Measurement of Calcium Fluxes in Permeabilized Cells Using a 45Ca2+ Uptake and Release Assay
      Author : Author(s): Robert A. Wilcox
1369   Measurement of Carotenoids in the Living Primate Eye Using Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Paul S. Bernstein, Werner Gellermann
1370   Measurement of Cellular Diacylglycerol Content
      Author : Author(s): Wendy Bollinger Bollag, Richard D. Griner
1371   Measurement of Cytosolic-Free Ca2+ in Plant Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Martin R. McAinsh, Irina Staxn
1372   Measurement of DNA Damage Using the Comet Assay
      Author : Author(s): Steven Thomas, Michael H. Green, Jillian E. Lowe, Irene C. Green
1373   Measurement of DNA Double-Strand Breaks with Giant DNA and High Molecular-Weight DNA Fragments by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Yoshihiro Higuchi
1374   Measurement of eNOS and iNOS mRNA Expression Using Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Norbert Reiling, Artur J. Ulmer, Sunna Hauschildt
1375   Measurement of Exhaled Nitric Oxide
      Author : Author(s): Peter A. Steerenberg, Jan G. Amsterdam
1376   Measurement of F4-Neuroprostanes by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Negative Ion Chemical Ionization
      Author : Author(s): Nathalie Bernoud-Hubac, L. Jackson Roberts
1377   Measurement of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Antioxidants by HPLC With Electrochemical Array Detection
      Author : Author(s): Paul H. Gamache, Paul A. Ullucci, Joe A. Archangelo, Ian N. Acworth
1378   Measurement of Free [Ca2+] Changes in Agonist-Sensitive Internal Stores Using Compartmentalized Fluorescent Indicators
      Author : Author(s): Aldebaran M. Hofer
1379   Measurement of Glucocorticoids in Biological Fluids
      Author : Author(s): Geoff Holder
1380   Measurement of Gut Hormones in Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Shahrad Taheri, Mohammad Ghatei, Steve Bloom
1381   Measurement of Immunoglobulin G Oxidation by Western-Blot Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Andrew Chow, Shahid Ahmed, Larissa Chaplia, Joseph Mattana
1382   Measurement of Inositol (Poly)phosphate Formation Using [3H]Inositol Labeling Protocols in Permeabilized Cells
      Author : Author(s): Philip Swigart, Shamshad Cockcroft
1383   Measurement of Inositol(1,4,5)trisphosphate Using a Stereospecific Radioreceptor Mass Assay
      Author : Author(s): Darren Smart
1384   Measurement of Intracellular Calcium Concentration Using Confocal Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Carmen Perez-Terzic, Marisa Jaconi, Lisa Stehno-Bittel
1385   Measurement of Isofurans by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Negative Ion Chemical Ionization
      Author : Author(s): Joshua P. Fessel, L. J. Roberts
1386   Measurement of Isoketal Protein Adducts by Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Sean S. Davies, Cynthia J. Brame, Olivier Boutaud, Nathalie Bernoud-Hubac, L. Jackson Roberts
1387   Measurement of Lateral Diffusion Rates in Membranes by Pulsed Magnetic Field Gradient, Magic Angle Spinning-Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
      Author : Author(s): Klaus Gawrisch, Holly C. Gaede
1388   Measurement of Lipid Forces by X-Ray Diffraction and Osmotic Stress
      Author : Author(s): Horia I. Petrache, Daniel Harries, V. Adrian Parsegian
1389   Measurement of Melatonin and 6-Sulphatoxymelatonin
      Author : Author(s): Benita Middleton
1390   Measurement of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential and Proton Leak
      Author : Author(s): Gaetano Serviddio, Juan Sastre
1391   Measurement of Nitric Oxide by Reconversion of Nitrate/Nitrite to NO
      Author : Author(s): Reinhard Berkels, Svenja Purol-Schnabel, Renate Roesen
1392   Measurement of Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity In Vivo and In Vitro by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Dimitrios Tsikas
1393   Measurement of Nitric Oxide-Related Enzymes in the Brain by In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Olivier Braissant
1394   Measurement of NO Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
      Author : Author(s): S. Tsuyoshi Ohnishi
1395   Measurement of NOS Activity by Conversion of Radiolabeled Arginine to Citrulline Using Ion-Exchange Separation
      Author : Author(s): Richard G. Knowles, Mark Salter
1396   Measurement of NOS mRNA by Northern Blotting and the Ribonuclease-Protection Assay
      Author : Author(s): Paloma Martn-Sanz, Lisardo Bosc
1397   Measurement of Phosphatidylinositol and Phosphatidylcholine Binding and Transfer Activity of the Lipid Transport Protein PITP
      Author : Author(s): Shamshad Cockcroft
1398   Measurement of Phosphoinositols and Phosphoinositides Using Radio High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Flow Detection
      Author : Author(s): Lubo Zhang, Iain L. Buxton
1399   Measurement of Phospholipase D Activity
      Author : Author(s): Wendy Bollinger Bollag
1400   Measurement of Plasma Nitrite by Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Enika Nagababu, Joseph M. Rifkind
1401   Measurement of Plasma Renin Activity
      Author : Author(s): Marion L. Cawood
1402   Measurement of Polyamine Efflux from Cells in Culture
      Author : Author(s): Heather M. Wallace, A. Jill Mackarel
1403   Measurement of Polyamine Transport: Adherent Cells
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
1404   Measurement of Polyamine Transport: Cells in Suspension
      Author : Author(s): Sarah A. Quesne, Alan H. Fairlamb
1405   Measurement of Polyphosphoinositides in Cultured Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Frank T. Cooke
1406   Measurement of PTEN Activity in vivo by Imaging Phosphorylated Akt
      Author : Author(s): Erika Rosivatz, Rudiger Woscholski
1407   Measurement of Reactive Oxygen Species in Whole Blood and Mononuclear Cells Using Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Kuldip Thusu, Ehad Abdel-Rahman, Paresh Dandona
1408   Measurement of Receptor Endocytosis and Recycling
      Author : Author(s): Jane M. Knisely, Jiyeon Lee, Guojun Bu
1409   Measurement of Recovery of Function Following Whole Muscle Transfer, Myoblast Transfer, and Gene Therapy
      Author : Author(s): John A. Faulkner, Susan V. Brooks, Robert G. Dennis
1410   Measurement of S-Glutathionated Hemoglobin in Human Erythrocytes by Isoelectric Focusing Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Haw-Wen Chen, Chong-Kuei Lii
1411   Measurement of Spermidine/Spermine N 1-Acetyltransferase Activity
      Author : Author(s): Heather M. Wallace, Deborah M. Evans
1412   Measurement of Sphingomyelin and Ceramide Cellular Levels After Sphingomyelinase-Mediated Sphingomyelin Hydrolysis
      Author : Author(s): Pino Santana, Luisa F. Fanjul, C. M. Ruiz Galarreta
1413   Measurement of Water and Solute Permeability by Stopped-Flow Fluorimetry
      Author : Author(s): John C. Mathai, Mark L. Zeidel
1414   Measurement of [3H]PN2-11 and [125I]?-Conotoxin MVIIA Binding
      Author : Author(s): Kazuyoshi Hirota, David G. Lambert
1415   Measurement of [Ca2+] Using the Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader (FLIPR)
      Author : Author(s): Elaine Sullivan, Emily M. Tucker, Ian L. Dale
1416   Measurement of [Ca2+]i in Cell Suspensions Using Indo-1
      Author : Author(s): Adriaan Nelemans
1417   Measurement of [Ca2+]i in Smooth Muscle Strips Using Front-Surface Fluorimetry
      Author : Author(s): Hideo Kanaide
1418   Measurement of [Ca2+]i in Whole Cell Suspensions Using Fura-2
      Author : Author(s): Robert A. Hirst, Charlotte Harrison, Kazuyoshi Hirota, David G. Lambert
1419   Measurements of Arachidonic Acid Metabolites Derived from the Lipoxygenase Pathways by High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Pierre Borgeat, Serge Picard, Bruno Battistini, Pierre Sirois
1420   Measurements of Prostanoids, Leukotrienes, and Isoprostanes by Enzyme Immunoassays
      Author : Author(s): Bruno Battistini, Serge Picard, Pierre Borgeat, Pierre Sirois
1421   Measurements of Rate of Transcription in Isolated Nuclei by Nuclear Run-Off Assay
      Author : Author(s): Rai Ajit Srivastava, Gustav Schonfeld
1422   Measuring Antioxidant Capacity Using the ORAC and TOSC Assays
      Author : Author(s): Andrew R. Garrett, Byron K. Murray, Richard A. Robison, Kim L. ONeill
1423   Measuring Molecular Order and Orientation Using Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Hilde A. Rinia, George W. Wurpel, Michiel Mller
1424   Measuring Phospholipase D Activity in Insulin-Secreting Pancreatic ?-Cells and Insulin-Responsive Muscle Cells and Adipocytes
      Author : Author(s): Rosanna Cazzolli, Ping Huang, Shuzhi Teng, William E Hughes
1425   Measuring Receptor-Mediated Cell Adhesion Under Flow: Cell-Free Systems
      Author : Author(s): Daniel A. Hammer, Debra K. Brunk
1426   Measuring Secretory Membrane Traffic: A Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy Approach
      Author : Author(s): Vytaute Starkuviene, Arne Seitz, Holger Erfle, Rainer Pepperkok
1427   Measuring the Radioactivity of 2-D Protein Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Link, Nick Bizios
1428   Measuring Ubiquitin Conjugation in Cells
      Author : Author(s): Edward G. Mimnaugh, Leonard M. Neckers
1429   Mechanical Testing of Cell-Material Constructs: A Review
      Author : Author(s): John Kisiday, Alex Kerin, Alan Grodzinsky
1430   Mechanisms and Assessment of Mitogenesis: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): David C. Kilpatrick
1431   Membrane Lipid Polymorphism: Relationship to Bilayer Properties and Protein Function
      Author : Author(s): Richard M. Epand
1432   Messenger RNA Fractionation on Neutral Sucrose Gradients
      Author : Author(s): R. McGookin
1433   Meta-Analysis: Drawing Conclusions When Study Results Vary
      Author : Author(s): Leslie Rosenthal, Enrique Schisterman
1434   Metabolic Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir V. Tolstikov
1435   Metabolomics in Glycomics
      Author : Author(s): Evelyn C. Soo, Joseph P. Hui
1436   Metallothionein Determination by Isocratic HPLC with Fluorescence Derivatization
      Author : Author(s): Shinichi Miyairi, Akira Naganuma
1437   Method Development/Optimization
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1438   Method for introducing specific and unmarked mutations into the chromosome of Streptococcus pneumoniae
      Author : Author(s): Francesco Iannelli, Gianni Pozzi
1439   Method Validation
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1440   Methodologies for Processing Biodegradable and Natural Origin Scaffolds for Bone and Cartilage Tissue-Engineering Applications
      Author : Author(s): Manuela E. Gomes, Patrcia B. Malafaya, Rui L. Reis
1441   Methods and Algorithms for Relative Quantitative Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen, Ana Sofia Carvalho
1442   Methods and Software for Diffuse X-Ray Scattering from Protein Crystals
      Author : Author(s): Michael E. Wall
1443   Methods for Analysis of Mitochondrial tRNA Editing in Acanthamoeba castellanii
      Author : Author(s): Amanda J. Lohan, Michael W. Gray
1444   Methods for Analysis of Unusual Forms of O-Glycosylation
      Author : Author(s): Aleksandra Nita-Lazar, Robert S. Haltiwanger
1445   Methods for Delivery of Double-Stranded RNA into Caenorhabditis elegans
      Author : Author(s): Dawn Hull, Lisa Timmons
1446   Methods for Human CD8+ T Lymphocyte Proteome Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Lynne Thadikkaran, Nathalie Rufer, Corinne Benay, David Crettaz, Jean-Daniel Tissot
1447   Methods for Microencapsulation with HEMA-MMA
      Author : Author(s): Shahab Lahooti, Michael V. Sefton
1448   Methods for Protein Characterization by Mass Spectrometry, Thermal Shift (ThermoFluor) Assay, and Multiangle or Static Light Scattering
      Author : Author(s): Joanne E. Nettleship, James Brown, Matthew R. Groves, Arie Geerlof
1449   Methods for Studying the Binding of Advanced Glycated Proteins to Receptors for Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE Receptors)
      Author : Author(s): Paul J. Thornalley
1450   Methods for the Analysis of Adenosine-to-Inosine Editing in RNA
      Author : Author(s): Zuo Zhang, Gordon G. Carmichael
1451   Methods for the Determination of the Mass of Nuclear PtdIns4P, PtdIns5P, and PtdIns(4,5)P 2
      Author : Author(s): David R. Jones, Yvette Bultsma, Willem Jan Keune, Nullin Divecha
1452   Methods for the Immunoisolation and Transplantation of Pancreatic Cells
      Author : Author(s): Anthony M. Sun
1453   Methods for the Implantation of Liver Cells
      Author : Author(s): Stephen S. Kim, Hirofumi Utsunomiya, Joseph P. Vacanti
1454   Methods for the Investigation of Thyroid Function
      Author : Author(s): Christine R. Squire
1455   Methods for the Serum-Free Culture of Keratinocytes and Transplantation of CollagenGAG-Based Skin Substitutes
      Author : Author(s): Steven T. Boyce
1456   Methods for the Study of Nerve Cell Migration and Patterning
      Author : Author(s): Helen M. Buettner, Hsin-Chien Tai
1457   Methods for the Study of NO-Induced Apoptosis in Cultured Cells
      Author : Author(s): Anne C. Loweth, Noel G. Morgan
1458   Methods in Functional Proteomics: Two-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis With Immobilized pH Gradients, In-Gel Digestion, and Identification of Proteins by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Karine R. Bernard, Karen R. Jonscher, Katheryn A. Resing, Natalie G. Ahn
1459   Methods to Investigate the Effects of Chronic Ethanol on Adipocytes
      Author : Author(s): Becky M. Sebastian, Li Kang, Xiaocong Chen, Laura E. Nagy
1460   Methods to Isolate, Culture, and Study Osteoblasts
      Author : Author(s): Mechteld V. Hillsley
1461   Methyltransferases as Tools to Alter the Specificity of Restriction Endonucleases
      Author : Author(s): Bruno W. Sobral, Michael McCZeZZ
1462   Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Koji Otsuka, Shigeru Terabe
1463   Microarray Analysis of Ethanol-Induced Changes in Gene Expression
      Author : Author(s): Robnet T. Kerns, Michael F. Miles
1464   Microarray-Based Study of CarbohydrateProtein Binding
      Author : Author(s): Zhenxin Wang, Jingqing Gao
1465   Microarrays: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Norman H. Lee, Alexander I. Saeed
1466   Microchip Devices for Bioanalysis
      Author : Author(s): Anna C. Kinsella, Shelley D. Minteer
1467   Microchip-Based Capillary Electrophoresis Systems
      Author : Author(s): Wenzhang Xie, Rong Yang, Junquan Xu, Liang Zhang, Wanli Xing, Jing Cheng
1468   Microcoil NMR Spectroscopy: a Novel Tool for Biological High Throughput NMR Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Russell E. Hopson, Wolfgang Peti
1469   Microencapsulation of Enzymes, Cells, and Genetically Engineered Microorganisms
      Author : Author(s): Thomas M. Chang
1470   Microfluidic Chambers for Cell Migration and Neuroscience Research
      Author : Author(s): Anne M. Taylor, Seog Woo Rhee, Noo Li Jeon
1471   Microfluidic Chips Designed for Measuring Biomolecules Through a Microbead-Based Quantum Dot Fluorescence Assay
      Author : Author(s): Kwang-Seok Yun, Dohoon Lee, Hak-Sung Kim, Euisik Yoon
1472   Microfluidic Devices with Photodefinable Pseudo-valves for Protein Separation
      Author : Author(s): Z. Hugh Fan
1473   Microfluidic Ethanol Biobatteries on a Microchip
      Author : Author(s): Shelley D. Minteer, Christine M. Moore
1474   Microinjection of myo-Inositol(1,4,5)trisphosphate and Other Calcium-Mobilizing Agents into Intact Adherent Cells
      Author : Author(s): Robert A. Wilcox, Ian D. Forsythe, Terence J. McCann
1475   Microinjection of Targeted Embryonic Stem Cells and Establishment of Knockout Mouse Lines for Fmo Genes
      Author : Author(s): Diana Hernandez, Anna N. Melidoni, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
1476   Micromethods for the Characterization of Lipid A-Core and O-Antigen Lipopolysaccharide
      Author : Author(s): Cristina L. Marolda, Piya Lahiry, Enrique Vins, Soledad Saldas, Miguel A. Valvano
1477   Micronization of a Polysaccharide by a Supercritical Antisolvent Technique
      Author : Author(s): Alberto Bertucco, Paolo Pallado
1478   Micropatterning Cells in Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Sangeeta N. Bhatia, Martin L. Yarmush, Mehmet Toner
1479   MicroPET, MicroSPECT, and NIR Fluorescence Imaging of Biomolecules In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Zi-Bo Li, Xiaoyuan Chen
1480   Micropipet Aspiration for Measuring Elastic Properties of Lipid Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Marjorie L. Longo, Hung V. Ly
1481   Microsatellite Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Rachel E. Ibbotson, Anton E. Parker
1482   Microscale Integrated Sperm Sorter
      Author : Author(s): Yaokuang Chung, Xiaoyue Zhu, Wei Gu, Gary D. Smith, Shuichi Takayama
1483   Microscopic Analysis of Lipid Droplet Metabolism and Dynamics in Yeast
      Author : Author(s): Heimo Wolinski, Sepp D. Kohlwein
1484   Microscopic Imagery of Mammalian Cells Expressing an Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Gene
      Author : Author(s): Steven R. Kain, Guohong Zhang, Vanessa Gurtu, Paul A. Kitts
1485   Microscopic Methods for the Analysis of Engineered Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Sally Roberts, Janis Menage
1486   Microtextured Polydimethylsiloxane Substrates for Culturing Mesenchymal Stem Cells
      Author : Author(s): Erik T. Peterson, Ian Papautsky
1487   Microwave Fixation of Rat Hippocampal Slices
      Author : Author(s): Marcia D. Feinberg, Karen M. Szumowski, Kristen M. Harris
1488   Microwave Paraffin Techniques for Botanical Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Denise Schichnes, Jeffrey A. Nemson, Steven E. Ruzin
1489   Microwave Polymerization in Thin Layers of London Resin White Allows Selection of Specimens for Immunogold Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer E. Lonsdale, Kent L. McDonald, Russell L. Jones
1490   Microwave Processing of Archived Pathology Specimens for Ultrastructural Examination
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Munn, Phillip J. Vogt
1491   Microwave Processing of Sediment Samples
      Author : Author(s): Dawn Lavoie, Janet Watkins, Yoko Furukawa
1492   Microwave Processing Techniques for Biological Samples in a Service Laboratory
      Author : Author(s): Lou Ann Miller
1493   Microwave-Accelerated Decalcification: Useful Methods for Research and Clinical Laboratories
      Author : Author(s): Victoria J. Madden
1494   Microwave-Assisted Cytochemistry: Accelerated Visualization of Acetylcholinesterase at Motor Endplates
      Author : Author(s): John P. Petrali, Kenneth R. Mills
1495   Microwave-Assisted Formalin Fixation of Fresh Tissue: A Comparative Study
      Author : Author(s): Richard T. Giberson, Douglas E. Elliott
1496   Microwave-Assisted Immunoelectron Microscopy of Skin: Localization of Laminin, Type IV Collagen, and Bullous Pemphigoid Antigen
      Author : Author(s): John P. Petrali, Kenneth R. Mills
1497   Microwave-Assisted Processing and Embedding for Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Paul Webster
1498   Microwave-Assisted Processing of Biological Samples for Scanning Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Richard S. Demaree
1499   Mimotopes of tumor-associated T-cell epitopes for cancer vaccines determined with combinatorial peptide libraries
      Author : Author(s): Tumenjargal Sherev, Karl-Heinz Wiesmller, Peter Walden
1500   Mini-Antibody Affinity Chromatography of Lysozyme
      Author : Author(s): Gjalt W. Welling, Sytske Welling-Wester
1501   Miniaturized Parallelized Sandwich Immunoassays
