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Engineering 2021 ( 186 Title(s) )
1   5G NR, 2e
      Author : Dahlman, Erik
2   A Practical Approach to Fracture Mechanics
      Author : Gonz?lez-Vel?zquez, Jorge
3   Acoustic Emission and Related Non-destructive Evaluation Techniques in the Fracture Mechanics of Concrete, 2e
      Author : Ohtsu, Masayasu
4   Additive Manufacturing and Surface Treatment
      Author : Pou, Juan,
5   Additive Manufacturing with Functionalized Nanomaterials
      Author : Singh, Sunpreet
6   Additive Manufacturing: A Tool for Industrial Revolution 4.0
      Author : Manjaiah, M,
7   Adhesion and Adhesives Technology: An Introduction, 4ed
      Author : Alphonsus Pocius
8   Adhesive Bonding: Science, Technology and Applications
      Author : Adams, Robert,
9   Advanced Approaches in Turbulence: Theory, Modeling, Simulation and Data Analysis for Turbulent Flows
      Author : Durbin, Paul,
10   Advanced Distributed Consensus for Multiagent Systems
      Author : Mahmoud, Magdi S
11   Advanced Joining Processes: Welding, Plastic Deformation, and Adhesion
      Author : da Silva, Lucas ,
12   Advanced Laser Diode Reliability
      Author : Vanzi, Massimo
13   Advanced Machining and Finishing
      Author : Pramanik, Alokesh,
14   Advanced Welding and Deforming
      Author : Gupta, Kapil,
15   Advances in Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTNs), 2e
      Author : Rodrigues, Joel
16   Advances in Experimental Impact Mechanics
      Author : Song, Bo,
17   Advances in Modeling and Simulation in Textile Engineering: New Concepts, Methods, and Applications
      Author : Akankwasa, Nicholus Tayari ,
18   Aeroacoustics: Fundamentals and Applications in Aeropropulsion Systems
      Author : Sun, Xiaofeng
19   Analysis and Design of Plated Structures: Stability
      Author : Shanmugam, N E,
20   Analysis and Synthesis of Singular Systems
      Author : Feng, Zhiguang
21   Analyzing and Troubleshooting Single-Screw Extruders, 2ed
      Author : Campbell, Gregory
22   Applications of Big Data in Healthcare: Theory and Practice
      Author : Khanna, Ashish,
23   Applications of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Theories in Healthcare and Biomedical Engineering
      Author : Ozsahin, Ilker
24   Applications of Viscoelasticity: Bituminous Materials Characterization and Modeling
      Author : Nejad, Fereidoon Moghadas
25   Artificial Intelligence for Future Generation Robotics
      Author : Shaw, Rabindra
26   Artificial Intelligence to Solve Pervasive Internet of Things Issues
      Author : Kaur, Gurjit
27   Automotive Applications of Polymers and Composites: Materials, Processing, and Performance
      Author : Greene, Joseph P
28   Aviation Fuels
      Author : Khandelwal, Bhupendra
29   Biodiesel Soot
      Author : Li, Chuan
30   Bioimpedance and Spectroscopy
      Author : Annus, Paul,
31   Biojet Fuel in Aviation Applications: Production, Usage and Impact of Biofuels
      Author : Chong, Cheng Tung
32   Biomedical Signal Analysis for Connected Healthcare
      Author : Krishnan, Sridhar
33   Carbon Fibers: Production, Applications, Processing
      Author : Lengsfeld, Hauke
34   Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics: Fundamentals and Applications
      Author : Koukouvinis, Foivos,
35   Chemical Management in Textiles and Fashion
      Author : Muthu, Subramanian Senthilkannan
36   Classical and Analytical Mechanics
      Author : Poznyak, Alex
37   Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders: Applications, 1e
      Author : Kohlgr?ber, Klemens
38   Cognitive Computing for Human-Robot Interaction: Principles and Practices
      Author : Mittal, Mamta
39   Composite Technology, 2e: Prepregs and Monolithic Part Fabrication Technologies
      Author : Lengsfeld, Hauke,
40   Control Strategy for Time-Delay Systems
      Author : Khooban, Mohammad-Hassan
41   Control Strategy for Time-Delay Systems Part II: Engineering Applications
      Author : Khooban, Mohammad-Hassan
42   Damage Modeling of Composite Structures: Strength, Fracture, and Finite Element Analysis
      Author : Liu, Pengfei
43   Data Science for COVID-19
      Author : Kose, Utku
44   Databook of Antiblocking, Release, and Slip Additives, 2ed
      Author : Wypych, Anna
45   Databook of Flame Retardants
      Author : Wypych, Anna
46   Databook of Nucleating Agents, 2ed
      Author : Wypych, George
