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FOODnetBASE ( 174 Title(s) )
1   Adult Obesity: A Paediatric Challenge
      Author : et al
2   Advanced Nutrition Micronutrients
      Author : Carolyn D. Berdanier
3   Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing
      Author : Leo M.L. Nollet
4   Aflatoxin and Food Safety
      Author : Hamed Abbas
5   Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging
      Author : Ronald Watson
6   Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete: The Anabolic Edge Second Edition
      Author : Mauro Di Pasquale
7   Analysis of Pesticides in Food and Environmental Samples
      Author : Jose Tadeo
8   Analytical Methods for Food Additives
      Author : Roger Wood
9   Antimicrobials in Food Third Edition
      Author : P. Michael Davidson
10   Antioxidants in Food: Practical Applications
      Author : Jan Pokorny
11   Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations
      Author : Ruth B.S. Harris
12   Automation for Food Engineering: Food Quality Quantization and Process Control
      Author : Yanbo Huang
13   Baking Problems Solved
      Author : Stanley P Cauvain
14   Beverage Quality and Safety
      Author : Tammy Foster
15   Bioprocesses and Biotechnology for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
      Author : JeanRichard Neeser
16   Bioterrorism and Food Safety
      Author : Barbara Rasco
17   Brewing: Science and Practice
      Author : Dennis E Briggs
18   Carbohydrates in Food 2nd Edition
      Author : AnnCharlotte Eliasson
19   Cereal Biotechnology
      Author : Peter Morris
20   Characterization of Cereals and Flours: Properties Analysis and Applications
      Author : Gonul Kalentuc
21   Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components Third Edition
      Author : Zdzislaw Sikorski
22   Computational Fluid Dynamics in Food Processing
      Author : DaWen Sun
23   Concise Encyclopedia of Foods and Nutrition Second Edition (The)
      Author : Audrey H. Ensminger
24   CRC Handbook of Medicinal Spices
      Author : James A. Duke
25   Detecting Foreign Bodies in Food
      Author : Mike Edwards
26   Developing New Food Products for a Changing Marketplace
      Author : Aaron L. Brody
27   Development and Processing of Vegetable Oils for Human Nutrition
      Author : Roman Przybylski
28   Dictionary of Carbohydrates with CDROM Second Edition
      Author : Peter Collins
29   Dictionary of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
      Author : N.A. Michael Eskin
30   Dietary Proteins and Atherosclerosis
      Author : G. Debry
31   Drinking Water and Infectious Disease: Establishing the Links
      Author : Paul Raymond Hunter
32   Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention Stress Management and Treatment
      Author : Jacalyn RobertMcComb
33   Environmentally Friendly Technologies for Agricultural Produce Quality
      Author : Shimshon Ben Yeoshua
34   Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications Second Edition
      Author : Richard D O'Brien
35   Fatty Acids in Foods and their Health Implications Third Edition
      Author : Ching Kuang Chow
36   Flaxseed in Human Nutrition Second Edition
      Author : Lilian U. Thompson
37   Food Consumers and the Food Industry: Catastrophe or Opportunity?
      Author : Gordon W Fuller
38   Food diet and obesity
      Author : David Mela
39   Food Additives Second Edition
      Author : A. Larry Branen
40   Food and Nutritional Toxicology
      Author : Stanley T Omaye
41   Food Authenticity and Traceability
      Author : Michele Lees
42   Food Biotechnology Second Edition
      Author : Kalidas Shetty
43   Food Chemical Safety: Additives Volume II
      Author : David Watson
44   Food Chemical Safety: Contaminants Volume I
      Author : David Watson
45   Food Colorants: Chemical and Functional Properties
      Author : Carmen Socaciu
46   Food consumption and disease risk: Consumerpathogen interactions
      Author : Morris Potter
47   Food Emulsions Fourth Edition
      Author : Stig Friberg
48   Food Emulsions: Principles Practices and Techniques Second Edition
      Author : David Julian McClements
49   Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods
      Author : Servet Gulum Sumnu
50   Food Intolerance and the Food Industry
      Author : Taraneh Dean
51   Food Labelling
      Author : J Ralph Blanchfield
52   Food Lipids: Chemistry Nutrition and Biotechnology Second Edition
      Author : Casimir Akoh
53   Food Plant Sanitation
      Author : Y.H. Hui
54   Food Plant Sanitation: Design Maintenance and Good Manufacturing Practices
      Author : Michael Cramer
55   Food Preservation Techniques
      Author : Peter Zeuthen
56   Food Process Modelling
      Author : L. M. M.. Tijskens
57   Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices
      Author : Inteaz Alli
58   Food Safety and Toxicity
      Author : John De Vries
59   Food Shelf Life Stability: Chemical Biochemical and Microbiological Changes
      Author : N. A. Michael Eskin
60   Food Storage Stability
      Author : Irwin A. Taub
61   Food Toxicology
      Author : William Helferich
62   Fruit and Vegetable Processing
      Author : Wim Jongen
63   Frying Technology and Practices
      Author : Monoj K. Gupta
64   Frying: Improving Quality
      Author : J. B. Rossell
65   Functional dairy products Volume 2
      Author : M. Saarela
66   Functional Food Carbohydrates
      Author : Costas Biliaderis
67   Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals: Processing Technologies
      Author : John Shi
68   Functional Foods Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes
      Author : A Arnoldi
69   Functional Foods and Biotechnology
      Author : Kalidas Shetty
70   Gamma Linolenic Acid: Metabolism and Its Roles in Nutrition and Medicine
      Author : YungSheng Huang
71   Genetic Variation in Taste Sensitivity
      Author : John Prescott
72   Green Tea: Health Benefits and Applications
      Author : Yukihiko Hara
73   HACCP in the Meat Industry
      Author : Martyn Brown
74   Halal Food Production
      Author : Mian N Riaz
75   Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition Second Edition
      Author : Gregory D. Miller
76   Handbook of Dietary Fiber
      Author : Susan Sungsoo Cho
77   Handbook Of Dough Fermentations
      Author : Karel Kulp
78   Handbook of Fat Replacers
      Author : Sibel Roller
79   Handbook of Fermented Functional Foods
      Author : Edward Farnworth
80   Handbook of Food and Beverage Fermentation Technology
      Author : Y.H. Hui
81   Handbook of Food Engineering Practice
      Author : Kenneth J Valentas
82   Handbook of Food Enzymology
      Author : R. John Whitaker
83   Handbook of Food Preservation Second Edition
      Author : M. Shafiur Rahman
84   Handbook of Food Spoilage Yeasts Second Edition
      Author : Tibor Deak
85   Handbook of Food Toxicology
      Author : S.S. Deshpande
86   Handbook of FoodDrug Interactions
      Author : Beverly J. McCabe
87   Handbook of Frozen Food Processing and Packaging
      Author : DaWen Sun
88   Handbook of Frozen Foods
      Author : Y.H. Hui
89   Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry
      Author : H.L.M. Lelieveld
90   Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
      Author : Dr. Robert E.C. Wildman
91   Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Second Edition
      Author : Robert E.C. Wildman
92   Handbook of Vitamins Fourth Edition
      Author : Janos Zempleni
93   Handbook of waste management and coproduct recovery in food processing: Volume 1
      Author : K. Waldron
94   Hygiene in Food Processing: Principles and Practice
      Author : Huub Lelieveld
95   Improving the Safety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
      Author : et al
96   Industrial Applications of Single Cell Oils
      Author : et al
97   Instrumentation and Sensors for the Food Industry Second Edition
      Author : Erika KressRogers
98   Intelligent and Active Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables
      Author : Charles Wilson
99   Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research
      Author : Neal H. Hooker
100   InulinType Fructans: Functional Food Ingredients
      Author : Marcel Roberfroid
101   Lactoferrin: Natural Multifunctional Antimicrobial
      Author : Narian Naidu
102   Lipid Analysis and Lipidomics: NewTechniques and Applications
      Author : Magdi Mossoba
103   Lipid Biotechnology
      Author : Tsung Min Kuo
104   Making the Most of HACCP: Learning from Others' Experience
      Author : Tom Mayes
105   Managing allergens in food
      Author : Clare Mills
106   Marine Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
      Author : Colin Barrow
107   Measurement and Control in Food Processing
      Author : Manabendra Bhuyan
108   Methods in Microarray Normalization
      Author : Phillip Stafford
109   Methods of Analysis of Food Components and Additives
      Author : Semih Otles
110   Microbial Food Contamination
      Author : Charles L. Wilson
111   Microbial Food Contamination Second Edition
      Author : Charles Wilson
112   Microbial Safety of Minimally Processed Foods
      Author : John S. Novak
113   Microbiological analysis of red meat poultry and eggs
      Author : G. Mead
114   Microbiology of Fruits and Vegetables
      Author : Gerald Sapers
115   Microwave Processing of Foods The
      Author : Helmar Schubert
116   Modifying Flavour in Food
      Author : A.J. Taylor
117   Natural Arsenic in Groundwater: Occurrence Remediation and Management Proceedings of the PreCongress Workshop 'Natural Arsenic in Groundwater (BWO 06) 32nd International Geological Congress Florence Italy 1819 August 2004
