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Credo Reference ( 626 Title(s) )

1   1000 CEOs
2   A Biographical Dictionary of Artists, Andromeda
3   A Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists
4   A Biographical Dictionary of People in Engineering: From Earliest Records to 2000
5   A Biographical Dictionary of Women Economists
6   A Dictionary of Contemporary History - 1945 to the present
7   A Dictionary of Diplomacy
8   A Dictionary of Literary Symbols
9   A Dictionary of Philosophical Logic
10   A Dictionary of Philosophy, Macmillan
11   A Dictionary of Sociolinguistics
12   A Financial History of Modern U.S. Corporate Scandals from Enron to Reform
13   A Financial History of the United States
14   A Glossary of Political Theory
15   A Glossary of UK Government and Politics
16   A Guide to the Ancient World, H.W. Wilson
17   A Handbook of Globalisation and Environmental Policy : National Government Interventions in a Global Arena
18   A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures: Continental Europe and its Empires
19   A History of Feminist Literary Criticism
20   A History of South African Literature
21   Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology
22   Aesthetics A-Z
23   Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
24   African-American Writers: A Dictionary
25   Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia
26   All Things Chaucer: An Encyclopedia of Chaucer's World
27   American Environmental Leaders: From Colonial Times to the Present
28   American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms, The
29   American Human Development Project: The Measure of America 2010-2011: Mapping Risks and Resilience
30   An African Biographical Dictionary
31   An Encyclopedia of Keynesian Economics
32   An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics
33   An Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation
34   Andromeda Encyclopedic Dictionary of World History
35   Animals and Science: A Guide to the Debates
36   Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia
37   Astronomy Encyclopedia
38   Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda
39   Atlas of the Universe
40   Bailliere's Midwives' Dictionary
41   BCS Glossary of Computing and ICT
42   Benders' Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology
43   Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Economics Book
44   Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Philosophy Book
45   Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Politics Book
46   Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Psychology Book
47   Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Philosophers
48   Biographical Dictionary of Modern Egypt
49   Biographical Dictionary of Psychology
50   Biographical Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology
51   Biographical Dictionary of Transcendentalism
52   Black Firsts
53   Black's Medical Dictionary, 42nd Edition
54   Black's Veterinary Dictionary
55   Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations
56   Bloomsbury Dictionary of Myth
57   Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought
58   Bloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations
59   Bloomsbury Thesaurus
60   Book of Bible Quotations
61   Brewer's Britain and Ireland
62   Brewer's Curious Titles
63   Brewer's Dictionary of Irish Phrase and Fable
64   Brewer's Dictionary of Modern Phrase and Fable
65   Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
66   Britain and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
67   Business French Dictionary, Peter Collin Publishing
68   Business German Dictionary, Peter Collin Publishing
69   Business Spanish Dictionary, Peter Collin Publishing
70   BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource
71   Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology
72   Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution
73   Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
74   Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development
75   Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness
76   Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance
77   Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships
78   Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine
79   Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
80   Cambridge World History of Food
81   Canada's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
82   Capstone Encyclopaedia of Business
83   Cassell's Peoples, Nations and Cultures
84   Chambers 21st Century Dictionary
85   Chambers Biographical Dictionary
86   Chambers Classic Speeches
87   Chambers Dictionary of Eponyms
88   Chambers Dictionary of Literary Characters
89   Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained
90   Chambers Dictionary of World History
91   Chambers Film Factfinder
92   Churchill Livingstone's Dictionary of Nursing
93   CIA World Factbook
94   Collins Dictionary of Astronomy
95   Collins Dictionary of Biology
96   Collins Dictionary of Business
97   Collins Dictionary of Economics
98   Collins Dictionary of Law
99   Collins Dictionary of Medicine
100   Collins Dictionary of Quotations
101   Collins Dictionary of Sociology
102   Collins English Dictionary
103   Collins English-Greek Dictionary
104   Collins English-Polish Dictionary
105   Collins French Dictionary Plus
106   Collins German Dictionary
107   Collins Greek-English Dictionary
108   Collins Irish Dictionary
109   Collins Italian Dictionary
110   Collins Latin Dictionary
