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Environmental Science 2021 ( 52 Title(s) )
1   Advances in Aerogel Composites for Environmental Remediation
      Author : Khan , Aftab Aslam Parwaz,
2   Advances in Streamflow Forecasting: From Traditional to Modern Approaches
      Author : Sharma, Priyanka ,
3   Annotated Atlas of Coastal and Marine Winds
      Author : Rohli, Robert
4   Assisted Phytoremediation
      Author : Vimal Pandey
5   Boundary Science: Re-imagining Water-Energy-Food Interactions in the Context of a Data Light Approach to Monitoring the Environment- Development Nexus
      Author : Mathew Kurian
6   Circular Economy and Sustainability, Volume 2: Environmental Engineering
      Author : Stefanakis, Alexandros
7   Climate and Land Use Impacts on Natural and Artificial Systems: Mitigation and Adaptation
      Author : Nistor, M?rg?rit Mircea,
8   Climate Change: Observed impacts on Planet Earth
      Author : Letcher, Trevor,
9   Conservation Science & Advocacy: 2020 and Beyond
      Author : DellaSala, Dominick
10   Data for Environmental Sustainability: Bringing the Numbers to Life
      Author : Cushman-Roisin, Benoit
11   Data Science Applied to Sustainability Analysis
      Author : Dunn, Jennifer
12   Dynamic Sedimentary Environment of Mangrove Coasts
      Author : Friess, Daniel
13   Earth Observation for Flood Applications: Progress and Perspectives
      Author : Schumann, Guy,
14   Economical, Political, and Social Issues in Water Resources
      Author : Omid Bozorg-Haddad
15   Environmental Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
      Author : Hussain, Chaudhery Mustansar,
16   Environmental Resilience and Transformation in times of COVID-19
      Author : Ramanathan, AL
17   Environmental Sustainability and Economy
      Author : Singh, Pardeep,
18   Environmental Systems Science: Theory and Practical Applications
      Author : Vallero, Daniel
19   Environmental Water Requirements in Mountainous Areas
      Author : Dimitriou, Elias
20   Forest Resources Resilience and Conflicts
      Author : Shit, Pravat Kumar ,
21   Fukushima Accident, 2e
      Author : Povinec, Pavel
22   Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science
      Author : Weathers, Kathleen,
23   Global Navigation Satellite System Monitoring of the Atmosphere
      Author : Guerova, Guergana
24   Governance of the world?s mineral resources: Beyond the foreseeable future
      Author : Henckens, Theo
25   Green Technologies for the Defluoridation of Water
      Author : Hadi Dehghani, Mohammad
26   Indian Summer Monsoon: ENSO and Non-ENSO teleconnections
      Author : Chowdary, Jasti S,
27   Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainable Mining
      Author : Farjana, Shahjadi
28   Marine Hydrocarbon Spill Assessments: From Baseline Information through to Decision Support Tools
      Author : Oleg Makarynskyy
29   Methods in Sustainability Science: Assessment, Prioritization, Improvement, Design and Optimization
      Author : Ren, Jingzheng,
30   Microbial Communities in Coastal Sediments
      Author : Vincent, Salom
31   Monitoring Environmental Contaminants
      Author : Johnson, Steven
32   Natural Resource Governance in Asia
      Author : Ullah, Raza
33   Nature-Based Solutions and Water Security: An Action Agenda for the 21st Century
      Author : Jan Cassin
34   Pharmaceuticals in Marine and Coastal Environments
      Author : Duran-Alvarez, Juan
35   Principles and Applications of Soil Microbiology
      Author : Zuberer, David,
36   Science for the Protection of Indonesian Coastal Ecosystems (SPICE)
      Author : Jennerjahn, Tim
37   Snow and Ice-Related Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, 2e
      Author : Haeberli, Wilfried
38   Soft Computing Techniques in Solid Waste and Wastewater Management
      Author : Rama Rao Karri
39   Sorbents Materials for Controlling Environmental Pollution: Current state and trends
      Author : Nunez-Delgado, Avelino,
40   Source Reduction and Waste Minimization
      Author : Chaudhery Hussain
41   Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance to Manage Disaster Risk
      Author : Mendes, Jose
42   Sustainability and Circular Economy, Volume 1: Environmental Engineering
      Author : Stefanakis, Alexandros,
43   Sustainability Indicators and Metrics of Environmental Impact: A Life Cycle Assessment Approach
      Author : Jacob-Lopes, Eduardo
44   Sustainable Resource Management
      Author : Hussain, Chaudhery
45   The Impacts of Climate Change
      Author : Letcher, Trevor,
46   The Urban Heat Island
      Author : Mills, Gerald
47   Threats to the Arctic
      Author : Elias, Scott
48   Understanding present and past Arctic environments: An integrated approach from climate change perspectives
      Author : Khare , Dr Neloy,
49   Wastewater Treatment: Cutting Edge Molecular Tools, Techniques and Applied Aspects
      Author : Shah, Maulin
50   Water Conservation in the Era of Global Climate Change
      Author : Thokchom, Binota
51   Water Engineering Modelling and Mathematic Tools
      Author : Samui, Pijush,
52   Water Productivity and Food Security: Global Trends and Regional Patterns
      Author : M Dinesh Kumar