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E Books

Economics ( 6 Title(s) )
1   A Companion to Economic Forecasting
      Author : Michael P. Clements and David F. Hendry
2   A Companion to the History of Economic Thought
      Author : Warren J. Samuels Jeff E. Biddle and John B. Davis
3   A Companion to Theoretical Econometrics
      Author : BADI H. BALTAGI
4   A Companion to Urban Economics
      Author : Richard J. Arnott and Daniel P. McMillan
5   Handbook of Applied Econometrics Volume II: Microeconomics
      Author : M. Hashem Pesaran and Peter Schmidt
6   Handbook of Applied Econometrics. Volume 1: Macroeconomics
      Author : M. Hashem Pesaran and Michael R. Wickens