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Biotechnology ( 481 Title(s) )
1   2B-Trans Technology Targeted Drug Delivery Across the Blood–Brain Barrier
      Author : Author(s) Pieter J. Gaillard Albertus G. de Boer
2   36 Large-Scale Extraction of Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Teresa Cunha Raquel Aires-Barros
3   A galactose-specific affinity hollow fiber sensor based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer
      Author : Author(s) Ralph Ballerstadt Jerome S. Schultz
4   A Microinjectable Biological System the Xenopus Oocyte as an Approach to Understanding Signal Transduction Protein Function
      Author : Author(s) Katia Cailliau Edith Browaeys-Poly
5   A Novel Immobilization Method for Entrapment LentiKats
      Author : Author(s) Marc Schlieker Klaus-Dieter Vorlop
6   A Pharmaceutical Company User’s Perspective on the Potential of High Content Screening in Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s) Ann F. Hoffman Ralph J. Garippa
7   A Proteomic Approach to Biofilm Cell Physiology
      Author : Author(s) Laurent Coquet Sebastien Vilain Pascal Cosette Thierry Jouenne Guy-Alain Junter
8   Absolute Quantitation of Feline Leukemia Virus Proviral DNA and Viral RNA Loads by TaqMan Real-time PCR and RT-PCR
      Author : Author(s) Valentino Cattori Regina Hofmann-Lehmann
9   Adaptation of Mammalian Cells to Growth in Serum-Free Media
      Author : Author(s) Martin S. Sinacore Denis Drapeau S. R. Adamson
10   Addressing PCR Biases in Environmental Microbiology Studies
      Author : Author(s) Rita Sipos Anna Szekely SAra Revesz KAroly MArialigeti
11   Affinity Biosensing Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Detection
      Author : Author(s) Bo Liedberg Knut Johansen
12   Affinity Immobilization of Tagged Enzymes
      Author : Author(s) Silvana Andreescu Bogdan Bucur Jean-Louis Marty
13   Affinity Partitioning Using Magnetic Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Masamichi Kamihira
14   Affinity Partitioning Using Poly(ethylene glycol) with Covalently Coupled Hydrophobic Groups
      Author : Author(s) Vithaldas P. Shanbhag Poul Erik Jensen
15   Agronomic Experiences with Miscanthus x giganteus in Illinois USA
      Author : Author(s) Richard Pyter Emily Heaton Frank Dohleman Tom Voigt Stephen Long
16   Alginate from Azotobacter vinelandii
      Author : Author(s) Francesca Clementi Mauro Moresi Eugenio Parente
17   An Integrated Biomedical Knowledge Extraction and Analysis Platform Using Federated Search and Document Clustering Technology
      Author : Author(s) Donald P. Taylor
18   Analysis of 14-3-3 Family Member Function in Xenopus Embryos by Microinjection of Antisense Morpholino Oligos
      Author : Author(s) Jeffrey M. Lau Anthony J. Muslin
19   Analysis of Gene Function in the Retina
      Author : Author(s) Takahiko Matsuda Constance L. Cepko
20   Analysis of Pentachlorophenol in Soils for Use in Bioremediation Studies
      Author : Author(s) Ruth McGrath Ian Singleton
21   Analysis of Signaling Pathways in Zebrafish Development by Microinjection
      Author : Author(s) William H. Kinsey
22   Analytical Characterization of Fermentation Inhibitors in Biomass Pretreatment Samples Using Liquid Chromatography UV-Visible Spectroscopy and Tandem Mass Spectrometry
      Author : Author(s) Lekh N. Sharma Christopher Becker C. Kevin Chambliss
23   Antibody-Based Microarrays
      Author : Author(s) Christer Wingren Carl A.K. Borrebaeck
24   Application of Bioassays for the Ecotoxicity Assessment of Contaminated Soils
      Author : Author(s) MarAa D. FernAndez Mar BabAn Jose V. Tarazona
25   Application of Bioavailability and Biokinetics Protocol to Phenol and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soil and Development of Bioavailability and Biokinetic Models for Soil Systems
      Author : Author(s) Henry H. Rakesh Govind Chunsheng Fu Chao Gao
26   Application of Electroporation Gene Therapy Past Current and Future
      Author : Author(s) Lluis M. Mir
27   Application of Fingerprinting Molecular Methods in Bioremediation Studies
      Author : Author(s) Dimitrios G. Karpouzas Brajesh K. Singh
28   Application of Killer Toxins in Stepwise Selection of Hybrids and Cybrids Obtained by Induced Protoplast Fusion
      Author : Author(s) VladimAr Vondrejs Zdena PalkovA Zuzana ZemanovA
29   Application of Protein ArrayTubes to Bacteria Toxin and Biological Warfare Agent Detection
      Author : Author(s) Ralf Ehricht Karin Adelhelm Stefan Monecke Birgit Huelseweh
30   Application of Quantum Dots to Multicolor Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s) Pratip K. Chattopadhyay Joanne Yu Mario Roederer
31   Application of Quantum Dots to Multicolor Microarray Experiments Four-Color Genotyping
      Author : Author(s) George Karlin-Neumann Marina Sedova Mat Falkowski Zhiyong Wang Steven Lin Maneesh Jain
32   Application of Stoichiometric and Kinetic Analyses to Characterize Cell Growth and Product Formation
      Author : Author(s) Derek Adams Rashmi Korke Wei-Shou Hu
33   Application of Sucrose Synthase in the Synthesis of Nucleotide Sugars and Saccharides
      Author : Author(s) Astrid Zervosen Lothar Elling
34   Applications of DNA-Stable Isotope Probing in Bioremediation Studies
      Author : Author(s) Yin Chen Jyotsna Vohra J. Colin Murrell
35   Applications of Quantum Dots in Biology An Overview
      Author : Author(s) Charles Z. Hotz
36   Applicator and Electrode Design for In Vivo DNA Delivery by Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Dietmar Rabussay
37   Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction of Proteins from Animal Tissue
      Author : Author(s) Michael J. Boland
38   Aqueous Two-Phase Systems A GeneralOverview
      Author : Author(s) Rajni Hatti-Kaul
39   Ascus Dissection
      Author : Author(s) Carl Saunders-Singer
40   Assays for Selection of Single-Chain Fragment Variable Recombinant Antibodies to Metal Nanoclusters
      Author : Author(s) Jennifer Edl Ray Mernaugh David W. Wright
41   Assembly and Characterization of Biomolecule-Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates and Their Use in Intracellular Imaging
      Author : Author(s) Alexander Tkachenko Huan Xie Stefan Franzen Daniel L. Feldhei
42   Assessing Cellulase Performance on Pretreated Lignocellulosic Biomass Using Saccharification and Fermentation-Based Protocols
      Author : Author(s) Nancy Dowe
43   Assessing Plants for Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils
      Author : Author(s) Nandita Singh Lena Q. Ma
44   Automated Cell Plating and Sample Treatments for Fixed Cells in High Content Assays
      Author : Author(s) Gillian R. Richards Julie E. Kerby Grace K. Chan Peter B. Simpson
45   Bacteriophage Integrase Mediated Transgenesis in Xenopus laevis for Protein Expression at Endogenous Levels
      Author : Author(s) Bryan G. Allen Daniel L. Weeks
46   Basic Laboratory Culture Methods for Anaerobic Bacteria
      Author : Author(s) Herbert J. Strobel
47   Basic Principles of Fluorescence and Energy Transfer
      Author : Author(s) Larry E. Morrison
48   Bio-Cell Chip Fabrication and Applications
      Author : Author(s) Honggu Chun Dong Soon Lee Hee Chan Ki
49   Bioaffinity Immobilization
      Author : Author(s) Ipsita Roy Munishwar N. Gupta
50   Biodegradation of Nitroaromatics by Microbes
      Author : Author(s) Juan L. Ramos Asuncibn Delgado Estrella Duque Maria-Dolores Fandila Matilde Gil Ali Haidour Gloria Lucchesi Carmen Michan Rafael Salto
51   Biodiesel Small Scale Production and Quality Requirements
      Author : Author(s) Jon Van Gerpen
52   Biolistic Transformation of Yeasts
      Author : Author(s) Stephen A. Johnston Michael J. DeVit
53   Bioluminescence in Immobilized Cells for Biomass Detection and Biosensor Applications
      Author : Author(s) MariAn NavrAtil Juraj vitel Peter Gemeiner
54   Biomass Compositional Analysis for Energy Applications
      Author : Author(s) Bonnie R. Hames
55   Biomass Supply Logistics and Infrastructure
      Author : Author(s) Shahabaddine Sokhansanj J. Richard Hess
56   Biomedical Applications of Immobilized Cells
      Author : Author(s) Gorka Orive Rosa MarAa HernAndez Alicia RodrAguez GascAn Jose Luis Pedraz
57   Biomimetic Synthesis of Bimorphic Nanostructures
      Author : Author(s) Joseph M. Slocik Rajesh R. Naik
58   Biosensors based on DNA intercalation using light polarization
      Author : Author(s) John J. Horvath
59   Biotin-Ligand Complexes With Streptavidin Quantum Dots for In Vivo Cell Labeling of Membrane Receptors
