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EBSCO ( 142 Title(s) )

1   A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory
      Author : Newman, Stephen C.
2   A Companion to the Anthropology of India
      Author : Clark-Dec?s, Isabelle
3   Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies : Antennas, Packaging and Circuits
      Author : Liu, Duixian
4   Advanced Modeling in Computational Electromagnetic Compatibility
      Author : Poljak, D.
5   Advanced Optical Wireless Communication Systems
      Author : Arnon, Shlomi
6   Advanced Wireless Communications & Internet : Future Evolving Technologies
      Author : Glisic, Savo G.
7   Advertising Theory
      Author : Thorson, Esther; Rodgers, Shelly
8   Air Pollution and Global Warming : History, Science, and Solutions
      Author : Jacobson, Mark Z.
9   Algorithms in Computational Molecular Biology : Techniques, Approaches and Applications
      Author : Zomaya, Albert Y.; Elloumi, Mourad
10   Antenna Zoning : Broadcast, Cellular & Mobile Radio, Wireless Internet: Laws, Permits & Leases
      Author : Hopengarten, Fred
11   Apoptosis Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology : Approaches to Measurement and Quantification
      Author : Davis, Myrtle A.
12   Arguing About Bioethics
      Author : Holland, Stephen
13   Atoms in Intense Laser Fields
      Author : Joachain, C. J.; Potvliege, R. M.; Kylstra, N. J.
14   Automotive Industry and the Environment
      Author : Norskov, Jens; Wieckowski, Andrzej; Gottesfeld, S
15   Basin Analysis : Principles and Applications
      Author : Allen, P. A.; Allen, John R.
16   Becoming a Public Relations Writer : A Writing Workbook for Emerging and Established Media
      Author : Smith, Ronald D.
17   Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching
      Author : Vargas, Julie S.
18   Biological Low-voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy
      Author : Pawley, James B. ; Schatten, Heide
19   Biorthogonal Systems in Banach Spaces
      Author : Hajek, Petr
20   Biosensor Nanomaterials
      Author : Li, Songjun
21   Biotechnological Approaches for Pest Management and Ecological Sustainability
      Author : Sharma, H. C.
22   Biotechnology of Plasma Proteins
      Author : Lundblad, Roger L.
23   Capillary Flows with Forming Interfaces
      Author : Shikhmurzaev, Y. D.
24   Carbohydrate Chemistry : Proven Synthetic Methods
      Author : Kovac, Pavol
25   China's Reality and Global Vision : Management Research and Development in China
      Author : Shi, Yong
26   Climate Change and Human Mobility
      Author : Olwig, Karen Fog; Hastrup, Kirsten
27   Coastal Planning and Management
      Author : Kay, Robert, Alder, Jackie
28   Collection Management Basics
      Author : Evans, G. Edward; Saponaro, Margaret Zarnosky
29   Commodity Derivatives : Markets and Applications
      Author : Schofield, Neil C.
30   Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance
      Author : Kuo, Tzu-wen; Wang, Paul; Chen, Shu-Heng
31   Computational Nanoscience : Applications for Molecules, Clusters, and Solids
      Author : Varga, Ka?lma?n; Driscoll, Joseph Andrew
32   Computational Nanotechnology Modeling and Applications with MATLAB
      Author : Musa, Sarhan M.
33   Computational Techniques for Multi-phase Flows : Basics and Applications
      Author : Yeoh, Guan Heng; Tu, Jiyuan
34   Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Language
      Author : Garci?a-Carpintero, Manuel; Ko?lbel, Max
35   Corporate Social Responsibility : A Research Handbook
      Author : Dillard, Jesse F.; Murray, Alan; Haynes, Kathryn
36   Critical Dictionary of Film and Television Theory
      Author : Simpson, Philip; Pearson, Roberta E.
37   Cross Section and Experimental Data Analysis Using EViews
      Author : Agung, I. Gusti Ngurah
38   Delay Compensation for Nonlinear, Adaptive, and PDE Systems
      Author : Krstic?, Miroslav
39   Design and Analysis of Experiments
      Author : Hinkelmann, Klaus; Kempthorne, Oscar
40   Design and Analysis of Experiments
      Author : Hinkelmann, Klaus; Kempthorne, Oscar
41   Design and Analysis of Long-term Ecological Monitoring Studies
      Author : Gitzen, Robert A.
42   Differential Tensor Algebras and Their Module Categories
      Author : Bautista, R.; Zuazua, R.; Salmero?n, L.
43   Digital Image Processing with Application to Digital Cinema
      Author : Thyagarajan, K. S.
44   Digital Techniques in Broadcasting Transmission
      Author : Blair, Robin
45   Drug Discrimination : Applications to Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Studies
      Author : Young, Richard, Glennon, Richard A.
46   Ecological Consequences of Climate Change : Mechanisms, Conservation, and Management
      Author : Belant, Jerrold L.; Beever, Erik A.
47   Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change : Renewing Damaged Ecosystems
      Author : Allison, Stuart K. K.
