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Bioinformatics ( 307 Title(s) )
1   3D-LogP: An Alignment-Free 3D Description of Local Lipophilicity for QSAR Studies
      Author : Author(s): Jérôme Gomar, Elie Giraud, David Turner, Roger Lahana, Pierre Alain Carrupt
2   A Gentle Guide to the Analysis of Metabolomic Data
      Author : Author(s): Ralf Steuer, Katja Morgenthal, Wolfram Weckwerth, Joachim Selbig
3   A High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Solution for Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Coca, Istvan Bogdan, Robert J. Beynon
4   A Maximum Likelihood Method for Reconstruction of the Evolution of Eukaryotic Gene Structure
      Author : Author(s): Liran Carmel, Igor B. Rogozin, Yuri I. Wolf, Eugene V. Koonin
5   A Web-Based Chemoinformatics System for Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Scott D. Bembenek, Brett A. Tounge, Steven J. Coats, Charles H. Reynolds
6   Allergen Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Tito Bacarese-Hamilton, Julian Gray, Andrea Ardizzoni, Andrea Crisanti
7   An Introduction to Protein Contact Prediction
      Author : Author(s): Nicholas Hamilton, Thomas Huber
8   An Introduction to Proteome Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Andrew R. Jones, Simon J. Hubbard
9   An Overview of Label-Free Quantitation Methods in Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Jason W. Wong, Gerard Cagney
10   Analysis of Genomic DNA with the UCSC Genome Browser
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan Pevsner
11   Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data in Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Rune Matthiesen, Ole N. Jensen
12   Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci Mario Falchi
      Author : Author(s): Mario Falchi
13   Analysis of Transposable Element Sequences Using CENSOR and RepeatMasker
      Author : Author(s): Ahsan Huda, I. King Jordan
14   Annotating Sequence Data Using Genotator
      Author : Author(s): Nomi L. Harris
15   Application of Chemoinformatics to High-Throughput Screening: Practical Considerations
      Author : Author(s): Christian N. Parker, Suzanne K. Schreyer
16   Application of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis in Metabolomics: Reversed-Phase Monolithic Capillary Chromatography and Hydrophilic Chromatography Coupled to Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Vladimir V. Tolstikov, Oliver Fiehn, Nobuo Tanaka
17   Applications of Bioinformatics to Protein Structures: How Protein Structure and Bioinformatics Overlap
      Author : Author(s): Gye Won Han, Chris Rife, Michael R. Sawaya
18   Applications of the Universal DNA Microarray in Molecular Medicine
      Author : Author(s): Reyna Favis, Norman P. Gerry, Yu-Wei Cheng, Francis Barany
19   Approaches to Target Class Combinatorial Library Design
      Author : Author(s): Dora Schnur, Brett R. Beno, Andrew Good, Andrew Tebben
20   Automated Generic Analysis Tools for Protein Quantitation Using Stable Isotope Labeling
      Author : Author(s): Wen-Lian Hsu, Ting-Yi Sung
21   Automated Patch Clamping Using the QPatch
      Author : Author(s): Kenneth A. Jones, Nicoletta Garbati, Hong Zhang, Charles H. Large
22   Basic Microarray Analysis: Strategies for Successful Experiments
      Author : Author(s): Scott A. Ness
23   Bioinformatics Detection of Alternative Splicing
      Author : Author(s): Namshin Kim, Christopher Lee
24   Bioinformatics Methods for Protein Identification Using Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
      Author : Author(s): Zhao Song, Luonan Chen, Dong Xu
25   Bioinformatics Platform Development: From Gene to Lead Compound
      Author : Author(s): Alexis S. Ivanov, Alexander V. Veselovsky, Alexander V. Dubanov, Vladlen S. Skvortsov
26   Bioinformatics Platform Development: From Gene to Lead Compound
      Author : Author(s): Alexis S. Ivanov, Alexander V. Veselovsky, Alexander V. Dubanov, Vladlen S. Skvortsov
27   Biological Network Inference and Analysis Using SEBINI and CABIN
      Author : Author(s): Ronald Taylor, Mudita Singhal
28   Brain Model of Text Animation as a Data Mining Strategy