      Author : Author(s): Hsin-Yun Hsu, Silke Wittemann, Thomas O. Joos
1502   Minimized Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Maxine J. McCall, Philip Hendry, Trevor J. Lockett
1503   Mitochondrial Proteomics: Analysis of a Whole Mitochondrial Extract with Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Thierry Rabilloud
1504   Mitogenic Effects of Lectins on Epithelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Lu-Gang Yu, Jonathan M. Rhodes
1505   Mobility Shift Assays
      Author : Author(s): Nigel J. Savery, Stephen J. Busby
1506   Modeling 2D and 3D Diffusion
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Saxton
1507   Modeling the Impact of Alcohol on Cortical Development in a Dish: Strategies from Mapping Neural Stem Cell Fate
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh C. Miranda, Daniel R. Santillano, Cynthia Camarillo, Douglas Dohrman
1508   Modern Methods for Rapid X-Ray Diffraction Data Collection from Crystals of Macromolecules
      Author : Author(s): Elspeth F. Garman
1509   Modification of Materials With Bioactive Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer L. West
1510   Modification of tumor cells with fas (CD95) antigen gene and fas ligand (CD95L) gene transfection by electroporation for immunotherapy of cancer
      Author : Author(s): Motomu Shimizu, Takayuki Yoshimoto, Akio Matsuzawa, Yasutaka Takeda
1511   Modulation of human interferon-? biosynthesis by antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Christine M. Boeve, Marc Ley
1512   Modulation of the Expression Level of Human Acidic Lipases by Various Signal Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Stphane Canaan, Liliane Dupuis, Mireille Rivire, Robert Verger, Catherine Wicker-Planquart
1513   Molecular Cloning in Bacteriophage Lambda and in Cosmids
      Author : Author(s): Claus Christiansen
1514   Molecular Dissection of the Mouse Zona Pellucida: An Electron-Microscopic Perspective Utilizing High-Resolution Colloidal-Gold Labeling Methods
      Author : Author(s): Frederick W. Kan
1515   Molecular Dynamics Simulations as a Complement to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and X-Ray Diffraction Measurements
      Author : Author(s): Scott E. Feller
1516   Molecular Modeling of Glycosyltransferases
      Author : Author(s): Anne Imberty, Michaela Wimmerov, Jaroslav Koca, Christelle Breton
1517   Molecular Replacement Using Known Structural Information
      Author : Author(s): Ian J. Tickle, Huub P. Driessen
1518   Monitoring of GFP-Tagged Bacterial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Riccardo Tombolini, Janet K. Jansson
1519   Monitoring of Phospholipase A2 Activation in Cultured Cells Using Tritiated Arachidonic Acid
      Author : Author(s): Sandie I. Briand, Sylvie G. Bernier, Gatan Guillemette
1520   Monoclonal Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Christopher Dean, Helmout Modjtahedi
1521   Monoclonal Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Zhong J. Zhang, Maher Albitar
1522   Monoclonal Antibodies to Cytochromes P45
      Author : Author(s): Harry V. Gelboin, Magang Shou, Inna Goldfarb, Tian J. Yang, Kristopher Krausz
1523   Monolayer Techniques for Studying Lipase Kinetics
      Author : Author(s): Stphane Ransac, Margarita Ivanova, Ivan Panaiotov, Robert Verger
1524   Monosaccharide Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Susumu Honda
1525   Morphologic Analysis of the Zebrafish Digestive System
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Trotter, Adam C. Parslow, Joan K. Heath
1526   Multi-Fluorophore Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer for Probing Nucleic Acids Structure and Folding
      Author : Author(s): Juewen Liu, Yi Lu
1527   Multicolor Detection of Combed DNA Molecules Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s): Christophe Escud, Bndicte Gron-Landre, Aurlien Crut, Pierre Desbiolles
1528   Multiphoton Laser-Scanning Microscopy and Spatial Analysis of Dehydroergosterol Distributions on Plasma Membrane of Living Cells
      Author : Author(s): Avery L. McIntosh, Barbara P. Atshaves, Huan Huang, Adalberto M. Gallegos, Ann B. Kier, Friedhelm Schroeder, Hai Xu, Weimin Zhang, Suojin Wang, Jyh-Charn Liu
1529   Multiphoton Redox Ratio Imaging for Metabolic Monitoring In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Melissa Skala, Nirmala Ramanujam
1530   Multiple Embryo Time-Lapse Imaging of Zebrafish Development
      Author : Author(s): Leah Herrgen, Christian Schrter, Lola Bajard, Andrew C. Oates
1531   Multiple tandem epitope tagging for enhanced detection of protein expressed in mammalian cells
      Author : Author(s): Lin Zhang, Ron Hernan, Brill Brizzard
1532   Multiplex Amplifiable Probe Hybridization (MAPH)
      Author : Author(s): Carolina Sismani, Ludmila Kousoulidou, Philippos C. Patsalis
1533   Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Jerald Radich
1534   Multiplex Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Detection by Combinatorial Fluorescence Energy Transfer Tags and Molecular Affinity
      Author : Author(s): Anthony K. Tong, Jingyue Ju
1535   Mutagenesis and Modeling of the Hairpin Ribozyme Family
      Author : Author(s): Andrew Siwkowski, Mary Beth DeYoung, Pamela Anderson, Arnold Hampel
1536   Mutation Screening Using PCR-SSCP: Silver Staining and Isotopic Protocols
      Author : Author(s): Philip J. Saker
1537   Myocardial Restoration and Tissue Engineering of Heart Structures
      Author : Author(s): Theo Kofidis, Knut Mller-Stahl, Axel Haverich
1538   N-Glycosylation Analysis Using the StrOligo Algorithm
      Author : Author(s): Martin Ethier, Daniel Figeys, Hlne Perreault
1539   N-Linked Glycoprotein Analysis Using Dual-Extraction Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography and Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): S.O. Siu, Maggie P.Y. Lam, Edward Lau, William S.B. Yeung, David M. Cox, Ivan K. Chu
1540   N-Linked Protein Glycosylation in a Bacterial System
      Author : Author(s): Harald Nothaft, Xin Liu, David J. McNally, Christine M. Szymanski
1541   N-Terminal Amino Acid Sequencing of 2-DE Spots
      Author : Author(s): Masaharu Kamo, Akira Tsugita
1542   N-Terminal Ubiquitination
      Author : Author(s): Aaron Ciechanover
1543   N? -(carboxymethyl)lysine (CML) as a Biomarker of Oxidative Stress in Long-Lived Tissue Proteins
      Author : Author(s): J. Nikki Shaw, John W. Baynes, Suzanne R. Thorpe
1544   Nanofluidic Channel Fabrication and Manipulation of DNA Molecules
      Author : Author(s): Kai-Ge Wang, Hanben Niu
1545   Nanoparticle and Iron Chelators as a Potential Novel Alzheimer Therapy
      Author : Author(s): Gang Liu, Ping Men, George Perry, Mark A. Smith
1546   Nanoparticle-Mediated Gene Delivery
      Author : Author(s): Sha Jin, John C. Leach, Kaiming Ye
1547   Nanopore Force Spectroscopy on DNA Duplexes
      Author : Author(s): Nahid N. Jetha, Matthew Wiggin, Andre Marziali
1548   Native Fractionation: Isolation of Native Membrane-Bound Protein Complexes from Porcine Rod Outer Segments Using Isopycnic Density Gradient Centrifugation
      Author : Author(s): Magdalena Swiatek-de Lange, Bernd Mller, Marius Ueffing
1549   Native Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Adrian J. Harwood
1550   Natural Product Isolation: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Satyajit D. Sarker, Zahid Latif, Alexander I. Gray
1551   Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy to Identify Membrane Microdomains
      Author : Author(s): Anatoli Ianoul, Linda J. Johnston
1552   Negative Staining of Thinly Spread Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): J. Robin Harris
1553   Network and Pathway Analysis of CompoundProtein Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Richard J. Brennan, Tatiana Nikolskya, Svetlana Bureeva
1554   Nick Translation and Random Hexamer Labeling of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Jane Davenport-Jones
1555   Nitrate Reductase Activity of Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH-2) as a Redox Sensor for Cardiovascular Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Daiber, Thomas Mnzel
1556   Nitric Oxide Imaging in Neurons Using Confocal Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Xiaoxiang Zheng, Gangmin Ning, Dihui Hong, Mu Zhang
1557   Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Ahmad Aljada, Paresh Dandona
1558   Nitrite and Nitrate Measurements in Human Urine by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Edward Morcos, N. Peter Wiklund
1559   Nitrite Determination by Colorimetric and Fluorometric Griess Diazotization Assays: Simple, Reliable High-Throughput Indices of Reactive Nitrogen Species in Cell-Culture Systems
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Hensley, Shenyun Mou, Quentin N. Pye
1560   Nitrocellulose-Based Immunoaffinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Joseph Thalhamer, Peter Hammerl, Arnulf Hartl
1561   Nitroreductase-Mediated Cell Ablation in Transgenic Zebrafish Embryos
      Author : Author(s): Harshan Pisharath, Michael J. Parsons
1562   NMR Detection of Lipid Domains
      Author : Author(s): Ivan V. Polozov, Klaus Gawrisch
1563   NMR Screening for Rapid Protein Characterization in Structural Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Justine M. Hill
1564   Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis, Animal Models, and Biomarkers: What Is New?
      Author : Author(s): Usue Ariz, Jose Maria Mato, Shelly C. Lu, Maria L. Martnez Chantar
1565   Nondenaturing Mass Spectrometry to Study Noncovalent Protein/Protein and Protein/Ligand Complexes: Technical Aspects and Application to the Determination of Binding Stoichiometries
      Author : Author(s): Sarah Sanglier, Cdric Atmanene, Guillaume Chevreux, Alain Dorsselaer
1566   Nondestructive Evaluation of Biodegradable Porous Matrices for Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Leoncio Garrido
1567   Nondetergent Isolation of Rafts
      Author : Author(s): Mehul B. Shah, Pravin B. Sehgal
1568   Nonenzymatic Template-Directed RNA Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Marcus Hey, Michael Gel
1569   Nonequilibrium pH Gel Electrophoresis (NEPHGE)
      Author : Author(s): Mary F. Lopez
1570   Noninvasive Bioluminescent Imaging of Infections
      Author : Author(s): Javier S. Burgos
1571   Nonradioactive Differential Display of Messenger RNA
      Author : Author(s): Thomas C. Bosch, Jan U. Lohmann
1572   Nonradioactive Labeling of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Thomas P. McCreery, Terrence R. Barrette
1573   Nonradioactive Methods for the Detection of RNA-Protein Interaction
      Author : Author(s): Asier Echarri, Mara Eugenia Gonzlez, Ivn Ventoso, Luis Carrasco
1574   Nonradioactive Northern and Southern Analyses From Plant Samples
      Author : Author(s): Christoph Peterhaensel, Dagmar Weier, Thomas Lahaye
1575   Nonradioactive Northern Blotting of RNA
      Author : Author(s): Rainer Lw
1576   Nonradioactive Oligonucleotide Probe Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Sue Fowler, Ian Durrant
1577   Nonradioactive Oligonucleotide Probes for Detecting Products of the Ligase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Jon Kratochvil, Thomas G. Laffler
1578   Nonradioactive Trans-Sialidase Screening Assay
      Author : Author(s): Silke Schrader, Roland Schauer
1579   Nonreducing 2-D Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Hong Ji, Richard J. Simpson
1580   Nonvitamin Plasma Antioxidants
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas J. Miller
1581   Northern Blot Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Paolo A. Sabelli
1582   Northern Blotting
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey W. Pollard, Caroline R. Perry, Christopher F. Thurston
1583   Novel Eicosanoids: Isoprostanes and Related Compounds
      Author : Author(s): L. Jackson Roberts, Cynthia J. Brame, Yan Chen, Jason D. Morrow
1584   Novel Tools for Use in Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) Assays
      Author : Author(s): Mlanie Robitaille, Isabelle Hroux, Alessandra Baragli, Terence E. Hbert
1585   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Oriented Lipid Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Olivier Soubias, Klaus Gawrisch
1586   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins in Micelles and Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Xiao-Min Gong, Carla M. Franzin, Khang Thai, Jinghua Yu, Francesca M. Marassi
1587   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Jerzy W. Jaroszewski, Siddhartha Roy, Jack S. Cohen
1588   Nucleic Acid Library Construction Using Synthetic DNA Constructs
      Author : Author(s): Hani S. Zaher, Peter J. Unrau
1589   Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis Using DNAzymes
      Author : Author(s): Murray J. Cairns, Lun-Quan Sun
1590   Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification
      Author : Author(s): Katherine Loens, D. Ursi, H. Goossens, M. Ieven
1591   Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification (NASBA)
      Author : Author(s): Larry Malek, Roy Sooknanan, Jean Compton
1592   O-Mannosylation in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Tamao Endo, Hiroshi Manya
1593   Obtaining Molecular Weights of Proteins and Their Cleavage Products by Directly Combining Gel Electrophoresis with Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Rachel R. Ogorzalek, Joseph A. Loo, Philip C. Andrews
1594   Off-Target Networks Derived from Ligand Set Similarity
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Keiser, Jrme Hert
1595   Oligodeoxynucleotide Synthesis: H-Phosphonate Approach
      Author : Author(s): Brian C. Froehler
1596   Oligodeoxynucleotides
      Author : Author(s): François Morvan, Bernard Rayner, Jean-Louis Imbach
1597   Oligodeoxyribonucleotide Phosphotriesters
      Author : Author(s): Maria Koziolkiewicz, Andrzej Wilk
1598   Oligodeoxyribonucleotides Synthesis: Phosphoramidite Approach
      Author : Author(s): Serge L. Beaucage
1599   Oligomeric States of Proteins Determined by Size-Exclusion Chromatography Coupled With Light Scattering, Absorbance, and Refractive Index Detectors
      Author : Author(s): Ewa Folta-Stogniew
1600   Oligonucleoside Boranophosphate (Borane Phosphonate)
      Author : Author(s): Barbara Ramsay Shaw, Jon Madison, Anup Sood, Bernard F. Spielvogel
1601   Oligonucleoside Phosphorothioates
      Author : Author(s): Gerald Zon
1602   Oligonucleotide Analogs Containing Dephospho-Internucleoside Linkages
      Author : Author(s): Eugen Uhlmann, Anusch Peyman
1603   Oligonucleotide Analogs with Dimethylenesulfide, -sulfoxide, and -sulfone Groups Replacing Phosphodiester Linkages
      Author : Author(s): Zhen Huang, K. Christian Schneider, Steven A. Benner
1604   Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay
      Author : Author(s): Faye A. Eggerding
1605   Oligonucleotide Microarrays for the Study of Coastal Microbial Communities
      Author : Author(s): Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg, Bess B. Ward
1606   Oligonucleotide Phosphorofluoridates and Fluoridites
      Author : Author(s): Wojciech Dabkowski, Jan Michahki, Friedrich Cramer
1607   Oligonucleotide PRINS DNA Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): John R. Gosden, Diane Lawson
1608   Oligonucleotide Synthesis Using the Manual Phosphotriester Method
      Author : Author(s): Daniel M. OCallaghan, William J. Donnelly
1609   Oligonucleotide Synthesis: Phosphotriester Approach
      Author : Author(s): Chris Christodoulou
1610   Oligonucleotide-Enzyme Conjugates
      Author : Author(s): Jerry L Ruth
1611   Oligonucleotides Containing Degenerate Bases: Synthesis and Uses
      Author : Author(s): Paul Kong Lin, Daniel M. Brown
1612   Oligoribonucleotide Synthesis: The Silyl-Phosphoramidite Method
      Author : Author(s): Masad J. Damha, Kelvin K Ogilvie
1613   On-Bead and Solution Screening Approaches for Genomically Derived Targets: Discovery of Surrogate Ligands and Substrates Using Combinatorial Chemistry Libraries
      Author : Author(s): David S. Thorpe, Grard Ross, Helen Yeoman, Sydney Wilson, Patti Willson, Greg Harlow, Anna Robinson, Kenneth F. Wertman
1614   On-Chip Protein Synthesis for Making Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Niroshan Ramachandran, Eugenie Hainsworth, Gokhan Demirkan, Joshua LaBaer
1615   On-Column Labeling Reaction for Analysis of Protein Contents of a Single Cell Using Capillary Electrophoresis With Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Hossein Ahmadzadeh, Sergey Krylov
1616   On-Line Preconcentration and Separation of Antisense Oligonucleotides by ITP-CE in Dextran-Filled Capillaries
      Author : Author(s): Iris Barm, Gerard J. Bruin
1617   On-Line SFE-SFC for the Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Other Lipids from Water Matrices
      Author : Author(s): Francisco J. Se~norns, Karin E. Markides
1618   One-Dimensional Electrophoresis of Nucleic Acids in Agarose Using Denaturation with Formaldehyde and Identification of 3H-Labeled RNA by Fluorography
      Author : Author(s): Theodore Gurney
1619   One-Step One-Lane Chemical Sequencing of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Giovanna Costanzo, Ernesto Mauro, Rodolfo Negri
1620   One-Step Optimization Using Touchdown and Stepdown Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth H. Roux, Karl H. Hecker
1621   One-Step Purification and Biochemical Characterization of Recombinant Pancreatic Lipases Expressed in Insect Cells
      Author : Author(s): Sofiane Bezzine, Francine Ferrato, Vronique Lopez, Alain Caro, Robert Verger, Frdric Carrire
1622   One-Tube RT-PCR with Sequence-Specific RT Primers
      Author : Author(s): Ulrich Pfeffer, Paola Ferro
1623   Open-Source Platform for the Analysis of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) Data
      Author : Author(s): Matthew Fitzgibbon, Wendy Law, Damon May, Andrea Detter, Martin McIntosh
1624   Optical Dynamometry to Study Phase Transitions in Lipid Membranes
      Author : Author(s): R. Dimova, B. Pouligny
1625   Optimization and Application of the Group I Ribozyme Trans-Splicing Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Christer Einvik, Tonje Fiskaa, Eirik W. Lundblad, Steinar Johansen
1626   Optimization of a Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Mass Assay for Low-Abundance mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Jacqueline M. Cale, Cynthia E. Shaw, Ian M. Bird
1627   Optimization of Hammerhead Flanking Sequences Using Oligonucleotide Facilitators
      Author : Author(s): John Goodchild
1628   Optimization of Lipid-Mediated Ribozyme Delivery to Cells in Culture
      Author : Author(s): Suzy A. Brown, Thale C. Jarvis
1629   Optimization of Precision in Quantitative Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1630   Optimization of Sensitivity
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1631   Optimizing the Difference Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) Technology
      Author : Author(s): David B Friedman, Kathryn S Lilley
1632   Organic Acids by Ion Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): William E Rich, Edward Johnson, Louis Lois, Brian E. Stafford, Pokar M. Kabra, Laurence J. Marton
1633   Organic Contaminant Detection and Biodegradation Characteristics
      Author : Author(s): Robert S. Burlage
1634   Organization of Proteomics Data With YassDB
      Author : Author(s): Allan L. Thomsen, Kris Laukens, Rune Matthiesen, Ole Nrregaard Jensen
1635   Organizing Bioactive Compound Discovery in Target Families
      Author : Author(s): H. Peter Nestler
1636   Organogenesis of Skeletal Muscle in Tissue Culture