      Author : Author(s) Diane S. Lidke Peter Nagy Thomas M. Jovin Donna J. Arndt-Jovin
60   Caged Substrates Applied to High Content Screening An Introduction With an Eye to the Future
      Author : Author(s) Peter G. Conrad Rajesh V. Chavli Richard S. Givens
61   Calorimetry of Whole Yeast Cells
      Author : Author(s) Linda J. Ashby Anthony E. Beezer
62   Catheters for Chronic Administration of Drugs into Brain Tissue
      Author : Author(s) Michael Guarnieri Benjamin S. Carson George I. Jallo
63   Cell Bank Preparation and Characterization
      Author : Author(s) Stephen J. Froud
64   Cell Counting and Viability Measurements
      Author : Author(s) Michael Butler
65   Cell Counting and Viability Measurements
      Author : Author(s) Michael Butler Maureen Spearman
66   Cells for Gene Therapy and Vector Production
      Author : Author(s) Christophe Delenda Miguel Chillon Anne-Marie Douar Otto-Wilhelm Merten
67   Cellulase Assays
      Author : Author(s) Y. H. Zhang Jiong Hong Xinhao Ye
68   Chaotropic Aqueous Two-Phase Systems Preparation and Uses
      Author : Author(s) Daniel Forciniti
69   Characteristics and Value of Directed Algorithms in High Content Screening
      Author : Author(s) Richik N. Ghosh Oleg Lapets Jeffrey R. Haskins
70   Characteristics and Value of Machine Learning for Imaging in High Content Screening
      Author : Author(s) Juergen A. Klenk
71   Characterization of Immobilized Enzymes by Microcalorimetry
      Author : Author(s) Ezio Battistel Giovanni Rialdi
72   Characterization of O-Linked Saccharides on Glycoproteins
      Author : Author(s) Roger K. Bretthauer
73   Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions Application to the Understanding of Peroxisome Biogenesis
      Author : Author(s) Sebastien Leon Ivet Suriapranata Mingda Yan Naganand Rayapuram Amar Patel Suresh Subramani
74   Chromatographic Techniques in the Downstream Processing of (Recombinant) Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Ruth Freitag
75   Chromosomal Localization of Genes Through Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Techniques
      Author : Author(s) Graham R. Bignell Ivor H. Evans
76   Chromosome Engineering in Yeast with a Site-Specific Recombination System from a Heterologous Yeast Plasmid
      Author : Author(s) Yasuji Oshima Hiroyuki Araki Hiroaki Matsuzaki
77   Classical Genetics
      Author : Author(s) Ilya Tolstorukov James M. Cregg
78   Combination of Extraction with Adsorption for Protein Purification
      Author : Author(s) Gabriel Raya-Tonetti Nora I. Perotti
79   Combination of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization with Staining Techniques for Cell Viability and Accumulation of PHA and polyP in Microorganisms in Complex Microbial Systems
      Author : Author(s) Jeppe Lund Nielsen Caroline Kragelund Per HalkjAr Nielsen
80   Combining Microinjection and Immunoblotting to Analyze MAP Kinase Phosphorylation in Single Starfish Oocytes and Eggs
      Author : Author(s) David J. Carroll Wei Hua
81   Community-Level Physiological Profiling
      Author : Author(s) Kela P. Weber Raymond L. Legge
82   Computational Methods in Nanostructure Design Replica Exchange Simulations of Self-Assembling Peptides
      Author : Author(s) Giovanni Bellesia Sotiria Lampoudi Joan-Emma Shea
83   Computer Modeling in Biotechnology A Partner in Development
      Author : Author(s) Aleksei Aksimentiev Robert Brunner Jordi Cohen Jeffrey Comer Eduardo Cruz-Chu David Hardy Aruna Rajan Amy Shih Grigori Sigalov Ying Yin Klaus Schulten
84   Concentration and Purification of Viruses
      Author : Author(s) Lena Hammar
85   Configuration of Bioreactors
      Author : Author(s) Dirk E. Martens Evert Jan End
86   Conjugation-Mediated Gene Transfer in Bacterial Strains to Be Used for Bioremediation
      Author : Author(s) Max Mergeay Dirk Springael
87   Control of Proteolysis in Cell Culture Use of Inhibitors and Engineered Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s) Maria G. Castro Simon Windeatt Marcelo J. Perone
88   Controlling the Release of Proteins/Peptides via the Pulmonary Route
      Author : Author(s) Sunday A. Shoyele
89   Creation of Hybrid Nanorods From Sequences of Natural Trimeric Fibrous Proteins Using the Fibritin Trimerization Motif
      Author : Author(s) Katerina Papanikolopoulou Mark J. Raaij Anna Mitraki
90   Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates
      Author : Author(s) Roger A. Sheldon Rob Schoevaart Luuk M. Langen
91   Cryopartitioning in Two-Phase Systems Containing Organic Solvents
      Author : Author(s) GAte Johansson
92   Cultivation of Mammalian Cells in Fixed-Bed Reactors
      Author : Author(s) Ralf PArtner Oscar B. Platas Barradas
93   Culturing Animal Cells in Fluidized Bed Reactors
      Author : Author(s) Annette Waugh
94   Cytogenetic Characterization of Recombinant Cells
      Author : Author(s) Florian M. Wurm Dietmar Schiffmann
95   Cytotoxicity Testing Using Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s) Lorraine D. Buckberry
96   Delivering Small Interfering RNA for Novel Therapeutics
      Author : Author(s) Patrick Y. Lu Martin C. Woodle
97   Delivery of DNA into Adipocytes within Adipose Tissue
      Author : Author(s) James G. Granneman
98   Delivery of DNA into Bladder via Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Masaki Yoshida Hitoshi Iwashita Masayuki Otani Koichi Masunaga Akito Inadome
99   Delivery of DNA into Muscle for Treating Systemic Diseases Advantages and Challenges
      Author : Author(s) Capucine Trollet Daniel Scherman Pascal Bigey
100   Delivery of DNA into Natural Killer Cells for Immunotherapy
      Author : Author(s) Kathrin Schoenberg Hans-Ingo Trompeter Markus Uhrberg
101   Delivery of DNA into Skeletal Muscle in Large Animals
      Author : Author(s) Patricia A. Brown Amir S. Khan Ruxandra Draghia-Akli
102   Delivery of DNA into Skin via Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Babu M. Medi Jagdish Singh
103   Delivery of DNA into Tumors
      Author : Author(s) Shulin Li
104   Delivery of Tumor-Antigen-Encoding mRNA into Dendritic Cells for Vaccination
      Author : Author(s) Annelies Michiels Sandra Tuyaerts Aude Bonehill Carlo Heirman Jurgen Corthals Kris Thielemans
105   Delivery of Whole Tumor Lysate into Dendritic Cells for Cancer Vaccination
      Author : Author(s) Linda N. Liu Rama Shivakumar Cornell Allen Joseph C. Fratantoni
106   Design and Use of Scorpions Fluorescent Signaling Molecules
      Author : Author(s) Rachael Carters Jennifer Ferguson Rupert Gaut Paul Ravetto Nicola Thelwell David Whitcombe
107   Design of Smart Biocatalysts Immobilization of Enzymes on Smart Polymers
      Author : Author(s) Ipsita Roy Munishwar N. Gupta
108   Detection and Analysis of Interactions by Two-Phase Partition
      Author : Author(s) Lars Backman
109   Detection of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli by Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s) Wai S. Law Sam F.Y. Li Larry J. Kricka
110   Detection of Known Allergen-Specific IgE Antibodies by Immunological Methods
      Author : Author(s) Barbara I. Fall Reinhard Niebner
111   Detection of Salmonella Species in Foodstuffs
      Author : Author(s) Arvind A. Bhagwat Jitu Patel Trina Chua Audrey Chan SaAl Ruiz Cruz Gustavo A. Aguilar
112   Determination of Chromosome Ploidy in Yeast
      Author : Author(s) Christopher Hadfield Bernadette E. Jordan Robert C. Mount
113   Determination of Plasmid Copy Number in Yeast
      Author : Author(s) Bernadette E. Jordan Robert C. Mount Christopher Hadfield
114   Detoxification of Soil Phenolic Pollutants by Plant Secretory Enzyme
      Author : Author(s) Guo-Dong Wang Xiao-Ya Chen
115   Differentiating Primary Human Cells in Rapid-Throughput Discovery Applications
      Author : Author(s) Daniel R. Marshak Dale E. Greenwalt
116   Dilute Acid and Autohydrolysis Pretreatment
      Author : Author(s) Bin Yang Charles E. Wyman
117   Discovery of Protein Kinase Phosphatase Inhibitors
      Author : Author(s) Andreas Vogt John S. Lazo
118   Discussion of the Applicability of Microarrays Profiling of Leukemias
      Author : Author(s) Torsten Haferlach Ulrike Bacher Alexander Kohlmann Claudia Haferlach
119   Disposable Bioreactors for Inoculum Production and Protein Expression
      Author : Author(s) Regine Eibl Dieter Eibl
120   DNA Delivery by Microinjection for the Generation of Recombinant Mammalian Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s) Sebastien Chenuet Madiha Derouazi David Hacker Florian Wur
