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Mathematics and Computing 2021 ( 25 Title(s) )
1   Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students: The Essential Toolbox
      Author : Brent Lewis
2   An Introduction to Hypergeometric, Supertrigonometric, and Superhyperbolic Functions
      Author : Yang, Xiao-Jun
3   Applied Speech Processing: Algorithms and Case Studies
      Author : Dey, Nilanjan
4   Artificial Intelligence in Data Mining
      Author : Binu, D,
5   Basic Statistics with R: Reaching Decisions with Data
      Author : Loftus, Stephen C
6   Data Deduplication Approaches
      Author : Thwel, Tin Thein
7   Data Stewardship, 2e
      Author : Plotkin, David
8   Executing Data Quality Projects 2e
      Author : Pyeritz, Reed,
9   Intelligence Science: Leading the Age of Intelligence
      Author : Shi, Zhongzhi
10   Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2e
      Author : Blinder, S M
11   Machine Reading Comprehension: Algorithms and Practice
      Author : Zhu, Chenguang
12   Mathematica by Example, 6ed
      Author : Martha Abell
13   Mathematical Methods of Analytical Mechanics
      Author : Gouin, Henri
14   New Numerical Scheme with Newton Polynomial
      Author : Atangana, Abdon
15   New Paradigms in Computational Modeling and Its Applications
      Author : Chakraverty, Snehashish ,
16   Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Error Correction: An Engineering Approach
      Author : Djordjevic, Ivan
17   Rational Machines and Artificial Intelligence
      Author : Marwala, Tshilidzi
18   Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence Enabled Research
      Author : Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha,
19   Reliability Analysis and Plans for Successive Testing
      Author : Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy
20   Statistical Mechanics
      Author : Pathria, R K
21   The Handbook of Reliability, Maintenance, and System Safety through Mathematical Modeling
      Author : Kumar, Amit
22   The Natural Language for Artificial Intelligence
      Author : Motta Monte-Serrat, Dioneia
23   Trends in Deep Learning Methodologies: Algorithms, Applications, and Systems
      Author : Piuri, Vincenzo,
24   Visual Thinking for Information Design, 2ed
      Author : Colin Ware
25   Web Semantics: Cutting Edge and Future Directions in Healthcare
      Author : Jain, Sarika,