      Author : Author(s): Herman Vandenburgh, Janet Shansky, Michael Tatto, Joseph Chromiak
1637   Orientation of the Agarose Matrix by Pulsed Electric Fields
      Author : Author(s): Nancy C. Stellwagen
1638   Oscillating Probe for Dual Detection of 5?PO4 and 5?OH DNA Breaks in Tissue Sections
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir V. Didenko
1639   Overexpression of Proteins in Neurons Using Replication-Deficient Virus
      Author : Author(s): Richard M. Ahlquist, Jane M. Sullivan
1640   Overexpression, Isolation, and Crystallization of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Jane V. Skelly, C. Bernadette Madden
1641   Overview and Introduction to Clinical Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Young-Ki Paik, Hoguen Kim, Eun-Young Lee, Min-Seok Kwon, Sang Yun Cho
1642   Overview of Advances in Microfluidics and Microfabrication
      Author : Author(s): Shelley D. Minteer, Christine M. Moore
1643   Overview of Hybridization and Detection Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Elena Hilario
1644   Overview of Membrane Rafts
      Author : Author(s): Thomas J. McIntosh
1645   Overview of Microwave-Assisted Tissue Processing for Transmission Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Richard S. Demaree, Richard T. Giberson
1646   Overview of the Pipeline for Structural and Functional Characterization of Macrophage Proteins at the University of Queensland
      Author : Author(s): Weining Meng, Jade K. Forwood, Gregor Guncar, Gautier Robin, Nathan P. Cowieson, Pawel Listwan, Dmitri Mouradov, Gordon King, Ian L. Ross, Jodie Robinson, Munish Puri, Justine M. Hill, Stuart Kellie, Thomas Huber, David A. Hume, Jennifer L
1647   Overview on Techniques in Cluster Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Itziar Frades, Rune Matthiesen
1648   Overview: Choosing a Method for Epitope Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Glenn E. Morris
1649   Overview: The Application of Capillary Electrophoresis for DNA Polymorphism Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Keith R. Mitchelson
1650   Oxidation of Cellular DNA Measured with the Comet Assay
      Author : Author(s): Andrew R. Collins, Mria Duinsk
1651   Oxidative Lipidomics of Apoptosis: Quantitative Assessment of Phospholipid Hydroperoxides in Cells and Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir A. Tyurin, Yulia Y. Tyurina, Vladimir B. Ritov, Andriy Lysytsya, Andrew A. Amoscato, Patrick M. Kochanek, Ronald Hamilton, Steven T. DeKosky, Joel S. Greenberger, Hlya Bayir, Valerian E. Kagan
1652   Oxidized and Unoxidized Fatty Acyl Esters
      Author : Author(s): Odile Sergent, Josiane Cillard
1653   Oxidized LDL and Lp(a): Preparation, Modification, and Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Jan Galle, Christoph Wanner
1654   Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein
      Author : Author(s): Sampath Parthasarathy, Achuthan Raghavamenon, Mahdi Omar Garelnabi, Nalini Santanam
1655   OXY-SCORE: A Global Index to Improve Evaluation of Oxidative Stress by Combining Pro- and Antioxidant Markers
      Author : Author(s): Fabrizio Veglia, Viviana Cavalca, Elena Tremoli
1656   Oxygen Consumption Methods: Xanthine Oxidase and Lipoxygenase
      Author : Author(s): Istvan Stadler
1657   PACE (Probe AssayChemiluminescence Enhanced): A Magnetic Bead Assay for the Noncultural Diagnosis of Gonorrhea
      Author : Author(s): Paul A. Granato
1658   Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatographic Determination of Acetaminophen, Propyphenazone, and Caffeine in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
      Author : Author(s): Urmila J. Dhorda, Viddesh R. Bari, M. Sundaresan
1659   Parameters Affecting Capillary Electrophoretic Separation of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Haleem J. Issaq
1660   Parkinsons Disease: Assays for the Ubiquitin Ligase Activity of Neural Parkin
      Author : Author(s): Michael G. Schlossmacher, Hideki Shimura
1661   Partial Purification of Mannosylphosphorylundecaprenol Synthase From Micrococcus luteus: A Useful Enzyme for the Biosynthesis of a Variety of Mannosylphosphorylpolyisoprenol Products
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey S. Rush, Charles J. Waechter
1662   Pattern Recognition Approaches for Classifying Proteomic Mass Spectra of Biofluids
      Author : Author(s): Ray L. Somorjai
1663   PCR Cloning of Human Immunoglobulin Genes
      Author : Author(s): James D. Marks, Andrew Bradbury
1664   PCR-Based Construction of Long Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Martin Zillmann, Gregory Robinson
1665   PepSeeker: Mining Information from Proteomic Data
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer A. Siepen, Julian N. Selley, Simon J. Hubbard
1666   Peptide Nucleic Acid Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Anette Jacob, Ole Brandt, Achim Stephan, Jrg D. Hoheisel
1667   Peptide Sequencing of 2-DE Gel-Isolated Proteins by Nanoelectrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Ole N. Jensen, Matthias Wilm, Andrej Shevchenko, Matthias Mann
1668   Performing In Vitro Sumoylation Reactions Using Recombinant Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Werner, Marie-Christine Moutty, Ulrike Mller, Frauke Melchior
1669   Perifusion Culture of Hepatocytes
      Author : Author(s): Rolf Gebhardt
1670   Periodate Oxidation of Antibodies for Site-Selective Immobilization in Immunoaffinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): David S. Hage
1671   PFGE Using Double-Inhomogeneous Fields or Orthogonal Field-Alternating Gel Electrophoresis (OFAGE)
      Author : Author(s): Margit Burmeister
1672   Phage Display Technology: Affinity Selection by Biopanning
      Author : Author(s): George K. Ehrlich, Wolfgang Berthold, Pascal Bailon
1673   Phage Display Technology: Identification of Peptides as Model Ligands for Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): George K. Ehrlich, Pascal Bailon, Wolfgang Berthold
1674   Phage-Display Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Julia E. Thompson, Andrew J. Williams
1675   Phage-Display Libraries of Murine and Human Antibody Fab Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Jan Engberg, Lene K. Johansen, Michelle Westengaard-Hildinge, Erik S. Riise, Bjarne Albrechtsen
1676   Phagocyte Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Ian A. Cree
1677   Phenolic Acids and Flavonoids: Occurrence and Analytical Methods
      Author : Author(s): Constantine D. Stalikas
1678   Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinases: Assays and Product Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Rachel E. Meyers, Lewis C. Cantley
1679   Phosphatidylinositol(3,4,5)Trisphosphate (Ptdins(3,4,5)P3) Mass Measurement Using a Radioligand Displacement Assay
      Author : Author(s): Jeroen Kaay, Pete J. Cullen, C. Peter Downes
1680   Phosphoinositidase C Activation Assay I: Cell Labeling, Stimulation, and Recovery of Cellular [3H]Phosphoinositides and [3H]Phosphoinositols
      Author : Author(s): Ian M. Bird
1681   Phosphoinositidase C Activation Assay II: Simple Analysis of Recovered Cellular Phosphoinositides and Phosphoinositols
      Author : Author(s): Ian M. Bird
1682   Phosphoinositidase C Activation Assay III: HPLC Analysis of Cellular Phosphoinositides and Phosphoinositols
      Author : Author(s): Ian M. Bird
1683   Phosphoinositide (PI) 3-Kinase Assays
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Fry
1684   Phospholipase A2 and Phosphatidylinositol-Specific Phospholipase C Assays by HPLC and TLC with Fluorescent Substrate
      Author : Author(s): H. Stewart Hendrickson
1685   Phospholipid-Interacting Proteins by Solution-State NMR Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Keiichiro Kami, Sundaresan Rajesh, Michael Overduin
1686   Photobiotin-Labeled DNA and RNA Hybridization Probes
      Author : Author(s): James L. McInnes, Anthony C. Forster, Robert H. Symons
1687   Photolysis of Caged Calcium Using a Low-Cost Flash Unit
      Author : Author(s): Gommert A. Koeveringe, Ron Mastrigt
1688   Photorhabdus luminescens luxCDABE Promoter Probe Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Tina K. Dyk, Reinhardt A. Rosson
1689   Picolinyl esters for the structural determination of fatty acids by GC/MS
      Author : Author(s): David J. Harvey
1690   PIG-B: A homemade monophasic cocktail for the extraction of RNA
      Author : Author(s): Kristy Weber, Mark E. Bolander, Gobinda Sarkar
1691   PIN-G Reporter for Imaging and Defining Trafficking Signals in Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Lynn Mckeown, Vicky C. Jones, Owen T. Jones
1692   Plant Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Eric Sarnighausen, Ralf Reski
1693   Plant Protoplast Fusion
      Author : Author(s): Neil Fish, Keith Lindsey, Michael G. Jones
1694   Plant Tissue Culture
      Author : Author(s): Michael G. Jones, Neil Fish, Keith Lindsey
1695   Plant Tissue Culture
      Author : Author(s): Vctor M. Loyola-Vargas, C. De-la-Pea, R. M. Galaz-valos, F. R. Quiroz-Figueroa
1696   Plant Transformation
      Author : Author(s): Andy Prescott, Rob Briddon, Wendy Harwood
1697   Plasmid DNA Isolation (Sheared Lysate Method)
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1698   Plasmid DNA Isolation by the Cleared Lysate Method
      Author : Author(s): Stephen A. Boffey
1699   Plasmid Preparation on Sephacryl S1
      Author : Author(s): Paul D. Helden, Eileen G. Hoal
1700   Plasmid Screening Using Single Colony Lysates
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1701   Plasmid-Derived Cloning Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Craig Winstanley, Ralph Rapley
1702   Plasmon-Waveguide Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Lateral Segregation in Solid-Supported Proteolipid Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Zdzislaw Salamon, Savitha Devanathan, Gordon Tollin
1703   pO2 and ROS/RNS Measurements in the Microcirculation in Hypoxia
      Author : Author(s): Silvia Bertuglia, Marcos Intaglietta
1704   Point Mutation Detection by Temperature-Programmed Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Cecilia Gelfi, Laura Cremoresi, Maurizio Ferrari, Pier Giorgio Righetti
1705   Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of Fluorophore-Labeled Carbohydrates from Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): John C. Klock, Christopher M. Starr
1706   Polyamines
      Author : Author(s): Laurence J. Marton
1707   Polyamines: An Introduction
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
1708   Polyclonal and Antigen-specific Responses of T Cells and T Cell Subsets
      Author : Author(s): Betty M. Young, Susan Wiechert, Ruth A. Coleman, Prajwal Gurung, Robert T. Cook
1709   Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Ralph Rapley
1710   Polymerase Chain Reaction Cycle Sequencing with Degenerate Primers
      Author : Author(s): Zhiyuan Shen, Jingmei Liu, Robert L. Wells, Mortimer M. Elkind
1711   Polymerase Chain Reaction in Miniaturized Systems:: Big Progress in Little Devices
      Author : Author(s): Kalee D. Spitzack, Victor M. Ugaz
1712   Polymerase Chain Reaction on Microchips
      Author : Author(s): Maria C. Carles, Nikolaus J. Sucher
1713   Polymerase Chain Reaction: Basic Principles and Routine Practice
      Author : Author(s): Lori A. Kolmodin, J. Fenton Williams
1714   Porphyrins
      Author : Author(s): George R. Gotelli, Jeffrey H. Wall, Pokar M. Kabra, Laurence J. Marton
1715   Post-Translational Modif ications of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Christoph Kannicht, Birte Fuchs
1716   Poststaining Grids for Transmission Electron Microscopy: Conventional and Alternative Protocols
      Author : Author(s): E. Ann Ellis
1717   Postsynthesis Functionalization of Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Barbara C. Chu, Leslie E. Orgel
1718   Postsynthetic Functionalization of Triple Helix-Forming Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Alexandre S. Boutorine, Jian-Sheng Sun
1719   Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing in Plants
      Author : Author(s): Susan Varsha Wesley, Chris Helliwell, Ming-Bo Wang, Peter Waterhouse
1720   Potential Design Rules and Enzymatic Synthesis of siRNAs
      Author : Author(s): Mouldy Sioud, Marianne Leirdal
1721   Potentiated autologous tumor cell and peripheral blood lymphocyte lysate vaccination
      Author : Author(s): Sebastiano Rizzo, Maria Grazia Silvotti
1722   Practical Aspects of Cardiac Tissue Engineering With Electrical Stimulation
      Author : Author(s): Christopher Cannizzaro, Nina Tandon, Elisa Figallo, Hyoungshin Park, Sharon Gerecht, Milica Radisic, Nicola Elvassore, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic
1723   Practical Methods for Deuterium Exchange/Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Andrew N. Hoofnagle, Katheryn A. Resing, Natalie G. Ahn
1724   Precise large deletions by the PCR-based overlap extension method
      Author : Author(s): Savithra D. Senanayake, David A. Brian
1725   Prediction of Protein Disorder
      Author : Author(s): Zsuzsanna Dosztnyi, Peter Tompa
1726   Prediction of Protein Interaction Based on Similarity of Phylogenetic Trees
      Author : Author(s): Florencio Pazos, David Juan, Jose M. Izarzugaza, Eduardo Leon, Alfonso Valencia
1727   Preliminary Characterization of Crystals
      Author : Author(s): Sherin S. Abdel-Meguid, David Jeruzalmi, Mark R. Sanderson
1728   Prenatal Diagnosis of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
      Author : Author(s): Guy T. Besley
1729   Preparation and Analysis of DNA Sequencing Gels
      Author : Author(s): Bimal D. Theophilus
1730   Preparation and Assay of Phage Lambda
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1731   Preparation and Separation of Intact Chromosomes of Vertebrates by One-Dimensional Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (ODPFGE)
      Author : Author(s): Jaan Noolandi, Chantal Turmel
1732   Preparation and Solubilization of Body Fluids for 2-D
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Charles Sanchez, Denis F. Hochstrasser
1733   Preparation and Transplantation of a Composite Graft of Epidermal Keratinocytes on Acellular Dermis
      Author : Author(s): Daniel A. Medalie, Jeffrey R. Morgan
1734   Preparation and Use of Porous Poly(?-Hydroxyester) Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Anna C. Jen, Susan J. Peter, Antonios G. Mikos
1735   Preparation and Use of Tethered Ligands as Biomaterials and Tools for Cell Biology
      Author : Author(s): Susan J. Sofia, Philip R. Kuhl, Linda G. Griffith
1736   Preparation and Use of Thermosensitive Polymers
      Author : Author(s): Yi-Lin Cao, Clemente Ibarra, Charles Vacanti
1737   Preparation Methods of Human Metaphase Chromosomes for their Proteome Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kiichi Fukui, Hideaki Takata, Susumu Uchiyama
1738   Preparation of Chromosomal DNA from E. coli
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1739   Preparation of Chromosome Spreads by Root-Tip Meristem Dissection for In Situ Hybridization with Biotin-Labeled Probes
      Author : Author(s): Angela Karp
1740   Preparation of CollagenGlycosaminoglycan Copolymers for Tissue Regeneration
      Author : Author(s): Lila J. Chamberlain, Ioannis V. Yannas
1741   Preparation of Cortical Brain Slices for Electrophysiological Recording
      Author : Author(s): Costa M. Colbert
1742   Preparation of Direct, Enzyme-Labeled DNA Probes
      Author : Author(s): Ian Durrant, Timothy Stone
1743   Preparation of Drug-Loaded Polymeric Nanoparticles and Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity Against Lipid Peroxidation
      Author : Author(s): Adriana R. Pohlmann, Scheila Rezende Schaffazick, Tnia B. Creczynski-Pasa, Slvia S. Guterres
1744   Preparation of Encoded Combinatorial Libraries for Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Tao Guo, Doug W. Hobbs
1745   Preparation of Escherichia coli Samples for 2-D Gel Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Ruth A. VanBogelen, Frederick C. Neidhardt
1746   Preparation of Homogeneous Ribozyme RNA for Crystallization
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer A. Doudna
1747   Preparation of Horseradish Peroxidase-Labeled Probes
      Author : Author(s): Ian Durrant, Timothy Stone
1748   Preparation of Immortalized Human Chondrocyte Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s): James R. Robbins, Mary B. Goldring
1749   Preparation of Immunoconjugates Using Antibody Oligosaccharide Moieties
      Author : Author(s): Carl-Wilhelm Vogel
1750   Preparation of Lyophilized Cells to Preserve Enzyme Activities and High Molecular Weight Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Theodore Gurney
1751   Preparation of Membrane Rafts
      Author : Author(s): Mark G. Waugh, J. Justin Hsuan
1752   Preparation of Microspheres and Incorporation of Lipid Hydroperoxide for Sustained Release Studies
      Author : Author(s): Donald Armstrong, Hideya Kimura, Kazushi Tamai, Tsutomu Yasukawa, Mohammed Afzal, Richard W. Browne
1753   Preparation of Oligosaccharides from Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans Using Bacterial Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Shuhei Yamada, Kazuyuki Sugahara
1754   Preparation of Oriented, Fully Hydrated Lipid Samples for Structure Determination Using X-Ray Scattering
      Author : Author(s): Stephanie A. Tristram-Nagle
1755   Preparation of peptide-loaded dendritic cells for cancer immunotherapy
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Morse, Tim Clay, Kirsten Colling, H. Kim Lyerly
1756   Preparation of Phage Lambda DNA
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
1757   Preparation of Respiratory Chain Complexes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Wild-Type and Mutant Mitochondria: Activity Measurement and Subunit Composition Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Claire Lemaire, Genevive Dujardin
1758   Preparation of RNA Dot Blots
      Author : Author(s): Rachel Hodge
1759   Preparation of RNA Dot Blots
      Author : Author(s): Rachel Hodge
1760   Preparation of RNA Gel Blots
      Author : Author(s): Rachel Hodge
1761   Preparation of Single-Stranded Antisense cDNA Probes by Asymmetric PCR
      Author : Author(s): Daniel S. Millican, Ian M. Bird
1762   Preparation of SUMO Proteases and Kinetic Analysis Using Endogenous Substrates
      Author : Author(s): David Reverter, Christopher D. Lima
1763   Preparation of Sumoylated Substrates for Biochemical Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Puck Knipscheer, Helene Klug, Titia K. Sixma, Andrea Pichler
1764   Preparation of Templates for Production of Ribozymes and Substrates
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh K. Gaur, Guido Krupp
1765   Preparation of Tissue and Sections
1766   Preparation of Tissue Sections and Slides for mRNA Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Terenghi, Julia M. Polak
1767   Preparation of Tissue Sections and Slides for mRNA Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Terenghi
1768   Preparation of Tissues for Analysis
1769   Preparation of [3H]Phosphoinositol Standards and Conversion of [3H]Phosphoinositides to [3H]Phosphoinositols
      Author : Author(s): Ian M. Bird
1770   Preparation of RNase-Free DNase by Alkylation
      Author : Author(s): Theodore Gurney, Elizabeth G. Gurney
1771   Preparation, Manipulation, and Pulse Strategy for One-Dimensional Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis (ODPFGE)
      Author : Author(s): Jaan Noolandi, Chantal Turmel
1772   Preparation, Restriction, and Hybridization Analysis of Mammalian Genomic DNA for Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Denise P.