111   Collins Portuguese Dictionary
112   Collins S?ownik Polsko-Angielski
113   Collins Spanish Dictionary
114   Collins Spurrell Welsh Dictionary
115   Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy
116   Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology
117   Computer Graphics Companion
118   Concise Atlas of World History, Andromeda
119   Concise Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature
120   Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology
121   Concise Encyclopedia of Sociolinguistics
122   Condensed Encyclopedia of Polymer Engineering Terms
123   Consciousness: A Guide to the Debates
124   Conspiracy Theories in American History
125   Contemporary Youth Culture: An International Encyclopedia
126   Continuum Encyclopedia of American Literature
127   Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature
128   Continuum Encyclopedia of Children's Literature
129   Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Locations
130   Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Media, Industry and Society
131   Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World: Performance and Production
132   Critical Terms for Art History
133   Critical Terms for Literary Study
134   Critical Terms for Religious Studies
135   Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism
136   Cultural Geography: A Critical Dictionary of Key Concepts
137   Culture Wars: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Viewpoints, and Voices
138   Debrett's Peerage & Baronetage 2008
139   Debrett's People of Today 2013
140   Dictionary of Accounting
141   Dictionary of American Government and Politics
142   Dictionary of Architecture and Construction
143   Dictionary of Astronomy, Peter Collin Publishing
144   Dictionary of British History
145   Dictionary of Business
146   Dictionary of Communications Technology: Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations, Wiley
147   Dictionary of Computing
148   Dictionary of Conflict Resolution, Wiley
149   Dictionary of Contemporary Slang
150   Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, Wiley
151   Dictionary of E-Business
152   Dictionary of Economics, Wiley
153   Dictionary of Engineering Terms, Butterworth-Heinemann
154   Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology
155   Dictionary of Existentialism
156   Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms
157   Dictionary of Financial Engineering
158   Dictionary of Food: International Food and Cooking Terms from A to Z
159   Dictionary of Foreign Phrases and Abbreviations, H.W. Wilson
160   Dictionary of Forensic Psychology
161   Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend, Thames & Hudson
162   Dictionary of Human Resources and Personnel Management
163   Dictionary of Information and Library Management
164   Dictionary of Italian Literature
165   Dictionary of Jewish Lore and Legend, Thames & Hudson
166   Dictionary of Languages
167   Dictionary of Law
168   Dictionary of Leisure, Travel and Tourism
169   Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
170   Dictionary of Media Studies
171   Dictionary of Medical Terms
172   Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology
173   Dictionary of Multimedia and Internet Applications: A Guide for Developers and Users
174   Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research
175   Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science
176   Dictionary of Policing
177   Dictionary of Politics and Government
178   Dictionary of Prisons and Punishment
179   Dictionary of Probation and Offender Management
180   Dictionary of Publishing and Printing
181   Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity & Culture
182   Dictionary of Shakespeare, Peter Collin Publishing
183   Dictionary of Spanish Law, Peter Collin Publishing
184   Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms
185   Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers
186   Dictionary of Visual Discourse: A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms
187   Dictionary of World Philosophy
188   Dictionary of Youth Justice
189   Divided by a Common Language: A Guide to British and American English
190   Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary
191   Dr. Susan Love?s Breast Book
192   Eastern Europe: An Introduction to the People, Lands, and Culture
193   Elsevier's Dictionary of Psychological Theories
194   Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Psychology
195   Encyclopedia of 20th Century Technology
196   Encyclopedia of African History
197   Encyclopedia of African-American Writing
198   Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History
199   Encyclopedia of American Poetry: The Twentieth Century
200   Encyclopedia of American Studies
201   Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology
202   Encyclopedia of Archaeology
203   Encyclopedia of Archaeology: History and Discoveries
204   Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States
205   Encyclopedia of Chinese-American Relations
206   Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy
207   Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science
208   Encyclopedia of Computer Science
209   Encyclopedia of Consciousness
210   Encyclopedia of Cremation
211   Encyclopedia of Cuban-United States Relations
212   Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
213   Encyclopedia of Emancipation and Abolition in the Transatlantic World
214   Encyclopedia of Empiricism
215   Encyclopedia of Energy
216   Encyclopedia of Ethics
217   Encyclopedia of German Literature