      Author : Author(s): Tamara Astakhova, Vadim Astakhov
29   Building a Multiuser Sequence Analysis Facility Using Freeware
      Author : Author(s): Brian Fristensky
30   Calculation of Absolute Protein–Ligand Binding Constants with the Molecular Dynamics Free Energy Perturbation Method
      Author : Author(s): Hyung-June Woo
31   Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomics
      Author : Author(s): Tomoyoshi Soga
32   Cell-Based Partitioning
      Author : Author(s): Ling Xue, Florence L. Stahura, Jürgen Bajorath
33   Cellular Assays in HTS
      Author : Author(s): Patricia Johnston
34   Chemical Database Preparation for Compound Acquisition or Virtual Screening
      Author : Author(s): Cristian G. Bologa, Marius M. Olah, Tudor I. Oprea
35   Chemical Database Preparation for Compound Acquisition or Virtual Screening
      Author : Author(s): Cristian G. Bologa, Marius M. Olah, Tudor I. Oprea
36   Clinical Applications of Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Pharmacogenomics
      Author : Author(s): Omer Iqbal, Jawed Fareed
37   Clinical Uses of Microarrays in Cancer Research
      Author : Author(s): Carl Virtanen, James Woodgett
38   Clustering
      Author : Author(s): Geoffrey J. McLachlan, Richard W. Bean, Shu-Kay Ng
39   CodonExplorer: An Interactive Online Database for the Analysis of Codon Usage and Sequence Composition
      Author : Author(s): Jesse Zaneveld, Micah Hamady, Noboru Sueoka, Rob Knight
40   Combinatorial Optimization Models for Finding Genetic Signatures from Gene Expression Datasets
      Author : Author(s): Regina Berretta, Wagner Costa, Pablo Moscato
41   Comparative Modeling of Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Gerald H. Lushington
42   Comparing Algorithms for Clustering of Expression Data: How to Assess Gene Clusters
      Author : Author(s): Golan Yona, William Dirks, Shafquat Rahman
43   Comparison of Methods Based on Diversity and Similarity for Molecule Selection and the Analysis of Drug Discovery Data
      Author : Author(s): Raymond L.H. Lam, William J. Welch
44   Comparison of Protein Force Fields for Molecular Dynamics Simulations
      Author : Author(s): Olgun Guvench, Alexander D. MacKerell
45   Comparison of SPA, FRET, and FP for Kinase Assays
      Author : Author(s): Jinzi J. Wu
46   Compound Library Management
      Author : Author(s): James A. Chan, Juan A. Hueso-Rodríguez
47   Compound Library Management: An Overview of an Automated System
      Author : Author(s): Wilma W. Keighley, Terry P. Wood
48   Computational Approaches for Gene Identification
      Author : Author(s): Gautam B. Singh
49   Computational Approaches to Peptide Identification via Tandem MS
      Author : Author(s): Simon J. Hubbard
50   Computational Diagnostics with Gene Expression Profiles
      Author : Author(s): Claudio Lottaz, Dennis Kostka, Florian Markowetz, Rainer Spang
51   Computational Gene Annotation in New Genome Assemblies Using GeneID
      Author : Author(s): Enrique Blanco, Josep F. Abril
52   Computational Reconstruction of Protein–Protein Interaction Networks: Algorithms and Issues
      Author : Author(s): Eric Franzosa, Bolan Linghu, Yu Xia
53   Computational Representation of Biological Systems
      Author : Author(s): Zach Frazier, Jason McDermott, Michal Guerquin, Ram Samudrala
54   Computational Resources for the Prediction and Analysis of Native Disorder in Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Melissa M. Pentony, Jonathan Ward, David T. Jones
55   Computational Tools for the Analysis of Rearrangements in Mammalian Genomes
      Author : Author(s): Guillaume Bourque, Glenn Tesler
56   Computer Resources for the Clinical and Molecular Geneticist
      Author : Author(s): Yuval Yaron, Avi Orr-Urtreger
57   Computer-Assisted Analysis of Transcription Control Regions: MatInspector and Other Programs
      Author : Author(s): Thomas Werner
58   Computer-Assisted Reading of DNA Sequences
      Author : Author(s): Huong Le, Marcus Hinchcliffe, Bing Yu, Ronald J. Trent
59   Computing with DNA
      Author : Author(s): Lila Kari, Laura F. Landweber
60   Conductivity Detection on Microchips
      Author : Author(s): Roland Hergenröder, Benedikt Gra?
