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Earth and Planetary Sciences 2021 ( 57 Title(s) )
1   Advanced Algorithms for Mineral and Hydrocarbon Exploration Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
      Author : Maged Marghany
2   Advances in Phytoplankton Ecology: Applications of Emerging Technologies
      Author : Clementson, Lesley
3   Advances in Spectroscopic Monitoring of the Atmosphere
      Author : Chen, Weidong
4   Air Pollution, Climate and Health
      Author : Gao, Meng,
5   Ancient Supercontinents and the Paleogeography of Earth
      Author : Pesonen, Lauri
6   Antarctic Climate Evolution
      Author : Florindo, Fabio,
7   Applied Techniques to Integrated Oil and Gas Reservoir Characterization
      Author : Enwenode Onajite
8   Asian Atmospheric Pollution
      Author : Singh, Ramesh
9   Atlas of Deformed and Metamorphosed Rocks from Proterozoic Orogens
      Author : Chetty, TRK
10   Climate Change and Extreme Events
      Author : Fares, Ali ,
11   Climate Change Science: Causes, Effects and Solutions for Global Warming
      Author : Ting, David ,
12   Computers in Earth and Environmental Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies in Hazards and Risk Management
      Author : Hamid Pourghasemi
13   Cross-Border Resource Management, 4ed
      Author : Rongxing Guo
14   Cross-Scale Coupling and Energy Transfer in the Magnetosphere?Ionosphere?Thermosphere System
      Author : Nishimura, Toshi,
15   Earth as an Evolving Planetary System
      Author : Condie, Kent C
16   Earth's Core
      Author : Cormier, Vernon
17   Earthquakes and Sustainable Infrastructure: Neodeterministic (NDSHA) Approach Guarantees Prevention Rather Than Cure
      Author : Panza, Giuliano
18   European Glacial Landscapes: The Role of Glaciers in Shaping the Landscape of Europe During the Last Glacial Cycle
      Author : Palacios, David ,
19   Foraminiferal Micropaleontology for Understanding Earth?s History
      Author : Saraswati, Pratul
20   Global Climate Change
      Author : Singh, Suruchi,
21   GPS and GNSS Technology in Geosciences
      Author : Petropoulos, George
22   Hybrid Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes for Heavy Oil Reservoirs
      Author : Xiaohu Dong
23   Hydrocarbon Fluid Inclusions in Petroliferous Basins
      Author : Nandakumar, Vivekanandan
24   Iberia, Land of Glaciers: How Glaciers Were Shaped
      Author : Oliva, Marc,
25   Land Reclamation and Restoration Strategies for Sustainable Development: Geospatial Technology Based Approach
      Author : Gouri Bhunia
26   Landscape Evolution
      Author : Phillips, Jonathan
27   Landslide Hazards, Risks, and Disasters
      Author : Davies, Tim
28   Magnetospheric Imaging: Understanding the Space Environment through Global Measurements
      Author : Collado-Vega, Yaireska,
29   Mapping the Epidemic
      Author : Emanuela Casti
30   Mars Geological Enigmas
      Author : Soare, Richard
31   Meso-Cenozoic Brazilian Offshore Magmatism: Geochemistry, Petrology and Tectonics
      Author : Santos, Anderson Costa Dos
32   Methods and Applications in Petroleum and Mineral Exploration and Engineering Geology
      Author : Gaci, Said
33   Modeling of Resistivity and Sonic Borehole Logging Measurements Using Finite Element Methods
      Author : Pardo, David ,
34   Natural and Anthropogenic Impacts on Cave Climates: Postojna and Predjama Show Caves (Slovenia)
      Author : ?ebela, Stanka
35   Nonlinear Ocean Dynamics: Synthetic Aperture Radar
      Author : Marghany, Maged
36   Nucleation of Water: From Fundamental Science to Atmospheric and Additional Applications
      Author : Laaksonen, Ari
37   Ocean Currents of the World
      Author : Marsh, Robert
38   Ocean Mixing: Drivers, Mechanisms and Impacts
39   Ocean Science Data
      Author : Manzella, Giuseppe MR
40   Paleostress Inversion Techniques: Methods and Applications for Tectonics
      Author : Christophe Pascal
41   Partnerships in Marine Research: Case Studies, Lessons Learned, and Policy Implications
      Author : Guillermo Auad
42   Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis: A Practical Guide to E&P Investment Decision-making
      Author : Cook, Mark
43   Planetary Volcanism Across the Solar System
      Author : Gregg, Tracy
44   Precipitation
      Author : Comino, Jesus
45   Precipitation Science
      Author : Michaelides, Silas,
46   Preparing a Workforce for the New Blue Economy
      Author : Hotaling, Liesl,
47   Quantitative Analysis and Modeling of Earth and Environmental Data
      Author : Wu, Jiaping
48   Sample Return Missions: The Last Frontier of Solar System Exploration
      Author : Longobardo, Andrea,
49   Space Science and Public Engagement: 21st Century Perspectives and Opportunities
      Author : Kaminski, Amy
50   Sustainable Environmental Clean-up: Green Remediation
      Author : Mishra, Dr Virendra Kumar,
51   The Arctic: A Barometer of Global Climate Variability
      Author : Khare , Dr Neloy
52   The Ordos Basin
      Author : Yang, Renchao
53   The Physical Oceanography of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea
      Author : Rudels, Bert
54   Ultraviolet Astronomy and the Quest for the Origin of Life
      Author : Gomez de Castro, Ana
55   Uncertainties in Numerical Weather Prediction
      Author : Olafsson, Haraldur
56   Uranium Geology of the Middle East and North Africa
      Author : Howari, Fares
57   Urban Heat Island Modelling for Tropical Climates
      Author : Khan, Ansar