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History ( 48 Title(s) )
1   A Companion to 19thCentury America
      Author : William L. Barney
2   A Companion to 20thCentury America
      Author : Stephen J. Whitfield
3   A Companion to American Cultural History
      Author : Karen Halttunen
4   A Companion to American Immigration
      Author : Reed Ueda
5   A Companion to American Indian History
      Author : Philip J. Deloria and Neal Salisbury
6   A Companion to American Technology
      Author : Carroll Pursell
7   A Companion to American Women's History
      Author : Nancy A. Hewitt
8   A Companion to Britain in the Later Middle Ages
      Author : S. H. Rigby
9   A Companion to California History
      Author : William Deverell and David Igler
10   A Companion to Colonial America
      Author : Daniel Vickers
11   A Companion to Contemporary Britain 1939?2000
      Author : Paul Addison and Harriet Jones
12   A Companion to Early TwentiethCentury Britain
      Author : Chris Wrigley
13   A Companion to EighteenthCentury Britain
      Author : H. T. Dickinson
14   A Companion to EighteenthCentury Europe
      Author : Peter H. Wilson
15   A Companion to Europe 1900?1945
      Author : Gordon Martel
16   A Companion to Europe since 1945
      Author : Klaus Larres
17   A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography
      Author : John Marincola
18   A Companion to International History 1900?2001
      Author : Gordon Martel
19   A Companion to Japanese History
      Author : William M. Tsutsui
20   A Companion to Latin American History
      Author : Thomas H. Holloway
21   A Companion to NineteenthCentury Britain
      Author : Chris Williams
22   A Companion to NineteenthCentury Europe
      Author : Stefan Berger
23   A Companion to Post1945 America
      Author : JeanChristophe Agnew and Roy Rosenzweig
24   A Companion to Postcolonial Studies
      Author : Henry Schwarz and Sangeeta Ray
25   A Companion to Russian History
      Author : Abbott Gleason
26   A Companion to Stuart Britain
      Author : Barry Coward
27   A Companion to the American Revolution
      Author : Jack P. Greene and J. R. Pole
28   A Companion to the American South
      Author : John B. Boles
29   A Companion to the American West
      Author : William Deverell
30   A Companion to the Civil War and Reconstruction
      Author : Lacy K. Ford
31   A Companion to the Early Middle Ages
      Author : Pauline Stafford
32   A Companion to the Global Renaiance
      Author : Jyotsna G. Singh
33   A Companion to the History of the Book
      Author : Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose
34   A Companion to the History of the English Language
35   A Companion to the History of the Middle East
      Author : Youef M. Choueiri
36   A Companion to the Medieval World
      Author : Carol Lansing and Edward D. English
37   A Companion to the Philosophy of History and Historiography
      Author : Aviezer Tucker
38   A Companion to the Reformation World
      Author : R. Pochia Hsia
39   A Companion to the Regional Literatures of America
      Author : CHARLES L. CROW
40   A Companion to the Roman Army
      Author : Paul Erdkamp
41   A Companion to the Vietnam War
      Author : Marilyn B. Young and Robert Buzzanco
42   A Companion to Tudor Britain
      Author : Robert Tittler and Norman Jones
43   A Companion to Western Historical Thought
      Author : Lloyd Kramer and Sarah Maza
44   A Dictionary of American History
      Author : THOMAS L. PURVIS
45   A Dictionary of Contemporary History
      Author : Duncan Townson
46   A Dictionary of Military History
      Author : Andre Corvisier
47   Encyclopedia of the Languages of Europe
      Author : Glanville Price
48   The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest
      Author : Immanuel Ne