61   Configuring Radioligand Receptor Binding Assays for HTS Using Scintillation Proximity Assay Technology
      Author : Author(s): John W. Carpenter, Carmen Laethem, Frederick R. Hubbard, Thomas K. Eckols, Melvyn Baez, Don McClure, David L. Nelson, Paul A. Johnston
62   Conformational Changes in Protein Function
      Author : Author(s): Haiguang Liu, Shubhra Ghosh Dastidar, Hongxing Lei, Wei Zhang, Matthew C. Lee, Yong Duan
63   Connecting Protein Interaction Data, Mutations, and Disease Using Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Jake Y. Chen, Eunseog Youn, Sean D. Mooney
64   Constructing Computational Pipelines
      Author : Author(s): Mark Halling-Brown, Adrian J. Shepherd
65   Controlled Agitation During Hybridization: Surface Acoustic Waves Are Shaking Up Microarray Technology
      Author : Author(s): Achim Wixforth
66   Creation of a Small High-Throughput Screening Facility
      Author : Author(s): Tod Flak
67   Cross Species Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): J. C. Wright, R. J. Beynon, S. J. Hubbard
68   Current Computational Methods for Prioritizing Candidate Regulatory Polymorphisms
      Author : Author(s): Stephen Montgomery
69   De Novo Sequencing Methods in Proteomics
      Author : Author(s): Christopher Hughes, Bin Ma, Gilles A. Lajoie
70   Derivation and Applications of Molecular Descriptors Based on Approximate Surface Area
      Author : Author(s): Paul Labute
71   Design and Implementation of an Introductory Course for Computer Applications in Molecular Biology and Genetics
      Author : Author(s): Stephen A. Krawetz
72   Design and Implementation of High Throughput Screening Assays
      Author : Author(s): Ricardo Macarrón, Robert P. Hertzberg
73   Design and Implementation of High-Throughput Screening Assays
      Author : Author(s): Ricardo Macarrón, Robert P. Hertzberg
74   Designing Combinatorial Libraries Optimized on Multiple Objectives
      Author : Author(s): Valerie J. Gillet
75   Detecting Biological Patterns The Integration of Databases, Models, and Algorithms
      Author : Author(s): Gautam B. Singh
76   Detecting Genetic Recombination
      Author : Author(s): Georg F. Weiller
77   Detecting Hierarchical Modularity in Biological Networks
      Author : Author(s): Erzsébet Ravasz
78   Detecting Lateral Genetic Transfer: A Phylogenetic Approach
      Author : Author(s): Robert G. Beiko, Mark A. Ragan
79   Detecting Signatures of Selection from DNA Sequences Using Datamonkey
      Author : Author(s): Art F.Y. Poon, Simon D.W. Frost, Sergei L. Pond
80   Detecting the Presence and Location of Selection in Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Tim Massingham
81   Determination of Metabolic Flux Ratios From 13C-Experiments and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Data: Protocol and Principles
      Author : Author(s): Annik Nanchen, Tobias Fuhrer, Uwe Sauer
82   Developing a DNA Variant Database
      Author : Author(s): David C.Y. Fung
83   Developing an Ontology
      Author : Author(s): Midori A. Harris
84   Developing Decision Support Systems in Clinical Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Vitali Sintchenko, Enrico Coiera
85   Developing Fixed-Parameter Algorithms to Solve Combinatorially Explosive Biological Problems
      Author : Author(s): Falk Hüffner, Rolf Niedermeier, Sebastian Wernicke
86   Discovering New Drug-Targeting Sites on Flexible Multidomain Protein Kinases: Combining Segmental Isotopic and Site-Directed Spin Labeling for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detection of Interfacial Clefts
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Harris
87   Discovering New Drug-Targeting Sites on Flexible Multidomain Protein Kinases: Combining Segmental Isotopic and Site-Directed Spin Labeling for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detection of Interfacial Clefts
      Author : Author(s): Thomas K. Harris
88   Discovering Sequence Motifs
      Author : Author(s): Timothy L. Bailey
89   DNA Separations
      Author : Author(s): Andrea W. Chow
90   DNA Sequence Polymorphism Analysis Using DnaSP
      Author : Author(s): Julio Rozas
91   DNASTAR’s Lasergene Sequence Analysis Software
      Author : Author(s): Timothy G. Burland
92   eConsulting
      Author : Author(s): Siaw-Teng Liaw, Peter Schattner
93   Effects of Functional Bias on Supervised Learning of a Gene Network Model
      Author : Author(s): Insuk Lee, Edward M. Marcotte
94   Electrochemiluminescence: A Technology Evaluation and Assay Reformatting of the Stat6/P578 Protein-Peptide Interaction
      Author : Author(s): Robert H. Schweitzer, Laura Abriola
95   Enabling Public Data Sharing: Encouraging Scientific Discovery and Education
      Author : Author(s): Christine Fennema-Notestine
96   Enhanced Protein Profiling Arrays for Quantitative Measurement of Protein Expression in Multiple Samples
      Author : Author(s): Ruochun Huang, Qian Shi, Weimin Yang, Ruo-Pan Huang
97   Enzyme Function Prediction with Interpretable Models
      Author : Author(s): Umar Syed, Golan Yona
98   Estimating Maximum Likelihood Phylogenies with PhyML
      Author : Author(s): Stéphane Guindon, Frédéric Delsuc, Jean-François Dufayard, Olivier Gascuel
99   Evaluating DNA Sequence Variants of Unknown Biological Significance
      Author : Author(s): Scott A. Grist, Andrew Dubowsky, Graeme Suthers
100   Evaluation of Molecular Similarity and Molecular Diversity Methods Using Biological Activity Data