1773   Preparing 2-D Protein Extracts from Caenorhabditis elegans
      Author : Author(s): Robert Zwilling
1774   Preparing 2-D Protein Extracts from Yeast
      Author : Author(s): David M. Schieltz
1775   Pressure Perturbation Calorimetry
      Author : Author(s): P. D. Heiko Heerklotz
1776   Primed Synthesis and Direct Sequencing in the Isolation of cDNA Clones Using Short Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): John D. Haley
1777   Primer Extension Analysis of mRNA
      Author : Author(s): Maggie Walmsley, Mark Leonard, Roger Patient
1778   Primer Selection and Design for Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Wojciech Rychlik
1779   Primer-Directed Site-Specific Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. ODonohue, G. Geoff Kneale
1780   Principles and Medical Applications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Bimal D. Theophilus
1781   Principles and Medical Applications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Bimal D. Theophilus
1782   Principles of Cryopreservation
      Author : Author(s): David E. Pegg
1783   Principles of Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Stephen R. Bakalyar
1784   Prism: Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction by Structural Matching
      Author : Author(s): Ozlem Keskin, Ruth Nussinov, Attila Gursoy
1785   Pro-Oxidant and Antioxidant Effects of Estrogens
      Author : Author(s): Joachim G. Liehr, Deodutta Roy
1786   Probe Design, Production, and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Marilena Aquino Muro
1787   Probe Design, Production, and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Marilena Aquino de Muro
1788   Probing Antibody-Antigen Interactions by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Yingming Zhao, Brian T. Chait
1789   Probing for Promoters with Luciferase-Transposons
      Author : Author(s): David C. Alexander, Michael S. DuBow
1790   Probing the Effects of Phosphoinositides on Ion Channels
      Author : Author(s): Chou-Long Huang
1791   Procedures for the Analysis and Purification of His-Tagged Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Richard E. Kneusel, Joanne Crowe, Melanie Wulbeck, Joachim Ribbe
1792   Processing Biological Tissues for Ultrastructural Study
      Author : Author(s): Jos A. Mascorro, John J. Bozzola
1793   Processing of Resorbable Poly-?-Hydroxy Acids for Use as Tissue-Engineering Scaffolds
      Author : Author(s): Minna Kellomki, Pertti Trml
1794   Processing Plant Tissues for Ultrastructural Study
      Author : Author(s): John Kuo
1795   Prochiral Sulfoxidation as a Probe for Flavin-Containing Monooxygenases
      Author : Author(s): Catherine K. Yeung, Allan E. Rettie
1796   Producing Antibodies of Predetermined Specificity from Escherichia coli Hybrid Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Keith K. Stanley
1797   Production and Characterization of Anti-Cocaine Catalytic Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Paloma Prada, Donald W. Landry
1798   Production and Surface Modification of Polylactide-Based Polymeric Scaffolds for Soft-Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Yang Cao, Tristan I. Croll, Justin J. Cooper-White, Andrea J. Connor, Geoffrey W. Stevens
1799   Production of DNA Hybridization Probes with Digoxigenin-Modified Nucleotides by Random Hexanucleotide Priming
      Author : Author(s): Tom McCreery, Tim Helentjaris
1800   Production of Double-Stranded cDNA for Gene Library Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Jane Kirk, Steve Mayall
1801   Production of Human Antibodies from Transgenic Mice
      Author : Author(s): C. Geoffrey Davis, Xiao-Chi Jia, Xiao Feng, Mary Haak-Frendscho
1802   Production of Human Single-Chain Antibodies by Ribosome Display
      Author : Author(s): Mingyue He, Neil Cooley, Alison Jackson, Michael J. Taussig
1803   Production of Hybridization Probes by the PCR Utilizing Digoxigenin-Modified Nucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Tom McCreery, Tim Helentjaris
1804   Production of Panels of Monoclonal Antibodies by the Hybridoma Method
      Author : Author(s): Nguyen thi Man, Glenn E. Morris
1805   Production of Phage-Display Antibodies for Epitope Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Jenny Walker, George Banting
1806   Production of Protein Arrays by Cell-Free Systems
      Author : Author(s): Mingyue He, Michael J. Taussig
1807   Production of Pseudotyped Retrovirus and the Generation of Proviral Transgenic Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Li-En Jao, Shawn M. Burgess
1808   Production of Recombinant Bispecific Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Roland E. Kontermann, Tina Vlkel, Tina Korn
1809   Products of Creatinine with Hydroxyl Radical as a Useful Marker of Oxidative Stress In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Kazumasa Aoyagi, Sohji Nagase, Akio Koyama, Mitsuharu Narita, Shizuo Tojo
1810   Profiling LPS Glycoforms of Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae by Multiple-Stage Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Elke K.H. Schweda, James C. Richards
1811   Proteasome Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy
      Author : Author(s): Robert Z. Orlowski
1812   Protecting Groups in Oligonucleotide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Etienne Sonveaux
1813   Protein A Mimetic (PAM) Affinity Chromatography: Immunoglobulins Purification
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Fassina
1814   Protein Blotting
      Author : Author(s): Patricia Gravel
1815   Protein Blotting: Principles and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Peter R. Shewry, Roger J. Fido
1816   Protein Carbonyl Determination Using Biotin Hydrazide
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Hensley, Kelly S. Williamson
1817   Protein Carbonyl LevelsAn Assessment of Protein Oxidation
      Author : Author(s): Alessandra Castegna, Jennifer Drake, Chava Pocernich, D. Allan Butterfield
1818   Protein Carbonyl Measurement by ELISA
      Author : Author(s): I. Hendrikje Buss, Christine C. Winterbourn
1819   Protein Crystallization in Restricted Geometry: Advancing Old Ideas for Modern Times in Structural Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Joseph D. Ng, Raymond C. Stevens, Peter Kuhn
1820   Protein Detection Using Reversible Metal Chelate Stains
      Author : Author(s): Wayne F. Patton, Mark J. Lim, David Shepro
1821   Protein Domain Prediction
      Author : Author(s): Helgi Ingolfsson, Golan Yona
1822   Protein Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Paul Richards
1823   Protein Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): David Sheehan, Siobhan O'Sullivan
1824   Protein Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Sudhir Paul
1825   Protein Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Thomas Willemsen, Urs B. Hagemann, Eva M. Jouaux, Sabine C. Stebel, Jody M. Mason, Kristian M. Mller, Katja M. Arndt
1826   Protein Functional Annotation by Homology
      Author : Author(s): Raja Mazumder, Sona Vasudevan, Anastasia N. Nikolskaya
1827   Protein Identification and Analysis Tools in the ExPASy Server
      Author : Author(s): Marc R. Wilkins, Elisabeth Gasteiger, Amos Bairoch, Jean-Charles Sanchez, Keith L. Williams, Ron D. Appel, Denis F. Hochstrasser
1828   Protein Identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
      Author : Author(s): Karin Hjern
1829   Protein Identification by Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Sequence Database Searching
      Author : Author(s): Alexey I. Nesvizhskii
1830   Protein Kinase C as an Effector of Lipid-Derived Second Messengers
      Author : Author(s): Marie Hlne Paclet, Jan K. Davidson-Moncada, Guillermo Lpez-Lluch, Dongmin Shao, Lodewijk V. Dekker
1831   Protein Lipidation
      Author : Author(s): Jrgen Kuhlmann
1832   Protein Microarray Technology
      Author : Author(s): Charlotte H. Clarke, Eric T. Fung
1833   Protein Multiple Sequence Alignment
      Author : Author(s): Chuong B. Do, Kazutaka Katoh
1834   Protein Processing Characterized by a Gel-Free Proteomics Approach
      Author : Author(s): Petra Damme, Francis Impens, Jol Vandekerckhove, Kris Gevaert
1835   Protein Profiling of Human Plasma Samples by Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Sang Yun Cho, Eun-Young Lee, Hye-Young Kim, Min-Jung Kang, Hyoung-Joo Lee, Hoguen Kim, Young-Ki Paik
1836   Protein Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Bryan J. Smith, John R. Chapman
1837   Protein Sequencing with Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Assem G. Ziady, Michael Kinter
1838   Protein Structure Determination Using a Combination of Cross-linking, Mass Spectrometry, and Molecular Modeling
      Author : Author(s): Dmitri Mouradov, Gordon King, Ian L. Ross, Jade K. Forwood, David A. Hume, Andrea Sinz, Jennifer L. Martin, Bostjan Kobe, Thomas Huber
1839   Protein Structure Modeling with MODELLER
      Author : Author(s): Narayanan Eswar, David Eramian, Ben Webb, Min-Yi Shen, Andrej Sali
1840   Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence Technology
      Author : Author(s): Rajesh Nair, Burkhard Rost
1841   Protein Therapeutics: Mouse, Humanized, and Human Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Benny K. Lo
1842   Protein-DNA Binding Affinities by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Glenn J. Foulds, Felicia A. Etzkorn
1843   Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Fred E. Regnier, Karen M. Gooding
1844   ProteinProtein Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Hae Ryoun Park, Lisa Montoya Cockrell, Yuhong Du, Andrea Kasinski, Jonathan Havel, Jing Zhao, Francisca Reyes-Turcu, Keith D. Wilkinson, Haian Fu
1845   Proteolytic Fragmentation for Epitope Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Maria R. Mazzoni, Nikolai O. Artemyev, Heidi E. Hamm
1846   Proteolytic Labeling With 18O for Comparative Proteomics Studies: Preparation of 18O-Labeled Peptides and the 18O/16O Peptide Mixture
      Author : Author(s): Catherine Fenselau, Xudong Yao
1847   Proteomic Analysis by Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology
      Author : Author(s): Laurence Florens, Michael P. Washburn
1848   Proteomic Analysis of the Stacked Golgi Complex
      Author : Author(s): Mark S. Lowenthal, Kathryn E. Howell, Christine C. Wu
1849   Proteomic Analysis of the Sterol-Mediated Signaling Pathway in Caenorhabditis elegans
      Author : Author(s): Byung-Kwon Choi, Yun-Kyung Shin, Eun-Young Lee, Pan-Young Jeong, Yhong-Hee Shim, David J. Chitwood, Young Ki Paik
1850   Proteomic Approaches to Identify and Characterize Alterations to the Mitochondrial Proteome in Alcoholic Liver Disease
      Author : Author(s): Shannon M. Bailey, Kelly K. Andringa, Aimee Landar, Victor M. Darley-Usmar
1851   Proteomic Characterization of Membrane Protein Topology
      Author : Author(s): Adele R. Blackler, Christine C. Wu
1852   Proteomic Data Exchange and Storage: The Need for Common Standards and Public Repositories
      Author : Author(s): Sandra Orchard, Philip Jones, Chris Taylor, Weimin Zhu, Randall K. Julian, Henning Hermjakob, Rolf Apweiler
1853   Proteomic Data Exchange and Storage: Using Proteios
      Author : Author(s): Per Grdn, Rikard Alm
1854   Proteomic Method for Identification of Tyrosine-Nitrated Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Kulwant S. Aulak, Thomas Koeck, John W. Crabb, Dennis J. Stuehr
1855   Proteomics Facing the Combinatorial Problem
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen, Antnio Amorim
1856   Protocol to Enrich and Analyze Plasma Membrane Proteins from Frozen Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Jacek R Wi?niewski
1857   Protozoan Genomes: Karyotype Analysis, Chromosome Structure, and Chromosome Specific Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Lex H. Ploeg, Keith M. Gottesdiener, Stanley H. Korman, Michael Weiden, Sylvie Le Blancq
1858   Pull-Down Assays for Guanoside 5?-Triphosphate-Bound Ras-Like Guanosine 5?-Triphosphatases
      Author : Author(s): Miranda Triest, Johannes L. Bos
1859   Pulsed-Field and Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis of Long Arrays of Tandemly Repeated DNA: Analysis of Human Centromeric Alpha Satellite
      Author : Author(s): Peter E. Warburton, Rachel Wevrick, Melanie M. Mahtani, Huntington F. Willard
1860   Pulsed-Field Capillary Electrophoresis Separation of Large DNA Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Michael D. Morris, Jeffrey J. Schwinefus, Olivia Carmejane
1861   Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): John Maule
1862   Purification and Assay of Mammalian Group I and Group IIa Secretory Phospholipase A2
      Author : Author(s): Wonhwa Cho, Sang Kyou Han, Byung-In Lee, Yana Snitko, Rajiv Dua
1863   Purification and Assay of Recombinant ADAR Proteins Expressed in the Yeast Pichia pastoris or in Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Gillian M. Ring, Mary A. OConnell, Liam P. Keegan
1864   Purification and Characterization of Human Serum and Secretory IgA1 and IgA2 Using Jacalin
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Kerr, Lesley M. Loomes, Brian C. Bonner, Amy B. Hutchings, Bernard W. Senior
1865   Purification and cloning of DNA fragments fractionated on agarose gels
      Author : Author(s): Hugh G. Griffin, Michael J. Gasson
1866   Purification and Enzymatic Sequencing of Polymerase Chain Reaction Products
      Author : Author(s): Frank C. Brosius, Lawrence B. Holzman, Xinan Cao
1867   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of 2S Proteasomes from Human Cells
      Author : Author(s): Marie-Pierre Bousquet-Dubouch, Sandrine Uttenweiler-Joseph, Manuelle Ducoux-Petit, Mariette Matondo, Bernard Monsarrat, Odile Burlet-Schiltz
1868   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of a Nuclear-Insoluble Protein Fraction
      Author : Author(s): Tsuneyoshi Horigome, Kazuhiro Furukawa, Kohei Ishii
1869   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of Chloroplasts and their Sub-Organellar Compartments
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Salvi, Norbert Rolland, Jacques Joyard, Myriam Ferro
1870   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of Lysosomal Integral Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Huiwen Zhang, Xiaolian Fan, Rick Bagshaw, Don J. Mahuran, John W. Callahan
1871   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of Plant Plasma Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Erik Alexandersson, Niklas Gustavsson, Katja Bernfur, Adine Karlsson, Per Kjellbom, Christer Larsson
1872   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of Synaptic Vesicles
      Author : Author(s): Holly D. Cox, Charles M. Thompson
1873   Purification and Proteomic Analysis of the Mouse Liver Mitochondrial Inner Membrane
      Author : Author(s): Sandrine Cruz, Jean-Claude Martinou
1874   Purification and Proteomics Analysis of Pancreatic Zymogen Granule Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Xuequn Chen, Philip C. Andrews
1875   Purification by Solvent Extraction Using Partition Coefficient
      Author : Author(s): Hideaki Otsuka
1876   Purification Methods for Preparing Polymerase Chain Reaction Products for Capillary Electrophoresis Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Joseph M. Devaney, Michael A. Marino
1877   Purification of Cytochromes P45: Products of Bacterial Recombinant Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s): F. Peter Guengerich, Martha V. Martin
1878   Purification of Cytochromes P45: Products of Bacterial Recombinant Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s): F. Peter Guengerich, Natalie A. Hosea, Martha V. Martin
1879   Purification of Cytochromes P45: Rat and Human Hepatic Forms
      Author : Author(s): F. Peter Guengerich, Martha V. Martin
1880   Purification of E1 and E1-Like Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Arthur L. Haas
1881   Purification of Extrahepatic Cytochromes P45
      Author : Author(s): Margaret Warner, Jan-ke Gustafsson
1882   Purification of Gastrointestinal Mucins and Analysis of Their O-Linked Oligosaccharides
      Author : Author(s): Barry J. Campbell, Jonathan M. Rhodes
1883   Purification of Lipases and Phospholipases by Heparin-Sepharose Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Akhlaq A. Farooqui, Lloyd A. Horrocks
1884   Purification of PDE6 Isozymes From Mammalian Retina
      Author : Author(s): Dana C. Pentia, Suzanne Hosier, Rachel A. Collupy, Beverly A. Valeriani, Rick H. Cote
1885   Purification of Proteasomes, Proteasome Subcomplexes, and Proteasome-Associated Proteins From Budding Yeast
      Author : Author(s): David S. Leggett, Michael H. Glickman, Daniel Finley
1886   Purification of Proteins Using UltraMacro Spin Columns or ProSorb Sample Preparation Cartridges for Amino Acid Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Li Zhang, Nancy Denslow
1887   Purification of Rat Hepatic Lipase Essentially Free of Apolipoprotein E and Apolipoprotein B
      Author : Author(s): Andr Bensadoun, Barry Hughes, Kristan Melford, Jean Hsu, Dawn L. Braesaemle
1888   Purification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mitochondria by Zone Electrophoresis in a Free Flow Device
      Author : Author(s): Hans Zischka, Norbert Kinkl, Ralf J. Braun, Marius Ueffing
1889   Purification of SUMO Conjugating Enzymes and Kinetic Analysis of Substrate Conjugation
      Author : Author(s): Ali A. Yunus, Christopher D. Lima
1890   Purification of Synthetic Oligonucleotides by Preparative Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Robert McGookin
1891   Purification of the Constitutive Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Edward P. Garvey
1892   Purification of the Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Edward P. Garvey
1893   Purification of Uncontaminated, Intact Plant RNA
      Author : Author(s): Shu-Hua Cheng, Brandon D. Moore, Jeffrey R. Seemann
1894   Purification of Vesicular Carriers from Rat Hepatocytes by Magnetic Immunoadsorbtion
      Author : Author(s): Lucian Saucan
1895   Purification of Water-Soluble Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Yuzuru Shimizu, Bo Li
1896   Purification of Water-Soluble Natural Products
      Author : Author(s): Yuzuru Shimizu
1897   Purification of Yeast Membranes and Organelles by Sucrose Density Gradient Centrifugation
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer Chang, Victoria Ruiz, Ales Vancura
1898   Purification, Reconstitution on Lipid Vesicles, and Assays of PDE6 and Its Activator G Protein, Transducin
      Author : Author(s): Theodore G. Wensel, Feng He, Justine A. Malinski
1899   Pyridine Nucleotides
1900   Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex as a Marker of Mitochondrial Metabolism: Inhibition by 4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal
      Author : Author(s): Mulchand S. Patel, Lioubov G. Korotchkina
1901   Quality Control of Nucleotides and Primers for PCR
      Author : Author(s): Martin J. Pearce, Nigel D. Watson
1902   Quality Control of Solid-Phase Synthesis by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Louis Aubagnac, Robert Combarieu, Christine Enjalbal, Jean Martinez
1903   Quantification of Cytochrome P45 Gene Expression by RNase Protection Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Colin N. A. Palmer
1904   Quantification of Intestinal Mucins
      Author : Author(s): Jeremy.D. Milton, Jonathan M. Rhodes
1905   Quantification of mRNA Using Real Time RT-PCR: The SYBR Solution
      Author : Author(s): David Sugden, Patricia de Winter
1906   Quantification of Multiple Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase Isozyme Activities in Cell Extracts
      Author : Author(s): Mark G. Waugh, Shane Minogue, J. Justin Hsuan
1907   Quantification of Oxidized Metallothionein by a Cd-Saturation Method
      Author : Author(s): Dominik Klein, Uma Arora, Shin Sato, Karl H. Summer
1908   Quantification of Proteins and Metabolites by Mass Spectrometry Without Isotopic Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Sushmita Mimi Roy, Christopher H. Becker
1909   Quantification of Ribozyme Target RNA Using Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s): Dagmar Klein, Camillo Ricordi, Ricardo L. Pastori
1910   Quantifying Protein in 2-D PAGE Solubilization Buffers
      Author : Author(s): Louis S. Ramagli
1911   Quantitating Defective Ribosome Products
      Author : Author(s): Shu-Bing Qian, Jack R. Bennink, Jonathan W. Yewdell
1912   Quantitation of Heme Oxygenase (HO-1) Copies in Human Tissues by Competitive RT/PCR
      Author : Author(s): Nader G. Abraham
1913   Quantitation of mRNA by Competitive PCR Using Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Stephen J. Williams, P. Mickey Williams
1914   Quantitation of Ribozyme Target Abundance by QCPCR
      Author : Author(s): Amber A. Beaudry, James A. McSwiggen
1915   Quantitation Procedures
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1916   Quantitation With Virtual Expert Mass Spectrometrist
      Author : Author(s): Albrecht Gruhler, Rune Matthiesen
1917   Quantitative Analysis of DNA Sequences by PCR and Solid-Phase Minisequencing
      Author : Author(s): Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvnen
1918   Quantitative Analysis of DNA Sequences by PCR and Solid-Phase Minisequencing
      Author : Author(s): Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvnen
1919   Quantitative Analysis of Mucins in Mucosal Secretions Using Indirect Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
      Author : Author(s): Pablo Argeso, Ilene K. Gipson
1920   Quantitative Analysis of Peptide and Protein Changes in Ischemic Hippocampal Tissue by HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Thomas M. Wengenack, J. Randall Slemmon, J. Mark Ordy
1921   Quantitative Analysis of RNA Species by Polymerase Chain Reaction and Solid-Phase Minisequencing
      Author : Author(s): Anu Suomalainen, Ann-Christine Syvnen
1922   Quantitative Assessment of Autocrine Cell Loops
      Author : Author(s): Gregory Oehrtman, Laura Walker, Birgit Will, Lee Opresko, H. Steven Wiley, Douglas A. Lauffenburger
1923   Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Single Cells
      Author : Author(s): Michael L. Heien, Andrew G. Ewing
1924   Quantitative Glycomics
      Author : Author(s): Ron Orlando
1925   Quantitative Immunoelectron Microscopy: Alternative Ways of Assessing Subcellular Patterns of Gold Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Terry M. Mayhew
1926   Quantitative In Vivo Imaging of Non-viral-Mediated Gene Expression and RNAi-Mediated Knockdown
      Author : Author(s): Garrett R. Rettig, Kevin G. Rice
1927   Quantitative Measurement of Cell-Cell Adhesion Under Flow Conditions
      Author : Author(s): Carroll L. Ramos, Michael B. Lawrence
1928   Quantitative Measurement of Selectin-Ligand Interactions: Assays to Identify a Sweet Pill in a Library of Carbohydrates
      Author : Author(s): Mark E. Beauharnois, Sriram Neelamegham, Khushi L. Matta
1929   Quantitative Measurement of Shear-Stress Effects on Endothelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Maria Papadaki, Larry V. Mclntire
1930   Quantitative Measurement of the Biological Response of Cartilage to Mechanical Deformation
      Author : Author(s): R. Gregory Allen, Solomon R. Eisenberg, Martha L. Gray
1931   Quantitative Measurements
      Author : Author(s): Bruce McCord
1932   Quantitative Modeling of Limitations Caused by Diffusion
      Author : Author(s): Athanassios Sambanis, Sanda A. Tan
1933   Quantitative PCR
      Author : Author(s): David Sugden
1934   Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Mammalian Organisms Using Metabolically Labeled Tissues
      Author : Author(s): Christine C. Wu, Michael J. MacCoss
1935   Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Phosphotyrosine-Mediated Cellular Signaling Networks
