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IT KNOWLEDGEnetBASE ( 103 Title(s) )
1   A Guide to MATLAB ObjectOriented Programming
      Author : Andy Register
2   A Practical Guide to Planning for EBusiness Success: How to Eenable Your Enterprise
      Author : Anita Cassidy
3   A Standard for Enterprise Project Management
      Author : et al
4   ABCs of LDAP: How to Install Run and Administer LDAP Services The
      Author : Reinhard Voglmaier
5   Advanced Router Architectures
      Author : Axel Kloth
6   Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Project Managers
      Author : C. Ravindranath Pandian
7   Audit and Trace Log Management: Consolidation and Analysis
      Author : Phillip Maier
8   Building and Maintaining a Data Warehouse
      Author : Fon Silvers
9   Building Software: A Practitioner's Guide
      Author : Nikhilesh Krishnamurthy
10   Building Trustworthy Semantic Webs
      Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham
11   Building Web Applications with C# and .NET: A Complete Reference
      Author : Dudley Gill
12   C++ for Mathematicians: An Introduction for Students and Professionals
      Author : Edward Scheinerman
13   Clustering for Data Mining: A Data Recovery Approach
      Author : Boris Mirkin
14   Complete Book of Remote Access: Connectivity and Security
      Author : Victor Kasacavage
15   Complete Guide to Security and Privacy Metrics: Measuring Regulatory Compliance Operational Resilience and ROI
      Author : Debra Herrmann
16   Complex IT Project Management: 16 Steps to Success
      Author : Peter Schulte
17   Customer Relationship Management Systems Handbook
      Author : Duane Sharp
18   Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting Examining and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes Second Edition
      Author : Albert Marcella
19   Data Management Handbook
      Author : et al
20   Debugger's Handbook The
      Author : Jerome DiMarzio
21   Determining Project Requirements
      Author : Hans Jonasson
22   Digital Privacy: Theory Technologies and Practices
      Author : Alessandro Acquisti
23   Distributed Multimedia Database Technologies Supported by MPEG7 and MPEG21
      Author : Harald Kosch
24   Distributed Sensor Networks
      Author : R.R. Brooks
25   Effective Communications for Project Management
      Author : Ralph Kliem
26   Effective Software Maintenance and Evolution: A ReuseBased Approach
      Author : Stanislaw Jarzabek
27   Effective Use of Teams for IT Audits
      Author : Martin Krist
28   Efficient Enterprise: Increased Corporate Success with IndustrySpecific Information Technology and Knowledge Management The
      Author : Peter Schimitzek
29   ELearning Standards: A Guide to Purchasing Developing and Deploying StandardsConformant ELearning
      Author : Carol Fallon
30   Electronics: Circuits Amplifiers and Gates Second Edition
      Author : D.V Bugg
31   Ethical Hack: A Framework for Business Value Penetration Testing The
      Author : James S Tiller
32   Global Engineering Project Management
      Author : M. Kemal Atesmen
33   Global Software Development Handbook
      Author : Raghvinder Sangwan
34   Grid Database Design
      Author : April Wells
35   Handbook of Sensor Networks: Compact Wireless and Wired Sensing Systems
      Author : Mohammad Ilyas
36   Handbook of Video Databases: Design and Applications
      Author : Borko Furht
37   Handbook on Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects of Sensor Ad Hoc Wireless and PeertoPeer Networks
      Author : Jie Wu
38   Information Assurance Architecture
      Author : Keith Willett
39   Information Security Cost Management
      Author : Ioana Bazavan
40   Information Security: Design Implementation Measurement and Compliance
      Author : Timothy Layton
41   Insider Computer Fraud: An Indepth Framework for Detecting and Defending against Insider IT Attacks
      Author : Kenneth Brancik
42   Insider's Guide to Outsourcing Risks and Rewards The
      Author : et al
43   Intelligent Data Warehousing: From Data Preparation to Data Mining
      Author : Zhengxin Chen
44   Intelligent Systems for Engineers and Scientists Second Edition
      Author : Adrian Hopgood
45   Introduction to Inverse Problems in Imaging
      Author : M. Bertero
46   Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology Services Markets
      Author : Tony Wakefield
47   Introduction to the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services
      Author : Liyang Yu
48   Investigator's Guide to Steganography
      Author : Gregory Kipper
49   ISO 9001:2000 for Software and Systems Providers
      Author : Robert Bamford
50   Knowledge Management Business Intelligence and Content Management: The IT Practitioner's Guide