      Author : Author(s): Peter Willett
101   Exploring Pathways from Gene Co-expression to Network Dynamics
      Author : Author(s): Huai Li, Yu Sun, Ming Zhan
102   Expression and Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Joaquín Dopazo, Fátima Al-Shahrour
103   Fabrication of a Glass Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip With Integrated Electrodes
      Author : Author(s): Mark M. Crain, Robert S. Keynton, Kevin M. Walsh, Thomas J. Roussel, Richard P. Baldwin, John F. Naber, Douglas J. Jackson
104   Fabrication of Polymer Microfluidic Systems by Hot Embossing and Laser Ablation
      Author : Author(s): Laurie E. Locascio, David J. Ross, Peter B. Howell, Michael Gaitan
105   Finding Genes in Genome Sequence
      Author : Author(s): Alice Carolyn McHardy
106   Fixed-Parameter Algorithms in Phylogenetics
      Author : Author(s): Jens Gramm, Arfst Nickelsen, Till Tantau
107   Flexible Sequence Similarity Searching with the FASTA3 Program Package
      Author : Author(s): William R. Pearson
108   Free Energy Calculations Applied to Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Christophe Chipot
109   Free Software in Molecular Biology for Macintosh and MS Windows Computers
      Author : Author(s): Don Gilbert
110   From Microarray to Biological Networks: Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles
      Author : Author(s): Xiwei Wu, T. Gregory Dewey
111   From Microarray to Biological Networks: Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles
      Author : Author(s): Xiwei Wu, T. Gregory Dewey
112   Fully Automated Screening Systems
      Author : Author(s): Seth Cohen, Robert F. Trinka
113   GCG:: The Wisconsin Package of Sequence Analysis Programs
      Author : Author(s): David D. Womble
114   Gene Evolution and Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): James O. McInerney, Caroline S. Finnerty, Jennifer M. Commins, Gayle K. Philip
115   Gene Model Detection Using Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Bindu Nanduri, Nan Wang, Mark L. Lawrence, Susan M. Bridges, Shane C. Burgess
116   Gene Orthology Assessment with OrthologID
      Author : Author(s): Mary Egan, Ernest K. Lee, Joanna C. Chiu, Gloria Coruzzi, Rob DeSalle
117   Genetic Algorithms for Classification of Olfactory Stimulants
      Author : Author(s): Barry K. Lavine, Charles E. Davidson, Curt Breneman, William Kaat
118   Genetic Code Prediction for Metazoan Mitochondria with GenDecoder
      Author : Author(s): Federico Abascal, Rafael Zardoya, David Posada
119   Genetic Signatures for a Rodent Model of Parkinson's Disease Using Combinatorial Optimization Methods
      Author : Author(s): Mou'ath Hourani, Regina Berretta, Alexandre Mendes, Pablo Moscato
120   Genome Annotation
      Author : Author(s): Hideya Kawaji, Yoshihide Hayashizaki
121   Genome Rearrangement by the Double Cut and Join Operation
      Author : Author(s): Richard Friedberg, Aaron E. Darling, Sophia Yancopoulos
122   Genotyping Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms by Minisequencing Using Tag Arrays
      Author : Author(s): Lovisa Lovmar, Ann-Christine Syvänen
123   Guidance for Data Collection and Computational Modelling of Regulatory Networks
      Author : Author(s): Adam Christopher Palmer, Keith Edward Shearwin
124   High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Separations Coupled With Coulometric Electrode Array Detectors: A Unique Approach to Metabolomics
      Author : Author(s): Bruce S. Kristal, Yevgeniya I. Shurubor, Rima Kaddurah-Daouk, Wayne R. Matson
125   High-Throughput Screening of the Cyclic AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (PKA) Using the Caliper Microfluidic Platform
      Author : Author(s): Leonard J. Blackwell, Steve Birkos, Rhonda Hallam, Gretchen Van De Carr, Jamie Arroway, Carla M. Suto, William P. Janzen
126   Homogeneous Techniques for Monitoring Receptor-Ligand Interactions
      Author : Author(s): James S. Marks, Douglas S. Burdette, David A. Giegel
127   How to Describe Chirality and Conformational Flexibility
      Author : Author(s): Gordon M. Crippen
128   Hybrid Quantum and Classical Methods for Computing Kinetic Isotope Effects of Chemical Reactions in Solutions and in Enzymes
      Author : Author(s): Jiali Gao, Dan T. Major, Yao Fan, Yen-lin Lin, Shuhua Ma, Kin-Yiu Wong
129   Identification and Characterization of Microbial Proteins Using Peptide Mass Fingerprinting Strategies
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan W. Arthur
130   Identification of cis-Regulatory Elements in Gene Co-expression Networks Using A-GLAM
      Author : Author(s): Leonardo Mariño-Ramírez, Kannan Tharakaraman, Olivier Bodenreider, John Spouge, David Landsman
131   Identifying Components of Complexes
      Author : Author(s): Nicolas Goffard, Georg Weiller
132   Identifying Putative Drug Targets and Potential Drug Leads: Starting Points for Virtual Screening and Docking
      Author : Author(s): David S. Wishart
133   Implicit Membrane Models for Membrane Protein Simulation
      Author : Author(s): Michael Feig
134   In Silico Gene Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Bing Yu
135   In Silico Protein Design: Fitting Sequence Onto Structure
      Author : Author(s): Bassil I. Dahiyat
136   In Silico Protein Design: Fitting Sequence Onto Structure
      Author : Author(s): Bassil I. Dahiyat
137   Inferring Ancestral Gene Order
      Author : Author(s): Julian M. Catchen, John S. Conery, John H. Postlethwait