      Author : Author(s): Yi Zhang, Alejandro Wolf-Yadlin, Forest M. White
1936   Quantitative Proteomic Analysis to Profile Dynamic Changes in the Spatial Distribution of Cellular Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Wei Yan, Daehee Hwang, Ruedi Aebersold
1937   Quantitative Proteomics by Stable Isotope Labeling and Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Sheng Pan, Ruedi Aebersold
1938   Quantitative Proteomics for Two-Dimensional Gels Using Difference Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): David B. Friedman
1939   Quantitative Proteomics of Mouse Brain and Specific Protein-Interaction Studies Using Stable Isotope Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Toshitaka Sato, Yasushi Ishihama, Yoshiya Oda
1940   Quantitative RT-PCR from Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Stanta, Serena Bonin, Maurizio Lugli
1941   Quantitative TaqMan Real-Time PCR: Diagnostic and Scientific Applications
      Author : Author(s): Jrg Dtsch, Ellen Schoof, Wolfgang Rascher
1942   Quantitative TaqMan Assay for the Detection and Monitoring of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Organ Transplant Patients
      Author : Author(s): Heli Piiparinen, Irmeli Lautenschlager
1943   Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping to Identify Genes for Complex Traits in Mice
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan D. Smith
1944   Quantum Dot Hybrid Gel Blotting: A Technique for Identifying Quantum Dot-Protein/Protein-Protein Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Tania Q. Vu, Hong Yan Liu
1945   Quantum Dot Molecular Beacons for DNA Detection
      Author : Author(s): Nathaniel C. Cady
1946   Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s): Charles Z. Hotz
1947   Quick Guide to Running a Successful Separation
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
1948   R Classes and Methods for SNP Array Data
      Author : Author(s): Robert B. Scharpf, Ingo Ruczinski
1949   Radiochemical Assay of Diamine Oxidase
      Author : Author(s): R. James Storer, Antonio Ferrante
1950   Radiochemical Estimation of Polyamine Oxidase
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
1951   Radiochemical Measurement of NOS Activity by Conversion of [14C]L-Arginine to Citrulline Using HPLC Separation
      Author : Author(s): James M. Cunningham, Richard C. Rayne
1952   Radiolabeled Ligand Binding to the Catalytic or Allosteric Sites of PDE5 and PDE11
      Author : Author(s): James L. Weeks, Mitsi A. Blount, Alfreda Beasley, Roya Zoraghi, Melissa K. Thomas, Konjeti Raja Sekhar, Jackie D. Corbin, Sharron H. Francis
1953   Radiolabeling of DNA by Nick Translation
      Author : Author(s): C. G. Mathew
1954   Radiolabeling of DNA Using Polynucleotide Kinase
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Jytte Josephsen
1955   Radiolabeling of DNA with 3? Terminal Transferase
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Per Klemm
1956   Radiolabeling of DNA with the Klenow Fragment of DNA Polymerase
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Jytte Josephsen
1957   Radiolabeling of Peptides and Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Arvind C. Patel, Stewart R. Matthewson
1958   Radiometal Labeling of Antibodies and Antibody Fragments for Imaging and Therapy
      Author : Author(s): Ilse Novak-Hofer, Robert Waibel, Kurt Zimmermann, Jrgen Grnberg, Kerry A. Chester, Andrea Murray, Benny K. Lo, Alan C. Perkins, P. August Schubiger
1959   Raman-Assisted X-Ray Crystallography for the Analysis of Biomolecules
      Author : Author(s): Dominique Bourgeois, Gergely Katona, Eve Rosny, Philippe Carpentier
1960   Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPDs)
      Author : Author(s): Scott Tingey
1961   Random Fragment Libraries Displayed on Filamentous Phage
      Author : Author(s): Lin-Fa Wang, Meng Yu
1962   Random Fragment Libraries Using Yeast Expression Plasmid
      Author : Author(s): Serge Bnichou, Genevive Inchausp
1963   Random Prime Labeling of DNA Probes with Fluorescein-11-dUTP
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen M. Harvey, Claire B. Wheeler, Martin W. Cunningham
1964   Random Prime Labeling of DNA Probes with Fluorescein-Tagged Nucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen M. Harvey, Claire B. Wheeler, Martin W. Cunningham
1965   Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD): A Useful Tool for Genomic Characterization of Different Organisms
      Author : Author(s): Lcia Maria da Galvo, Eliane Lages-Silva
1966   RAPD Assay: A Novel Technique for Genetic Diagnostics
      Author : Author(s): Joseph P. Tufo, Scott V. Tingey
1967   Rapid (Ligase-Free) Subcloning of Polymerase Chain Reaction Products
      Author : Author(s): Alan R. Shuldiner, Keith Tanner
1968   Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends
      Author : Author(s): David Bertioli
1969   Rapid Determination of Glutamate Using HPLC Technology
      Author : Author(s): Aqeela Afzal, Mohammed Afzal, Andrew Jones, Donald Armstrong
1970   Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions Technology: Production of Fine Particles of Steroid Drugs
      Author : Author(s): Paolo Alessi, Angelo Cortesi, Ireneo Kikic, Fabio Carli
1971   Rapid extraction and purification of environmental DNA for molecular cloning applications and molecular diversity studies
      Author : Author(s): Dwi Andreas Santosa
1972   Rapid identification of differentially expressed genes by in situ screening of bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Vera G. Fonseca, Asuncin Lago-Lestn, Vincent Laiz, M. Leonor Cancela
1973   Rapid Liquid-Phase Combinatorial Synthesis of Heterocyclic Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Chung-Ming Sun
1974   Ras Signaling Pathway for Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions in Yeast and Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Ami Aronheim
1975   Rat Hepatocyte Cultures: Collagen Gel Sandwich and Immobilization Cultures
      Author : Author(s): Mathieu Vinken, Greetje Elaut, Tom Henkens, Peggy Papeleu, Sarah Snykers, Tamara Vanhaecke, Vera Rogiers
1976   Rat Hepatocyte Cultures: Conventional Monolayer and Cocultures With Rat Liver Epithelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Tom Henkens, Tamara Vanhaecke, Peggy Papeleu, Greetje Elaut, Mathieu Vinken, Sarah Snykers, Vera Rogiers
1977   Rat Hepatocyte Cultures: Conventional Monolayer Cultures and Cocultures with Rat liver Epithelial Cells
      Author : Author(s): Tamara Vanhaecke, Karen Smet, Sonja Beken, Marleen Pauwels, Antoine Vercruysse, Vera Rogiers
1978   Rat liver-targeted naked plasmid DNA transfer by tail vein injection
      Author : Author(s): Hiroki Maruyama, Noboru Higuchi, Shigemi Kameda, Jun-ichi Miyazaki, Fumitake Gejyo
1979   RCA-Enhanced Protein Detection Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Brian B. Haab, Paul M. Lizardi
1980   Reagent-Based and Product-Based Computational Strategies in Library Design
      Author : Author(s): Eric A. Jamois
1981   Real-Time Bioluminescence Imaging of Viral Pathogenesis
      Author : Author(s): Kathryn E. Luker, Gary D. Luker
1982   Real-Time Detection and Quantification of Telomerase Activity Utilizing Energy Transfer Primers
      Author : Author(s): Hiroshi Uehara
1983   Real-Time Imaging of Gene Delivery and Expression with DNA Nanoparticle Technologies
      Author : Author(s): Wenchao Sun, Assem G. Ziady
1984   Real-Time Monitoring of RNA and DNA Reactions by Fluorescence Detection
      Author : Author(s): Kumud K. Singh, Andreas Hanne, Guido Krupp
1985   Real-Time PCR Fluorescent Chemistries
      Author : Author(s): John Mackay, Olfert Landt
1986   Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction to Quantify mRNA for Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase
      Author : Author(s): Yi Chu, Frank M. Faraci
1987   Real-Time Quantitative PCR as an Alternative to Southern Blot or Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization for Detection of Gene Copy Number Changes
      Author : Author(s): Jasmien Hoebeeck, Frank Speleman, Jo Vandesompele
1988   Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Point Mutation
      Author : Author(s): Lee-Jun C. Wong, Ren-Kui Bai
1989   Real-Time Quantitative RT-PCR Assays
      Author : Author(s): Ivan Martin, Oliver Frank
1990   Real-Time Reporter of Protein Synthesis Inhibition
      Author : Author(s): Matti Korpela, Marko Virta, Matti Karp
1991   Real-Time, In-Vivo Measurement of Nitric Oxide Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Analysis of Biliary Flow
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth Hensley, Yashige Kotake, Danny R. Moore, Hong Sang, Lester A. Reinke
1992   Recent Advances in High-Pressure Freezing: Equipment- and Specimen-Loading Methods
      Author : Author(s): Kent L. McDonald, Mary Morphew, Paul Verkade, Thomas Mller-Reichert
1993   Recent Developments for Crystallographic Refinement of Macromolecules
      Author : Author(s): Axel T. Brnger
1994   Recognition and Processing of Misfolded Proteins by PA7, the 19S Regulatory Complex of the 26S Proteasome
      Author : Author(s): Chang-Wei Liu, Elizabeth Strickland, George N. DeMartino, Philip J. Thomas
1995   Recombinant Immunotoxins in the Treatment of Cancer
      Author : Author(s): Ira Pastan, Richard Beers, Tapan K. Bera
1996   Recombination and Mutagenesis by Overlap Extension PCR
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Pogulis, Abbe N. Vallejo, Larry R. Pease
1997   Reconstitution of Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation Using Yeast Membranes and Cytosol
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Lee, Ardythe A. McCracken, Jeffrey L. Brodsky
1998   Reconstruction of Human Epidermis In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Marie-Ccile Lenoir-Viale
1999   Recruitment of Coat Proteins to Peptidoliposomes
      Author : Author(s): Gregor Suri, Martin Spiess, Pascal Crottet
2000   Redox Homeostasis and Cellular Stress Response in Aging and Neurodegeneration
      Author : Author(s): Vittorio Calabrese, Carolin Cornelius, Cesare Mancuso, Riccardo Lentile, A.M. Giuffrida Stella, D. Allan Butterfield
2001   Reduced Glutathione and Glutathione Disulfide
      Author : Author(s): Richard W. Browne, Donald Armstrong
2002   Refinement of Protein and Nucleic Acid Structures
      Author : Author(s): Eric Westhof, Philippe Dumas
2003   Regulation of MAPK Cascades by Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases
      Author : Author(s): Josema Torres, Carmen Blanco-Aparicio, Rafael Pulido
2004   Regulation of Ribozyme Cleavage Activity by Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Yasuo Komatsu, Eiko Ohtsuka
2005   Regulation of Transcription Factor Activity by SUMO Modification
      Author : Author(s): Jian Ouyang, Alvaro Valin, Grace Gill
2006   Regulatory Antioxidant Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): C. E. Pippenger, Richard W. Browne, Donald Armstrong
2007   Reiterative Screening of Phage-Display Peptide Libraries with Antibodies
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Pereboev, Glenn E. Morris
2008   Release of NO from Donor Compounds: A Mathematical Model for Calculation of NO Concentrations in the Presence of Oxygen
      Author : Author(s): Kurt Schmidt, Wolfgang Desch, Peter Klatt, Walter R. Kukovetz, Bernd Mayer
2009   Renaturation of the Catalytic Domain of PDE4A Expressed in Escherichia coli as Inclusion Bodies
      Author : Author(s): Wito Richter, Thomas Hermsdorf, Dietrich Dettmer
2010   Repair of Myotonic Dystrophy Protein Kinase (DMPK) Transcripts by Trans-Splicing Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Leonidas A. Phylactou
2011   Replaceable Polymers for DNA Sequencing by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Mark A. Quesada, Steve Menchen
2012   Reporter Gene Assays
      Author : Author(s): Andy M.F. Liu, David C. New, Rico K.H. Lo, Yung H. Wong
2013   Reptation Theory of Pulsed Electrophoresis and Trapping Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Jean Louis Viouy, Anne Dominique Dfontaines
2014   Resolving Multimegabase DNA Molecules Using Contour-Clamped Homogeneous Electric Fields (CHEF)
      Author : Author(s): Douglas Vollrath
2015   Resolving Racemic Mixtures Using Parallel Combinatorial Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Tingyu Li, Yan Wang, Louis H. Bluhm
2016   Restriction Endonuclease Digestion of DNA
      Author : Author(s): Duncan R. Smith
2017   Restriction Enzyme Digestion, Gel Electrophoresis, and Vacuum Blotting of DNA to Nylon Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Justin Stacey, Peter G. Isaac
2018   Restriction Enzymes: Tools in Clinical Research
      Author : Author(s): Gareth J. Jenkins
2019   Restriction Enzymes: Tools in Clinical Research
      Author : Author(s): Gareth J. Jenkins
2020   Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
      Author : Author(s): Mohammad S. Enayat
2021   Restriction Fragment-Length Polymorphisms
      Author : Author(s): Elaine K. Green
2022   Retention Time Prediction and Protein Identification
      Author : Author(s): Magnus Palmblad
2023   Reticulocyte Lysate as a Model System to Study Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Protein Degradation
      Author : Author(s): Eric Carlson, Nathan Bays, Larry David, William R. Skach
2024   Retroviral Delivery and Anti-HIV Testing of Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Laurence Cagnon, John Rossi
2025   Retroviral Vectors From Laboratory Tools to Molecular Medicines
      Author : Author(s): Richard G. Vile, Anna Tuszynski, Simon Castleden
2026   Retroviral-mediated gene transfer in primary murine and human T-lymphocytes
      Author : Author(s): Isabelle Rivire, Humilidad F. Gallardo, Andrea B. Hagani, Michel Sadelain
2027   Revealing Signaling in Single Cells by Single- and Two-Photon Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Damien Alcor*, Vronique Calleja*, Banafsh Larijani
2028   Reverse Phase Protein Microarrays for Theranostics and Patient-Tailored Therapy
      Author : Author(s): Virginia Espina, Julia Wulfkuhle, Valerie S. Calvert, Lance A. Liotta, Emanuel F. Petricoin
2029   Reverse Transfection Using Gold Nanoparticles
      Author : Author(s): Shigeru Yamada, Satoshi Fujita, Eiichiro Uchimura, Masato Miyake, Jun Miyake
2030   Reversed-Phase HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Bill Neville
2031   Reversible, Room Temperature Bonding of Glass Devices for Microfluidics
      Author : Author(s): Loranelle L. Lockyear
2032   Ribotyping in Clinical Microbiology
      Author : Author(s): Patricia Severino, Sylvain Brisse
2033   Ribozyme as an approach for growth suppression of human pancreatic cancer
      Author : Author(s): Hiroshi Kijima, Kevin J. Scanlon
2034   Ribozyme Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s): Masayuki Sano, Kazunari Taira
2035   Ribozyme- and siRNA-Mediated mRNA Degradation: A General Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Mouldy Sioud
2036   Ribozymes: An Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Helen A. James, Philip C. Turner
2037   RNA Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay Using a Fluorescent DNA Sequencer
      Author : Author(s): Yukinori Eguchi
2038   RNA Extraction by the Guanidine Thiocyanate Procedure
      Author : Author(s): R. McGookin
2039   RNA Extraction by the Proteinase K Method
      Author : Author(s): R. McGookin
2040   RNA Interference (RNAi) With RNase III-Prepared siRNAs
      Author : Author(s): Dun Yang, Andrei Goga, J. Michael Bishop
2041   RNA Interference by Short Hairpin RNAs Expressed in Vertebrate Cells
      Author : Author(s): Gregory J. Hannon, Douglas S. Conklin
2042   RNA Interference of mRNA Processing Factors in Drosophila S2 Cells
      Author : Author(s): Alicia M. Celotto, Brenton R. Graveley
2043   RNA Interference: Historical Overview and Significance
      Author : Author(s): Mary K. Montgomery
2044   RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis Via 5?-Silyl-2?-Orthoester Chemistry
      Author : Author(s): Stephanie A. Hartsel, David E. Kitchen, Stephen A. Scaringe, William S. Marshall
2045   RNA Probes for the Analysis of Gene Expression
      Author : Author(s): Dominique Belin
2046   RNA Synthesis Using 2?-O-(Tert-Butyldimethylsilyl) Protection
      Author : Author(s): Brian S. Sproat
2047   RNA Unwinding Assay for DExD/H-Box RNA Helicases
      Author : Author(s): Stephanie S. Tseng-Rogenski, Tien-Hsien Chang
2048   RNAi Expression Vectors in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Makoto Miyagishi, Kazunari Taira
2049   RNAi Expression Vectors in Plant Cells
      Author : Author(s): Hideo Akashi, Makoto Miyagishi, Kazunari Taira
2050   RNAi in Living Mice
      Author : Author(s): Hidetoshi Hasuwa, Masaru Okabe
2051   RNase P Ribozyme As an Antiviral Agent Against Human Cytomegalovirus
      Author : Author(s): Phong Trang, Fenyong Liu
2052   RNase P-Mediated Inhibition of Viral Growth by Exogenous Administration of Short Oligonucleotide External Guide Sequence
      Author : Author(s): Walter Dunn, Fenyong Liu
2053   Robust Field Inversion Capillary Electrophoretic Separation of Long DNA Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Christoph Heller, Soffia Magnsdttir, Jean-Louis Viovy
2054   Rotating Field Gel Electrophoresis (ROFE)
      Author : Author(s): Andreas Ziegler, Armin Volz
2055   Running Preparative Carrier Ampholyte and Immobilized pH Gradient IEF Gels for 2-D
      Author : Author(s): Neil M. Matsui, Diana M. Smith-Beckerman, Jenny Fichmann, Lois B. Epstein
2056   S1 Mapping Using Single-Stranded DNA Probes
      Author : Author(s): Stphane Viville, Roberto Mantovani
2057   Sample Preparation Methods for Mass Spectrometric Peptide Mapping Directly from 2-DE Gels
      Author : Author(s): Ole N. Jensen, Matthias Wilm, Andrej Shevchenko, Matthias Mann
2058   Saturation-Recovery Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Discrimination by Oxygen Transport (DOT) Method for Characterizing Membrane Domains
      Author : Author(s): Witold K. Subczynski, Justyna Widomska, Anna Wisniewska, Akihiro Kusumi
2059   Scale-Up of Natural Product Isolation
      Author : Author(s): Steven M. Martin, David A. Kau, Stephen K. Wrigley
2060   Scale-Up of Natural Products Isolation
      Author : Author(s): Michael S. Verrall, Stephen R. Warr
2061   Scale-Up of Oligonucleotide Synthesis: Solution Phase
      Author : Author(s): H. Seliger
2062   Screening a BAC Library With Nonradioactive Overlapping Oligonucleotide (Overgo) Probes
      Author : Author(s): Elena Hilario, Tiffany F. Bennell, Erik Rikkerink
2063   Screening cDNA Libraries by Hybridization with Double-Stranded DNA Probes and Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Caroline A. Austin
2064   Screening for Chemical Inhibitors of Heterologous Proteins Expressed in Yeast Using a Simple Growth-Restoration Assay
      Author : Author(s): Aruna D. Balgi, Michel Roberge
2065   Screening Major Binding Sites on Human Serum Albumin by Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Hee Seung Kim, John Austin, David S. Hage
2066   Screening Recombinant Libraries by Polymerase Chain Reaction
      Author : Author(s): Michael W. King
2067   Searching the Protein Interaction Space Through the MINT Database
      Author : Author(s): Andrew Chatr-aryamontri, Andreas Zanzoni, Arnaud Ceol, Gianni Cesareni
2068   Selection In Vitro of Allosteric Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Adam Roth, Ronald R. Breaker
2069   Selection of Accessible Sites for Ribozymes on Large RNA Transcripts
      Author : Author(s): Bruce L. Frank, John Goodchild
2070   Selection of Efficient Ribozyme Cleavage Sites in Target RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Andre Lieber, Mikkel Rohde, Michael Strauss
2071   Selection of Fast-Hybridizing Complementary RNA Species In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Ralf Kronenwett, Georg Sczakiel
2072   Selection of Fluorophore and Quencher Pairs for Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Hybridization Probes
      Author : Author(s): Salvatore A. Marras
2073   Selection of Human Antibodies from Phage Display Libraries
      Author : Author(s): James D. Marks, Andrew Bradbury
2074   Selection of Internalizing Antibodies for Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s): James D. Marks
2075   Selection of Peptides for Specific Delivery of Oligonucleotides Into Cancer Cells
      Author : Author(s): Mohsen Shadidi, Mouldy Sioud
2076   Selection of Recombinant Antibodies by Eukaryotic Ribosome Display
      Author : Author(s): Mingyue He, Michael J. Taussig
2077   Selective differential fingerprinting: A method for identifying differentially expressed genes in a family between two samples
      Author : Author(s): Kristy L. Weber, Mark E. Bolander, Gobinda Sarkar
2078   Selective Primer Sequencing from a DNA Mixture by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Tao Li, Kazunori Okano, Hideki Kambara
2079   Semiconductor Fluorescent Quantum Dots: Efficient Biolabels in Cancer Diagnostics
      Author : Author(s): Patricia M. Farias, Beate S. Santos, Adriana Fontes
2080   Semiquantitative immunoblots of membrane protein-epidermal growth factor
      Author : Author(s): Richard Wing-Chuen Wong, Siu-Yuen Chan
2081   Sensitive and Specific Fluorescent Probing of Oxidative Stress in Different Classes of Membrane Phospholipids in Live Cells Using Metabolically Integrated cis-Parinaric Acid
      Author : Author(s): Valerian E. Kagan, Vladimir B. Ritov, Yulia Y. Tyurina, Vladimir A. Tyurin
2082   Separation and Size Determination of DNA over a 1,2 kbp Range
      Author : Author(s): Craig A. Cooney
2083   Separation by High-Speed Countercurrent Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): James B. McAlpine, Patrick Morris
2084   Separation by High-Speed Countercurrent Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): James McAlpine
2085   Separation of Enantiomers by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Cyclodextrins
      Author : Author(s): Wioleta Maruszak, Martin G. Schmid, Gerald Gbitz, Elzbieta Ekiert, Marek Trojanowicz
2086   Separation of Enantiomers by Thin-Layer Chromatography: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Kurt Gnther, Peter Richter, Klaus Mller
2087   Separation of Glycoproteins by Capillary Isoelectric Focusing
      Author : Author(s): Ira S. Krull, Sarah Kazmi, Huijuan Zhong, Ling Chen Santora
2088   Separation of Hydroxy and Hydroperoxy Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids By High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Richard W. Browne, Donald Armstrong
2089   Separation of Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic Acids and Leukotrienes Originating from Kidney Tissue by C-18 Reverse-Phase High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Mukut Sharma, Beatrice Hucke, Elias A. Lianos
2090   Separation of Oligosaccharides by Capillary Electrophoresis Using Buffer Modifiers
      Author : Author(s): Susumu Honda, Shigeo Suzuki
2091   Separation of Peptides and Protein Digests by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Marzell Herold, Gordon A. Ross, Rudolf Grimm, David N. Heiger
2092   Separation of Phenylpropanoids and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Activity
      Author : Author(s): Sammer Yousuf, M. Iqbal Choudhary, Atta Ur Rahman
2093   Separation of Protein Glycoforms by Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Myriam Taverna, Nguyet Thuy Tran, Danielle Ferrier
2094   Separation of Racemic Trans-Stilbene Oxide by Sub-/Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Leo Hsu, Genevieve Kennedy, Gerald Terfloth
2095   Separation of Supercoiled DNA Using Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): David T. Mao, Roy M. Lautamo
2096   Sequence Analysis of Oligodeoxyribonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Diane M. Black, Peter T. Gilham