218   Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945
219   Encyclopedia of Insects
220   Encyclopedia of Intelligence & Counterintelligence
221   Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications
222   Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions
223   Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature, 1900-2003
224   Encyclopedia of Life Writing: Autobiographical and Biographical Forms
225   Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures
226   Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature
227   Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture
228   Encyclopedia of Nationalism: Fundamental Themes
229   Encyclopedia of Nationalism: Leaders, Movements, and Concepts
230   Encyclopedia of New Jersey
231   Encyclopedia of North American Indians, Houghton Mifflin
232   Encyclopedia of Nursing Research
233   Encyclopedia of Paleontology
234   Encyclopedia of Philosophers on Religion
235   Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English
236   Encyclopedia of Postmodernism
237   Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures
238   Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology
239   Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other Exceptional Individuals
240   Encyclopedia of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution
241   Encyclopedia of the American Civil War: A Political, Social, and Military History
242   Encyclopedia of the Antebellum South
243   Encyclopedia of the European Union
244   Encyclopedia of the History of American Management
245   Encyclopedia of the Human Brain
246   Encyclopedia of the Human Genome
247   Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850
248   Encyclopedia of the Solar System
249   Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century
250   Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History
251   Encyclopedia of Urban America: The Cities and Suburbs
252   Encyclopedia of Urban Legends
253   Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict
254   Encyclopedia of Volcanoes
255   Encyclopedia of Women and Gender: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender
256   Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers
257   Encyclopedia of Women's Autobiography
258   Encyclopedia of Women's Health
259   Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century
260   Encyclopedia of World Trade From Ancient Times to the Present
261   Encyclopedic Dictionary of Women in Early American Films: 1895-1930, An
262   Epilepsy A to Z: A Concise Encyclopedia
263   Exemplary Economists: Europe, Asia and Australasia
264   Exemplary Economists: North America
265   Feminist Philosophies A-Z
266   Field Guide to Rivers of North America
267   Financial Times World Desk Reference
268   First Ladies of the United States
269   Focal Dictionary of Telecommunications, Focal Press
270   France and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
271   Freedom Facts and Firsts: 400 Years of the African American Civil Rights Experience
272   From Suffrage to the Senate: America's Political Women
273   Gender and Education: An Encyclopedia
274   Geography of the World
275   Germany and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
276   Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics
277   Good Word Guide
278   Great American Court Cases, Gale
279   Great Irish Lives: An Era in Obituaries
280   Great Lives: A Century in Obituaries
281   Great Military Lives: Leadership and Courage - From Waterloo to the Falklands in Obituaries
282   Great Thinkers A-Z
283   Great Victorian Lives: An Era in Obituaries
284   Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations
285   Guide to Economic Indicators
286   Guide to Gems
287   Guide to Global Hazards
288   Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils
289   Guide to Seashells of the World
290   Guide to Stars and Planets
291   Guide to the Oceans
292   Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture and the Law
293   Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences
294   Handbook of Environmental Sociology
295   Handbook of Forensic Psychology: Resource for Mental Health and Legal Professionals
296   Handbook of Global Environmental Politics
297   Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts
298   Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children
299   Handbook of United States Economic and Financial Indicators
300   Handbook of Vegetable Pests
301   Hargrave's Communications Dictionary, Wiley
302   Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary
303   High Definition: A-Z Guide to Personal Technology
304   Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor
305   Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary
306   Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Work
307   Homosexuality and Science: A Guide to the Debates
308   How We Talk: American Regional English Today
309   Human Evolution: A Guide to the Debates
310   Iberia and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
311   Icons of American Popular Culture: From P.T. Barnum to Jennifer Lopez
312   If the Paintings Could Talk
313   Illustrated Dictionary of Science, Andromeda
314   Immigration and Asylum from 1900 to Present
315   International Dictionary of Homeopathy
316   International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics
317   International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management
318   International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family