138   Inferring Ancestral Protein Interaction Networks
      Author : Author(s): José M. Peregrín-Alvarez
139   Inferring Function from Homology
      Author : Author(s): Richard D. Emes
140   Inferring Functional Relationships from Conservation of Gene Order
      Author : Author(s): Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb
141   Inferring Molecular Interactions Pathways from eQTL Data
      Author : Author(s): Imran Rashid, Jason McDermott, Ram Samudrala
142   Inferring Patterns of Migration
      Author : Author(s): Paul M.E. Bunje, Thierry Wirth
143   Inferring Protein–Protein Interactions from Multiple Protein Domain Combinations
      Author : Author(s): Simon P. Kanaan, Chengbang Huang, Stefan Wuchty, Danny Z. Chen, Jesús A. Izaguirre
144   Inferring Trees
      Author : Author(s): Simon Whelan
145   Informatics and Statistics for Analyzing 2-D Gel Electrophoresis Images
      Author : Author(s): Andrew W. Dowsey, Jeffrey S. Morris, Howard B. Gutstein, Guang-Zhong Yang
146   Integrating Functional Genomics Data
      Author : Author(s): Insuk Lee, Edward M. Marcotte
147   Integrating Profiling Data: Using Linear Correlation to Reveal Coregulation of Transcript and Metabolites
      Author : Author(s): Ewa Urbanczyk-Wochniak, Lothar Willmitzer, Alisdair R. Fernie
148   Integrative Profiling of Metabolites and Proteins: Improving Pattern Recognition and Biomarker Selection for Systems Level Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Katja Morgenthal, Stefanie Wienkoop, Florian Wolschin, Wolfram Weckwerth
149   Interfacing Amperometric Detection With Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): R. Scott Martin
150   Interfacing Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis With Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s): Trust Razunguzwa, Aaron T. Timperman
151   Introduction to Microarray Experimentation and Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Peter Gieser, Gregory C. Bloom, Emmanuel N. Lazaridis
152   Introduction to Screening Automation
      Author : Author(s): Steven Hamilton
153   Kinetic Modeling of Biological Systems
      Author : Author(s): Haluk Resat, Linda Petzold, Michel F. Pettigrew
154   Knowledge Discovery via Machine Learning for Neurodegenerative Disease Researchers
      Author : Author(s): I. Burak Özyurt, Gregory G. Brown
155   Learning Global Models of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks from Data
      Author : Author(s): Aviv Madar, Richard Bonneau
156   Linking Image Quantitation and Data Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Gregory C. Bloom, Peter Gieser, Emmanuel N. Lazaridis
157   Low Cost Gel Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Jeffry A. Reidler
158   MacVector: Integrated Sequence Analysis for the Macintosh
      Author : Author(s): Promila A. Rastogi
159   Management and Maintenance of High Throughput Screening Systems
      Author : Author(s): Barbara Hynd
160   Management of Information in Distributed Biomedical Collaboratories
      Author : Author(s): David B. Keator
161   Managing Experimental Data Using FuGE
      Author : Author(s): Andrew R. Jones, Allyson L. Lister
162   Managing Sequence Data
      Author : Author(s): Ilene Karsch Mizrachi
163   Mass Spectrometer Output File Format mzML
      Author : Author(s): Eric W. Deutsch
164   Measuring Electroosmotic Flow in Microchips and Capillaries
      Author : Author(s): S. Douglass Gilman, Peter J. Chapman
165   Measuring the Effects of Genes and Environment on Complex Traits
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer H. Barrett
166   Mediator Infrastructure for Information Integration and Semantic Data Integration Environment for Biomedical Research
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey S. Grethe, Edward Ross, David Little, Brian Sanders, Amarnath Gupta, Vadim Astakhov
167   Membrane-Associated Proteins and Peptides
      Author : Author(s): Marc F. Lensink
168   Metabolite Profiling in Blood Plasma
      Author : Author(s): Oliver Fiehn, Tobias Kind
169   Metabolomic Profiling of Natural Volatiles: Headspace Trapping: GC-MS
      Author : Author(s): Yury M. Tikunov, Francel W. Verstappen, Robert D. Hall
170   Methods for Applying the Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Paradigm
      Author : Author(s): Emilio Xavier Esposito, Anton J. Hopfinger, Jeffry D. Madura
171   Methods for the Inference of Biological Pathways and Networks
      Author : Author(s): Roger E. Bumgarner, Ka Yee Yeung
172   Methods of Information Geometry in Computational System Biology (Consistency between Chemical and Biological Evolution)
      Author : Author(s): Vadim Astakhov
173   Methods to Reconstruct and Compare Transcriptional Regulatory Networks
      Author : Author(s): M. Madan Babu, Benjamin Lang, L. Aravind
174   Micro-Molding for Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Microchips
      Author : Author(s): Carlos D. García, Charles S. Henry
175   Microarray Analysis in Drug Discovery and Clinical Applications
      Author : Author(s): Siqun Wang, Qiong Cheng
176   Microarrays for the Study of Viral Gene Expression During Human Cytomegalovirus Latent Infection
      Author : Author(s): Barry Slobedman, Allen K. Cheung
177   Microarrays—Analysis of Signaling Pathways
      Author : Author(s): Anassuya Ramachandran, Michael A. Black, Andrew N. Shelling, Donald R. Love
178   Microarrays—Identifying Molecular Portraits for Prostate Tumors with Different Gleason Patterns