      Author : Jochen Bundschuh
118   Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems
      Author : A. S. Narain Naidu
119   Novel enzyme technology for food applications
      Author : Robert Rastall
120   Novel Food Processing Technologies
      Author : Gustavo BarbosaCanovas
121   Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and their CoProducts
      Author : Fereidoon Shahidi
122   Nutraceuticals in Health and Disease Prevention
      Author : Lester Packer
123   Nutrition and AIDS Second Edition
      Author : Ronald Watson
124   Nutrition and Biochemistry of Phospholipids
      Author : Bernard F. Szuhaj
125   Nutrition and Heart Disease: Causation and Prevention
      Author : Ronald Ross Watson
126   Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport
      Author : Ira Wolinsky
127   Nutritionally Enhanced Edible Oil and Oilseed Processing
      Author : Dunford Nurhan Turgut
128   Official Methods for the Determination of Trans Fat
      Author : Magdi M. Mossoba
129   Oil Extraction and Analysis Critical Issues and Comparative Studies
      Author : D.L. Luthria
130   Olive Oil: Minor Constituents and Health
      Author : Dimitrios Boskou
131   Optimizing sweet taste in foods
      Author : W.J. Spillane
132   Pesticide veterinary and other residues in food
      Author : David H Watson
133   Pharmaceutical Experimental Design
      Author : Gareth A. Lewis
134   Physical Chemistry of Foods
      Author : Pieter Walstra
135   Physical Principles of Food Preservation Second Edition
      Author : Marcus Karel
136   Phytochemical Functional Foods
      Author : Ian Johnson
137   Phytochemicals in Nutrition and Health
      Author : Mark S. Meskin
138   Phytochemicals: Aging and Health
      Author : Mark Meskin
139   Phytochemicals: NutrientGene Interactions
      Author : Mark Meskin
140   Phytosterols as Functional Food Components and Nutraceuticals
      Author : Paresh Dutta
141   Polysaccharides: Structural Diversity and Functional Versatility Second Edition
      Author : Severian Dumitriu
142   Pomegranates: Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine
      Author : Navindra Seeram
143   Probiotics in Food Safety and Human Health
      Author : Ipek Goktepe
144   Proceedings of the World Conference on Lauric Oils: Sources Processing and Applications
      Author : et al
145   Processing Foods: Quality Optimization and Process Assessment
      Author : Fernanda A. R. Oliveira
146   Processing Fruits: Science and Technology Second Edition
      Author : Diane Barrett
147   Quality Assurance for the Food Industry: A Practical Approach
      Author : J. Andres Vasconcellos
148   Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Fatty Acid Derivatives
      Author : et al
149   Reducing salt in foods: Practical strategies
      Author : David Kilcast
150   Reviews in Food and Nutrition Toxicity
      Author : Victor Preedy
151   Safflower
      Author : et al
152   Seafood and Freshwater Toxins: Pharmacology Physiology and Detection Second Edition
      Author : Luis Botana
153   Sensory Evaluation Techniques Third Edition
      Author : Morten C. Meilgaard
154   Single Cell Oil
      Author : Zvi Cohen
155   Snack Foods Processing
      Author : Edmund W. Lusas
156   Soy Applications in Food
      Author : Mian Riaz
157   Soy Protein Products Characteristics Nutritional Aspects and Utilization
      Author : Joseph G. Endres
158   Soybeans as Functional Foods and Ingredients
      Author : KeShun Liu
159   Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health
      Author : M. Gershwin
160   Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism and Exercise
      Author : Ira Wolinsky
161   Sports Nutrition: Fats and Proteins
      Author : Judy Driskell
162   Structural Modified Food Fats: Synthesis Biochemistry and Use
      Author : et al
163   Taints and OffFlavours in Food
      Author : Brian Baigrie
164   Tea and Tea Products: Chemistry and HealthPromoting Properties
      Author : ChiTang Ho
165   Technology of Functional Cereal Products
      Author : et al
166   Toxins in Food
      Author : Waldemar M Dabrowski
167   Trace Elements and Free Radicals in Oxidative Diseases
      Author : et al
168   Turmeric: The genus Curcuma
      Author : P. Ravindran
169   Vegetables Fruits and Herbs in Health Promotion
      Author : Ronald R. Watson
170   Vegetables and Fruits: Nutritional and Therapeutic Values
      Author : Thomas S.C. Li
171   Vitamin Analysis for the Health and Food Sciences
      Author : Ronald R. Eitenmiller
172   Vitamin E: Food Chemistry Composition and Analysis
      Author : Ronald Eitenmiller
173   Vitamins In Foods: Analysis Bioavailability and Stability
      Author : George F.M. Ball
174   Wine: A Scientific Exploration
      Author : Merton Sandler