121   DNA Fingerprinting and Characterization of Animal Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s) Glyn N. Stacey Ed Byrne J. Ross Hawkins
122   DNA Fingerprinting and Characterization of Animal Cells
      Author : Author(s) Glyn N. Stacey
123   DNA Microarrays An Introduction to the Technology
      Author : Author(s) Ursula Bilitewski
124   DNA Polymerase Profiling
      Author : Author(s) Daniel Summerer
125   DNA Vaccination for Prostate Cancer
      Author : Author(s) Anna-Karin Roos Alan King Pavel Pisa
126   DNA-Mediated Transformation
      Author : Author(s) James M. Cregg
127   Drug Delivery in Cancer Using Liposomes
      Author : Author(s) Crispin R. Dass
128   Drug Delivery Systems – An Overview
      Author : Author(s) Kewal K. Jain
129   Dye-Ligand Affinity Partitioning of Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Gerhard KopperschlAger JArgen Kirchberger
130   EasyBeacons for the Detection of Methylation Status of Single CpG Duplets
      Author : Author(s) Ulf B. Christensen
131   Ecophysiological Analysis of Microorganisms in Complex Microbial Systems by Combination of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization with Extracellular Staining Techniques
      Author : Author(s) Jeppe Lund Nielsen Caroline Kragelund Per HalkjAr Nielsen
132   Effect of Electroporation on Cardiac Electrophysiology
      Author : Author(s) Vadim V. Fedorov Vladimir P. Nikolski Igor R. Efimov
133   Electrode Assemblies Used for Electroporation of Cultured Cells
      Author : Author(s) Leda Raptis Kevin L. Firth
134   Electrophoretic Analysis of Yeast Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Christopher M. Grant Ian T. Fitch Michael F. Tuite
135   Electroporation for Drug and Gene Delivery in the Clinic Doctors Go Electric
      Author : Author(s) Julie Gehl
136   Electroporation of Adherent Cells In Situ for the Study of Signal Transduction and Gap Junctional Communication
      Author : Author(s) Leda Raptis Adina Vultur Heather L. Brownell Evangelia Tomai Aikaterini Anagnostopoulou Rozanne Arulanandam Jun Cao Kevin L. Firth
137   Electroporation of Adult Zebrafish
      Author : Author(s) N. Madhusudhana Rao K. Murali Rambabu S. Harinarayana Rao
138   Electroporation of Corrective Nucleic Acids (CNA) In Vivo to Promote Gene Correction in Dystrophic Muscle
      Author : Author(s) Robert M.I. Kapsa Sharon H.A. Wong Anita F. Quigley
139   Electroporation-Mediated Gene Delivery to the Lungs
      Author : Author(s) Rui Zhou James E. Norton David A. Dean
140   Electroporation-Mediated HBV DNA Vaccination in Primate Models
      Author : Author(s) Yong-Gang Zhao Yuhong Xu
141   Encapsulation of Bacteria for Biodegradation of Gasoline Hydrocarbons
      Author : Author(s) Peyman Moslemy Serge R. Guiot Ronald J. Neufeld
142   Encapsulation of Cells in Alginate Gels
      Author : Author(s) Gorka Orive Rosa MarAa HernAndez Alicia RodrAguez GascAn Jose Luis Pedraz
143   Encapsulation of Enzymes Using Polymers and Sol-Gel Techniques
      Author : Author(s) MAnica CampAs Jean-Louis Marty
144   Engineering Protein Particles for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s) Sunday A. Shoyele
145   Enumeration of Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria
      Author : Author(s) Laura E. Rice Barbara B. Hemmingsen
146   Enzymatic Depolymerization of Chitins and Chitosans
      Author : Author(s) Riccardo A. Muzzarelli Vesna Stanic Viviana Ramos
147   Enzymatic Glycosylation of Aglycones of Pharmacological Significance
      Author : Author(s) Yukio Suzuki Kei Uchida
148   Enzymatic Production of Fructooligosaccharides from Sucrose
      Author : Author(s) Jong Won Yun Seung Koo Song
149   Enzymatic Production of Inulooligosaccharides from Inulin
      Author : Author(s) Jong Won Yun Dong Hyun Ki
150   Enzymatic Synthesis of -Butylglucoside in a Biphasic Butanol-Water System Using the -Transglucosidase from Aspergillus niger
      Author : Author(s) Marie-Pierre Bousquet Rene-Marc Willemot Pierre F. Monsan FranAois Paul Emmanuel Boures
151   Enzymatic Synthesis of Cellulose
      Author : Author(s) Shiro Kobayashi Shin-ichiro Shoda Michael J. Donnelly Stephen P. Church
152   Enzymatic Synthesis of Glycosides in Aqueous-Organic Two-Phase Systems and Supersaturated Substrate Solutions
      Author : Author(s) Jeffrey A. Khan Anna Millqvist-Fureby Evgeny N. Vulfson
153   Enzyme Reaction in Polymer-Polymer Organic Solvent Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Bo Mattiasson
154   Eukaryotic cell biosensor The Cytosensor microphysiometer
      Author : Author(s) Amira T. Eldefrawi Cheng J. Cao Vania I. Cortes Robert J. Mioduszewski Darrel E. Menking James J. Valdes
155   Eukaryotic Cell Partition Experimental Considerations
      Author : Author(s) James M. Alstine
156   Evaluation of PCB Dechlorination in Sediments
      Author : Author(s) John F. Quensen James M. Tiedje
157   Exploiting Network Biology to Improve Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s) Marnie L. MacDonald John K. Westwick
158   Exploiting Plant Metabolism for the Phytoremediation of Organic Xenobiotics
      Author : Author(s) Peter SchrAder
159   Exploring the Cytoskeleton During Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Humans
      Author : Author(s) Vanesa Y. Rawe Hector Chemes
160   Expression of Exogenous mRNA in Xenopus laevis Embryos for the Study of Cell Cycle Regulation
      Author : Author(s) Jill C. Sible Brian N. Wroble
161   Expression Profiling Using Affymetrix GeneChip Microarrays
      Author : Author(s) Herbert Auer David L. Newsom Karl Kornacker
162   Extended-Release Oral Drug Delivery Technologies Monolithic Matrix Systems
      Author : Author(s) Sandip B. Tiwari Ali R. Rajabi-Siahboomi
163   Extraction of Amphiphilic Proteins Using Detergent-Based Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Torsten Minuth
164   Extractive Bioconversion in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Rajni Hatti-Kaul
165   Factor IX Gene Therapy for Hemophilia
      Author : Author(s) Jason G. Fewell
166   Fiberoptic immunosensors with continuous analyte response
      Author : Author(s) J. Rex Astles W. Greg Miller C. Michael Hanbury F. Philip Anderson
167   FIT-Probes in Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s) Elke Socher Oliver Seitz
168   Flow Electroporation with Pulsed Electric Fields for Purging Tumor Cells
      Author : Author(s) Abie Craiu David Scadden
169   Fluorescence Microscopy and Thin-Section Electron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s) Benjamin S. Glick
170   Fluorescence Microscopy Methods
      Author : Author(s) JiA Hašek Eva StreiblovA
171   Fluorescence-Based Analysis of Cellular Protein Lysate Arrays Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) David H. Geho J. Keith Killian Animesh Nandi Johanne Pastor Prem Gurnani Kevin P. Rosenblatt
172   Fluorescent Proteins and Engineered Cell Lines
      Author : Author(s) Nick Thomas
173   Fluoroimmunoassays Using Antibody-Conjugated Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) Ellen R. Goldman Hedi Mattoussi George P. Anderson Igor L. Medintz J. Matthew Mauro
174   Formulations for DNA Delivery via Electroporation In Vivo
      Author : Author(s) Khursheed Anwer
175   Functional Studies of Regulatory Genes in the Sea Urchin Embryo
      Author : Author(s) Vincenzo Cavalieri Maria Di Bernardo Giovanni Spinelli
176   Gene Delivery to Dystrophic Muscle
      Author : Author(s) Kim E. Wells Jill McMahon Helen Foster Aurora Ferrer Dominic J. Wells
177   Generation of Species Specific DNA Probes for the Lignin Peroxidase Genes of White Rot Fungi
      Author : Author(s) Patrick J. Collins Alan D. Dobson
178   Genetic Engineering of Plants for Phytoremediation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls
      Author : Author(s) Shigenori Sonoki Satoru Fujihiro Shin Hisamatsu
179   Genetic Transformation of Switchgrass
      Author : Author(s) Yajun Xi Yaxin Ge Zeng-Yu Wang
180   Genomic Yeast DNA Clone Banks Construction and Gene Isolation
      Author : Author(s) Graham R. Bignell Ivor H. Evans
181   Genotoxicity Testing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
      Author : Author(s) Pamela McAthey
182   Genotyping of Mutation in the Beta-Globin Gene Using DNA Microarrays
      Author : Author(s) Martin Dufva Lena Poulsen
183   Germline Transformation of Caenorhabditis elegans by Injection
      Author : Author(s) Pavan Kadandale Indrani Chatterjee Andrew Singson
184   Glutaraldehyde in Protein Immobilization A Versatile Reagent