      Author : Author(s): Alexandre Mendes, Rodney J. Scott, Pablo Moscato
179   Microarrays—Planning Your Experiment
      Author : Author(s): Jean Yee Yang
180   Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis: An Introduction
      Author : Author(s): Charles S. Henry
181   Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis: Application to Peptide Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Barbara A. Fogarty, Nathan A. Lacher, Susan M. Lunte
182   Mining for SNPs and SSRs Using SNPServer, dbSNP and SSR Taxonomy Tree
      Author : Author(s): Jacqueline Batley, David Edwards
183   Mining Proteomic MS/MS Data for MRM Transitions
      Author : Author(s): Jennifer A. Chem (Mead), Luca Bianco, Conrad Bessant
184   Modeling of Protein Misfolding in Disease
      Author : Author(s): Edyta B. Ma?olepsza
185   Modeling Sequence Evolution
      Author : Author(s): Pietro Liò, Martin Bishop
186   Models for Determining Genetic Susceptibility and Predicting Outcome
      Author : Author(s): Peter W. Jones, Richard C. Strange, Sud Ramachandran, Anthony Fryer
187   Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Inherited Thrombophilia Using Invader®
      Author : Author(s): Margaret A. Keller
188   Molecular Docking
      Author : Author(s): Garrett M. Morris, Marguerita Lim-Wilby
189   Molecular Dynamics Simulations
      Author : Author(s): Erik R. Lindahl
190   Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Membrane Proteins
      Author : Author(s): Philip C. Biggin, Peter J. Bond
191   Molecular Interactions and Data Standardisation
      Author : Author(s): Sandra Orchard, Samuel Kerrien
192   Molecular Similarity Concepts and Search Calculations
      Author : Author(s): Jens Auer, Jürgen Bajorath
193   Molecular Similarity Measures
      Author : Author(s): Gerald M. Maggiora, Veerabahu Shanmugasundaram
194   Monte Carlo Simulations
      Author : Author(s): David J. Earl, Michael W. Deem
195   Multiple Alignment of DNA Sequences with MAFFT
      Author : Author(s): Kazutaka Katoh, George Asimenos, Hiroyuki Toh
196   Multiple Sequence Alignment
      Author : Author(s): Walter Pirovano, Jaap Heringa
197   Multiple Tests for Genetic Effects in Association Studies
      Author : Author(s): Peter H. Westfall, Dmitri V. Zaykin, S. Stanley Young
198   Multiplexed Cytokine Sandwich Immunoassays Clinical Applications
      Author : Author(s): Uma Prabhakar, Edward Eirikis, Bruce E. Miller, Hugh M. Davis
199   Multiplexed Protein Analysis Using Antibody Microarrays and Label-Based Detection
      Author : Author(s): Brian B. Haab
200   Natural Products or Not? How to Screen for Natural Products in the Emerging HTS Paradigm
      Author : Author(s): Susan P. Manly, Ramesh Padmanabha, Susan E. Lowe
201   Network Computing: Restructuring How Scientists Use Computers and What We Get Out of Them
      Author : Author(s): Brian Fristensky
202   Network Dynamics
      Author : Author(s): Herbert M. Sauro
203   New Strategies in Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Eliot H. Ohlstein, Anthony G. Johnson, John D. Elliott, Anne M. Romanic
204   Noncontact Laser Microdissection and Pressure Catapulting: Sample Preparation for Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Proteomic Analysis
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205   Nonsupervised Construction and Application of Mass Spectral and Retention Time Index Libraries From Time-of-Flight Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Profiles
      Author : Author(s): Alexander Erban, Nicolas Schauer, Alisdair R. Fernie, Joachim Kopka
206   Normal Modes and Essential Dynamics
      Author : Author(s): Steven Hayward, Bert L. Groot
207   Novel Scoring Methods in Virtual Ligand Screening
      Author : Author(s): Daniel Pick
208   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabonomics: Methods for Drug Discovery and Development
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209   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Modeling and Refinement of Protein Three-Dimensional Structures and Their Complexes
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210   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Screening Methods for Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Laurel O. Sillerud, Richard S. Larson
211   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance-Based Screening Methods for Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s): Laurel O. Sillerud, Richard S. Larson
212   Omiga: A PC-Based Sequence Analysis Tool
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey A. Kramer
213   Online Resources for the Molecular Contextualization of Disease
      Author : Author(s): Chi N.I. Pang, Marc R. Wilkins
214   Ontology-Driven Approaches to Analyzing Data in Functional Genomics
      Author : Author(s): Francisco Azuaje, Fatima Al-Shahrour, Joaquin Dopazo
215   OpenMS and TOPP: Open Source Software for LC-MS Data Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Knut Reinert, Oliver Kohlbacher
216   Optimization of the MAD Algorithm for Virtual Screening
      Author : Author(s): Hanna Eckert, Jürgen Bajorath
217   Partitioning in Binary-Transformed Chemical Descriptor Spaces
      Author : Author(s): Jeffrey W. Godden, Jürgen Bajorath
218   PepTool™ and GeneTool™:: Platform-Independent Tools for Biological Sequence Analysis
      Author : Author(s): David S. Wishart, Paul Stothard, Gary H. Domselaar
219   Phylogenetic Analysis Using PHYLIP