2097   Sequence Handling by Sequence Analysis Toolbox v1.
      Author : Author(s): Christian Ravnsborg Ingrell, Rune Matthiesen, Ole Nrregaard Jensen
2098   Sequence-Specific DNA Labeling Using Methyltransferases
      Author : Author(s): Goran Pljevalj?i?, Falk Schmidt, Alexander Peschlow, Elmar Weinhold
2099   Sequencing DNA Fragments Cloned into M13 and Phagemid Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Neil Brewis
2100   Sequencing of RAPD Fragments Using 3-Extended Oligonucleotide Primers
      Author : Author(s): John Davis, Ivan Biro, Ian Findlay, Keith Mitchelson
2101   SH2 Domain-Based Tyrosine Phosphorylation Array
      Author : Author(s): Xin Jiang, Lesile Roth, Stephanie Han, Xianqiang Li
2102   Shape Analysis of Giant Vesicles With Fluid Phase Coexistence by Laser Scanning Microscopy to Determine Curvature, Bending Elasticity, and Line Tension
      Author : Author(s): Samuel T. Hess, Manasa V. Gudheti, Michael Mlodzianoski, Tobias Baumgart
2103   Short Double-Stranded Ribonucleic Acid as Inhibitor of Gene Expression by the Interference Mechanism
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Rmi Bertrand, Andrei Maksimenko, Claude Malvy
2104   Short Hairpin Activated Gene Silencing in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s): Patrick J. Paddison, Amy A. Caudy, Ravi Sachidanandam, Gregory J. Hannon
2105   Sieving Matrix Selection
      Author : Author(s): Tim Wehr, Mingde Zhu, David T. Mao
2106   Signaling by Growth Factor Receptors
      Author : Author(s): Bose S. Kochupurakkal, Yosef Yarden
2107   Signals for Retention of Cytochrome P45 in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
      Author : Author(s): Elzbieta Skorupa, Byron Kemper
2108   Silver Staining of 2-D Electrophoresis Gels
      Author : Author(s): Thierry Rabilloud
2109   Simple and Efficient Transgenesis with Meganuclease Constructs in Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Daniele Soroldoni, Benjamin M. Hogan, Andrew C. Oates
2110   Simple Assay for the Level of Total Lipid Peroxides in Serum or Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Kunio Yagi
2111   Simple Procedure for Specific Assay of Lipid Hydroperoxides in Serum or Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Kunio Yagi
2112   Simple Tools for Manual Parallel Solid Phase Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Viktor Krchnk, Andrew Burritt
2113   Simultaneous Analysis of Expression of Multiple Redox-Sensitive and Apoptotic Genes in Hypothalamic Neurons Exposed to Cholesterol Secoaldehyde
      Author : Author(s): K. Sathishkumar, Achuthan C. Raghavamenon, Karunakaran Ganeshkumar, Rameshwari Telaprolu, Narasimham L. Parinandi, Rao M. Uppu
2114   Simultaneous Analysis of Intracellular pH and Ca2+ from Cell Populations
      Author : Author(s): Raul Martinez-Zaguilan, Linda S. Tompkins, Robert J. Gillies, Ronald M. Lynch
2115   Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Lipid Oxidation Products In Vivo by Liquid Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)
      Author : Author(s): Huiyong Yin, Todd Davis, Ned A. Porter
2116   Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Redox-Active Metabolites from Biological Matrices
      Author : Author(s): Bruce S. Kristal, auKaren Vigneau-Callahan, Wayne R. Matson
2117   Simultaneous Determination of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Corresponding Monohydroperoxy and Monohydroxy Peroxidation Products by HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Richard W. Browne, Donald Armstrong
2118   Simultaneous Determination of Serum Retinol, Tocopherols, and Carotenoids by HPLC
      Author : Author(s): Richard W. Browne, Donald Armstrong
2119   Simultaneous Measurement of Mitochondrial Function and NO
      Author : Author(s): Ignacio Lizasoain, Mara A. Moro
2120   Simultaneous RNA and DNA Extraction from Biopsy Material, Culture Cells, Plants, and Bacteria
      Author : Author(s): Udo Dbbeling
2121   Single Cell and Subcellular Measurement of Intracellular Ca2+ Concentration ([Ca2+]i)
      Author : Author(s): Anthony J. Morgan, Andrew P. Thomas
2122   Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
      Author : Author(s): Nameeta Shah
2123   Single Photon Counting
      Author : Author(s): Yoshinori Mizuguchi
2124   Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Kim Hung Leung, Shea Ping Yip
2125   Single-Cell Gel Electrophoresis or Comet Assay of Intestinal Epithelial Cells Using Manual Scoring and Ridit Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Mark M. Huycke
2126   Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy to Determine Phospholipid Lateral Diffusion
      Author : Author(s): Michael J. Murcia, Sumit Garg, Christoph A. Naumann
2127   Single-Molecule Imaging of Fluorescent Proteins Expressed in Living Cells
      Author : Author(s): Kayo Hibino, Michio Hiroshima, Masahiro Takahashi, Yasushi Sako
2128   Single-Molecule Methods for Monitoring Changes in Bilayer Elastic Properties
      Author : Author(s): Olaf S. Andersen, Michael J. Bruno, Haiyan Sun, Roger E. Koeppe
2129   Single-Molecule Tracking
      Author : Author(s): Marija Vrljic, Stefanie Y. Nishimura, W. E. Moerner
2130   Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Technology and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Cyril Mamotte, Frank Christiansen, Lyle J. Palmer
2131   Single-Nucleotide Primer Extension Assay by Capillary Electrophoresis Laser-Induced Fluorescence
      Author : Author(s): Christine A. Piggee, Barry L. Karger
2132   Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Igor Vorechovsky
2133   Site-Directed Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): Roberta M. James, Paul Dickinson
2134   Site-Directed Mutagenesis
      Author : Author(s): John R. Adair, T. Paul Wallace
2135   Site-Directed Mutagenesis and Gene Fusion by Megaprimer PCR
      Author : Author(s): Sailen Barik
2136   Site-Directed Mutagenesis Using a Uracil-Containing Phagemid Template
      Author : Author(s): Christian Hagemeier
2137   Site-Directed Mutagenesis Using Double-Stranded Plasmid DNA Templates
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey Braman, Carol Papworth, Alan Greener
2138   Site-Directed Mutagenesis with LA-PCR Technology
      Author : Author(s): Atsushi Shimada, Osamu Takeda
2139   Site-Specific Immobilization of Antibodies to Protein G-Derivatized Solid Supports
      Author : Author(s): Frank J. Podlaski, Alvin S. Stern
2140   Size Separation and Quantification of mRNA by Northern Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Ian M. Bird
2141   Size-Exclusion Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Paul Cutler
2142   Size-Exclusion Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Paul Cutler
2143   Skeletal (Mesenchymal) Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Pamela Gehron Robey, Sergei A. Kuznetsov, Mara Riminucci, Paolo Bianco
2144   Sl Nuclease Analysis of RNA
      Author : Author(s): Louis Lefebvre, Stphane Viville
2145   Slot-Blot Hybridization in Studying Gene Expression During Oxygen Deprivation
      Author : Author(s): Enbo Ma, Gabriel G. Haddad
2146   Small Animal Surgical and Histological Procedures for Characterizing the Performance of Tissue-Engineered Bone Grafts
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth S. James, Mark C. Zimmerman, Joachim Kohn
2147   Small Blood Vessel Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Patrick Au, Josh Tam, Dai Fukumura, Rakesh K. Jain
2148   Small-Angle Neutron Scattering for Molecular Biology: Basics and Instrumentation
      Author : Author(s): William T. Heller, Kenneth C. Littrell
2149   Small-Angle Neutron Scattering to Detect Rafts and Lipid Domains
      Author : Author(s): Jeremy Pencer, Thalia T. Mills, Norbert Kucerka, Mu-Ping Nieh, John Katsaras
2150   Small-Angle Scattering and Neutron Contrast Variation for Studying Bio-Molecular Complexes
      Author : Author(s): Andrew E. Whitten, Jill Trewhella
2151   Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Proteasome Activity
      Author : Author(s): Maria Gaczynska, Pawel A. Osmulski
2152   Small-Scale Plasmid DNA Preparation
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
2153   Smart Polymer-Streptavidin Conjugates
      Author : Author(s): Patrick S. Stayton, Zhongli Ding, Allan S. Hoffman
2154   SNAr-Based Cycloetherification Methodology: Application in the Synthesis of Heterodectic Macrocyclic Peptides with Endo Aryl-Aryl and Aryl-Alkyl Ether Bonds
      Author : Author(s): Jieping Zhu
2155   SNARE-Mediated Fusion of LIposomes
      Author : Author(s): Jrme Vicogne, Jeffrey E. Pessin
2156   SNP-PHAGE: High-Throughput SNP Discovery Pipeline
      Author : Author(s): Ana M. Aransay, Rune Matthiesen, Manuela M. Regueiro
2157   Solid-Phase Extraction in Packed Beds on Glass Microdevices
      Author : Author(s): Loranelle L. Lockyear
2158   Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Gregg B. Fields
2159   Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Mare Cudic, Gregg B. Fields
2160   Solid-Phase Supports for Oligonucleotide Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Richard T. Pon
2161   Solid-Phase Synthesis of Circular Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Enrique Pedroso, Nuria Escaja, Miriam Frieden, Anna Grandas
2162   Solid-State Nanopore for Detecting Individual Biopolymers
      Author : Author(s): Jiali Li, Jene A. Golovchenko
2163   Solubilization and Assay of Cellular and Tissue Protein
      Author : Author(s): Cynthia E. Shaw
2164   Solubilization of Proteins in 2-D Electrophoresis: An Outline
      Author : Author(s): Thierry Rabilloud
2165   Soluble Adamantyl Glycosphingolipid Analogs as Probes of Glycosphingolipid Function
      Author : Author(s): Clifford Lingwood, Skanda Sadacharan, Maan Abul-Milh, Murugespillai Mylvaganum, Marcus Peter
2166   Soluble Polymer-Supported Methods for Combinatorial and Organic Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Paul Wentworth, Carsten Spanka
2167   Solution and Solid-State NMR of Lipids
      Author : Author(s): Axelle Grelard, Anthony Couvreux, Ccile Loudet, Erick J. Dufourc
2168   Solution-Phase Molecular-Scale Computation With Deoxyribozyme-Based Logic Gates and Fluorescent Readouts
      Author : Author(s): Joanne Macdonald, Darko Stefanovic, Milan N. Stojanovic
2169   Southern Blot Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Paolo A. Sabelli
2170   Southern Blot Hybridization of Digoxigenin-Labeled RNA Minisatellite Probes and Color Detection
      Author : Author(s): Esther N. Signer
2171   Southern Blotting as a Diagnostic Method
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen Harvey, Pirkko Soundy
2172   Southern Blotting as a Diagnostic Method
      Author : Author(s): Bronwen M. Harvey, Pirkko Soundy
2173   Southern Blotting of Agarose Gels by Capillary Transfer
      Author : Author(s): Ralph Rapley, Jane Davenport-Jones
2174   Spatial Localization of PtdInsP 2 in Phase-Separated Giant Unilamellar Vesicles with a Fluorescent PLC-delta 1 PH Domain
      Author : Author(s): Xavier Mulet, Erika Rosivatz, Ka Kei Ho, Batrice L.L.E. Gauth, Oscar Ces, Richard H. Templer, Rudiger Woscholski
2175   Special Problems with the Extraction of Plants
      Author : Author(s): Gloria L. Silva, Ik-Soo Lee, A. Douglas Kinghorn
2176   Specimen Collection and Handling: Standardization of Blood Sample Collection
      Author : Author(s): Harald Tammen
2177   Specimen Preparation for Thin-Section Electron Microscopy Utilizing Microwave-Assisted Rapid Processing in a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
      Author : Author(s): Robert W. Nordhausen, Bradd C. Barr
2178   Spectral Analyses of Cytochromes P45
      Author : Author(s): John B. Schenkman, Ingela Jansson
2179   Spectral Analyses of Cytochromes P45
      Author : Author(s): John B. Schenkman, Ingela Jansson
2180   Spectral-Spatial Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging (EPRI) in Skin Biopsies at 9.5 GHz
      Author : Author(s): Jrgen Fuchs, Norbert Groth, Thomas Herrling
2181   Spectrofluorometric Analysis of CYP2A6-Catalyzed Coumarin 7-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. Chang
2182   Spectrofluorometric Analysis of CYP2A6-Catalyzed Coumarin 7-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. H. Chang
2183   Spectrophotometric Analysis of Human CYP2E1-Catalyzed p-Nitrophenol Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Chang, Charles L. Crespi, David J. Waxman
2184   Spectrophotometric Analysis of Human CYP2E1-Catalyzed p-Nitrophenol Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. H. Chang, Charles L. Crespi, David J. Waxman
2185   Spectrophotometric Analysis of Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): John Heptinstall, Ralph Rapley
2186   Spectroscopy-Based Quantitative Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Jie Zheng
2187   Sphingomyelin and Ceramide Mass Assay
      Author : Author(s): Pino Santana, C. M. Ruiz Galarreta, Luisa F. Fanjul
2188   Sphingosine Kinase: Assay and Product Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Ana Olivera, Sarah Spiegel
2189   Spin Trapping and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Daniel J. Brackett, Gemma Wallis, Michael F. Wilson, Paul B. McCay
2190   SPOT Synthesis: Epitope Analysis with Arrays of Synthetic Peptides Prepared on Cellulose Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Ronald Frank, Heike Overwin
2191   SSCP Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detector
      Author : Author(s): Jicun Ren
2192   SSCP Analysis of Point Mutations by Multicolor Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Kenshi Hayashi, H. Michael Wenz, Masakazu Inazuka, Tomoko Tahira, Tomonari Sasaki, Donald H. Atha
2193   Stable Isotope Labeling by Amino Acids in Cell Culture for Quantitative Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Shao-En Ong, Matthias Mann
2194   Staining of Fingerprints on Checks and Banknotes Using Ninhydrin
      Author : Author(s): Anthony A. Clifford, Ricky L. Green
2195   Staining of Preparative 2-D Gels: Coomassie Blue and Imidazole-Zinc Negative Staining
      Author : Author(s): Neil M. Matsui, Diana M Smith-Beckerman, Lois B. Epstein
2196   Standard Commercial Instrument Description
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
2197   Static Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Biological and Biomedical Research
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas P. Lockyer
2198   Statistical Analysis: Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve and Lipid Peroxidation
      Author : Author(s): Enrique F. Schisterman
2199   Statistical Correction of the Area Under the ROC Curve in the Presence of Random Measurement Error and Applications to Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Enrique F. Schisterman
2200   Statistical Thermodynamics Through Computer Simulation to Characterize Phospholipid Interactions in Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Mihaly Mezei, Pl Jedlovszky
2201   Stem Cell Engineering Using Transducible Cre Recombinase
      Author : Author(s): Lars Nolden, Frank Edenhofer, Michael Peitz, Oliver Brstle
2202   Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
      Author : Author(s): Mohan C. Vemuri, Chellu S. Chetty
2203   Stereospecific Synthesis of P-Chiral Analogs of Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Wojciech J. Stec, Zbigniew J. Lesnikowski
2204   Steroids
      Author : Author(s): Felix J. Frey, Brigitte M. Frey, Leslie Z. Benet
2205   Strategies for Improving Crystallization Success Rates
      Author : Author(s): Rebecca Page
2206   Strategies for Mapping Large Regions of Mammalian Genomes
      Author : Author(s): Margit Burmeister
2207   Strategies for Preliminary Characterization of Novel Amphoteric Glycosphingolipids
      Author : Author(s): Roger D. Dennis, Gnter Lochnit, Rudolf Geyer
2208   Strategies for the Expression of SUMO-Modified Target Proteins in Escherichia coli
      Author : Author(s): Hisato Saitoh, Junsuke Uwada, Kawasaki Azusa
2209   Streptavidin-Biotin Crosslinking of Therapeutic Enzymes With Carrier Antibodies: Nanoconjugates for Protection Against Endothelial Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir V. Shuvaev, Thomas Dziubla, Rainer Wiewrodt, Vladimir R. Muzykantov
2210   Stress Detection Using Bioluminescent Reporters of the Heat-Shock Response
      Author : Author(s): Tina K. Dyk
2211   Structural Analysis of Naturally Occurring Sialic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Johannis P. Kamerling, Gerrit J. Gerwig
2212   Structural and Functional Changes in the Insulin Molecule Produced by Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Rafael Medina-Navarro, Alberto M. Guzmn-Grenfell, Ivonne Olivares-Corichi, Juan J. Hicks
2213   Structural and Functional Diversity of Glycoconjugates: A Formidable Challenge to the Glycoanalyst
      Author : Author(s): Gerald W. Hart
2214   Structural Determination of O-Glycans by Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Catherine Robbe, Jean-Claude Michalski, Calliope Capon
2215   Structural Genomics of Minimal Organisms: Pipeline and Results
      Author : Author(s): Sung-Hou Kim, Dong-Hae Shin, Rosalind Kim, Paul Adams, John-Marc Chandonia
2216   Structural Genomics of Pathogenic Protozoa: an Overview
      Author : Author(s): Erkang Fan, David Baker, Stanley Fields, Michael H. Gelb, Frederick S. Buckner, Wesley C. Voorhis, Eric Phizicky, Mark Dumont, Christopher Mehlin, Elizabeth Grayhack, Mark Sullivan, Christophe Verlinde, George DeTitta, Deirdre R. Meldrum,
2217   Structural Genomics of the Bacterial Mobile Metagenome: an Overview
      Author : Author(s): Andrew Robinson, Amy P. Guilfoyle, Visaahini Sureshan, Michael Howell, Stephen J. Harrop, Yan Boucher, Hatch W. Stokes, Paul M. Curmi, Bridget C. Mabbutt
2218   Structural Proteomics of Membrane Proteins: a Survey of Published Techniques and Design of a Rational High Throughput Strategy
      Author : Author(s): Melissa Swope Willis, Christopher M. Koth
2219   Structure Determination Using Isomorphous Replacement
      Author : Author(s): Sherin S. Abdel-Meguid
2220   Structure of MAPKs
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth J. Goldsmith, Melanie H. Cobb, Chung-I Chang
2221   Structure-Based Chemogenomics: Analysis of Protein Family Landscapes
      Author : Author(s): Bernard Pirard
2222   Study of Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate Microdomains in Cells
      Author : Author(s): Marco Mongillo, Anna Terrin, Sandrine Evellin, Valentina Lissandron, Manuela Zaccolo
2223   Study of MAPK Signaling Using Knockout Mice
      Author : Author(s): Gilles Pags, Jacques Pouyssgur
2224   Study of Substrate Specificity of MAPKs Using Oriented Peptide Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Michael B. Yaffe
2225   Studying Antibody Conformations by Ultracentrifugation and Hydrodynamic Modeling
      Author : Author(s): Stephen E. Harding, Emma Longman, Beatriz Carrasco, Alvaro Ortega, Jose Garcia Torre
2226   Studying Cell-to-Cell Interactions: An Easy Method of Tethering Ligands on Artificial Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Sebastian J. Fleire, Facundo D. Batista
2227   Studying RNA Editing in Transgenic Chloroplasts of Higher Plants
      Author : Author(s): Ralph Bock
2228   Studying the Subcellular Localization and DNA-Binding Activity of FoxO Transcription Factors, Downstream Effectors of PI3K/Akt
      Author : Author(s): Abdelkader Essafi, Ana R. Gomes, Karen M. Pomeranz, Aleksandra K. Zwolinska, Rana Varshochi, Ursula B. McGovern, Eric W.-F. Lam
2229   Styryl Dye-Based Synaptic Vesicle Recycling Assay in Cultured Cerebellar Granule Neurons
      Author : Author(s): Victor Anggono, Michael A. Cousin, Phillip J. Robinson
2230   Subcellular Fractionation and Proteomics of Nuclear Envelopes
      Author : Author(s): Laurence Florens, Nadia Korfali, Eric C. Schirmer
2231   Subcellular Localization of MAPKs
      Author : Author(s): Makoto Adachi, Eisuke Nishida
2232   Subtilisin-Catalyzed Glycopeptide Condensation
      Author : Author(s): Thomas J. Tolbert, Chi-Huey Wong
2233   Subtraction Hybridization cDNA Libraries
