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Chemistry 2021 ( 65 Title(s) )
1   ?-Tertiary Amines en Route to Natural Products
      Author : Shah, Muhammad Raza
2   Advances in Chemical Proteomics
      Author : Yao, Xudong,
3   Advances in Triazole Chemistry
      Author : Farooq, Tahir
4   Analytical Sample Preparation with Nano- and other High-performance Materials
      Author : Lucena, Rafael,
5   Aromaticity: Modern Computational Methods and Applications
      Author : Fernandez, Israel,
6   Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development
      Author : Blass, Benjamin
7   Biopolymer-Based Metal Nanoparticle Chemistry for Sustainable Applications
      Author : Nasrollahzadeh, Mahmoud
8   Biopolymer-Based Metal Nanoparticle Chemistry for Sustainable Applications
      Author : Nasrollahzadeh, Mahmoud
9   Black Seeds (Nigella sativa): Pharmacological and Therapeutic Applications
      Author : Andleeb Khan
10   Carbohydrate Analysis by Modern Liquid Phase Separation Techniques
      Author : El-Rassi, Ziad,
11   Chemical Kinetics
      Author : Arnaut, Luis
12   Chemistry of 2-Oxoaldehydes and 2-Oxoacids
      Author : Kumar, Atul
13   Collisional Effects on Molecular Spectra: Laboratory Experiments and Models, Consequences for Applications
      Author : Hartmann, Jean-Michel
14   Computational and Data-Driven Chemistry Using Artificial Intelligence: Volume 1: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications
      Author : Akitsu, Takashiro,
15   Copper in N-Heterocyclic Chemistry
      Author : Srivastava, Ananya
16   Discovery and Development of Anti-Breast Cancer Agents from Natural Products
      Author : Goutam Brahmachari
17   Eco-friendly Functional Polymers: An Approach from Application-Targeted Green Chemistry: An Approach from Application-Targeted Green Chemistry
      Author : Palencia Luna, Manuel
18   Electrochemistry for Bioanalysis
      Author : Patel, Bhavik
19   Gas Chromatography
      Author : Poole, Colin,
20   Green Synthetic Approaches for Biologically Relevant Heterocycles, 2e: Volume 1
      Author : Brahmachari, Goutam
21   Green Synthetic Approaches for Biologically Relevant Heterocycles, 2e: Volume 2
      Author : Brahmachari, Goutam
22   Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds: Volume 1: Fundamental Principles and Methods
      Author : Kharisov, Boris I,
23   Handbook of Greener Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Compounds: Volume 2: Synthesis at the macroscale and nanoscale
      Author : Kharisov, Boris I,
24   Handbook of Water Purity and Quality
      Author : Ahuja, Satinder,
25   Herbicides: Chemistry, Efficacy, Toxicology, and Environmental Impacts
      Author : Mesnage, Robin
26   Heterogeneous Catalysis in Sustainable Synthesis
      Author : Torok, Bela
27   Hot Topics in Crystal Engineering
      Author : Kari Rissanen
28   Introduction to Spatial Mapping of Biomolecules by Imaging Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Shrestha, Bindesh
29   Ion Chromatography: Instrumentation, Techniques and Applications
      Author : Christopher Pohl
30   Ionic Liquids in Analytical Chemistry: New Insights and Recent Developments
      Author : Samuel Carda-Broch
31   Magnetic Nanomaterials in Analytical Chemistry
      Author : Afkhami , Abbas,
32   Membrane-Based Hybrid Processes for Wastewater Treatment
      Author : Shah, Maulin
33   Metal-Organic Frameworks for Chemical Reactions: From organic transformations to energy applications
      Author : Khan, Anish,
34   Microwaves in Chemistry Applications: Fundamentals, Methods and Future Trends
      Author : Banik, Bimal
35   Modern Sample Preparation for Chromatography, 2e
      Author : Moldoveanu, Serban
36   Molecular Imprinting for Nanosensors and Other Sensing Applications
      Author : Denizli, Adil,
37   Multidisciplinary Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Lab-on-a-Chip: Principles and Applications
      Author : Li, Xiujun James,
38   Nanofluids and Mass Transfer
      Author : Mohammad Reza Rahimpour
39   Non-traditional Activation Methods in Green and Sustainable Applications
      Author : Torok, Bela
40   Optics of Charged Particles
      Author : Wollnik, Hermann
41   Paper-based Analytical Devices for Chemical Analysis and Diagnostics
      Author : Araujo, William R,
42   Particulates Matter
      Author : Rao, Vikram
43   Phytochemistry, the Military and Health: Phytotoxins and Natural Defenses
      Author : Mtewa, Andrew G,
44   Principles and Clinical Diagnostic Applications of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
      Author : Wang, Yuling,
45   Production of Top 12 Biochemicals Selected by USDOE from Renewable Resources: Status and Innovation
      Author : Anuj Chandel
46   Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1e
      Author : Gribble, Gordon
47   Recent Applications of Selected Name Reactions in the Total Synthesis of Alkaloids
      Author : Heravi, Majid
48   Smartphone-Based Detection Devices: Emerging trends in analytical techniques
      Author : Chaudhery Hussain
49   Spectroscopy, Diffraction and Tomography in Art and Heritage Science
      Author : Adriaens, Mieke
50   Stereochemistry and Organic Reactions
      Author : Mandal, Dipak
51   Stereochemistry: The Three Dimensional Chemistry
      Author : Karnik, Anil
52   Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis
      Author : Michael Harmata
53   Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
      Author : Atta-ur-Rahman
54   Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
      Author : Atta-ur Rahman
55   Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Vol 68
      Author : Atta-ur-Rahman,
56   Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Vol 70
      Author : Atta-ur-Rahman,
57   Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
      Author : Hamilton, Ewan
58   Technology-enabled Blended Learning Experiences for Chemistry Education and Outreach
      Author : Fung, Fun Man ,
59   The Crystalline States of Organic Compounds
      Author : Gavezzotti, Angelo
60   The Curious World of Fluorinated Molecules
      Author : Seppelt, Konrad
61   Theoretical and Computational Approaches to Predicting Ionic Liquid Properties
      Author : Joseph, Aswathy
62   Thermal Analysis and Thermodynamic Properties of Solids
      Author : Sestak, Jaroslav
63   Thermal Analysis: From Introductory Fundamentals to Advanced Applications
      Author : El-Zeiny Ebeid
64   Thermodynamics: Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes
      Author : Honig, Jurgen
65   Three Phase Partitioning: Applications in Separation and Purification of Biological Molecules and Natural Products
      Author : Munishwar Gupta