48   Emotions As Bio-cultural Processes
      Author : Markowitsch, Hans J.; Ro?ttger-Ro?ssler, Birgitt
49   Ethnography and Virtual Worlds : A Handbook of Method
      Author : Boellstorff, Tom
50   Flavonoids and Related Compounds : Bioavailability and Function
      Author : Spencer, Jeremy P. E.
51   Food Additives
      Author : Branen, Alfred Larry
52   Food Chemical Safety
      Author : Watson, D. H.
53   Forensic Anthropology and Medicine : Complementary Sciences From Recovery to Cause of Death
      Author : Pinheiro, Joa?o; Cunha, Eugenia; Schmitt, Aurore
54   Forest Growth and Yield Modeling
      Author : Kershaw, John A.; Vanclay, Jerome K.; Weiskittel, Aaron R.; Hann, David W.
55   Foundations of Risk Analysis
      Author : Aven, T.
56   Fourier Series and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
      Author : Bernatz, Richard
57   Front to Back : A Design Agenda for Urban Housing
      Author : Lewis, Sally
58   Fuel Cell Science : Theory, Fundamentals, and Biocatalysis
      Author : Wieckowski, Andrzej; Gottesfeld, S.; NÝrskov, J. K.
59   Fuel Cells : Technologies for Fuel Processing
      Author : Berry, D. A.; Spivey, James J.; Shekhawat, Dushyant
60   Functional Plant Ecology
      Author : Valladares, Fernando; Pugnaire, Francisco I.
61   Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
      Author : Meyer, Ulrich
62   Genes and Common Diseases
      Author : Wright, Alan F. ; Hastie, Nicholas
63   Geothermal Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment
      Author : Glassley, William E.
64   Global Energy Assessment (GEA)
      Author : Nakic?enovic?, Nebojs?a; Gomez-Echeverri, Luis; Johansson, Thomas B.; Patwardhan, Anand
65   Green Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability
      Author : Mudhoo, Ackmez; Sharma, Sanjay Kumar
66   Green Organic Chemistry in Lecture and Laboratory
      Author : Dicks, Andrew
67   Greener Energy Systems : Energy Production Technologies with Minimum Environmental Impact
      Author : Jeffs, Eric
68   Handbook of Environmental Engineering Assessment : Strategy, Planning, and Management
      Author : Jain, R. K.
69   Handbook of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
      Author : Gad, Shayne C.
70   Hardware Verification with SystemVerilog : An Object-oriented Framework
      Author : Mintz, Mike; Ekendahl, Robert
71   Human Thought and Social Organization : Anthropology on a New Plane
      Author : Leaf, Murray J.; Read, Dwight W.
72   Hydrogen and Fuel Cells : Emerging Technologies and Applications
      Author : S?rensen, Bent
73   Hydrogen Safety
      Author : Rigas, Fotis; Amyotte, Paul
74   In Situ Detection of DNA Damage : Methods and Protocols
      Author : Didenko, Vladimir V.
75   Indian Multinationals : The Dynamics of Explosive Growth in a Developing Country Context
      Author : Nayak, Amar K. J. R.
76   Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change
      Author : Al-Hatrushi, Salim; Charabi, Yassine
77   International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education
      Author : Stevenson, Robert
78   Introduction to Microfabrication
      Author : Franssila, Sami
79   Introduction to Variance Estimation
      Author : Wolter, Kirk M.
80   Large Energy Storage Systems Handbook
      Author : Barnes, Frank S.; Levine, Jonah G.
81   Large-scale Solar Power Systems : Construction and Economics
      Author : Gevorkian, Peter
82   Life Distributions : Structure of Nonparametric, Semiparametric, and Parametric Families
      Author : Marshall, Albert W.; Olkin, Ingram
83   Light for Art's Sake : Lighting for Artworks and Museum Displays
      Author : Cuttle, Christopher
84   Linear Algebra Tools for Data Mining
      Author : Simovici, Dan A.
85   Low-power High-level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
      Author : Mohanty, Saraju P.
86   Making the Most of HACCP : Learning From Other's Experience
      Author : Mayes, Tony; Mortimore, Sara
87   Management in the Airline Industry
      Author : Harvey, Geraint
88   Mathematical Lives : Protagonists of the Twentieth Century From Hilbert to Wiles
      Author : Bartocci, C.
89   Media Effects : Advances in Theory and Research
      Author : Oliver, Mary Beth; Bryant, Jennings
90   Micro and Nanomanufacturing
      Author : Jackson, Mark J.
91   Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases
      Author : Percival, Steven L.
92   Microstrip Filters for RF/microwave Applications
      Author : Hong, Jia-Sheng
93   Mitochondrial Genetics and Cancer
      Author : Dakubo, Gabriel D.
94   Monopole Antennas
      Author : Weiner, Melvin M.
95   New Synthetic Technologies in Medicinal Chemistry
      Author : Farrant, Elizabeth
96   Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python
      Author : Kiusalaas, Jaan
97   Optical Networking Standards : A Comprehensive Guide
      Author : Kazi, Khurram
98   Our Energy Future : Resources, Alternatives, and the Environment
      Author : Ngo?, Christian; Natowitz, J. B.