      Author : Author(s) Lorena Betancor Fernando LApez-Gallego Noelia Alonso-Morales Gisella Dellamora Cesar Mateo Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente Jose M. Guisan
185   GPI-Anchored Fusion Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Malcolm L. Kennard Gregory A. Lizee Wilfred A. Jefferies
186   Granular Sludge Consortia for Bioremediation
      Author : Author(s) Nina Christiansen lndra M. Mathrani Birgitte K. Ahring
187   Harvesting GPI-Anchored Proteins From CHO Cells
      Author : Author(s) Malcolm L. Kennard James M. Piret
188   Heavy Labeling of Recombinant Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Eric Rodriguez
189   Heavy Metal Bioavailability and Bioaccessibility in Soil
      Author : Author(s) John Richard Dean
190   Heavy Metal Bioremediation of Soil
      Author : Author(s) Ludo Diels
191   Hematopoietic Cells for Cellular and Gene Therapy I. Basic Assay Techniques
      Author : Author(s) Sigma S. Mostafa Diane L. Hevehan Todd A. McAdams E. Terry Papoutsakis William M. Miller
192   Hematopoietic Cells for Cellular and Gene Therapy II. Expansion Protocols
      Author : Author(s) Todd A. McAdams E. Terry Papoutsakis William M. Miller
193   Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene Therapy for Hypertension
      Author : Author(s) Kazuo Komamura Jun-ichi Miyazaki Enyu Imai Kunio Matsumoto Toshikazu Nakamura Masatsugu Hori
194   HER2/neu DNA Vaccination for Breast Tumors
      Author : Author(s) Arianna Smorlesi Francesca Papalini Sara Pierpaoli Mauro Provinciali
195   High Content Screening as a Screening Tool in Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s) Anthony Nichols
196   High Content Translocation Assays for Pathway Profiling
      Author : Author(s) Frosty Loechel Sara BjArn Viggo Linde Morten PrAstegaard Len Pagliaro
197   High-Throughput Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s) Thomas D. Schmittgen Eun Joo Lee Jinmai Jiang
198   High-Throughput Screening of Plant Cell-Wall Composition Using Pyrolysis Molecular Beam Mass Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s) Holger HAbner
199   High-Throughput Screening of Plant Cell-Wall Composition Using Pyrolysis Molecular Beam Mass Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s) Robert Sykes Matthew Yung Evandro Novaes Matias Kirst Gary Peter Mark Davis
200   Hollow Fiber Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s) John M. Davis
201   Human Metaphase Chromosome FISH Using Quantum Dot Conjugates
      Author : Author(s) Joan H. Knoll
202   HyBeacon Probes for Rapid DNA Sequence Detection and Allele Discrimination
      Author : Author(s) David J. French David G. McDowell Paul Debenham Nittaya Gale Tom Brown
203   Hybridization Probe Pairs and Single-Labeled Probes an Alternative Approach for Genotyping and Quantification
      Author : Author(s) Thomas Froehlich Oliver Geulen
204   Hydrolysis of Hemicelluloses Using Combinations of Xylanases and Feruloyl Esterases
      Author : Author(s) Craig B. Faulds Paul A. Kroon BegoAa Bartolome Gary Williamson
205   Identification of Homozygous Transgenic Mice by Genomic Real-Time PCR
      Author : Author(s) Gunter Schmidtke Marcus Groettrup
206   Identification of Pexophagy Genes by Restriction Enzyme-Mediated Integration
      Author : Author(s) Laura A. Schroder Benjamin S. Glick William A. Dunn
207   IL-2 Plasmid Electroporation From Preclinical Studies to Phase I Clinical Trial
      Author : Author(s) Holly M. Horton Peggy A. Lalor Alain P. Rolland
208   Immobilization and Evaluation of Bacterial Cells in Bioreactors
      Author : Author(s) Samir S. Sofer
209   Immobilization and Stabilization of Proteins by Multipoint Covalent Attachment on Novel Amino-Epoxy-Sepabeads
      Author : Author(s) Cesar Mateo Benevides C. Pessela Valeria Grazu Fernando LApez-Gallego Rodrigo Torres Manuel Fuentes Aurelio Hidalgo Jose M. Palomo Lorena Betancor Gloria FernAndez-Lorente Claudia Ortiz Olga Abian Jose M. Guisan Roberto Ferna
210   Immobilization of Bacteria in Macro- and Microparticles
      Author : Author(s) David B. Knaebel Keith E. Stormo Ronald L. Crawford
211   Immobilization of Cells on Polyurethane FoaM
      Author : Author(s) Ignacio Ory Gema Cabrera Martin Ramirez Ana Blandino
212   Immobilization of Cells With Transition Metal
      Author : Author(s) Pedro Fernandes
213   Immobilization of Enzymes A Literature Survey
      Author : Author(s) Beatriz M. Brena Francisco Batista-Viera
214   Immobilization of Enzymes as the 21st Century Begins An Already Solved Problem or Still an Exciting Challenge
      Author : Author(s) Jose M. Guisan
215   Immobilization of Enzymes for Use in Ionic Liquids
      Author : Author(s) Pedro Lozano Teresa Diego Jose L. Iborra
216   Immobilization of Enzymes for Use in Organic Media
      Author : Author(s) Patrick Adlercreutz
217   Immobilization of Enzymes for Use in Supercritical Fluids
      Author : Author(s) Pedro Lozano Teresa Diego Jose L. Iborra
218   Immobilization of Enzymes on Electrodes
      Author : Author(s) Gilvanda Silva Nunes Jean-Louis Marty
219   Immobilization of Enzymes on Magnetic Particles
      Author : Author(s) Martina KonerackA Peter KopcanskA Milan Timko Chenyl Nynitapal Ramchand Zainul M. Saiyed Michael Trevan Anil Sequeira
220   Immobilization of Microalgae
      Author : Author(s) Nirupama Mallick
221   Immobilization of Proteins on Gold Surfaces
      Author : Author(s) Jose M. Abad Marcos Pita VActor M. FernAndez
222   Immobilization of Yeast and Algal Cells for Bioremediation of Heavy Metals
      Author : Author(s) John R. Duncan Dean Brady Brendan Wilhelmi
223   Immobilization-Stabilization of Enzymes by Multipoint Covalent Attachment on Supports Activated With Epoxy Groups
      Author : Author(s) Cesar Mateo Olga Abian Gloria FernAndez-Lorente Benevides C. Pessela Valeria Grazu Jose M. Guisan Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
224   Immobilized Enzymes for Biomedical Applications
      Author : Author(s) Amaia Esquisabel Rosa MarAa HernAndez Alicia RodrAguez GascAn Jose Luis Pedraz
225   Immortalization Strategies for Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s) John Stephen McLean
226   Immunobiosensors Based on Evanescent Wave Excitation
      Author : Author(s) Randy M. Wadkins Frances S. Ligler
227   Immunobiosensors based on grating couplers
      Author : Author(s) Ursula Bilitewski Frank Bier Albrecht Brandenburg
228   Immunobiosensors Based on Thermistors
      Author : Author(s) Kumaran Ramanathan Masoud Khayyami Bengt Danielson
229   Immunoelectron Microscopy
      Author : Author(s) Ever-Jan Tuinen
230   Immunofluorescent Labeling of Proteins in Cultured Cells With Quantum Dot Secondary Antibody Conjugates
      Author : Author(s) Richard L. Ornberg Hongjian Liu
231   Immunohistochemical Detection With Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) Rizwan S. Akhtar Cecelia B. Latham Dario Siniscalco Carlo Fuccio Kevin A. Roth
232   Immunosensors Based on Piezoelectric Crystal Device
      Author : Author(s) Marco Mascini Maria Minunni George G. Guilbault Robert Carter
233   Implementing Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
      Author : Author(s) Chris D. Collins
234   Improved Stabilization of Chemically Aminated Enzymes Via Multipoint Covalent Attachment on Glyoxyl Supports
      Author : Author(s) Tamara Montes Fernando LApez-Gallego Manuel Fuentes Cesar Mateo Valeria Grazu Lorena Betancor Jose M. Guisan Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
235   In Vitro Cytotoxicity Assessment
      Author : Author(s) Peter O’Brien Jeffrey R. Haskins
236   In Vitro Hairy Root Cultures as a Tool for Phytoremediation Research
      Author : Author(s) Cecilia G. Flocco Ana M. Giulietti
237   Increasing Plant Tolerance to Metals in the Environment
      Author : Author(s) Jennifer C. Stearns Saleh Shah Bernard R. Glick
238   Induction of Heat Shock Proteins and Thermotolerance
      Author : Author(s) Peter Piper
239   Insect Cell Cultivation and Generation of Recombinant Baculovirus Particles for Recombinant Protein Production
      Author : Author(s) Sabine Geisse
240   Insertional Mutagenesis by Ty Elements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s) David J. Garfinkel
241   Integration of Extraction with Affinity Precipitation
      Author : Author(s) Masamichi Kamihira Rajni Hatti-Kaul Bo Mattiasson
242   Intratumoral Bleomycin and IL-12 Electrochemogenetherapy for Treating Head and Neck Tumors in Dogs