47   Deep Learning for Chest Radiographs
      Author : Chandola, Yashvi
48   Deep Learning Models for Medical Imaging
      Author : Santosh, KC
49   Definitive Guide to Arm Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 Processors
      Author : Yiu, Joseph
50   Demystifying Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning for Healthcare Analytics
      Author : N, Pradeep
51   Design and Manufacturing of Plastics Products: Integrating Conventional Methods and Innovative Technologies
      Author : Pouzada, Antonio
52   Design of Marine Risers with Functionally Graded Materials
      Author : Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan
53   Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Structures Using High Strength Materials
      Author : Richard Liew, JY
54   Design, Analysis and Applications of Renewable Energy Systems
      Author : Azar, Ahmad
55   Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly, 9e, 9ed
      Author : Tres, Paul
56   Discrete Networked Dynamic Systems: Analysis and Performance
      Author : Mahmoud, Magdi S
57   Dynamics and Simulation of Flexible Rockets
      Author : Barrows, Timothy
58   Eco-efficient Rendering Mortars: Use of Recycled Materials
      Author : Farinha, Catarina
59   Electroanalytical Applications of Quantum Dot Based Biosensors
      Author : Uslu, Bengi,
60   Embedded RTOS Design
      Author : Walls, Colin
61   Energy Methods and Finite Element Techniques: Stress and Vibration Applications
      Author : Jweeg, Muhsin
62   Engine Testing, 5e
      Author : Martyr, A J
63   Engineering Design, Planning, and Management
      Author : Jack, Hugh
64   Experimental Hydrodynamics for Flow Around Bodies
      Author : Babenko, Viktor
65   Extrusion Blow Molding
      Author : Michael Thielen
66   Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis Techniques for Complex Engineering Systems
      Author : Karimi, Hamid Reza,
67   Fault Tolerant Attitude Control of Spacecraft
      Author : Hu, Qinglei
68   Feature-driven Method for Structural Optimization
      Author : Zhang, Weihong
69   Fundamentals of Optimization Techniques with Algorithms
      Author : Nayak, Sukanta
70   Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics
      Author : Zhou, Zhihui
71   Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Design, Manufacturing and Inspection, 3e
      Author : Henzold, Georg
72   Green Functionalized Nanomaterials for Environmental Applications
      Author : Shanker, Dr Uma,
73   Green Roofs, Fa?ades, and Vegetative Systems
      Author : Giacomello, Elena
74   Handbook of Antiblocking, Release, and Slip Additives, 4ed
      Author : Wypych, George
75   Handbook of Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare
      Author : Nayak, Janmenjoy
76   Handbook of Fillers, 5ed
      Author : Wypych, George
77   Handbook of Flame Retardants
      Author : Wypych, George
78   Handbook of Footwear Design and Manufacture
      Author : Luximon, A,
79   Handbook of Nucleating Agents, 2ed
      Author : Wypych, George
80   Handbook of Polymer Nanocomposites for Industrial Applications
      Author : Hussain, Chaudhery
81   Handbook of Polymers for Electronics
      Author : Wypych, George
82   Handbook on Decision Support Systems for Neurological Disorders
      Author : Hemanth, Jude
83   Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles
      Author : Arora, Shashank
84   Image Processing for Automated Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases
      Author : Chauhan, Kalpana
85   Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook: Volume 2: Engineering Design and Applications
      Author : Goodfellow, Howard,
86   Information Physics: Physics-Information and Quantum Analogies for Complex Systems Modeling
      Author : Svitek, Miroslav
87   Injection Molding Advanced Troubleshooting Guide, 2ed
      Author : Randy Kerkstra
88   Innovative Bridge Design Handbook: Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance
      Author : Pipinato, Alessio,
89   Instrumentation and Control Systems
      Author : Bolton, William
90   Intelligent Image and Video Compression
      Author : Bull, David
91   Intelligent IoT Systems in Personalized Health Care
      Author : Sangaiah, Dr Arun Kumar,
92   Intelligent Systems and Learning Data Analytics in Online Education
      Author : Demetriadis, Stavros N,
93   Introduction to Fluoropolymers
