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ProQuest Ebook Central ( 59 Title(s) )
1   Aerial Photography and Image Interpretation
      Author : Paine, David P.;Kiser, James D.
2   Applied Geophysics for Geologists and Engineers : The Elements of Geophysical Prospecting
      Author : Griffiths, D. H.;King, R. F.
3   At Risk : Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and Disasters
      Author : Blaikie, Piers;Cannon, Terry;Davis, Ian;Wisner, Ben
4   Bacterial Viruses : Exploitation for Biocontrol and Therapeutics
      Author : Coffey, Aidan
5   Chromatic Graph Theory
      Author : Chartrand, Gary;Zhang, Ping
6   Computational Quantum Chemistry : An Interactive Introduction to Basis Set Theory
      Author : Quinn, Charles M.;Quinn, Charles M.
7   Computers As Components : Principles of Embedded Computing System Design
      Author : Wolf, Marilyn
8   Countering Gender Violence : Initiatives Towards Collective Action in Rajasthan
      Author : Mathur, Kanchan
9   Cratons and Fold Belts of India
      Author : Sharma, Ram
10   Difference Equations and Inequalities : Theory, Methods, and Applications
      Author : Agarwal, Ravi P.;Nashed, Zuhair;Taft, Earl
11   Evolving Paradigms in Tourism and Hospitality in Developing Countries : A Case Study of India
      Author : Varghese, Bindi
12   Filming Reality : The Independent Documentary Movement in India
      Author : Chatterji, Shoma A.
13   Finite Mixture of Skewed Distributions
      Author : Lachos D?vila, V?ctor Hugo;Cabral, Celso R?mulo Barbosa;Zeller, Camila Borelli
14   Free Space Optical Networks for Ultra-Broad Band Services
      Author : Kartalopoulos, Stamatios V.;Hart, R.
15   Free-Space Laser Communications : Principles and Advances
      Author : Majumdar, Arun K.;Ricklin, Jennifer C.;Majumdar, Arun K.
16   From Genes to Genomes : Concepts and Applications of DNA Technology
      Author : Dale, Jeremy W.;von Schantz, Malcolm;Von Schantz, Malcolm
17   Gender Socialization and the Making of Gender in the Indian Context
      Author : Chattopadhyay, Sujit Kumar
18   Geographic Information Systems for Geoscientists : Modelling with GIS
      Author : Bonham-Carter, G. F.;Merriam, Daniel F.
19   Geographies of Muslim Women : Gender, Religion, and Space
      Author : Falah, Ghazi-Walid;Nagel, Caroline;Falah, Ghazi-Walid
20   Geophysical Data Analysis : Discrete Inverse Theory
      Author : Menke, William
21   Handbook of Fish Biology and Fisheries, Volume 1 : Fish Biology
      Author : Hart, Paul J. B.;Reynolds, John D.
22   Handbook of International Social Work : Human Rights, Development, and the Global Profession
      Author : Healy, Lynne M.;Link, Rosemary J.
23   Implementing Database Security and Auditing
      Author : Ben Natan, Ron;Ben Natan, Ron
24   India on the Western Screen : Imaging a Country in Film, TV, and Digital Media
      Author : Mitra, Ananda
25   Integral and Discrete Transforms with Applications and Error Analysis
      Author : Jerri, Abdul
26   International Law and Ocean Use Management : The Evolution of Ocean Governance
      Author : Juda, Lawrence
27   Introducing Child Care Social Work: Contemporary Policy and Practice
      Author : Davey, Jill;Bigmore, Jennifer
28   Learning Brain : Lessons for Education
      Author : Blakemore, Sarah-Jayne;Frith, Uta
29   Map Data Processing : Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute on Map Data Processing Held in Maratea, Italy, June 18-29 1979
      Author : Freeman, Herbert;Pieroni, Goffredo G.
30   Mapping Vulnerability : Disasters, Development and People
      Author : Bankoff, Greg;Frerks, Georg;Hilhorst, Dorothea
31   Mass Communication in India : A Sociological Perspective
      Author : Vilanilam, J. V.
32   Mixture Model-Based Classification
      Author : McNicholas, Paul D.
33   Modern Global Seismology
      Author : Lay, Thorne;Wallace, Terry C.
34   Monotone Iterative Techniques for Discontinuous Nonlinear Differential Equations
      Author : Lakshmikantham, V.;Lakshmikantham, V.
35   Niche Tourism : Contemporary Issues, Trends and Cases
      Author : Novelli, Marina
36   Numerical Solution of Markov Chains
      Author : Stewart, William J.
37   Organic Farming : New Advances Towards Sustainable Agricultural Systems
      Author : Sarath Chandran, C.;Thomas, Sabu;Unni, M. R.
38   Phage Display in Biotechnology and Drug Discovery
      Author : Sidhu, Sachdev S.;Geyer, Clarence Ronald
39   Principles of Fabric Formation
      Author : Banerjee, Prabir Kumar
40   Privileged Structures in Drug Discovery : Medicinal Chemistry and Synthesis
      Author : Yet, Larry
41   Research Methodology : Techniques and Trends
      Author : Dubey, Umesh Kumar B.;Kothari, D. P.
42   Richardson Extrapolation : Practical Aspects and Applications
      Author : Zlatev, Zahari;Dimov, Ivan;Farag?, Istv?n;Havasi, ?gnes;Farag?, Istv
43   ROC Curves for Continuous Data
      Author : Krzanowski, Wojtek J.;Hand, David J.;Krzanowski, W. J.;Hand, David J.
44   Security Risk Management : Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up
      Author : Wheeler, Evan
45   Social Protection and Social Development : International Initiatives
      Author : Drolet, Julie L.
46   Social Work with Families : Readings in Social Work, Volume 1
      Author : Younghusband, Eileen
47   Sociology, Organic Farming, Climate Change and Soil Science
      Author : Lichtfouse, Eric
48   Statistical Analysis for Education and Psychology Researchers : Tools for Researchers in Education and Psychology
      Author : Peers, Ian;By Ian Peers, Ian Peers;By Ian Peers (Lecturer in Statistics and Research Design, , School;By Ian Peers,
49   The History of the Study of Landforms Volume 2 (Routledge Revivals) : The Life and Work of William Morris Davis
      Author : Beckinsale, R. P.;Chorley, R. J. M.;Chorley, R. J.;Dunn, A. J.;Dunn, A. J.
50   The Indian Media Business : Pandemic and After
      Author : Kohli-Khandekar, Vanita
51   The Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action
      Author : Silverman, Richard B.;Holladay, Mark W.
52   The R Book
      Author : Jones, Elinor;Harden, Simon;Crawley, Michael J.
53   The Robust Multigrid Technique : For Black-Box Software
      Author : Martynenko, Sergey I.
54   The Sociology of Structural Disaster : Beyond Fukushima
      Author : Matsumoto, Miwao
55   Tourism : Principles, Practices, Philosophies
      Author : Goeldner, Charles R.;Ritchie, J. R. Brent
56   Trends in Outdoor Recreation, Leisure and Tourism
      Author : Gartner, W.C.;Lime, D.W.
57   Wiley 2022 Interpretation and Application of IFRS Standards
      Author : PKF International Ltd
58   Women's Movements in the Global Era : The Power of Local Feminisms
      Author : Basu, Amrita
59   Woven Fabric Structure Design and Production Planning
      Author : Hayavadana, J.