      Author : Author(s) Jeffry Cutrera Marina Torrero Keijiro Shiomitsu Neal Mauldin Shulin Li
243   Introduction Distinctions Between Pichia pastoris and Other Expression Systems
      Author : Author(s) James M. Cregg
244   Introduction to Carbohydrate Biotechnology
      Author : Author(s) Christopher Bucke
245   ISFET affinity sensor
      Author : Author(s) Geert A. Besselink Piet Bergveld
246   Isolated receptor biosensors based on bilayer lipid membranes
      Author : Author(s) Masao Sugawara Ayumi Hirano Yoshio Umezawa
247   Isolation Purification and Analysis of Nuclear DNA in Yeast Taxonomy
      Author : Author(s) Ann Vaughan-Martini Alessandro Martini
248   Isolation and Identification of Yeasts from Natural Habitats
      Author : Author(s) John F. Spencer Dorothy M. Spencer
249   Isolation of Inside-Out Thylakoid Vesicles
      Author : Author(s) Hans-Erik Akerlund
250   Isolation of Mitochondrial DNA
      Author : Author(s) Graham R. Bignell Angela R. Miller Ivor H. Evans
251   Isolation of Plant Plasma Membranes and Production of Inside-Out Vesicles
      Author : Author(s) Christer Larsson Susanne Widell
252   Isolation of Yeast DNA
      Author : Author(s) Peter Piper
253   Isolation of Yeast Plasma Membranes
      Author : Author(s) Barry Panaretou Peter Piper
254   Karyotyping of Yeast Strains by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s) John R. Johnston
255   KGF-1 for Wound Healing in Animal Models
      Author : Author(s) Guy P. Marti Parsa Mohebi Lixin Liu Jiaai Wang Tomoharu Miyashita John W. Harmon
256   Killer Plaque Technique for Selecting Hybrids and Cybrids Obtained by Induced Protoplast Fusion
      Author : Author(s) Zdena PalkovA VladimAr Vondrejs
257   Labeling Cell-Surface Proteins Via Antibody Quantum Dot Streptavidin Conjugates
      Author : Author(s) John N. Mason Ian D. Tomlinson Sandra J. Rosenthal Randy D. Blakely
258   Large-Scale Data Management for High Content Screening
      Author : Author(s) Leon S. Garfinkel
259   Light and Electron Microscopic Localization of Multiple Proteins Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) Thomas J. Deerinck Ben N. Giepmans Benjamin L. Smarr Maryann E. Martone Mark H. Ellisman
260   Light Microscopy Methods
      Author : Author(s) Eva StreiblovA JiA Hašek
261   Lignocellulosic Biomass Pretreatment Using AFEX
      Author : Author(s) Venkatesh Balan Bryan Bals Shishir P. Chundawat Derek Marshall Bruce E. Dale
262   Lime Pretreatment
      Author : Author(s) Rocio Sierra Cesar Benigno Granda Mark T. Holtzapple
263   Linking Microscopy and High Content Screening in Large-Scale Biomedical Research
      Author : Author(s) James G. Evans Paul Matsudaira
264   Liposome-Based immunomigration assays
      Author : Author(s) Matthew A. Roberts Richard A. Durst
265   Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment of Cellulosic Biomass
      Author : Author(s) Youngmi Kim Rick Hendrickson Nathan S. Mosier Michael R. Ladisch
266   Liquid-Liquid Partition Chromatography (LLPC)
      Author : Author(s) Ulla-Britt Hansson Christer Wingren
267   lmmunobiosensors based on ion-selective electrodes
      Author : Author(s) Hanna Radecka Yoshio Umezawa
268   Localization of Proteins and Organelles Using Fluorescence Microscopy
      Author : Author(s) Jean-Claude Farre Kanae Shirahama-Noda Lan Zhang Keith Booher Suresh Subramani
269   Luminescent Biocompatible Quantum Dots A Tool for Immunosorbent Assay Design
      Author : Author(s) Ellen R. Goldman H. Tetsuo Uyeda Andrew Hayhurst Hedi Mattoussi
270   Macrophage-Mediated Colocalization of Quantum Dots in Experimental Glioma
      Author : Author(s) Osman Muhammad Alexandra Popescu Steven A. Toms
271   Maintenance and Culture of Yeasts
      Author : Author(s) John F. Spencer Dorothy M. Spencer
272   Manipulating Soil Metal Availability Using EDTA and Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Acids
      Author : Author(s) Longhua Wu Yongming Luo Jing Song
273   Measurement of Apoptosis in Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s) Adiba Ishaque Mohamed Al-Rubeai
274   Measurement of Bioaccessibility of Organic Pollutants in Soil
      Author : Author(s) Laura McAllister Kirk T. Semple
275   Measurement of Biosurfactant-Enhanced Solubilization and Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons
      Author : Author(s) Raina M. Miller Yimin Zhang
276   Measurement of Cell Death in Culture
      Author : Author(s) Afshin Samali Thomas G. Cotter
277   Measurement of Cell-Culture Glycosidase Activity
      Author : Author(s) Michael J. Gramer
278   Measurement of Mutagenic Activity in Contaminated Soils
      Author : Author(s) Shanna L. Collie K. C. Donnelly
279   Measurement of Some Physical Properties of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Donald E. Brooks Raymond Norris Jones
280   Measuring Cell Motility Using Quantum Dot Probes
      Author : Author(s) Weiwei Gu Teresa Pellegrino Wolfgang J. Parak Rosanne Boudreau Mark A. Gros A. Paul Alivisatos Carolyn A. Larabell
281   Measuring the Folding Dynamics of Recombinant Proteins Secreted from Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s) Neil J. Bulleid Adrian R. Walmsley
282   Mechanism by Which Electroporation Mediates DNA Migration and Entry into Cells and Targeted Tissues
      Author : Author(s) Marie-Pierre Rols
283   Meiotic Analysis
      Author : Author(s) John F. Spencer Dorothy M. Spencer
284   Membrane Filtration in Animal Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s) Peter Czermak Dirk Nehring Ranil Wickramasinghe
285   Metabolic Flux Estimation in Mammalian Cell Cultures
      Author : Author(s) Chetan T. Goudar Richard Biener James M. Piret Konstantin B. Konstantinov
286   Metal Affinity Protein Partitioning
      Author : Author(s) Roberto Z. GuzmAn Javier E. GarcAa
287   Metal Ion Separations in Aqueous Biphasic Systems and with ABEC Resins
      Author : Author(s) Jonathan G. Huddleston Scott T. Griffin Jianhua Zhang Heather D. Willauer Robin D. Rogers
288   Methods for Evaluation of PCB Dechlorination in Sediments
      Author : Author(s) John F. Quensen James M. Tiedje
289   Methods for Off-Line Analysis of Nutrients and Products in Mammalian Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s) Heino BAntemeyer
290   Microbial Degradation of Alkenylbenzenes
      Author : Author(s) Kevin E. O’Connor Alan D. Dobson
291   Microcarrier Cell Culture Technology
      Author : Author(s) Gerald BlAml
292   Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis
      Author : Author(s) Elaine T. Tay Wai S. Law Sam F. Li Larry J. Kricka
293   Microchips for Cell-Based Assays
      Author : Author(s) Martin Dufva
294   Microinjection of Follicle-Enclosed Mouse Oocytes
      Author : Author(s) Laurinda A. Jaffe Rachael P. Norris Marina Freudzon William J. Ratzan Lisa M. Mehlmann
295   Modeling Amyloid Fibril Formation A Free-Energy Approach
      Author : Author(s) Maarten G. Wolf Jeroen van Gestel Simon W. de Leeuw
296   Modification of Alginate Using Mannuronan C-5-Epimerases
      Author : Author(s) Helga ErtesvAg Gudmund SkjAk-BrAk
297   Modification of the N-Glycosylation Pathway to Produce Homogeneous Human-Like Glycans Using GlycoSwitch Plasmids
      Author : Author(s) Wouter Vervecken Nico Callewaert Vladimir Kaigorodov Steven Geysens Roland Contreras
298   Modular Reporter Hairpin Ribozymes for Analyzing Molecular Interactions
      Author : Author(s) S. Hani Najafi-Shoushtari Michael Famulok
299   Molecular Beacons for Protein—DNA Interaction Studies
      Author : Author(s) Jun Li Zehui Charles Cao Zhiwen Tang Kemin Wang Weihong Tan
300   Molecular Design of Performance Proteins With Repetitive Sequences Recombinant Flagelliform Spider Silk as Basis for Biomaterials
      Author : Author(s) Charlotte Vendrely Christian Ackerschott Lin RAmer Thomas Scheibel
301   Molecular Methods for the Detection of Methanotrophs
      Author : Author(s) Ian R. McDonald Andrew J. Holmes Elizabeth M. Kenna J. Colin Murrell
302   Monitored Natural Attenuation
      Author : Author(s) Kirsten S. JArgensen Jani M. Salminen Katarina BjArklAf
303   Monitoring Animal Cell Growth and Productivity by Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s) Mohamed Al-Rubeai
304   Monitoring of Growth Physiology and Productivity of Animal Cells by Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s) Silvia Carroll Mariam Naeiri Mohamed Al-Rubeai
305   Monitoring Recombinant Glycoprotein Heterogeneity
      Author : Author(s) Andrew D. Hooker David C. James