319   International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent
320   Iran's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
321   Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History
322   Jablonski's Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations
323   Jews and the Civil War: A Reader
324   Key Concepts and Techniques in GIS
325   Key Concepts in Anti-Discriminatory Social Work
326   Key Concepts in Critical Social Theory
327   Key Concepts in Developmental Psychology
328   Key Concepts in Early Childhood Education and Care
329   Key Concepts in Education
330   Key Concepts in Ethnography
331   Key Concepts in Feminist Theory and Research
332   Key Concepts in Governance
333   Key Concepts in Health Psychology
334   Key Concepts in Journalism Studies
335   Key Concepts in Leisure Studies
336   Key Concepts in Marketing
337   Key Concepts in Nursing
338   Key Concepts in Political Communication
339   Key Concepts in Postcolonial Literature
340   Key Concepts in Public Health
341   Key Concepts in Public Relations
342   Key Concepts in Radio Studies
343   Key Concepts in Sport & Exercise Sciences
344   Key Concepts in Sports Studies
345   Key Concepts in Teaching Primary Mathematics
346   Key Concepts in Urban Geography
347   Key Concepts in Urban Studies
348   Key Concepts in Work
349   Key Contemporary Concepts
350   Key Ideas in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
351   Key Terms in Literary Theory
352   Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
353   Key Thinkers in Psychology
354   Keywords and Concepts in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
355   Keywords for American Cultural Studies
356   Keywords for Children's Literature
357   Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World
358   Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide
359   Macmillan Dictionary of the Bible
360   Macmillan Dictionary of Toxicology
361   Macquarie Dictionary of Australian Politics
362   Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of Great Thinkers
363   Manufacturing Engineering Handbook
364   Marquis Who Was Who in America 1607-1984
365   Marquis Who Was Who in America 1985-present
366   Marquis Who's Who in America
367   Marquis Who's Who in the World
368   Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation
369   McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
370   McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms
371   Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece
372   Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary
373   Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law
374   Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary
375   Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary, Revised Edition
376   Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Opera
377   Mexico: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture and History
378   Miller's Antiques Encyclopedia
379   Modern American Lives: Individuals and Issues in American History Since 1945
380   Mosby's Dental Dictionary
381   Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
382   Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions
383   Mosby's Emergency Dictionary
384   Mosby's Handbook of Herbs & Natural Supplements
385   Myths and Legends of the Celts
386   National Gallery Collection
387   Natural Medicine Instructions for Patients
388   Need to Know? Islam
389   New Americans: A Guide to Immigration Since 1965
390   New Harvard Guide to Women's Health, The
391   Newnes Dictionary of Electronics, Newnes
392   Nigeria's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
393   Notable American Women: 1607-1950
394   Notable American Women: Completing the Twentieth Century
395   Notable American Women: The Modern Period
396   Nursing Leadership
397   Oddbins Dictionary of Wine
398   OECD Factbook 2013: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
399   One Hundred and One Botanists
400   Opera: The Great Composers and their Masterworks
401   Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought
402   Penguin Dictionary of Biology
403   Penguin Encyclopedia of Places
404   Pharmaceutical Medicine Dictionary
405   Philip's Encyclopedia 2008
406   Philip's World Factbook 2008-2009
407   Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia
408   Philosophy of Science A-Z
409   Pocket Guides: Myths & Legends
410   Pocket Guides: Narrative
411   Political Corruption in America: An Encyclopedia of Scandals, Power & Greed
412   Political Glossaries: A Glossary of US Politics and Government
413   Political Philosophy A-Z
414   Pop Culture Arab World! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
415   Pop Culture China! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
416   Pop Culture Germany! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
417   Pop Culture India! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
418   Pop Culture Latin America! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
419   Pop Culture Russia! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
420   Poverty and the Government in America: A Historical Encyclopedia
421   Poverty: An International Glossary
422   Power and Succession in Arab Monarchies
423   Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 to the Present
424   Public Opinion and Polling Around the World: A Historical Encyclopedia
425   QFinance: The Ultimate Resource
426   Rawson's Dictionary of American Quotations
427   Rawson's Dictionary of Euphemisms and Other Doubletalk
428   Rawson's Wicked Words
429   Reader's Guide to British History