      Author : Ebnesajjad, Sina
94   Introduction to Fracture Mechanics
      Author : Ritchie, Robert
95   IoT-Based Data Analytics for the Healthcare Industry
      Author : Singh, Sanjay Kumar
96   Lean Tools in Apparel Manufacturing
      Author : Jana, Prabir
97   Learning Control: Applications in Robotics and Complex Dynamical Systems
      Author : Zhang, Dan,
98   Life-Cycle Cost Models for Green Buildings
      Author : Illankoon, IM Chethana
99   Machine Learning and Internet of Medical Things in Healthcare
      Author : Singh, Krishna,
100   Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT for Medical Informatics
      Author : Kumar, Pardeep
101   Masonry Construction in Active Seismic Regions
      Author : Rupakhety , Rajesh ,
102   Materials for Additive Manufacturing
      Author : Shi, Yusheng
103   Materials Modelling
      Author : Buljak, Vladimir
104   Mathematical Modelling of Swimming Soft Microrobots
      Author : SM Khalil, Islam
105   Mechanical Design, 3e
      Author : Childs, THC
106   Mechanics of Civil Engineering Structures
      Author : Kollar, Laszlo
107   Mem-elements for Neuromorphic Circuits with Artificial Intelligence Applications
      Author : Volos, Christos,
108   Metal Forming
      Author : Martins, Paulo
109   Mobile Edge Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges
      Author : Yuanming Shi
110   Modeling and Analysis of Passive Vibration Isolation Systems
      Author : Kaul, Sudhir
111   Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering
      Author : Samui, Pijush
112   Modeling, optimization and control of zinc hydrometallurgical purification processes
      Author : Yang, Chunhua
113   Modelling and Control of Drug Delivery Systems
      Author : Azar, Ahmad Taher,
114   Moisture and Building Interactions: Materials Durability, Human Health, Performance and Risk Assessment
      Author : Brambilla, Arianna
115   Multi-material 3D Printing Technology
      Author : Yang, Jiquan
116   Multi-Paradigm Modelling Approaches for Cyber-Physical Systems
      Author : Tekinerdogan, Bedir
117   Multiphysics Simulations in Automotive and Aerospace Applications
      Author : Moatamedi , Mojtaba
118   Nanomaterials for CO2 Capture, Storage, Conversion and Utilization
      Author : Nguyen Tri, Phuong,
119   Nature-Inspired Computing Paradigms in Systems: Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Cost (RAMS+C) and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)
      Author : Mellal, Mohamed Arezki
120   Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms, 2e
      Author : Yang, Xin-She
121   New Optimization Algorithms and their Applications: Atom-Based, Ecosystem-Based and Economics-Based
      Author : Zhenxing Zhang
122   Open Channel Hydraulics
      Author : Akan, A Osman
123   Peridynamic Modeling, Numerical Techniques, and Applications
      Author : Oterkus, Erkan,
124   Pipe Drafting and Design
      Author : Parisher, Roy A
125   Plasticity of Metallic Materials
      Author : Cazacu, Oana
126   Plastics Flammability Handbook
      Author : J?rgen, Troitzsch
127   Plastics Industry 4.0
      Author : Hopmann, Christian
128   Plastics Packaging: Properties, Processing, Applications, and Regulations, 4ed
      Author : Susan EM Selke
129   Polyethylene: End-Use Properties and their Physical Meaning
      Author : Kissin, Yury V
130   Polymer-Based Smart Composites for Optoelectronic and Energy Applications
      Author : Subramani, Nithin
131   Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines
      Author : Latarche, Malcolm
132   Practical Micromechanics of Composite Materials
      Author : Aboudi, Jacob
133   Predictive Filtering for Microsatellite Control System
      Author : Cao, Lu
134   Principles and Labs for Deep Learning
      Author : Huang, Shih-Chia
135   Programming for Electrical Engineers
      Author : Squire, James
136   Project Management, Planning and Control: Managing Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing Projects to PMI, APM and BSI Standards, 8ed
      Author : Lester, Albert
137   Radiomics and Its Clinical Application: Artificial Intelligence and Medical Big Data
      Author : Tian, Jie
138   Real-Time Data Acquisition in Human Physiology: Real-Time Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation - A MATLAB-Based Approach
      Author : Bansal, Dipali
139   Reliability of semiconductor lasers and optoelectronic devices