306   Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies Immunization and Production Protocols
      Author : Author(s) Margaret Goodall
307   MPN- and Real-Time-Based PCR Methods for the Quantification of Alkane Monooxygenase Homologous Genes (alkB) in Environmental Samples
      Author : Author(s) Alfredo Perez-de-Mora Stephan Schulz Michael Schloter
308   mRNA Abundance and Half-Life Measurements
      Author : Author(s) Alistair J. Brown Francis A. Sagliocco
309   Multiple Cell Lines Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) Paul G. Wylie
310   Multiplex Detection of Mutations
      Author : Author(s) David S. Perlin Sergey Balashov Steven Park
311   Muscle and Fat Mass Modulation in Different Clinical Models
      Author : Author(s) Ruxandra Draghia-Akli Amir S. Khan
312   Mutagenesis in Yeast
      Author : Author(s) John F. Spencer Dorothy M. Spencer
313   N-Linked Glycan Characterization of Heterologous Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Huijuan Li Robert G. Miele Teresa I. Mitchell Tillman U. Gerngross
314   Nanoelectroporation A First Look
      Author : Author(s) Raji Sundararajan
315   Nanostructured DNA Templates
      Author : Author(s) Jeffery L. Coffer Russell F. Pinizzotto Young Gyu Rho
316   Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy Methodology and Potential for Predicting Trace Elements in Plants
      Author : Author(s) Rafael Font Mercedes RAo-Celestino Antonio Haro-BailAn
317   Neurite Outgrowth in Retinal Ganglion Cell Culture
      Author : Author(s) John B. Kerrison Donald J. Zack
318   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods for Monitoring Cell Growth and Metabolism in Intensive Bioreactors
      Author : Author(s) Andre A. Neves Kevin M. Brindle
319   Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methods of Monitoring Cell MetabolisM
      Author : Author(s) Maria L. Anthony Shane N. Williams Kevin M. Brindle
320   Nucleofection of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
      Author : Author(s) Henrike Siemen Lars Nolden Stefanie Terstegge Philipp Koch Oliver BrAstle
321   Nystatin-Rhodamine B Assay for Estimating Activity of Killer Toxin from Kluyveromyces lactis
      Author : Author(s) Zdena PalkovA VladimAr Vondrejs
322   One-Pot Enzymatic Synthesis of Sialyl T-Epitope
      Author : Author(s) VladimAr Kren
323   One-Step Purification Immobilization and Stabilization of Poly-Histidine-Tagged Enzymes Using Metal Chelate-Epoxy Supports
      Author : Author(s) Cesar Mateo Benevides C. Pessela Valeria Grazu Rodrigo Torres Fernando LApez-Gallego Jose M. Guisan Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
324   Optical In Vivo Imaging of Electrically Mediated Delivery of siRNA into Muscle for Gene Function Analysis
      Author : Author(s) Muriel Golzio Justin Teissie
325   Optical Monitoring of Single Cells Using Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) Jyoti K. Jaiswal Sanford M. Simon
326   Optimization of Extractions in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Ulrich Menge
327   Optimizing Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells
      Author : Author(s) Lucia Monaco
328   Optimizing the Integration of Immunoreagents and Fluorescent Probes for Multiplexed High Content Screening Assays
      Author : Author(s) Kenneth A. Giuliano
329   Overview of Drug Delivery and Alternative Methods to Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Sek-Wen Hui
330   Overview of Informatics for High Content Screening
      Author : Author(s) R. Terry Dunlay Wallace J. Czekalski Mark A. Collins
331   Partial Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Starch to Maltodextrins on the Laboratory Scale
      Author : Author(s) Leon M. Marchal
332   Partition by Countercurrent Distribution (CCD)
      Author : Author(s) Hans-Erik Akerlund
333   Partition of Amino Acids and Peptides in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) I-Ming Chu Wen-Yi Chen
334   Partitioning of Chemically Modified Proteins A Method for Detection of the Resolution of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) TelmaTeixeira Franco
335   Past Present and Future of High Content Screening and the Field of Cellomics
      Author : Author(s) D. Lansing Taylor
336   Pathway Mapping Tools for Analysis of High Content Data
      Author : Author(s) Sean Ekins Yuri Nikolsky Andrej Bugrim Eugene Kirillov Tatiana Nikolskaya
337   Peptide Microarrays for Serum Antibody Diagnostics
      Author : Author(s) Heiko Andresen Frank F. Bier
338   Peptide-Conjugated Quantum Dots Imaging the Angiotensin Type 1 Receptor in Living Cells
      Author : Author(s) Ian D. Tomlinson John N. Mason Randy D. Blakely Sandra J. Rosenthal
339   Peptide-Mediated Intracellular Delivery of Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) B. Christoffer Lagerhol
340   Periodic Assembly of Nanospecies on Repetitive DNA Sequences Generated on Gold Nanoparticles by Rolling Circle Amplification
      Author : Author(s) Weian Zhao Michael A. Brook Yingfu Li
341   Peroxisome Isolation
      Author : Author(s) Ben Distel Inge Leij Wilko Kos
342   pH-Responsive Nanoparticles for Cancer Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s) Youqing Shen Huadong Tang Maciej Radosz Edward Van Kirk William J. Murdoch
343   Physiological Indicators of Cell Function
      Author : Author(s) Michael J. Ignatius Jeffrey T. Hung
344   Phytoremediation in China Inorganics
      Author : Author(s) Shirong Tang
345   Phytoremediation in China Organics
      Author : Author(s) Shirong Tang Cehui Mo
346   Phytoremediation in India
      Author : Author(s) M. N. Prasad
347   Phytoremediation in New Zealand and Australia
      Author : Author(s) Brett Robinson Chris Anderson
348   Phytoremediation in Portugal Present and Future
      Author : Author(s) Cristina Nabais Susana C. GonAalves Helena Freitas
349   Phytoremediation in Russia
      Author : Author(s) Yelena V. Lyubun Dmitry N. Tychinin
350   Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soil in China
      Author : Author(s) Chen Tong-Bin Liao Xiao-Yong Huang Ze-Chun Lei Mei Li Wen-Xue Mo Liang-Yu An Zhi-Zhuang Wei Chao-Yang Xiao Xi-Yuan Xie Hua
351   Phytoremediation With Living Aquatic Plants Development and Modeling of Experimental Observations
      Author : Author(s) Steven P. Sternberg
352   Plant Phylogeny and the Remediation of Persistent Organic Pollutants
      Author : Author(s) Jason C White Barbara A Zeeb
353   Plasmid-Mediated Bioaugmentation of Wastewater Microbial Communities in a Laboratory-Scale Bioreactor
      Author : Author(s) Stephan Bathe Martina Hausner
354   Polysome Analysis
      Author : Author(s) Francis A. Sagliocco Paul A. Moore Alistair J. Brown
355   Practical Protocols for Lipase Immobilization Via Sol-Gel Techniques
      Author : Author(s) Manfred T. Reetz
356   Predicting Partition Coefficients of Small Solutes Based on Hydrophobicity
      Author : Author(s) Mark A. Eiteman
357   Preparation and Analysis of Biomass Lignins
      Author : Author(s) Martin Jordan Nigel Jenkins
358   Preparation and Analysis of Biomass Lignins
      Author : Author(s) Alicia L. Compere William L. Griffith
359   Preparation and Use of Yeast Cell-Free Translation Lysate
      Author : Author(s) Alan D. Hartley Manuel A. Santos David R. Colthurst Michael F. Tuite
360   Preparation of Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Daniel Forciniti
361   Preparation of Total RNA
      Author : Author(s) Alistair J. Brown
362   Pretreatment of Biomass by Aqueous Ammonia for Bioethanol Production
      Author : Author(s) Tae Hyun Kim Rajesh Gupta Y. Y. Leesubscription
363   Principles of Affinity-Based Biosensors
      Author : Author(s) Kim R. Rogers
364   Probing DNA Structure With Nanoparticles
      Author : Author(s) Rahina Mahtab Catherine J. Murphy
365   Producing Mycorrhizal Inoculum for Phytoremediation
      Author : Author(s) Abdul G. Khan
366   Production and Isolation of Xanthan GuM
      Author : Author(s) Felix GarcAa-Ochoa Victoria E. Santos Jose A. Casas
367   Production of Isomaltulose Using Immobilized Bacterial Cells
      Author : Author(s) Peter S. Cheetham Christopher Bucke
368   Production of Microbial Glycolipids
      Author : Author(s) Siegmund Lang
369   Production of Monoclonal Antibody by DNA Immunization with Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Kaw Yan Chua John D.A. Ramos Nge Cheong
370   Production of Schizophyllan
      Author : Author(s) Udo Rau
371   Protein Inhibition by Microinjection and RNA-Mediated Interference in Tissue Culture Cells Complementary Approaches to Study Protein Function