      Author : Author(s): Clifford W. Schweinfest, Peter S. Nelson, Michael W. Graber, Rita I. Demopoulos, Takis S. Papas
2234   Subtractive Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Craig Winstanley
2235   SUMO Fusion Technology for Enhanced Protein Production in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s): Tadas Panavas, Carsten Sanders, Tauseef R. Butt
2236   Supercritical Fluid Aerosolized Vitamin E Supplementation
      Author : Author(s): Brooks M. Hybertson
2237   Supercritical Fluid Extraction
      Author : Author(s): Lutfun Nahar, Satyajit D. Sarker
2238   Supercritical Fluid Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Determination of Carbendazim in Bee Larvae
      Author : Author(s): Jos L. Bernal, Juan J. Jimnez, Mara T. Martn
2239   Supercritical Fluid Extraction Coupled with Enzyme Immunoassay Analysis of Soil Herbicides
      Author : Author(s): G. Kim Stearman
2240   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Caffeine from Instant Coffee
      Author : Author(s): John R. Dean, Ben Liu, Edwin Ludkin
2241   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Flumetralin from Tobacco Samples
      Author : Author(s): Fernando M. Lanas, Mrio S. Galhiane, Sandra R. Rissato
2242   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Melengestrol Acetate from Bovine Fat Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Maxwell, Owen W. Parks, Roxanne J. Shadwell, Alan R. Lightfield, Carolyn Henry, Brenda S. Fuerst
2243   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Mycotoxins from Feeds
      Author : Author(s): Rainer Huopalahti, Eila P. Jrvenp
2244   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Nitrosamines from Cured Meats
      Author : Author(s): John W. Pensabene, Walter Fiddler
2245   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Pigments from Seeds of Eschscholtzia californica Cham
      Author : Author(s): Maria L. Colombo, Andrea Mossa
2246   Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Polychlorinated Biphenyls from Fish Tissue
      Author : Author(s): Michael O. Gaylor, Robert C. Hale
2247   Supercritical Fluid Methods
      Author : Author(s): Ed Venkat, Srinivas Kothandaraman
2248   Superoxide Dismutase A Target for Gene Therapeutic Approach to Reduce Oxidative Stress in Erectile Dysfunction
      Author : Author(s): W. Deng, T.J. Bivalacqua, H.C. Champion, W.J. Hellstrom, Subramanyam N. Murthy, Philip J. Kadowitz
2249   Superoxide Production in the Islet of Langerhans Detected by the MCLA Chemiluminescence Method
      Author : Author(s): Takashi Sakurai, Susumu Terakawa
2250   Surface Plasmon Resonance
      Author : Author(s): K. Scott Phillips, Quan Jason Cheng
2251   Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging Measurements of Protein Interactions With Biopolymer Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Terry T. Goodrich, Alastair W. Wark, Robert M. Corn, Hye Jin Lee
2252   Surface Plasmon Resonance Mass Spectrometry for Protein Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Dobrin Nedelkov, Randall W. Nelson
2253   Surface-Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Protein and Peptide Profiling of Body Fluids
      Author : Author(s): Audrey Gagnon, Qian Shi, Bin Ye
2254   Surfactant-Based Methods for Prevention of Protein Adsorption in Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Charles A. Lucy, Nicole E. Baryla, Ken K.-C. Yeung
2255   Syntheses of FMOC-2,3-Methanoleucine Stereoisomers and Their Incorporation into Peptidomimetics
      Author : Author(s): Kevin Burgess, Wen Li
2256   Syntheses of Norstatine, Its Analogs, and Dipeptide Isosteres by Means of ?-Lactam Synthon Method
      Author : Author(s): Iwao Ojima, Francette Delaloge
2257   Synthesis and Characterization of Chitosan Scaffolds for Cartilage-Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Steven H. Elder, Dana L. Nettles, Joel D. Bumgardner
2258   Synthesis and Characterization of Deoxyribonucleic Acid-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles
      Author : Author(s): Pompi Hazarika, Tatiana Giorgi, Martina Reibner, Buelent Ceyhan, Christof M. Niemeyer
2259   Synthesis and Characterization of Hyaluronan-Based Polymers for Tissue Engineering
      Author : Author(s): Carlo Soranzo, Davide Renier, Alessandra Pavesio
2260   Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanocarriers for the Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Eric Simone, Thomas Dziubla, Vladimir Shuvaev, Vladimir R. Muzykantov
2261   Synthesis and Purification of Phosphorodithioate DNA
      Author : Author(s): W. T. Wiesler, W. S. Marshall, M. H. Caruthers
2262   Synthesis and Sorting of Mitochondrial Translation Products
      Author : Author(s): Heike Bauerschmitt, Soledad Funes, Johannes M. Herrmann
2263   Synthesis and Use of Pseudopeptides Derived from 1,2,4-Oxadiazole-, 1,3,4-Oxadiazole-, and 1,2,4-Triazole-based Dipeptidomimetics
      Author : Author(s): Kristina Luthman, Susanna Borg, Uli Hacksell
2264   Synthesis of (2R, 3R, 4R, 5S)-5-fert-Butyloxycarbonylamino-3,4-Dihydroxy-2-isopropyl-3,4-O,O-isopropylidene-6-Cyclohexyl-Hexanoic Acid
      Author : Author(s): Allen Scott, Brian G. Conway, Mark A. Krook
2265   Synthesis of (2S,4S,5S)-5-(t-Butoxycarbonylamino)-4-(t-Butyldimethylsilyloxy)-2-lsopropyl-7-Methyl Octanoic Acid
      Author : Author(s): Mark A. Lyster, Brian G. Conway
2266   Synthesis of 2?-O-Alkyloligoribonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): Brian S. Sproat
2267   Synthesis of 3-Amino-1-Carboxymethyl-Benzodiazepine (BZA) Peptidomimetics
      Author : Author(s): James C. Marsters, Thomas E. Rawson
2268   Synthesis of ?-Vinyl Amino Acids
      Author : Author(s): David B. Berkowitz, Jill M. McFadden, Marianne K. Smith, Michelle L. Pedersen
2269   Synthesis of a Versatile Peptidomimetic Scaffold
      Author : Author(s): Stephen Hanessian, Grant McNaughton-Smith
2270   Synthesis of Aminobenzoic Acid-Based Nonpeptide Templates: Applications in Peptidomimetic Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Kimberly S. Para, Tomi K. Sawyer
2271   Synthesis of an Esterase-Sensitive Cyclic Prodrug of a Model Hexapeptide Having Enhanced Membrane Permeability and Enzymatic Stability Using a 3-(2?-Hydroxy-4?,6?-Dimethylphenyl)-3,3-Dimethyl Propionic Acid Promoiety
      Author : Author(s): Binghe Wang, Sanjeev Gangwar, Giovanni Pauletti, Teruna Siahaan, Ronald T. Borchardt
2272   Synthesis of an Esterase-Sensitive Cyclic Prodrug of a Model Hexapeptide Having Enhanced Membrane Permeability and Enzymatic Stability Using an Acyloxyalkoxy Promoiety
      Author : Author(s): Sanjeev Gangwar, Giovanni M. Pauletti, Teruna J. Siahaan, Valentino J. Stella, Ronald T. Borchardt
2273   Synthesis of Cbz-Protected Ketomethylene Dipeptide Isosteres
      Author : Author(s): Robert V. Hoffman, Junhua Tao
2274   Synthesis of Coumarin-Based, Esterase-Sensitive Cyclic Prodrugs of Opioid Peptides with Enhanced Membrane Permeability and Enzymatic Stability
      Author : Author(s): Binghe Wang, Daxian Shan, Wei Wang, Huijuan Zhang, Olafur Gudmundsson, Ronald T. Borchardt
2275   Synthesis of Cyclopropane-Containing Leu-Enkephalin Analogs
      Author : Author(s): Michael P. Dwyer, Stephen F. Martin
2276   Synthesis of Dipeptides with ?[CH2O] Amide Bond Mimetics
      Author : Author(s): Wieslaw M. Kazmierski, Paul C. Fritch
2277   Synthesis of DNA Mimics Representing HypNA-pPNA Hetero-Oligomers
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir A. Efimov, Oksana G. Chakhmakhcheva
2278   Synthesis of DNA Using a New Two-Step Cycle
      Author : Author(s): Douglas J. Dellinger, Jason R. Betley, Tadeusz K. Wyrzykiewicz, Marvin H. Caruthers
2279   Synthesis of DNA-Binding Polyamides: Robust Solid-Phase Methods for Coupling Heterocyclic Aromatic Amino Acids
      Author : Author(s): Peter O. Krutzik, A. Richard Chamberlin
2280   Synthesis of Double-Stranded Complementary DNA from Poly(A)+mRNA
      Author : Author(s): R. McGookin
2281   Synthesis of Hapten-Protein Conjugates Using Microbial Transglutaminase
      Author : Author(s): Markus Meusel
2282   Synthesis of Lipid and Cholesterol Hydroperoxide Standards
      Author : Author(s): Donald Armstrong, Richard W. Browne
2283   Synthesis of Lipidated Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Ines Heinemann, Martin Vlkert, Herbert Waldmann
2284   Synthesis of Oligonucleotide-Peptide and Oligonucleotide-Protein Conjugates
      Author : Author(s): David R. Corey
2285   Synthesis of Oligopeptides Containing an Oxirane Ring in the Place of a Peptidic Bond
      Author : Author(s): Maurizio Taddei
2286   Synthesis of Peptide Nucleic Acid-Peptide Conjugates
      Author : Author(s): Kunihiro Kaihatsu, David R. Corey
2287   Synthesis of Peptidomimics Through Sugar-Based Scaffolds
      Author : Author(s): Yves Merrer, Lydie Poitout, Jean-Claude Depezay
2288   Synthesis of Protected Lactam-Bridged Dipeptides
      Author : Author(s): Debra S. Perlow, Roger M. Freidinger
2289   Synthesis of [15N]-Labeled DNA Fragments
      Author : Author(s): Roger A Jones
2290   Synthetic Hydrogel Matrices for Guided Bladder Tissue Regeneration
      Author : Author(s): Catharina A.M. Adelw, Peter Frey
2291   Systemic Delivery of Synthetic siRNAs
      Author : Author(s): Mouldy Sioud, Dag R. Srensen
2292   T-Cell Epitope Mapping with Synthetic Peptides and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
      Author : Author(s): Stuart J. Rodda
2293   T-Cell Receptor Purification
      Author : Author(s): Kelly P. Kearse
2294   T7 Transcript Length Determination Using Enzymatic RNA Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Andrew Siwkowski
2295   Tandem Mass Spectrometry in the Detection of Inborn Errors of Metabolism for Newborn Screening
      Author : Author(s): Frantiek Turecek, C. Ronald Scott, Michael H. Gelb
2296   TaqMan Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction Coupled With Capillary Electrophoresis for Quantification and Identification of bcr-abl Transcript Type
      Author : Author(s): Rajyalakshmi Luthra, L. Jeffrey Medeiros
2297   Target Selection for Structural Genomics: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Russell L. Marsden, Christine A. Orengo
2298   Target Selection: Triage in the Structural Genomics Battlefield
      Author : Author(s): James Raftery
2299   Target-Site Selection for the 123 DNAzyme
      Author : Author(s): Murray J. Cairns, Lun-Quan Sun
2300   Targeting Antipeptide Antibodies Toward Cytochrome P45 Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Edwards
2301   Targeting Antipeptide Antibodies Towards Cytochrome P45 Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Edwards
2302   Targeting of Antibodies Using Aptamers
      Author : Author(s): Sotiris Missailidis
2303   Targeting the Purinome
      Author : Author(s): Jeremy M. Murray, Dirksen E. Bussiere
2304   Tea Bag Synthesis of Positional Scanning Synthetic Combinatorial Libraries and Their Use for Mapping Antigenic Determinants
      Author : Author(s): Clemencia Pinilla, Jon R. Appel, Richard A. Houghten
2305   Techniques for Determining the Metabolic Pathways of Eicosanoids and for Evaluating the Rate-Controlling Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Ninder Panesar, Yashwant G. Deshpande, Donald L. Kaminski
2306   Techniques for Gene Expression Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Mark P. Richards
2307   Techniques for the Measurement of Lipoprotein Lipase Messenger RNA
      Author : Author(s): Gouri Ranganathan, Philip A. Kern
2308   Tertiary and Quaternary Structure Formation of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels
      Author : Author(s): John M. Robinson, Andrey Kosolapov, Carol Deutsch
2309   Tetracycline-Regulated Expression of Hammerhead Ribozymes In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Emma T. Bowden, Anna T. Riegel
2310   Tetrazolium (MTT) Assay for Cellular Viability and Activity
      Author : Author(s): David M. Morgan
2311   The 1,5-Disubstituted Tetrazole Ring as a cis-Amide Bond Surrogate
      Author : Author(s): Janusz Zabrocki, Garland R. Marshall
2312   The Absolute Quantification Strategy: Application to Phosphorylation Profiling of Human Separase Serine 1126
      Author : Author(s): Scott A. Gerber, Arminja N. Kettenbach, John Rush, Steven P. Gygi
2313   The Amplification Refractory Mutation System
      Author : Author(s): John M. Old
2314   The Analysis of Amino Acids Using Precolumn Derivatization, HPLC, and Electrochemical Detection
      Author : Author(s): C. David Forster, Charles A. Marsden
2315   The Application of NMR Spectroscopy to Functional Glycomics
      Author : Author(s): Jean-Robert Brisson, Evgeny Vinogradov, David J. McNally, Nam Huan Khieu, Ian C. Schoenhofen, Susan M. Logan, Harold Jarrell
2316   The Avian Embryo in Fetal Alcohol Research
      Author : Author(s): Susan M. Smith
2317   The Burton Assay for DNA
      Author : Author(s): Jaap H. Waterborg, Harry R. Matthews
2318   The Crystallization and Structure Analysis of Oligonucleotide Sequences
      Author : Author(s): Stephen Neidle
2319   The Deposition of a Biocide in Wood-Based Material
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey J. Morrell, Keith L. Levien
2320   The Detection of Hammerhead Ribozyme Cleavage by RT-PCR Methods
      Author : Author(s): Rhonda Perriman
2321   The Determination of Nitrotyrosine Residues in Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Gow, Molly McClelland, Sarah E. Garner, Stuart Malcolm, Harry Ischiropoulos
2322   The Determination of Polyamines and Amino Acids by a Fluorescamine-HPLC Method
      Author : Author(s): Karl J. Hunter, Alan H. Fairlamb
2323   The Dynamics of DNA Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Joshua M. Deutsch
2324   The Effect of Lectins on Crypt Cell Proliferation in Organ Culture
      Author : Author(s): Stephen D. Ryder
2325   The Enzymatic Measurement of Nitrate and Nitrite
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Titheradge
2326   The ERK Cascade As a Prototype of MAPK Signaling Pathways
      Author : Author(s): Hadara Rubinfeld, Rony Seger
2327   The Estimation of mRNA Content by Poly(U) Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Slater
2328   The Extraction and Isolation of DNA from Gels
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Per Lin Jrgensen
2329   The Extraction of Total RNA by the Detergent and Phenol Method
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Slater
2330   The Flexible Pocketome Engine for Structural Chemogenomics
      Author : Author(s): Ruben Abagyan, Irina Kufareva
2331   The Gel Shift Assay for the Analysis of DNA-Protein Interactions
      Author : Author(s): John D. Taylor, Alison J. Ackroyd, Stephen E. Halford
2332   The Generation of Stable Oxidative Stress-Resistant Phenotypes in Chinese Hamster Fibroblasts Chronically Exposed to Hydrogen Peroxide or Hyperoxia
      Author : Author(s): Douglas R. Spitz, Shannon J. Sullivan
2333   The Human Cytochrome P45 Allele Nomenclature Committee Web Site: Submission Criteria, Procedures, and Objectives
      Author : Author(s): Sarah C. Sim, Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg
2334   The Human Genome Project
      Author : Author(s): Rahul Chodhari, Eddie Chung
2335   The Identification of Gene Products in Minicells and Maxicells
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Per Klemm
2336   The Immunohistochemical Localization of Glutathione Peroxidase
      Author : Author(s): Kiyoshi Akeo, Tadahisa Hiramitsu, Keiichi Watanabe
2337   The influence of photoperiodic growth condition on isolation of RNA from strawberry (Fragaria ananassa duch.) tissue
      Author : Author(s): Marco Mazzara, David J. James
2338   The Isolation of High Molecular Weight Eukaryotic DNA
      Author : Author(s): C. G. Mathew
2339   The Isolation of Maxicells
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Per Klemm
2340   The Isolation of Minicells
      Author : Author(s): Wim Gaastra, Per Klemm
2341   The Isolation of Satellite DNA by Density Gradient Centrifugation
      Author : Author(s): Craig A. Cooney, Harry R. Matthews
2342   The Kabat Database and a Bioinformatics Example
      Author : Author(s): George Johnson, Tai Te Wu
2343   The Manipulation of Nucleic Acids: Basic Tools and Techniques
      Author : Author(s): Gayle Corkill, Ralph Rapley
2344   The Measurement of NO in Biological Systems Using Chemiluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Evangelos D. Michelakis, Stephen L. Archer
2345   The Monitoring and Affinity Purification of Proteins Using Dual Tags with Tetracysteine Motifs
      Author : Author(s): Richard J. Giannone, Yie Liu, Yisong Wang
2346   The Preparation of Phenyl-stilbene Derivatives Using the Safety Catch Linker
      Author : Author(s): Amy Lew, A. Richard Chamberlin
2347   The PRIDE Proteomics Identifications Database: Data Submission, Query, and Dataset Comparison
      Author : Author(s): Philip Jones, Richard Ct
2348   The Principles of Freeze-Drying
      Author : Author(s): Gerald Adams
2349   The Protein Truncation Test
      Author : Author(s): Johan T. Dunnen
2350   The Purification of Poly(A)-Containing RNA by Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Robert J. Slater
2351   The Quartz Fiber Fishpole Balance
2352   The Role of Methods in the Discovery of the Cytochromes P45
      Author : Author(s): Ronald W. Estabrook
2353   The Southwestern Assay
      Author : Author(s): Jacques Philippe
2354   The Structural Biology and Genomics Platform in Strasbourg: an Overview
      Author : Author(s): Didier Busso, Jean-Claude Thierry, Dino Moras
2355   The SUMO System: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Helle D. Ulrich
2356   The Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Drugs of Abuse from Human Hair
      Author : Author(s): Pascal Kintz, Christian Staub
2357   The Synthesis of Bicyclic Piperazinone and Related Derivatives
      Author : Author(s): Yvette M. Fobian, Kevin D. Moeller
2358   The Technique of In Situ Hybridization: Principles and Applications
      Author : Author(s): Desire Sart, K. H. Andy Choo
2359   The Use of a Quantitative Cysteinyl-Peptide Enrichment Technology for High-Throughput Quantitative Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Tao Liu, Wei-Jun Qian, David G. Camp, Richard D. Smith
2360   The Use of Alkaline Phosphatase to Prevent Vector Regeneration
      Author : Author(s): J. W. Dale, P. J. Greenaway
2361   The Use of Cell and Organ Culture for the Study of Secreted Mucins
      Author : Author(s): Anthony P. Corfield, Adil Aslam, Stephen Wood, Baldev Singh, Christos Paraskeva
2362   The Use of Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Study Drug-Membrane Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Thomas M. Mavromoustakos
2363   The Use of Lectins for Liposome Targeting in Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s): Michael Kaszuba, Malcolm N. Jones
2364   The Use of Lectins in Combination with Enzymatic Digestion for the Study of Glycoconjugates in Cartilage
      Author : Author(s): Sibylle Hoebt-Schmidt
2365   The Use of NO Gas in Biological Systems
      Author : Author(s): Neil Hogg, B. Kalyanaraman
2366   The Use of Restriction Endonucleases
      Author : Author(s): Elliot B. Gingold
2367   The Use of Soybean Agglutinin (SBA) for Bone Marrow (BM) Purging and Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Enrichment in Clinical Bone Marrow Transplantation
      Author : Author(s): Arnon Nagler, Shoshana Morecki, Shimon Slavin
2368   The Xenopus Egg Extract Translation System
      Author : Author(s): Glenn M. Matthews, Alan Colman
2369   The Reverse Capture Autoantibody Microarray: An Innovative Approach to Profiling the Autoantibody Response to Tissue-Derived Native Antigens
      Author : Author(s): Joshua R. Ehrlich, Liangdan Tang, Robert J. Caiazzo, Daniel W. Cramer, Shu-Kay Ng, Shu-Wing Ng, Brian C.-S. Liu
2370   Theophylline and Antiarrhythmics
      Author : Author(s): F. L. Vandemark
2371   Theoretical Considerations in Measuring Reaction Parameters
      Author : Author(s): Timothy S. McConnell
2372   Theories of Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Stephen D. Levene