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220   Phylogenetic Model Evaluation
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221   Phylogenetic Profiling
      Author : Author(s): Shailesh V. Date, José M. Peregrín-Alvarez
222   Phylogenetic Shadowing: Sequence Comparisons of Multiple Primate Species
      Author : Author(s): Dario Boffelli
223   Polyelectrolyte Coatings for Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s): Yan Liu, Charles S. Henry
224   Power and Sample Size Considerations in Molecular Biology
      Author : Author(s): L. Jane Goldsmith
225   Power of the Rank Test for Multi-Strata Case-Control Studies with Ordinal Exposure Variables
      Author : Author(s): Grzegorz A. Rempala, Stephen W. Looney
226   Practical Aspects of Uniform Stable Isotope Labeling of Higher Plants for Heteronuclear NMR-Based Metabolomics
      Author : Author(s): Jun Kikuchi, Takashi Hirayama
227   Pre-Processing of Microarray Data and Analysis of Differential Expression
      Author : Author(s): Steffen Durinck
228   Prediction and Integration of Regulatory and Protein–Protein Interactions
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229   Prediction of Drug-Like Molecular Properties: Modeling Cytochrome P450 Interactions
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230   Prediction of Protein–Protein Interactions: A Study of the Co-evolution Model
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231   Prediction of Regulatory Elements
      Author : Author(s): Albin Sandelin
232   Primer3 on the WWW for General Users and for Biologist Programmers
      Author : Author(s): Steve Rozen, Helen Skaletsky
233   Processes Parallel Execution Using Grid Wizard Enterprise
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234   Promoter Analysis: Gene Regulatory Motif Identification with A-GLAM
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235   Protein Comparative Sequence Analysis and Computer Modeling
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236   Protein Folding and Unfolding by All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations
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237   Protein Interactions Probed With Mass Spectrometry
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238   Protein Microarray-Based Screening of Antibody Specificity
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239   Protein Separations
      Author : Author(s): Andrea W. Chow
240   Protein Structure Determination by X-Ray Crystallography
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241   Protein Structure Prediction
      Author : Author(s): Bissan Al-Lazikani, Emma E. Hill, Veronica Morea
242   Protein Structure Prediction Based on Sequence Similarity
      Author : Author(s): Lukasz Jaroszewski
243   Proteomics Data Collection (ProDaC): Publishing and Collecting Proteomics Data Sets in Public Repositories Using Standard Formats
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244   Rapid DNA Amplification in Glass Microdevices
      Author : Author(s): Christopher J Easley, Lindsay A. Legendre, James P. Landers, Jerome P. Ferrance
245   Rapid Screening for 31 Mutations and Polymorphisms in the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Gene by Luminex® xMAP™ Suspension Array
      Author : Author(s): Sherry A. Dunbar, James W. Jacobson
246   Receptor Flexibility for Large-Scale In Silico Ligand Screens: Chances and Challenges
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247   Receptor-Binding Sites: Bioinformatic Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Darren R. Flower
248   Receptor-Binding Sites: Bioinformatic Approaches
      Author : Author(s): Darren R. Flower
249   Recombination Detection and Analysis Using RDP3
      Author : Author(s): Darren P. Martin
250   Reconstruction of Full-Length Isoforms from Splice Graphs
      Author : Author(s): Yi Xing, Christopher Lee
251   Resources at EBI
      Author : Author(s): Patricia Rodriguez-Tomé
252   Revealing the Metabolome of Animal Tissues Using 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s): Mark R. Viant
253   RNA Structure Determination by NMR
      Author : Author(s): Lincoln G. Scott, Mirko Hennig
254   Scoring and Validation of Tandem MS Peptide Identification Methods
      Author : Author(s): Markus Brosch, Jyoti Choudhary
255   Selection of Models of DNA Evolution with jModelTest
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256   Sensitive Detection of SARS Coronavirus RNA by a Novel Asymmetric Multiplex Nested RT-PCR Amplification Coupled With Oligonucleotide Microarray Hybridization
      Author : Author(s): Zhi-wei Zhang, Yi-ming Zhou, Yan Zhang, Yong Guo, Sheng-ce Tao, Ze Li, Qiong Zhang, Jing Cheng
257   Sequence Segmentation
      Author : Author(s): Jonathan M. Keith
258   SeqVis: A Tool for Detecting Compositional Heterogeneity Among Aligned Nucleotide Sequences
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259   Signal Processing in Proteomics
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260   Similarity Searching Using BLAST
      Author : Author(s): Kit J. Menlove, Mark Clement, Keith A. Crandall
261   Simulated Annealing: An Effective Stochastic Optimization Approach to Computational Library Design
      Author : Author(s): Weifan Zheng
262   Single Cell Analysis on Microfluidic Devices
      Author : Author(s): Christopher T. Culbertson
263   Single Sign-On in a Grid Portal
      Author : Author(s): Ramil V. Manansala