430   Reader's Guide to the History of Science
431   Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences
432   Reformist Voices of Islam: Mediating Islam and Modernity
433   Religious Holidays & Calendars
434   Respectfully Quoted
435   Ripples of Hope: Great American Civil Rights Speeches
436   Roget's II The New Thesaurus
437   Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary
438   Science in the Ancient World: An Encyclopedia
439   Science in the Contemporary World: An Encyclopedia
440   Science in the Early Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia
441   Science in the Enlightenment: An Encyclopedia
442   Scientific Exploration and Expeditions: From the Age of Discovery to the Twenty-First Century
443   Shakespeare's Theatre: A Dictionary of His Stage Context
444   Ships of the World, Houghton Mifflin
445   Simpson's Contemporary Quotations
446   Slavery in the United States: A Social, Political, and Historical Encyclopedia
447   South Africa's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
448   Speakers of the House of Representatives, 1789-2009
449   Springer International Handbooks of Education: International Handbook of Educational Evaluation
450   Springer International Handbooks of Education: International Handbook of School Effectiveness and Improvement
451   Thames & Hudson Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance, The
452   The 2011 Annual Register: World Events 2010
453   The 2012 Annual Register: World Events 2011
454   The 9/11 Encyclopedia
455   The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility
456   The A-Z of Social Research
457   The American Economy: A Historical Encyclopedia
458   The American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style
459   The American Heritage Medical Dictionary
460   The American Heritage Science Dictionary
461   The American Heritage® Abbreviations Dictionary
462   The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language
463   The Anti-Capitalist Dictionary
464   The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science
465   The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology
466   The Bloomsbury Dictionary of English Literature
467   The Bloomsbury Guide to Art
468   The Brain Book: An illustrated guide to its structure, function and disorders
469   The Bridgeman Art Library Archive
470   The Bridgeman History of Science
471   The Browser's Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases
472   The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy
473   The Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists
474   The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers
475   The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in English
476   The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
477   The Cambridge Guide to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
478   The Cambridge Guide to Theatre
479   The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English
480   The Cambridge Handbook of Age and Ageing
481   The Cambridge Handbook of Computational Psychology
482   The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour
483   The Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology
484   The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior and Aggression
485   The Cambridge Historical Dictionary of Disease
486   The Changing Wealth of Nations: Measuring Sustainable Development in the New Millennium
487   The Chronology of American Literature
488   The Collins World Atlas Gazetteer
489   The Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Short Story
490   The Columbia Encyclopedia
491   The Companion to British History, Routledge
492   The Companion to Hispanic Studies
493   The Companion to Latin American Studies
494   The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science
495   The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia
496   The Day After Tomorrow: A Handbook on the Future of Economic Policy in the Developing World
497   The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion
498   The Development Dictionary
499   The Dictionary of Alternatives
500   The Dictionary of Human Geography
501   The Dictionary of Physical Geography
502   The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia of Modern Criticism and Theory
503   The Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy
504   The Edinburgh International Encyclopaedia of Psychoanalysis
505   The Elgar Companion to Consumer Research and Economic Psychology
506   The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics
507   The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations
508   The Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance
509   The Encyclopedia of Aging
510   The Encyclopedia of American Folk Art
511   The Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environmental Management, Blackwell Science
512   The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism
513   The Encyclopedia of Elder Care
514   The Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory
515   The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders
516   The Encyclopedia of Public Choice
517   The Encyclopedia of Strikes in American History
518   The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments
519   The Encyclopedia of World History
520   The Environmental Debate: A Documentary History
521   The Essentials of Global Politics
522   The Essentials of Philosophy and Ethics
523   The Evolution Wars: A Guide to the Debates
524   The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music