2373   Thin-Layer Chromatographic Analysis of Human CYP3A-Catalyzed Testosterone 6?-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. H. Chang
2374   Thin-Layer Chromatographic Method for Assaying Polyamides
      Author : Author(s): Rentala Madhubala
2375   Thin-Layer Chromatography Analysis of Human CYP3A-Catalyzed Testosterone 6?-Hydroxylation
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. Chang
2376   Thioredoxin and Redox Regulation of the Nuclear Receptor
      Author : Author(s): Yuichi Makino, Kensaku Okamoto, Hirotoshi Tanaka
2377   Three-Dimensional Cryotransmission Electron Microscopy of Cells and Organelles
      Author : Author(s): Michael Marko, Chyong-Ere Hsieh
2378   Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Chromosomes Using Electron Tomography
      Author : Author(s): Peter Engelhardt
2379   Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay
      Author : Author(s): Paolo Degan, Adriano Podest, Giorgio Montagnoli
2380   Tissue Microarrays: An Overview
      Author : Author(s): Rajiv Dhir
2381   Tissue Micromanipulation in Zebrafish Embryos
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Picker, Daniela Roellig, Olivier Pourqui, Andrew C. Oates, Michael Brand
2382   Tissue Sample Collection for Proteomics Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Jose I. Diaz, Lisa H. Cazares, O. John Semmes
2383   Tissue-Specific Transgenic and Knockout Mice
      Author : Author(s): Andre Porret, Anne-Marie Mrillat, Sabrina Guichard, Friedrich Beermann, Edith Hummler
2384   TLC in Structure and Recognition Studies of Glycosphingolipids
      Author : Author(s): Johannes Mthing
2385   Tobramycin Affinity Tag Purification of Spliceosomes
      Author : Author(s): Klaus Hartmuth, Hans-Peter Vornlocher, Reinhard Lhrmann
2386   Total Plasma Homocysteine Analysis by HPLC with SBD-F Precolumn Derivatization
      Author : Author(s): Isabella Fermo, Rita Paroni
2387   Total RNA Isolation from Bacteria
      Author : Author(s): John Heptinstall
2388   Toward a Full Characterization of the Human 2S Proteasome Subunits and Their Isoforms by a Combination of Proteomic Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Sandrine Uttenweiler-Joseph, Stphane Claverol, Lok Sylvius, Marie-Pierre Bousquet-Dubouch, Odile Burlet-Schiltz, Bernard Monsarrat
2389   Toward Effective PCR-Based Amplification of DNA on Microfabricated Chips
      Author : Author(s): Jerome P. Ferrance, Braden Giordano, James P. Landers
2390   Toward High-Throughput and Reliable Peptide Identification via MS/MS Spectra
      Author : Author(s): Jian Liu
2391   Toxicology Screening
      Author : Author(s): Pokar M. Kabra, Brian E. Stafford, Laurence J. Marton
2392   Trace Element Analysis of Biological Samples by Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Hiroki Haraguchi, Eiji Fujimori, Kazumi Inagaki
2393   Tracking the Transport of E-Cadherin to and From the Plasma Membrane
      Author : Author(s): Matthew P. Wagoner, Kun Ling, Richard A. Anderson
2394   Trans-Splicing Reactions by Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Joshua T. Jones, Seong-Wook Lee, Bruce A. Sullenger
2395   Transcellular Regulation of Eicosanoid Biosynthesis
      Author : Author(s): Karsten Gronert, Clary B. Clish, Mario Romano, Charles N. Serhan
2396   Transcription In Vitro Using Bacteriophage RNA Polymerases
      Author : Author(s): Elaine T. Schenborn
2397   Transcriptional Activation Analysis by the Chloramphenicol Acetyl Transferase (CAT) Enzyme Assay
      Author : Author(s): David R. Hodge, Delores M. Thompson, Alexandra Panayiotakis, Arun Seth
2398   Transesterification Reactions Catalyzed by Subtilisin Carlsberg Suspended in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and in Supercritical Ethane
      Author : Author(s): Teresa Corra Sampaio, Susana Barreiros
2399   Transfection of Primary Cultures of Rat Hepatocytes
      Author : Author(s): Mina Edwards, Siew Cheng Wong, Roongsiri Chotpadiwetkul, Despina Smirlis, Ian R. Phillips, Elizabeth A. Shephard
2400   Transformation and Regeneration of Dicotyledonous Plants
      Author : Author(s): Kevan M. Gartland, Nigel W. Scott
2401   Transformation of nuclear and plastomic plant genomes by biolistic particle bombardment
      Author : Author(s): Pirkko Menp, Elena Baena Gonzalez, Staffan Ahlandsberg, Christer Jansson
2402   Transient and Stable Transgenesis Using Tol2 Transposon Vectors
      Author : Author(s): Hiroshi Kikuta, Koichi Kawakami
2403   Translocation of p47phox and Activation of NADPH Oxidase in Mononuclear Cells
      Author : Author(s): Ahmad Aljada, Husam Ghanim, Paresh Dandona
2404   Transmission Electron Microscopy of Tissue-Polymer Constructs
      Author : Author(s): Paul V. Hatton
2405   Transverse Alternating-Field Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Katheleen Gardiner
2406   Trapping and Detection of Single Molecules in Water
      Author : Author(s): M. Willander, K. Risveden, B. Danielsson, O. Nur
2407   Tricyclic Antidepressants
      Author : Author(s): Gary J. Schmidt
2408   Triglyceride Lipase Assays Based on a Novel Fluorogenic Alkyldiacyl Glycerol Substrate
      Author : Author(s): Albin Hermetter
2409   tRNA Delivery Systems for Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s): Rhonda Perriman, Rob Feyter
2410   Troubleshooting
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
2411   Tumor Necrosis Factor-? Quantification and Expression by In Situ Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Tracey A. Ignatowski, Robert N. Spengler
2412   Two-Dimensional Difference Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Terence L. Wu
2413   Two-Dimensional DNA Electrophoresis (2D-DE) for Mammalian DNA
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Walter, Diane W. Cox
2414   Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of membrane proteins
      Author : Author(s): Andreas U. Freiburghaus
2415   Typical Operating Procedures
      Author : Author(s): Kevin D. Altria
2416   Ubiquinol/Ubiquinone Ratio as a Marker of Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): Yorihiro Yamamoto, Satoshi Yamashita
2417   Ubiquitin Chain Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Shahri Raasi, Cecile M. Pickart
2418   Ultra-Fast DNA Separations Using Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Karel Kleprnk, Odilo M. Meller, Frantiek Foret
2419   Ultrahigh Resolution Imaging of Biomolecules by Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Samuel T. Hess, Travis J. Gould, Mudalige Gunewardene, Joerg Bewersdorf, Michael D. Mason
2420   Ultramicrotomy for Biological Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Herbert K. Hagler
2421   Undertaking a Successful Gynogenetic Haploid Screen in Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s): Judith E. Layton
2422   Universal Labeling Chemistry for Nucleic Acid Detection on DNA Chips
      Author : Author(s): Ali Laayoun, Eloy Bernal-Mndez, Isabelle Sothier, Mitsuharu Kotera, Alain Troesch
2423   Urinary Steroid Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Norman F. Taylor
2424   Urine Sample Preparation and Protein Profiling by Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Panagiotis G. Zerefos, Antonia Vlahou
2425   Use of 35S Nucleotides for DNA Sequencing
      Author : Author(s): Paul D. Helden
2426   Use of 7-Ethoxycoumarin to Monitor Multiple Enzymes in the Human CYP1, CYP2, and CYP3 Families
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. Chang
2427   Use of 7-Ethoxycoumarinto Monitor Multiple Enzymesin the Human CYP1, CYP2, and CYP3 Families
      Author : Author(s): David J. Waxman, Thomas K. H. Chang
2428   Use of a Retroviral Vector for Expression of a Foreign Gene
      Author : Author(s): Brent W. Miller, Aubrey R. Morrison
2429   Use of Arginine Analogs as Inhibitors of Nitric Oxide Synthase in Rat-Aortic Rings
      Author : Author(s): Rachel J. Russell
2430   Use of Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s): Kari-Pekka Skarp, Xueqiang Zhao, Marion Weber, Jussi Jntti
2431   Use of Biotin-Labeled Probes on Plant Chromosomes
      Author : Author(s): Angela Karp
2432   Use of Capillary Electrophoresis for Concentration Analysis of Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides
      Author : Author(s): G. Susan Srivatsa, Roya Pourmand, Steven Winters
2433   Use of Chiral Crown Ethers in Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Martin G. Schmid, Gerald Gbitz
2434   Use of Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Molecular Medicine
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth L. Rugg, Gareth J. Magee
2435   Use of Digoxigenin-Labeled Probes on Tissue Sections
      Author : Author(s): Giorgio Terenghi
2436   Use of Elutips to Purify DNA
      Author : Author(s): Paul D. Helden
2437   Use of Fluorochrome-Labeled Lectins in Light Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Udo Schumacher, Barry S. Mitchell
2438   Use of Gas-Phase Fractionation to Increase Protein Identifications: Application to the Peroxisome
      Author : Author(s): Jacob Kennedy, Eugene C. Yi
2439   Use of Genomic DNA as Reference in DNA Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Yunfeng Yang
2440   Use of Inhibitors in the Study of MAPK Signaling
      Author : Author(s): Yoav D. Shaul, Rony Seger
2441   Use of Inverse Theory Algorithms in the Analysis of Biomembrane NMR Data
      Author : Author(s): Edward Sternin
2442   Use of Lectin for Detection of Agalactosyl IgG
      Author : Author(s): Naoyuki Tsuchiya, Tamao Endo, Naohisa Kochibe, Koji Ito, Akira Kobata
2443   Use of Lectin-Affinity Electrophoresis for Quantification and Characterization of Glycoforms of ?-1 Acid Glycoprotein
      Author : Author(s): Thorkild C. Bg-Hansen
2444   Use of Lectins as Mitogens for Lymphocytes
      Author : Author(s): David C. Kilpatrick
2445   Use of Lectins as Transganglionic Neuronal Tracers in the Study of Unmyelinated Primary Sensory Neurons
      Author : Author(s): Mark B. Plenderleith, Peter J. Snow
2446   Use of Lectins for Characterization of O-Linked Glycans of Herpes Simplex Virus Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): Sigvard Olofsson, Anders Bolmstedt
2447   Use of Lectins in Affinity Purification of HIV and SIV Envelope Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s): Gustav Gilljam
2448   Use of Monomeric, Monovalent Lectin Derivatives for Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cell Surface Glycoconjugates
      Author : Author(s): Hanae Kaku, Naoto Shibuya
2449   Use of Multiple-Wavelength Anomalous Diffraction Measurements in Ab Initio Phase Determination for Macromolecular Structures
      Author : Author(s): H. M. Murthy
2450   Use of Natural or Selected Mutants and Variants for Epitope Mapping
      Author : Author(s): Glenn E. Morris
2451   Use of NO Donors in Biological Systems
      Author : Author(s): Jayne M. Tullett, Daryl D. Rees
2452   Use of Polarized PC12 Cells to Monitor Protein Localization in the Early Biosynthetic Pathway
      Author : Author(s): Ragna Sannerud, Michal Marie, Bodil Berger Hansen, Jaakko Saraste
2453   Use of Quantitative Immunofluorescence Microscopy to Study Intracellular Trafficking: Studies of the GLUT4 Glucose Transporter
      Author : Author(s): Vincent Blot, Timothy E. McGraw
2454   Use of Radiation Hybrid panels to map genetic loci
      Author : Author(s): James S. Friedman, Michael A. Walter
2455   Use of Reporter Genes to Measure Xenobiotic-Mediated Activation of CYP Gene Transcription
      Author : Author(s): Nick Plant
2456   Use of Residual Dipolar Couplings in Structural Analysis of Protein-Ligand Complexes by Solution NMR Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Nitin U. Jain
2457   Use of Self-Quenched, Fluorogenic LUXTM Primers for Gene Expression Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Wolfgang Kusser
2458   Use of Skin Equivalent Technology in a Wound Healing Model
      Author : Author(s): Michael A. Vaccariello, Ashkan Javaherian, Nancy Parenteau, Jonathan A. Garlick
2459   Use of Transcriptomic Data to Support Organelle Proteomic Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Wallace F. Marshall
2460   Use of Xenopus Oocytes and Early Embryos to Study MAPK Signaling
      Author : Author(s): Eusebio Perdiguero, Angel R. Nebreda
2461   Useful Mass Spectrometry Programs Freely Available on the Internet
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen
2462   Using a Noncovalent Protection Strategy to Enhance Solid-Phase Synthesis
      Author : Author(s): Fahad Al-Obeidi, John F. Okonya, Richard E. Austin, Dan R. Bond
2463   Using Charge Ladders and Capillary Electrophoresis to Measure the Charge, Size, and Electrostatic Interactions of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Upma Sharma, Jeffrey D. Carbeck
2464   Using Chromatin Immunoprecipitation to Map Cotranscriptional mRNA Processing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s): Michael-Christopher Keogh, Stephen Buratowski
2465   Using Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching to Measure Lipid Diffusion in Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Conrad W. Mullineaux, Helmut Kirchhoff
2466   Using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Investigate Hammerhead Ribozyme Kinetics
      Author : Author(s): Thomas A. Perkins, John Goodchild
2467   Using Fluorescence-Activated Flow Cytometry to Determine Reactive Oxygen Species Formation and Membrane Lipid Peroxidation in Viable Boar Spermatozoa
      Author : Author(s): H. David Guthrie, Glenn R. Welch
2468   Using Microinjection of Xenopus Oocytes to Express and Optimize Ribozymes In Vivo
      Author : Author(s): Philip C. Turner
2469   Using Molecular Beacons for Sensitive Fluorescence Assays of the Enzymatic Cleavage of Nucleic Acids
      Author : Author(s): Chaoyong James Yang, Jeff Jianwei Li, Weihong Tan
2470   Using Monomolecular Films to Characterize Lipid Lateral Interactions
      Author : Author(s): Rhoderick E. Brown, Howard L. Brockman
2471   Using N,N,N,N-tetramethyl-p-phenylenediamine (TMPD) to Assay Cyclooxygenase Activity In Vitro
      Author : Author(s): Nenad Petrovic, Michael Murray
2472   Using Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy to Probe Organelle Assembly and Membrane Trafficking
      Author : Author(s): Brian Storrie, Tregei Starr, Kimberly Forsten-Williams
2473   Using Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (RACE) to Obtain Full-Length cDNAs
      Author : Author(s): Yue Zhang, Michael A. Frohman
2474   Using SIMS and MIMS in Biological Materials: Application to Higher Plants
      Author : Author(s): Nicole Grignon
2475   Using Single-Strand Conformational Polymorphism Gel Electrophoresis to Analyze Mutually Exclusive Alternative Splicing
      Author : Author(s): Alicia M. Celotto, Brenton R. Graveley
2476   Using Stable Isotope Tagging and Mass Spectrometry to Characterize Protein Complexes and to Detect Changes in Their Composition
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey A. Ranish, Marjorie Brand, Ruedi Aebersold
2477   Using the ?N Peptide to Tether Proteins to RNAs
      Author : Author(s): Julie Baron-Benhamou, Niels H. Gehring, Andreas E. Kulozik, Matthias W. Hentze
2478   Using the Global Proteome Machine for Protein Identification
      Author : Author(s): Ronald C. Beavis
2479   Vacuum-Assisted Microwave Processing of Animal Tissues for Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): Richard T. Giberson
2480   Vacuum-Drying and Cryopreservation of Prokaryotes
      Author : Author(s): Brian J. Tindall
2481   Vacuum-Microwave Combination for Processing Plant Tissues for Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s): William A. Russin, Christina L. Trivett
2482   Validating microRNA Target Transcripts Using Zebrafish Assays
      Author : Author(s): Luke Pase, Graham J. Lieschke
2483   Validation of Bioluminescent Imaging Techniques
      Author : Author(s): John Virostko, E. Duco Jansen
2484   Validation of Short Interfering RNA Knockdowns by Quantitative Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s): Sukru Tuzmen, Jeff Kiefer, Spyro Mousses
2485   Variable Pressure and Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy: Imaging of Biological Samples
      Author : Author(s): Brendan J. Griffin
2486   Versatile Screening for Binary Protein-Protein Interactions by Yeast Two-Hybrid Mating
      Author : Author(s): Stef J. Letteboer, Ronald Roepman
2487   Virtual Expert Mass Spectrometrist v3.: An Integrated Tool for Proteome Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen
2488   Virus Crystallography
      Author : Author(s): Elizabeth Fry, Derek Logan, David Stuart
2489   Visualization of Bioluminescence
      Author : Author(s): Amy Cheng Vollmer
2490   Visualization of Gene Expression by Fluorescent Multiplex Reverse Transcriptase-PCR Amplification
      Author : Author(s): Mara Rosa Ponce, Vctor Quesada, Andrea Hricov, Jos Luis Micol
2491   Visualizing Intracellular Distribution and Activity of Core2 ?(1,6)N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase-I in Living Cells
      Author : Author(s): Malle Prorok-Hamon, Sylvie Mathieu, Assou El-Battari
2492   Weak Affinity Chromatography
      Author : Author(s): Magnus Strandh, Hkan S. Andersson, Sten Ohlson
2493   Web-based Tools for Protein Classification
      Author : Author(s): Costas D. Paliakasis, Ioannis Michalopoulos, Sophia Kossida
2494   Western Blotting as a Diagnostic Method
      Author : Author(s): Pirkko Soundy, Bronwen Harvey
2495   Western Cross Blot
      Author : Author(s): Peter Hammerl, Arnulf Hartl, Johannes Freund, Joseph Thalhamer
2496   Western Immunoblot Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Cynthia E. Shaw, Jing Zheng
2497   Whole Blood Assays for Evaluation of Thromboxane Synthase Inhibition
      Author : Author(s): Eric G. Spokas, Nancy S. Nicholson, Osman D. Suleymanov, Gerald M. Walsh, David Tuffin
2498   Whole-Animal High-Throughput Screens: The C. elegans Model
      Author : Author(s): Eyleen J. ORourke, Annie L. Conery, Terence I. Moy
2499   Whole-Mount Immunoelectron Tomography of Chromosomes and Cells
      Author : Author(s): Peter Engelhardt, Jari Merilinen, Fang Zhao, Susumu Uchiyama, Kiichi Fukui, Veli-Pekka Lehto
2500   Whole-Organism Screening: Plants
      Author : Author(s): April Agee, David Carter
2501   Why Measure Drug Levels?
      Author : Author(s): Lewis B. Sheiner
2502   X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Membrane Structure Changes with Oxidative Stress
      Author : Author(s): R. Preston Mason, Robert F. Jacob
2503   X-Ray Diffraction to Determine the Thickness of Raft and Nonraft Bilayers
      Author : Author(s): Thomas J. McIntosh
2504   X-Ray Microanalysis in the Scanning Electron Microscope
      Author : Author(s): Godfried M. Roomans, Anca Dragomir
2505   X-Ray Scattering and Solid-State Deuterium Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Probes of Structural Fluctuations in Lipid Membranes
      Author : Author(s): Horia I. Petrache, Michael F. Brown
2506   YAC Library Screening: Hybridization and PCR-Based Screening Protocols
      Author : Author(s): Charlotte G. Cole, John E. Collins, Ian Dunham
2507   YAC Library Screening: Preparation of Hybridization Filters and Polymerase Chain Reaction Pools
      Author : Author(s): Charlotte G. Cole, John E. Collins, Ian Dunham
2508   YAC Library Storage and Transport
      Author : Author(s): John E. Collins, Sheila Hassock, Ian Dunham
2509   Yeast Artificial Chromosomes
      Author : Author(s): Angela Flannery, Rakesh Anand
2510   Yeast Transformation
      Author : Author(s): Elliot B. Gingold
2511   Yeast Two-Hybrid Library Screening
      Author : Author(s): Ian G. Cowell
2512   Zebrafish Spotted-Microarray for Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Experiments. Part I: Array Printing and Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Siew Hong Lam, Sinnakarupan Mathavan, Zhiyuan Gong
2513   Zebrafish Spotted-Microarray for Genome-Wide Expression Profiling Experiments: Data Acquisition and Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Siew Hong Lam, R. Krishna Murthy Karuturi, Zhiyuan Gong
2514   ZnO Nanorods as an Intracellular Sensor for pH Measurements
      Author : Author(s): M. Willander, Safaa Al-Hilli