264   Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism and Mutation Identification by the Nanogen Microelectronic Chip Technology
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265   Spectral Library Searching for Peptide Identification via Tandem MS
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266   Standardization of Microarray and Pharmacogenomics Data
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267   Statistical Analysis of Image Data Provided by Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis for Discovery Proteomics
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268   Statistical Considerations in Assessing Molecular Markers for Cancer Prognosis and Treatment Efficacy
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269   Statistical Contributions to Molecular Biology
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270   Statistical Methods for Assessing Biomarkers
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271   Statistical Methods for Proteomics
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272   Strategies for the Identification and Generation of Informative Compound Sets
      Author : Author(s): Michael S. Lajiness, Veerabahu Shanmugasundaram
273   Structure-Based Ab Initio Prediction of Transcription Factor–Binding Sites
      Author : Author(s): L. Angela Liu, Joel S. Bader
274   Surface Modification Methods for Enhanced Device Efficacy and Function
      Author : Author(s): Barbara J. Jones, Mark A. Hayes
275   System Biology of Gene Regulation
      Author : Author(s): Michael Baitaluk
276   Target-Decoy Search Strategy for Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics
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277   Text Mining
      Author : Author(s): Andrew B. Clegg, Adrian J. Shepherd
278   The Bioverse API and Web Application
      Author : Author(s): Michal Guerquin, Jason McDermott, Zach Frazier, Ram Samudrala
279   The Classification of Protein Domains
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280   The NCBI: Publicly Available Tools and Resources on the Web
      Author : Author(s): Jack P. Jenuth
281   The PeptideAtlas Project
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282   The Rosetta Stone Method
      Author : Author(s): Shailesh V. Date
283   The Staden Package, 1998
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284   The Use of CLUSTAL W and CLUSTAL X for Multiple Sequence Alignment
      Author : Author(s): Ashok Aiyar
285   The Virtual Library I: Searching MEDLINE
      Author : Author(s): Keir Reavie
286   The Virtual Library II: Science Citation Index and Current Awareness Services
      Author : Author(s): Keir Reavie
287   The Virtual Library III: Electronic Journals, Grants, and Funding Information
      Author : Author(s): Keir Reavie
288   Tissue Microarrays
      Author : Author(s): Ronald Simon, Martina Mirlacher, Guido Sauter
289   Trans-Proteomic Pipeline: A Pipeline for Proteomic Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Patrick G. Pedrioli
290   Transmembrane Protein Models Based on High-Throughput Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Experimental Constraints
      Author : Author(s): Andrew J. Beevers, Andreas Kukol
291   Trees from Trees: Construction of Phylogenetic Supertrees Using Clann
      Author : Author(s): Christopher J. Creevey, James O. McInerney
292   UNAFold: Software for Nucleic Acid Folding and Hybridization
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293   Understanding and Exploiting Peptide Fragment Ion Intensities Using Experimental and Informatic Approaches
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294   Understanding the Roadmap of Metabolism by Pathway Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Stefan Schuster, Axel Kamp, Mikhail Pachkov
295   Unit Automation in High Throughput Screening
      Author : Author(s): Karl C. Menke
296   Use of Primary Human Cells in High-Throughput Screens
      Author : Author(s): Angela Dunne, Mike Jowett, Stephen Rees
297   Using Evolutionary Information to Find Specificity-Determining and Co-evolving Residues
      Author : Author(s): Grigory Kolesov, Leonid A. Mirny
298   Using Recursive Partitioning Analysis to Evaluate Compound Selection Methods
      Author : Author(s): S. Stanley Young, Douglas M. Hawkins
299   Using the PRIDE Proteomics Identifications Database for Knowledge Discovery and Data Analysis
      Author : Author(s): Philip Jones, Lennart Martens
300   Using the WWW to Supply the Molecular Biology Lab
      Author : Author(s): MaryAnn Labant, Roger Anderson
301   Utilizing HapMap and Tagging SNPs
      Author : Author(s): Christopher A. Haiman, Daniel O. Stram
302   Validation and Quality Control of Protein Microarray-Based Analytical Methods
      Author : Author(s): Larry J. Kricka, Stephen R. Master
303   Visualization
      Author : Author(s): Falk Schreiber
304   Visualization and Analysis of Molecular Data
      Author : Author(s): Matthias Scholz, Joachim Selbig
305   Web-Based Interfaces for the GCG Sequence Analysis Programs
      Author : Author(s): David D. Womble
306   Web-Based Resources for Clinical Bioinformatics
      Author : Author(s): Anthony M. Joshua, Paul C. Boutros
307   Whole Genome-Wide Association Study Using Affymetrix SNP Chip: A Two-Stage Sequential Selection Method to Identify Genes That Increase the Risk of Developing Complex Diseases
      Author : Author(s): Howard H. Yang, Nan Hu, Philip R. Taylor, Maxwell P. Lee