      Author : Author(s) Jane R. Stout Rania S. Rizk Claire E. Walczak
372   Protein Labeling With FlAsH and ReAsH
      Author : Author(s) Thomas Machleidt Matt Robers George T. Hanson
373   Protocol for Determining Bioavailability and Biodegradation Kinetics of Organic Soil Pollutants in Soil Systems to Enhance Bioremediation of Polluted Soil Sites
      Author : Author(s) Henry H. Tabak Rakesh Govind Chunsheng Fu Chao Gao
374   Protocols for the In Silico Design of RNA Nanostructures
      Author : Author(s) Bruce A. Shapiro Eckart Bindewald Wojciech Kasprzak Yaroslava Yingling
375   Protoplast Fusion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s) Brendan P. Curran Virginia C. Bugeja
376   Purification Immobilization Hyperactivation and Stabilization of Lipases by Selective Adsorption on Hydrophobic Supports
      Author : Author(s) Jose M. Palomo Gloria FernAndez-Lorente Cesar Mateo Rosa L. Segura Claudia Ortiz Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente Jose M. Guisan
377   Purification and Quantification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cytochrome P45
      Author : Author(s) Ian Stansfield Steven L. Kelly
378   Purification of Cyanobacterial Thylakoid Plasma and Outer Membranes by Two-Phase Partitioning
      Author : Author(s) Birgitta Norling
379   Purification of Plasma Membranes by Affinity Partitioning
      Author : Author(s) Bengt Jergil Lars Ekblad
380   Purification of the N- and C-Terminal Subdomains of Recombinant Heavy Chain Fragment C of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype C
      Author : Author(s) Jicai Huang Rick Barent Mehmet Inan Mark Gouthro Virginia P. Roxas Leonard A. Smith Michael M. Meagher
381   Quantifying Organic and Inorganic Tin Compounds in Environmental Samples
      Author : Author(s) Joseph J. Cooney
382   Quantitative Analysis of Gene Expression Relative to 18S rRNA in Carcinoma Samples Using the LightCycler Instrument and a SYBR GreenI-based Assay Determining FAT1 mRNA Levels in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
      Author : Author(s) Sebastian Lukasiak Kai Breuhahn Claudia Schiller Gunter Schmidtke Marcus Groettrup
383   Quantitative Microinjection of Mouse Oocytes and Eggs
      Author : Author(s) Douglas Kline
384   Quantum Dot-Encoded Beads
      Author : Author(s) Xiaohu Gao Shuming Nie
385   Quantum Dots for In Vivo Molecular and Cellular Imaging
      Author : Author(s) Xiaohu Gao Leland W. Chung Shuming Nie
386   Quantum Dots for Multicolor Tumor Pathology and Multispectral Imaging
      Author : Author(s) Johbu Itoh Robert Yoshiyuki Osamura
387   Quantum Dots in Flow Cytometry
      Author : Author(s) Barnaby Abrams Tim Dubrovsky
388   Quenched Autoligation Probes
      Author : Author(s) Adam P. Silverman Hiroshi Abe Eric T. Kool
389   Rapid Screening of Chromatography Resins for the Purification of Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Sandra E. RAos Erin M. Giaccone Tillman U. Gerngross
390   Rare-Mating and Cytoduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
      Author : Author(s) John F. Spencer Dorothy M. Spencer
391   Rational Design and Optimization of Fed-Batch and Continuous Fermentations
      Author : Author(s) Wenhui Zhang Mehmet Inan Michael M. Meagher
392   Reagents to Measure and Manipulate Cell Functions
      Author : Author(s) Kenneth A. Giuliano D. Lansing Taylor Alan S. Waggoner
393   Real-Time Cell Dynamics With a Multianalyte Physiometer
      Author : Author(s) Sven E. Eklund Eugene Kozlov Dale E. Taylor Franz Baudenbacher David E. Cliffel
394   Receptor biosensors based on optical detection
      Author : Author(s) Kim R. Rogers Mohyee E. Eldefrawi
395   Recovery of Proteins and Phase Components
      Author : Author(s) GAte Johansson
396   Reporter Gene Systems for Assaying Gene Expression in Yeast
      Author : Author(s) Robert C. Mount Bernadette E. Jordan Christopher Hadfield
397   Requirements Features and Performance of High Content Screening Platforms
      Author : Author(s) Albert H. Gough Paul A. Johnston
398   Retrovirus Production and Characterization
      Author : Author(s) Pedro E. Cruz Marlene Carmo Teresa Rodrigues Paula Alves
399   Reversible Covalent Immobilization of Enzymes Via Their Thiol Groups
      Author : Author(s) Francisco Batista-Viera Karen Ovsejevi Carmen Manta
400   Rhodamine B Assay for Estimating Activity of Killer Toxins Permeabilizing Cytoplasmic Membranes
      Author : Author(s) VladimAr Vondrejs Zdena PalkovA
401   Saturation of the Secretory Pathway by Overexpression of a Hookworm (Necator americanus) Protein (Na-ASP1)
      Author : Author(s) Mehmet Inan Sarah A. Fanders Wenhui Zhang Peter J. Hotez Bin Zhan Michael M. Meagher
402   Screening of Bacterial Products for Their Crude Oil Biodegradation Effectiveness
      Author : Author(s) Albert D. Venosa John R. Haines B. Loye Eberhart
403   Screening of Combinatorial Peptide Libraries for Nanocluster Synthesis
      Author : Author(s) Joseph M. Slocik David W. Wright
404   Screening of Molecular Interactions Using Reporter Hammerhead Ribozymes
      Author : Author(s) JArg S. Hartig Michael Famulok
405   Searching for Genes Involved in Metal Tolerance Uptake and Transport
      Author : Author(s) Viivi H. Hassinen Arja I. Tervahauta Sirpa O. KArenlampi
406   Sectored Planters for Phytoremdiation Studies
      Author : Author(s) Chung-Shih Tang
407   Selecting Establishing and Managing Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) for Biofuels
      Author : Author(s) David J. Parrish John H. Fike
408   Selective Isotopic Labeling of Recombinant Proteins Using Amino Acid Auxotroph Strains
      Author : Author(s) James W. Whittaker
409   Selenomethionine Labeling of Recombinant Proteins
      Author : Author(s) Anna M. Larsson T. Alwyn Jones
410   Self-Assembly of Fused Homo-Oligomers to Create Nanotubes
      Author : Author(s) Idit Buch Chung-Jung Tsai Haim J. Wolfson Ruth Nussinov
411   Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping With Type-II Quantum Dots
      Author : Author(s) John V. Frangioni Sang-Wook Kim Shunsuke Ohnishi Sungjee Kim Moungi G. Bawendi
412   Setting Up a New Cell Culture Laboratory
      Author : Author(s) Michelle F. Scott Catherine M. Bentley Carolynne T. Marshall
413   Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation and Partial Saccharification and Co-Fermentation of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Ethanol Production
      Author : Author(s) Joy Doran-Peterson Amruta Jangid Sarah K. Brandon Emily DeCrescenzo-Henriksen Bruce Dien Lonnie O. Ingra
414   Single Quantum Dot Tracking of Membrane Receptors
      Author : Author(s) Cedric Bouzigues Sabine Levi Antoine Triller Maxime Dahan
415   Single-Step Partitioning in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
      Author : Author(s) Telma Teixeira Franco Rajni Hatti-Kaul
416   SNP Genotyping by Unlabeled Probe Melting Analysis
      Author : Author(s) Maria Erali Robert Palais Carl Wittwer
417   Soils Contaminated With Radionuclides Some Insights for Phytoextraction of Inorganic Contaminants
      Author : Author(s) Neil Willey
418   Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in the Mouse
      Author : Author(s) Satoshi Kishigami Teruhiko Wakayama
419   Stabilization of Multimeric Enzymes Via Immobilization and Further Cross-Linking With Aldehyde-Dextran
      Author : Author(s) Cesar Mateo Benevides C. Pessela Manuel Fuentes Rodrigo Torres Lorena Betancor Aurelio Hidalgo Gloria FernAndez-Lorente Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente Jose M. Guisan
420   Stabilization of New Imprint Property of Glucose Oxidase in Pure Aqueous Medium by Cross-Linked- Imprinting Approach
      Author : Author(s) Alankar Vaidya Lutz Fischer
421   Stable Isotope Methods for Estimating the Labile Metal Content of Soils
      Author : Author(s) Andrew J. Midwood
422   Structural DNA Nanotechnology An Overview
      Author : Author(s) Nadrian C. Seeman
423   Studying the Influence of Salts on Partitioning of Proteins Isoelectric Point Determination
      Author : Author(s) Daniel Forciniti
424   Surface-Functionalized Nanoparticles for Controlled Drug Delivery
      Author : Author(s) Sung-Wook Choi Woo-Sik Kim Jung-Hyun Ki
425   Synthesis and Primary Characterization of Self-Assembled Peptide-Based Hydrogels
      Author : Author(s) Radhika P. Nagarkar Joel P. Schneider
426   Synthesis of Homo- and Hetero-Oligosaccharides from Underivatized Sugars Using Glycosidases