      Author : Herrick, Robert
140   Renewable Energy systems: Modelling, Optimization and Control
      Author : Azar, Ahmad
141   Research and Application of Hot In-Place Recycling Technology for Asphalt Pavement
      Author : Sze, Banting
142   Rheology in Polymer Processing
      Author : Wilczy?ski, Krzysztof
143   Rheology of Polymeric Systems
      Author : Carreau, Pierre
144   Rock Mechanics and Engineering
      Author : Fu, Helin
145   Rortex and Its Applications in Turbulence Research
      Author : Liu, Chaoqun
146   Rubber Reinforcement with Particulate Fillers
      Author : Wang, Meng-Jiao
147   Safety and Reliability Modeling and Its Applications
      Author : Ram, Mangey,
148   Second-Order Consensus of Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems
      Author : Li, Huaqing
149   Security and privacy issues in IoT devices and sensor networks
      Author : Sharma, Sudhir,
150   Security in IoT Social Networks
      Author : Al-Turjman, Fadi
151   Selective Laser Melting for Metal and Metal Matrix Composites
      Author : Bo, Song
152   Selective Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing Technology
      Author : Yan, Chunze
153   Shape Memory Alloy Engineering
      Author : Concilio, Antonio
154   Shield Construction Techniques in Tunnelling
      Author : Chen, Kui
155   Shield Tunnel Engineering: From Theory to Practice
      Author : Shuying Wang
156   Smart Product-Service Systems
      Author : Zheng, Pai
157   Stability of Discrete Non-conservative Systems
      Author : Lerbet, Jean
158   State of the Art in Neural Networks and Their Applications Volume 1 Neural Networks in Oncology Imaging
      Author : S El-Baz, Ayman
159   Strategy, Leadership and AI in the Cyber Ecosystem: The role of digital societies in information governance and decision making
      Author : Jahankhani, Hamid,
160   Sustainable Manufacturing
      Author : Gupta, Kapil,
161   Sustainable Manufacturing and Design
      Author : Kumar, Kaushik,
162   Sustainable Mega City Communities
      Author : Clark, Woodrow
163   Sustainable Technologies for Textile Wastewater Treatments
      Author : Muthu, Subramanian
164   Switchmode RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers
      Author : Grebennikov, Andrei
165   Tactile Internet: With Human-In-The-Loop
      Author : Fitzek, Frank,
166   Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring
      Author : Yang, Lietai
167   Technology Entrepreneurship, 3e
      Author : Duening, Thomas
168   Test Techniques for Flight Control Systems of Large Transport Aircraft
      Author : Gao, Yakui
169   The Effect of Long Term Thermal Exposure on Plastics and Elastomers, 2e
      Author : McKeen, Laurence
170   Thermal Analysis of Viscous Boundary Layer Flow
      Author : Merkin, John
171   Thermodynamic Models for Chemical Engineering: Design, Develop, Analyse and Optimize
      Author : Jaubert, Jean-Noel
172   Thermoelectric Energy Conversion: Theories and Mechanisms, Materials, Devices, and Applications
      Author : Funahashi, Ryoji,
173   Thinking Machines - Neural Networks and Hardware Implementation
      Author : Takano, Shigeyuki
174   Three-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations for Turbulence
      Author : Berselli, Luigi
175   Tire Recycling
      Author : Letcher, Trevor,
176   Tribocorrosion
      Author : Siddaiah, Arpith
177   Tribology of Polymer Composites
      Author : Mavinkere Rangappa, Sanjay
178   Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Lattices Additively Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
      Author : Yan, Chunze
179   Understanding Plastics Recycling: Economic, Ecological, and Technical Aspects of Plastic Waste Handling
      Author : Rudolph, Natalie
180   Unmanned Aerial Systems: Theoretical Foundation and Applications
      Author : Koubaa, Anis ,
181   Unmanned Driving Systems for Smart Trains
      Author : Liu, Hui
182   Vehicle Dynamics and Control
      Author : Azadi, Shahram
183   Waste and By-Products in Cement-based Materials: Innovative Sustainable Materials for a Circular Economy
      Author : Brito, Jorge de,
184   Waste Management in the Textiles Industry
      Author : Nayak, Rajkishore
185   Water and Thermal Management of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
      Author : Kui Jiao
186   Wind Forecasting in Railway Engineering
      Author : Liu, Hui