525   The Former Soviet Union's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
526   The Former Yugoslavia's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook
527   The Great American History Fact-Finder
528   The Great Dinosaur Controversy: A Guide to the Debates
529   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: New England
530   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Great Plains Region
531   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Mid-Atlantic Region
532   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Midwest
533   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Pacific Region
534   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Rocky Mountain Region
535   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The South
536   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures: The Southwest
537   The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Latino Literature
538   The Handbook of Economic Sociology
539   The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization
540   The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music
541   The Harvard Dictionary of Music
542   The Holy Bible, King James Version, Cambridge University Press
543   The Homer Encyclopedia
544   The Houghton Mifflin Dictionary of Geography
545   The Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function and Disorders
546   The Hutchinson Chronology of World History
547   The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography
548   The Hutchinson Encyclopedia
549   The International Encyclopedia of Depression
550   The Italian Renaissance State
551   The Macmillan Encyclopedia
552   The Macquarie Dictionary
553   The Macquarie Dictionary of Trees & Shrubs
554   The Macquarie Encyclopedia of Australian Events
555   The National Gallery Companion Guide
556   The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Houghton Mifflin
557   The New Encyclopedia of Judaism
558   The New Encyclopedia of the American West
559   The New Penguin Business Dictionary
560   The New Penguin Dictionary of Music
561   The New Wine Lover's Companion, Barron's
562   The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics
563   The Palgrave Guide to English Literature and its Contexts, 1500-2000
564   The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography
565   The Penguin Biographical Dictionary of Women
566   The Penguin Dictionary of Economics
567   The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics
568   The Penguin Dictionary of Physics
569   The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology
570   The Penguin Dictionary of Science
571   The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology
572   The Penguin English Dictionary
573   The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary
574   The Penn Center Guide to Bioethics
575   The Praeger Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S.
576   The Princeton Companion to Mathematics
577   The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics
578   The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy
579   The Princeton Guide to Ecology
580   The Qur'an
581   The Reader's Companion to American History
582   The Reader's Companion to Military History
583   The Reader's Companion to the American Presidency
584   The Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History
585   The Religious Right: A Reference Handbook
586   The Royal Society of Medicine Health Encyclopedia
587   The Royal Society of Medicine: Medicines
588   The Sage Dictionary of Cultural Studies
589   The Social Science Jargon-Buster
590   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers
591   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of 20th Century Architecture
592   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists
593   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms
594   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of British Art
595   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Design Since 1900
596   The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers
597   The Thames & Hudson Encyclopaedia of Impressionism
598   The Ultimate Business Library, Wiley
599   The Underground Railroad: An Encyclopedia of People, Places, and Operations
600   The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales
601   The Wisden Archive of Cricketers' Lives 2012
602   The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey
603   Time Saver Standards for Architectural Design: Technical Data for Professional Practice
604   U.S. Census 2000 State & County Statistical QuickFacts
605   Wall Street Words
606   Webster's New World Finance and Investment Dictionary
607   Webster's New World™ Computer Dictionary
608   Webster's New World™ Medical Dictionary
609   Who Was Who at Waterloo: A Biography of the Battle
610   Who's Who in Ancient Egypt, Routledge
611   Who's Who in Christianity, Routledge
612   Who's Who in Classical Mythology, Routledge
613   Who's Who In Economics
614   Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History, Routledge
615   Who's Who in the New Testament, Routledge
616   Who's Who in the Old Testament, Routledge
617   Who's Who in The Roman World, Routledge
618   Women in the Middle Ages: An Encyclopedia
619   Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing
620   Women's History as Scientists: A Guide to the Debates
621   Word Histories and Mysteries
622   Word Origins
623   World Atlas of Sport
624   World of Criminal Justice, Gale
625   World of Sociology, Gale
626   World Politics Since 1945