      Author : et al
51   Logical Database Design Principles
      Author : et al
52   Making Supply Chain Management Work: Design Implementation Partnerships Technology and Profits
      Author : James Ayers
53   Manage Software Testing
      Author : Peter FarrellVinay
54   Managing and Mining Multimedia Databases
      Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham
55   Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach
      Author : et al
56   Multimedia Encryption and Authentication Techniques and Applications
      Author : Borko Furht
57   MultiOperating System Networking: Living with UNIX NetWare and NT
      Author : Raj Rajagopal
58   Neural Networks for Applied Sciences and Engineering: From Fundamentals to Complex Pattern Recognition
      Author : Sandhya Samarasinghe
59   Oracle 11i EBusiness Suite from the Front Lines
      Author : April J Wells
60   Physical Database Design Using Oracle
      Author : et al
61   Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning A
      Author : Anita Cassidy
62   Practical Guide to Project Planning
      Author : Ricardo Viana Vargas
63   Practical Guide to Security Assessments A
      Author : Sudhanshu Kairab
64   Practical Hacking Techniques and Countermeasures
      Author : Mark Spivey
65   Practical Handbook of Internet Computing The
      Author : Munindar Singh
66   ProcessBased Software Project Management
      Author : et al
67   Programmer's Companion to Algorithm Analysis A
      Author : Ernst Leiss
68   Programming Language Fundamentals by Example
      Author : D.E. Stevenson
69   Project Management Framework
      Author : D.G. Carmichael
70   Real Process Improvement Using the CMMI
      Author : Michael West
71   RFID in the Supply Chain: A Guide to Selection and Implementation
      Author : Judith Myerson
72   Security Risk Assessment Handbook: A Complete Guide for Performing Security Risk Assessments The
      Author : Douglas Landoll
73   Server Disk Management in a Windows Environment
      Author : Drew Robb
74   Server Management
      Author : Gilbert Held
75   Service Oriented Enterprises
      Author : Setrag Khoshafian
76   ServiceOriented Architecture: SOA Strategy Methodology and Technology
      Author : James Lawler
77   Six Sigma Software Development Second Edition
      Author : Christine Tayntor
78   Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java
      Author : Partha Kuchana
79   Software Configuration Management
      Author : Jessica Keyes
80   Software Engineering Handbook
      Author : Jessica Keyes
81   Software Engineering Measurement
      Author : John C. Munson
82   Software Engineering Quality Practices
      Author : Ronald Kirk Kandt
83   Software Metrics: A Guide to Planning Analysis and Application
      Author : C.R. Pandian
84   Software Requirements: Encapsulation Quality and Reuse
      Author : Rick Lutowski
85   Software Sizing Estimation and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves
      Author : Daniel Galorath
86   Software Specification and Design: An Engineering Approach
      Author : John Munson
87   Software Testing and Continous Quality Improvements
      Author : et al
88   Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement Second Edition
      Author : William Lewis
89   Standard for Auditing Computer Applications A
      Author : et al
90   Strategic Software Engineering: An Interdisciplinary Approach
      Author : Fadi Deek
91   The Art of Software Modeling
      Author : Benjamin Lieberman
92   UML for Developing Knowledge Management Systems
      Author : et al
93   UNIX Administration: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for Effective Systems & Network Management
      Author : Bozidar Levi
94   Using the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation
      Author : Debra S. Herrmann
95   Virtual Project Management: Software Solutions for Today and the Future
      Author : Paul McMahon
96   Watermarking Systems Engineering: Enabling Digital Assets Security and Other Applications
      Author : MAURO BARNI
97   Web Data Mining and Applications in Business Intelligence and CounterTerrorism
      Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham
98   What Every Engineer Should Know about Software Engineering
      Author : Philip Laplante
99   WiMAX: Taking Wireless to the MAX
      Author : Deepak Pareek
100   Wireless Security Handbook
      Author : Aaron Earle
101   Wireless Sensor Networks: Architectures and Protocols
      Author : Edgar H.
102   X Internet: The Executable and Extendable Internet
      Author : Jessica Keyes
103   XML Databases and the Semantic Web
      Author : Bhavani Thuraisingham