99   Party Discipline and Parliamentary Politics
      Author : Kam, Christopher J.
100   Peacebuilding in the African Union : Law, Philosophy and Practice
      Author : Jeng, Abou
101   Perspectives on Commercializing Innovation
      Author : Paredes, Troy; Kieff, F. Scott
102   Pesticides : Evaluation of Environmental Pollution
      Author : Nollet, Leo M. L.; Rathore, Hamir Singh
103   Plant Bioactives and Drug Discovery : Principles, Practice, and Perspectives
      Author : Cechinel-Filho, Valdir
104   Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics : Fundamentals and Applications
      Author : Castan?er, Luis; Markvart, T.; McEvoy, A. J.
105   Raman Spectroscopy and Its Application in Nanostructures
      Author : Zhang, Shu-Lin
106   Raman Spectroscopy for Soft Matter Applications
      Author : Amer, Maher S.
107   Reclaiming the Land : Rethinking Superfund Institutions, Methods and Practices
      Author : Cannon, Jonathan Z.; Macey, Gregg P.
108   Reconnection of Magnetic Fields : Magnetohydrodynamics and Collisionless Theory and Observations
      Author : Priest, E. R.; Birn, J.
109   Religious Transactions in Colonial South India : Language, Translation, and the Making of Protestant Identity
      Author : Israel, Hephzibah
110   RFID and Sensor Networks : Architectures, Protocols, Security, and Integrations
      Author : Chen, Jiming; Yang, Laurence Tianruo; Zhang, Yan
111   Rock Fractures in Geological Processes
      Author : Gudmundsson, Agust
112   Routing Congestion in VLSI Circuits : Estimation and Optimization
      Author : Saxena, Prashant; Shelar, Rupesh S.; Sapatnekar, Sachin S.
113   Scanning Microscopy for Nanotechnology : Techniques and Applications
      Author : Wang, Zhong Lin; Zhou, Weili
114   Self-organised Criticality : Theory, Models, and Characterisation
      Author : Pruessner, Gunnar
115   Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Flexible Technologies : From Photovoltaics and Electronics to Sensors and Energy Storage/harvesting Devices
      Author : Rogers, John A.; Sun, Yugang
116   Short-range Wireless Communications : Emerging Technologies and Applications
      Author : Katz, Marcos D., Kraemer, Rolf
117   Singular Perturbation Theory : Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
      Author : Johnson, R. S.
118   Social Entrepreneurship Business Models : Incentive Strategies to Catalyze Public Goods Provision
      Author : Sommerrock, Katharina;
119   Social Stratification : Trends and Processes
      Author : Lambert, Paul
120   Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels : Evidence From Developing Nations
      Author : Stro?mberg, Per; Gasparatos, Alexandros
121   Solid State Proton Conductors : Properties and Applications in Fuel Cells
      Author : Knauth, Philippe; Di Vona, Maria Luisa
122   Spaceborne Antennas for Planetary Exploration
      Author : Imbriale, W. A.
123   Statistics in Psychology Using R and SPSS
      Author : Rasch, Dieter; Yanagida, Takuya; Kubinger, Klaus D.
124   Stochastic Control in Insurance
      Author : Schmidli, Hanspeter
125   Stochastic Dominance and Applications to Finance, Risk and Economics
      Author : Songsak Sriboonchitta
126   Superplumes : Beyond Plate Tectonics
      Author : Yuen, David A.
127   Supramolecular Polymers
      Author : Ciferri, A.
128   Surface Science : Foundations of Catalysis and Nanoscience
      Author : Kolasinski, Kurt W.
129   Swaps and Other Derivatives
      Author : Flavell, Richard
130   The Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis : The Rhetoric of Reform and Regulation
      Author : Wilson, Graham K.; Grant, Wyn
131   The Continuum Companion to Epistemology
      Author : Cullison, Andrew
132   The Paradox of Predictivism
      Author : Barnes, Eric C.
133   The Physical Chemist's Toolbox
      Author : Metzger, Robert M.
134   The SAGE Handbook of International Social Work
      Author : Lyons, Karen
135   The Species Problem : A Philosophical Analysis
      Author : Richards, Richard A.
136   Thinking : Psychological Perspectives on Reasoning, Judgment and Decision Making
      Author : Hardman, David; Macchi, Laura
137   Time Series Data Analysis Using EViews
      Author : Agung, I. Gusti Ngurah
138   Urban and Highway Stormwater Pollution : Concepts and Engineering
      Author : Hvitved-Jacobsen, Thorkild; Vollertsen, Jes; Nielsen, Asbj?rn Haaning
139   VLSI Circuit Design Methodology Demystified : A Practical Approach for Building up Concepts
      Author : Xiu, Liming
140   Wastewater Treatment : Advanced Processes and Technologies
      Author : Rao, D. G.
141   Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure Management
      Author : Grigg, Neil S.
142   Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks : A Cross-layer Design Perspective
      Author : Jurdak, Raja