      Author : Author(s) Christopher Bucke John Packwood Sony Suwasono Robert A. Rastall
427   Synthetic Nanoscale Elements for Delivery of Materials Into Viable Cells
      Author : Author(s) Timothy E. McKnight Anatoli V. Melechko Michael A. Guillorn Vladimir I. Merkulov Douglas H. Lowndes Michael L. Simpson
428   Systemic IL-12 Gene Therapy for Treating Malignancy via Intramuscular Electroporation
      Author : Author(s) Shiguo Zhu Shulin Li
429   Systems Biology in Cancer Research Genomics to Cellomics
      Author : Author(s) Jackie L. Stilwell Yinghui Guan Richard M. Neve Joe W. Gray
430   Taking Electroporation-Based Delivery of DNA Vaccination into Humans A Generic Clinical Protocol
      Author : Author(s) Torunn Elisabeth Tjelle Dietmar Rabussay Christian Ottensmeier Iacob Mathiesen Rune Kjeken
431   Target Validation in Drug Discovery
      Author : Author(s) Robert A. Blake
432   Taylor-Couette Vortex Flow in Enzymatic Reactors
      Author : Author(s) Roberto Campos Giordano Raquel Camargo Giordano
433   Technology and Production of Murine Monoclonal and Recombinant Antibodies and Antibody Fragments
      Author : Author(s) Alexandra Dorn-Beineke Stefanie Nittka Michael Neumaier
434   Temperature-Induced Phase Partitioning for Protein Purification
      Author : Author(s) Anita Kaul Josefine Persson Folke Tjerneld
435   Testing Amendments for Increasing Soil Availability of Radionuclides
      Author : Author(s) Nicholas R. Watt
436   Testing the Manipulation of Soil Availability of Metals
      Author : Author(s) Fernando Madrid Diaz M. B. Kirkha
437   The Application of Molecular Techniques to the Study of Wastewater Treatment Systems
      Author : Author(s) Irena Wojnowska-Barya Agnieszka Cydzik-Kwiatkowska Magdalena Zielika
438   The Determination of Trace Elements in Biological and Environmental Samples Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
      Author : Author(s) John O’Halloran Andrew R. Walsh Patrick J. Fitzpatrick
439   The Extraction and Analysis of Sterols from Yeast
      Author : Author(s) Michael A. Quail Steven L. Kelly
440   The HaloTag A Novel Technology for Cell Imaging and Protein Analysis
      Author : Author(s) Georgyi V. Los Keith Wood
441   The Leucine Zipper as a Building Block for Self-Assembled Protein Fibers
      Author : Author(s) Maxim G. Ryadnov David Papapostolou Derek N. Woolfson
442   The Phase DiagraM
      Author : Author(s) Anita Kaul
443   The Production of (12)-Terminated Glucooligosaccharides
      Author : Author(s) Marguerite Dols Vincent Monchois Magali Remaud-Simeon Rene-Marc Willemot Pierre F. Monsan
444   The Production of 3-Keto-Derivatives of Disaccharides
      Author : Author(s) Eberhard Stoppok Klaus Buchholz
445   The Production of Cyclodextrins Using CGTase from Bacillus macerans
      Author : Author(s) Jacob A. Rendleman
446   The Production of Mannitol by Fermentation
      Author : Author(s) Wim Soetaert Petra T. Vanhooren Erick J. Vandamme
447   The Role of Decision Support for Bioremediation Strategies Exemplified by Hydrocarbons for In Site and Ex Situ Procedures
      Author : Author(s) Elizabeth E. Diplock Dave P. Mardlin Kenneth S. Killham Graeme I. Paton
448   The Role of the Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid in Gene Transfer
      Author : Author(s) Kim M. Van Vliet Veronique Blouin Nicole Brument Mavis Agbandje-McKenna Richard O. Snyder
449   The Use of siRNA to Validate Immunofluorescence Studies
      Author : Author(s) K. Gregory Moore Wayne Speckmann Ronald P. Herzig
450   Tools for Quantitative and Validated Measurements of Cells
      Author : Author(s) Anne L. Plant John T. Elliott Alessandro Tona Dennis McDaniel Kurt J. Langenbach
451   Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems Skin Perturbation Devices
      Author : Author(s) Marc B. Brown Matthew J. Traynor Gary P. Martin Franklin K. Akomeah
452   Transduction Technologies
      Author : Author(s) David A. Fluri Martin Fussenegger
453   Transformation of Lithium-Treated Yeast Cells and the Selection of Auxotrophic and Dominant Markers
      Author : Author(s) Robert C. Mount Bernadette E. Jordan Christopher Hadfield
454   Treatment of SCCVII Tumors with Systemic Chemotherapy and Interleukin-12 Gene Therapy Combination
      Author : Author(s) Marina Torrero Shulin Li
455   Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Discovering Biomolecules for Environmental Bioremediation
      Author : Author(s) Om V. Singh Anuj K. Chandel
456   Two-Phase Extraction of Proteins from Cell Debris
      Author : Author(s) Kristina KAhler Alstine Andres Veide
457   Two-Phase Partitioning as a Method for Isolation of Tight Plasma Membrane Vesicles from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
      Author : Author(s) Birgitta Norling
458   Uptake Assimilation and Novel Metabolism of Nitrogen Dioxide in Plants
      Author : Author(s) Misa Takahashi Toshiyuki Matsubara Atsushi Sakamoto Hiromichi Morikawa
459   Use of -Glucosidase in the Development of Flavor in Wines and Fruit Juices
      Author : Author(s) Yannick Gueguen Patrick Chemardin Guilhem Janbon Alain Arnaud Pierre Galzy
460   Use of Charged PEG and Dextran Derivatives for Biomolecule Partitioning
      Author : Author(s) GAte Johansson
461   Use of Fluorophore-Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis (FACE) in the Elucidation of N-Linked Oligosaccharide Structures
      Author : Author(s) Harish P. Kumar Patricia A. Denny Paul C. Denny
462   Use of Immobilized Biocatalysts in Fluidized Bed Format
      Author : Author(s) Ipsita Roy Munishwar N. Gupta
463   Use of Luciferase Chimaera to Monitor PLC Expression in Mouse Eggs
      Author : Author(s) Karl Swann Karen Campbell Yuansong Yu Christopher Saunders F. Anthony Lai
464   Use of Nanobarcodes Particles in Bioassays
      Author : Author(s) R. Griffith Freeman Paul A. Raju Scott M. Norton Ian D. Walton Patrick C. Smith Lin He Michael J. Natan Michael Y. Sha Sharron G. Penn
465   Use of the CellCard System for Analyzing Multiple Cell Types in Parallel
      Author : Author(s) Oren Beske Daniel Bassoni Simon Goldbard
466   Uses of Bacteria in Bioremediation
      Author : Author(s) Emer Colleran
467   Using Electrodics to Aid Mobilization of Lead in Soil
      Author : Author(s) David J. Butcher Jae-Min Li
468   Using Hydroponic Bioreactors to Assess Phytoremediation Potential of Perchlorate
      Author : Author(s) Valentine Nzengung
469   Using Plant Phylogeny to Predict Detoxification of Triazine Herbicides
      Author : Author(s) Sylvie Marcacci Jean-Paul Schwitzguebel
470   Using Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis to Select Plants for Altered Radionuclide Accumulation
      Author : Author(s) Katharine A. Payne Helen C. Bowen John P. Hammond Corrina R. Hampton Philip J. White Martin R. Broadley
471   Using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction to Quantify Gene Expression in Plants Exposed to Radioactivity
      Author : Author(s) Yu-Jin Heinekamp Neil Willey
472   Using Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) Analysis to Assess Microbial Community Structure in Compost Systems
      Author : Author(s) Sonia M. Tiquia
473   Vaccine Production State of the Art and Future Needs in Upstream Processing
      Author : Author(s) Yvonne Genzel Udo Reichl
474   Vectors and Strains for Expression
      Author : Author(s) Joan Lin-Cereghino Geoff P. Lin-Cereghino
475   Very Strong But Reversible Immobilization of Enzymes on Supports Coated With Ionic Polymers
      Author : Author(s) Cesar Mateo Benevides C. Pessela Manuel Fuentes Rodrigo Torres Claudia Ortiz Fernando LApez-Gallego Lorena Betancor Noelia Alonso-Morales Jose M. Guisan Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
476   Viral Evaluation of Animal Cell Lines Used in Biotechnology
      Author : Author(s) Alasdair J. Shepherd Kenneth T. Smith
477   Viscosity Control of Guar Polysaccharide Solutions by Treatment with Galactose Oxidase and Catalase Enzymes
      Author : Author(s) Michael J. Donnelly
478   Visualization of High Content Screening Data
      Author : Author(s) Matthew J. Anstett
479   What Can We Learn From Highly Connected -Rich Structures for Structural Interface Design
      Author : Author(s) Ugur Emekli K. Gunasekaran Ruth Nussinov Turkan Haliloglu
480   Whole-Blood Immunoassay Facilitated by Gold Nanoshell-Conjugate Antibodies
      Author : Author(s) Lee R. Hirsch Naomi J. Halas Jennifer L. West
481   Yeast Colony Hybridization
      Author : Author(s) Matthew John Kleinman