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Social Sciences 2021 ( 29 Title(s) )
1   Autonomous Vehicles
      Author : Dimitrakopoulos, George
2   Blockchain and the Smart City
      Author : Krishnan, Saravanan
3   Blockchain Supply Chains
      Author : Kshetri, Nir
4   Connected and Automated Vehicles
      Author : PONNALURI, RAJ
5   Disaster Resilience and Sustainability: Adaptation for Sustainable Development
      Author : Pal, Indrajit
6   Driving Science Information Discovery in the Digital Age
      Author : Baykoucheva, Svetla
7   Electrification: Accelerating the Energy Transition
      Author : Pami Aalto
8   Energy Storage in Energy Markets
      Author : Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam,
9   Escaping from Bad Decisions: A Behavioral Decision-Theoretic Perspective
      Author : Kazuhisa Takemura
10   Global Trends of Smart Cities: A Comparative Analysis of Geography, City Size, Governance, and Urban Planning
      Author : Alizadeh, Tooran
11   Health Insurance Systems in Wealthy Countries
      Author : Rice, Thomas
12   Highway Safety Analysis
      Author : Lord, Dominique
13   Humane and Sustainable Smart Cities
      Author : Costa, Eduardo
14   Implementing Data-Driven Strategies in Smart Cities
      Author : Grimaldi, Didier
15   Intermodal Maritime Security: Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
      Author : Gordon, Gary,
16   International Environmental Cooperation and The Global Sustainability Capital Framework
      Author : Seelarbokus, Chenaz
17   Introduction to Network Traffic Flow Theory
      Author : Jin, Wen-Long
18   Libraries, Digital Information, and COVID: Practical Applications and Approaches to Challenge and Change
      Author : Baker, David
19   Mathematical Modelling of Contemporary Electricity Markets
      Author : Dagoumas, Athanasios
20   Measuring Human Capital
      Author : Fraumeni, Barbara
21   Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe: Markets, Techniques, and Deals, 3ed
      Author : Caselli, Stefano
22   Records Management at the Heart of Business Processes: Validate, Protect, Operate and Maintain the Information in the Digital Environment
      Author : Florence Ott
23   Research Data Management and Data Literacies
      Author : Koltay Tibor
24   School Security, 2e
      Author : Timm, Paul
25   Shared Mobility
      Author : Jiao, Junfeng
26   Smart Cities and the UN's SDGs
      Author : Visvizi, Anna
27   The Handbook of Historical Economics
      Author : Bisin, Alberto
28   The Role of Infrastructure for a Safe Transition to Automated Driving
      Author : Alessandrini, Adriano
29   Transforming the Socio Economy with Digital innovation
      Author : Chiho Watanabe